Extraordinary UFO Film Taken In UNITED KINGDOM
The following sighting report with video was sent exclusively to the UFO Casebook, USA. The information was shared with UFO Casebook Field Investigator Michael, who resides in the United Kingdom.

The video files that are shown here were taken in Leyland, Lancashire, U. K. The film was made between 16:15 and 17:05 hours on 16 Nov 2003. The videographer Martin H. has sent very impressive film before to the UFO Casebook. Our field investigator has found him to be an honest and sincere man who is not in any way or form attemptimg to perpetuate a hoax or initiate a joke.

He has never asked for any monies for his film, but has sent digital video files through the internet, and also hand given physical video tape for free use for study. The video film in its entirety is 8:13 long; is in the Windows Media format (.wmv) and is 25.15 megabytes. A sample clip of film is enclosed for your study. Below is Martin's description of how the taking of the video film in question transpired.

I decided to have a look at the early evening sky, camcorder at ready just in case. At about 16:15, I first spotted the unknown object quite a way off in the distance (through binoculars and spotting scope). It took me around 20 minutes before I could zoom in with the camcorder to start filming.

The sky was quite clear with just a few wispy clouds here and there. The distance is quite difficult to judge but I would say that the object is possibly around 10 to 15 miles away. I was on my own this time with no other witnesses and with the distance involved, I couldn't hear any sound emanating from the object.

All in all, I managed to film around 20 or so minutes before the object disappeared behind a cloud in the distance. The object went behind the cloud at around 17:05.

Martin H.

UFO Casebook

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Leyland, Lancashire, U.K. Sightings, August 2002

Note: The account of these sightings, the images, and video files are the property of the owner, Martin H., who resides in Leyland, Lancashire, U.K. The UFO Casebook is producing this web page with the permission of copyright holder. The files on this page cannot be reproduced in any way without the expressed written consent of the copyright holder.

Leyland, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

Tuesday 20th August 2002

The UFO Casebook has received a compelling account of several sightings of an anomalous object which was videotaped in Leyland, Lancashire, United Kingdom.

The witness has given a detailed account of these sightings, and sent along several extraordinary video clips of two unique unknown flying objects, which appear to interact with one another.

There were also two corroborating witnesses to the sightings. At least for the time being, the main witness will go by the name of Martin H.

My girlfriend and I were doing the evening dishes in the kitchen when she spotted what looked like a bright star in the early evening sky. She pointed this out to me and it being early evening about 20:20 hours, there were no other stars visible.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my camcorder (Sony with 80X digital zoom) After several attempts I finally managed to zoom in on the object. When I looked at it, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I zoomed in for a 4th time but this time with the camera recording and just after I had zoomed in, a black/grey saucer shaped craft moved from left to right behind the UFO which I had originally followed. This was only for a few seconds.

I then returned my focus to the main object. It was an oval shape with a green metallic top and red bottom and the middle of the object seemed like an extremely bright plasma light which pulsated every now and then.

The object was moving quite slowly and deliberately. I carried on filming until the object finally disappeared behind the roofline of a row of houses at the back. I would say that the object was approximately 20 miles away heading over towards the Irish sea somewhere between Blackpool and Southport. I checked the local media out for the following few days but couldn't find any reference to any other reports that week.

There were no other aircraft (Military or otherwise) in the area and because of the distance involved I couldn't hear any sound emanating from the object.

Leyland, Lancashire Stills

I filmed the whole sequence from an upstairs bedroom window, my girlfriend could only see what appeared to be a very bright slowly moving star, as she was looking at it with the naked eye. A rough estimate regarding the height; I think it started out at approx. 3 to 4 thousand feet and looked like it descended to approx. 2 to 2 and a half thousand feet.

Sunday 26th August 2002

I had telephoned my brother (along with a whole host of friends) to tell them about the UFOs I had filmed, and my brother came around on the Sunday to view the video.

After watching the video we went out into the back garden for some fresh air and I pointed out the area where I had filmed the objects adding that the evening sky looked exactly the same as it did then. I joked with my brother saying that I had a feeling that the object would come back again.

Leyland, Blackpool, Southport Map

I was just about to go back inside when I spotted it again, I couldn't believe my luck and I don't think my brother could quite believe it either. I rushed inside and grabbed a pair of binoculars for my brother so he could continue to view it from the back garden, I had the camcorder set up in no time at all and managed to film 25 minutes.

Approximately 14 minutes into the filming my brother shouted up asking if I had the object in view.

"Why? I asked."

"Because there is something approaching the object," he exclaimed excitedly.

From left to right a cigar shaped craft slowly passed behind the object, which I followed until it began to fade. Then I went back to the main object. After it had disappeared behind the roofline, we immediately set up and watched the film all the way through and couldn't believe it when the cigar shaped object appeared.

Testimony of brother, Andrew H.

I went to Martin's house with the sole purpose of viewing the video tape of the first sighting that he had.

When we had finished, we went outside as it was a warm evening. Suddenly, the object appeared again. I didn't want to take my eyes off it, so my brother went inside for some binoculars for me so that I could have a closer look.

What I saw amazed me. It was a very bright and slow moving object which pulsed at regular intervals. We observed it for quite a while, during which time it was approached by a smaller grey object which seemed to fly past it at great speed before disappearing totally from sight.I was a little sceptical before that day, but I now know there is another world out there.

Kind regards, Andy H.

During the following few weeks I managed to film the object two more times and have approximately 1 to 2 hours of video.

I have seen UFOs before in Holland (Where I used to live) and in Croatia (On holiday) but didn't have a camcorder until quite recently.

Lancashire has quite a rich history regarding UFOs and just recently I have on 3 separate occasions spotted a different sort of UFO which only seems to appear for a few seconds before vanishing completely... I am going to set up my camcorder to film the area of sky involved and see what develops.

(Martin H.)

clip 1

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(The following videos were taken on 9-12-02)

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