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Little "Alien Men" Scurried Across Her Porch...By Ken Korczak

Little "Alien Men" Scurried Across Her Porch...

NOTE: Here is a story told to me by a Deputy Sheriff of Marshall County in Northern Minnesota. The Deputy asked me to change his name because he feared he would be fired for telling this story.

By Ken Korczak

The woman was trembling as she walked into the Marshall County law enforcement headquarters. Everyone could see she was scared.

In a low voice, she asked to speak to a police officer—alone. She wanted a private room and requested that only one officer be present. Deputy David Randall looked up from his desk and felt a chill. He suspected that he knew what the woman wanted to talk about. That’s because just the night before, he and his partner had encountered something unexplainable in the countryside near the tiny town of Grgyla, Minnesota.

It was about 11 p.m. The summer night was cloudy, humid and dark. Randall and his partner were cruising County Highway 6 when they saw what at first looked like a sudden appearance of the full moon. But they quickly realized this was not the moon—it was a flying globe of light, glowing bright red-orange, and moving along without a sound.

"What in blazes is that!" Randall yelled.

His partner, Bob Overby, looked up in shock, sucked in his breath and let out a sharp reply, "Whoa!! I don’t know!"

Randall reports that the object was the size of a basketball, but it was difficult to judge its real size. It was three dimensional… and there was something inexplicably bizarre and unreal about it.

"Oh, it was something abnormal," Randall said. "Definitely not fireworks or the moon, or conventional aircraft… I just know this was something that didn’t seem like it belonged here."

Bravely, the deputies decided to follow the object, and it seemed to sense their presence. It moved away from them. They gunned the squad car, determined to keep the glowing orb in sight.

After a few miles of thrilling chase, the object appeared to land behind a small grove of trees in a pasture, not more than a 100 yards from them.

Randall and Overby got out of their squad car, scrambled over a fence and ran toward where the object had descended to land behind the trees. They were scared, yes, but a powerful curiosity and a sense of duty as police officers compelled them forward.

But when they reached the other side of the trees—nothing. No eerie glowing object. No sign of it in the sky or on the ground.

Randall and Overby played their flashlights across the dewy grass but saw no marks, or any indication something had set down in this peaceful sleeping pasture.

The Minnesota summer night had become ordinary again.

Randall and Overby returned to their squad car and finished their shift. They talked about what they had seen. They were baffled. Randall took his curiosity a bit further and checked with nearby airports and the U.S. airbase near Grand Forks to see if they had any military aircraft in the Grygla area, or if they noted anything unusual on radar.

All reported nothing.

Randall thought that would be the end of it… until the next day when Marge Conner walked into sheriff’s headquarters. She had an hair-raising story to tell. Even before she said a word, Randall could feel his skin go clammy. Instinctively, he knew that she had experienced something even stranger than he and his partner did the night before.


When she walked into the Marshall County sheriff’s headquarters, Marge Conner of rural Grygla had the look of a woman who had not slept all night. Her eyes were puffy and carried the unblinking stare of fright.

Sheriff’s deputy David Randall felt a chill when he saw Conner. He had an eerie feeling that he knew why she was here. As it happens, Randall had a bizarre encounter of his own the night before.

Conner wanted to speak with a police officer—but requested to see only one person in a private room. Randall stepped up and introduced himself. He directed her to a small interview room, where she told him this story:

At about 11:10 the night before, Conner, who lives alone on a small farm near Grygla, was sitting up reading. A flashing light in a window caught her eye—as if portending far-off lightning.

She walked over to the window, which looked out to the west. She saw no sign of lightning, but something flickered at the corner of her eye. She turned to look at her south window and saw a glow playing there on the panes.

She stepped quickly over to the south window, and looked out and up. She gasped. She was stunned to see a pulsating, orange-red globe floating in the sky above her house.

It was like nothing she had ever seen before. Definitely not the moon or star or any kind of airplane or helicopter…this was a sphere of light which might have been solid, or pure energy.

Conner’s throat constricted. She was gripped by fear, but she couldn’t take her eyes from this astounding orb hovering above her house.

Conner followed the object, walking from window to window as it danced around in the sky. Suddenly, it was gone from her sight, but something—just a tingling feeling—told her the night’s events were not over.

Standing at her south window, Conner felt an urge to whirl and look behind her. Just as she did, she saw something shocking.

Outside, scuttling past the big windows on the west side of the house, Conner saw a group of what she described as "little men."

They moved past the window quickly—they had big heads and tiny, frail bodies. Their movement seemed unnaturally fast, almost as if they defied gravity. They were three, possibly four feet tall. They had dark bodies and lighter colored heads.

A scream was trapped in Conner’s throat. She was numb with terror. Could this really be happening!

Suddenly, a commotion sounded outside. Forcing herself to move away from where she was standing, Conner hurried across the living room. She looked out toward her pasture where she kept sheep, some small horses, and chickens around a small shed… the gate doors of the fence were flapping, and her animals were scattering across the dark countryside.

Conner’s instinct was to run outside and herd her animals back home, but going out into the black night with those "things" outside was out of the question.

She thought about calling 911—but tell them what? That little green men from a flying globe were chasing her animals around through the Minnesota night? She was sure she would not be believed… she wasn’t sure she believed herself!

Conner decided to sit tight and wait for dawn—the longest night of her life. Although nothing further happened, she slept not a wink.

The next morning, Conner decided she should at least report the mischief that had been played on her livestock. As she drove to the law enforcement center, she self-debated telling the truth, or simply reporting an act of vandalism.

But by the time she arrived Conner felt a great need to share her experience. She told Deputy Randall her story, fearing she wouldn’t be believed.

To her amazement and relief, Randall told her of his own close encounter with the flying globe the night before.

"I might never have believed her if me and my partner had not seen the UFO, or whatever it was, the night before," Randall said. "The fact this woman had this experience convinced me all the more that what we saw was something completely unexplainable."

But Randall had even more reason to be open minded. You see, the UFO he saw the night before was not the first time in his life he had seen a strange flying object — and I’ll write about that in my next post!

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