POLAND: Possible Disc-shaped UFO Photographed over Lubiana

07-19-06-Lubiana [Pomorskie], July 19th 2006, 14:28.

The presented photograph was taken on 19th July 2006 in Lubiana [located in Pomorskie Wojewodztwo] in Northern part of Poland. The author, Mr. Piotr Gierszewski stated that he was about to take some photos of strange looking clouds. The witness didn't notice anything extraordinary.

“I became interested with disc-shaped clouds, so I decided to take some photos. Viewing them on my PC screen I noticed some object that looks like UFO if magnified. The enhancements were done in FotoOffice 3 and I applied also a zoom tool available in the program.”

“Photos were taken with Digital Camera FinePix F10 at 14:28 on 19th of July 2006. The date in the camera was set incorrectly – it was in June, not July.”

source and references:

NPN – http://www.npn.ehost.pl/, 02/11/06

By: Piotr Cielebiaś: “NOL – the Eastern European UFO Journal”


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