The Longbridge Aliens

The following account, according to the witness, is a true one. It was sent to the UFO Casebook with permission to publish on the internet. The witness described the events of the encounter in the following words:

My name is Baz (pseudonym) and I am 25 years old. I live in Longbridge, England, which is where the main Rover car plant is located.

I work for Rover, and have recently seen a large alien spacecraft -- which the authorities here assert does not exist. I was walking back from my girlfriend's house one night, and the route I took put me walking past the Kalamazoo site, which has a large park at the rear.

It was about twelve o'clock and I heard strange noises emanating from the park. At first I thought I saw a car, but I investigated further and then I saw moving lights behind the trees.

Although I wasn't certain what it could be, I glanced behind the trees and saw a large round object, hovering around five feet above the ground. It had a strange metallic sheen, and was making a noise like a low pitched humming.

In the distance, I could just make out some thin, shadowy figures, with long arms and large heads.

I could hardly move, and as if they knew I was there. They turned around and looked directly at me. They had the biggest eyes I have ever seen. They started to make their way towards me, which is when I made a break for it and ran.

When I reached the boundary of the park, where it meets the road, a car pulled up and the driver motioned for me to come over. Although I was terrified, I went over to the car, which was black in colour, and the driver asked me if I'd seen anything.

I didn't understand how he could know, which disturbed me, and I said that there was something in the park.

By this time, I was really scared and said I hadn't seen anything.

I went straight home and called the police, but they said that nothing in the area had been reported.

I was very interested in possible conspiracies, as before I thought that it was just me who had had a strange experience like this.

But now I know I am not alone.

I just thought someone ought to know.

And we do want to know!

-original source remains anonymous

Submitted to the UFO Casebook

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