Unknown object photographed over Lake O' the Pines, TX, 10-18-05

I was at the Lake O' the Pines October 18, 2005 hoping to see something unusual in the sky since it's been a while since I've seen anything. The sun had just gone down behind the trees a couple of minutes earlier, and at 6:41 PM I saw a bright object in the western sky reflecting the sun and moving east. I began taking pictures of it, pulled the camera away from my eye to look at it some more and spotted a second object glowing lower in the horizon and seemingly more distance than the first. The first object, by the way, turned out to be a commercial jet. The second, more dim/distant object, however, I'm not sure of. It stayed in sight for approximately five seconds before I lost sight of it, but not before I snapped five pictures of it. I'm not sure which direction it was moving, but it appears from the pictures that it might have been moving away (getting smaller perhaps), but in the three seconds that elapsed while taking pictures of it I can't really tell a direction for sure.

I went back to the first object (jet) after the second object disappeared and I continued to take pictures of it until it was south-southeast of me, and I was able to hear its engines. I continued looking between shots of the jet for the object behind it but never did see it again.

My mother was with me at the time with her binoculars, but she was looking at a jet to the distant west-northwest and did not realize I was trying to direct her attention to the two objects mentioned above.

There was just a slight breeze that was from the north, and the sky was totally clear of clouds. My camera is a Canon Powershot S2 IS (5 megapixel) and I was zoomed in at 12X optically when I took these pictures.



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