Lynn, Massachusetts, June 15, 1964
Saucer Hovers above Pavement

Witness Drawing
A close-range sighting of a domed UFO occurred at Lynn, Massachusetts on the night of June 15. In a NICAP report obtained by Advisor Walter Webb, William Angelos, 20, a technical school student, said that while watching television at 11:10 p.m., he heard a loud, throbbing noise "similar to a rough-running piston engine" immediately outside his family's apartment on Henry Street.

His mother, who had just retired, also heard the noise.

Angelos immediately rushed to the door of their apartment, which was located on the ground floor. Looking out into the courtyard between three apartment buildings, he first noticed a red light above the parking lot in the courtyard.

He then saw that the red light was on the underside of a large, solid, almost colorless object hardly more than 20 feet away.

The object was shaped like a disc, oriented in a horizontal position, flat on the bottom and with a domed upper surface. When first noticed, the domed disc was approximately 12 feet above the pavement, so that it was seen against the wall of the building on the opposite side of the courtyard.

It ascended slowly in a nearly vertical climb toward the west southwest and disappeared in the WSW sky at an elevation of 45 degrees, after a duration of at least a minute.

In his investigation, Webb discovered that several other neighbors had heard the loud sound. At least one had seen the red light flashing through her window at approximately the same time Angelos reported seeing the disc ascending.

Other neighbors reported having experienced television interference at the same time.


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