Flotilla of Spheres Photographed in Madrid, Spain, 01-05-06
The witness who identifies himself as "Fortune", mentions he was taking a walk northwest of Madrid, photographing the landscape and some chemtrails that the airplanes left.

His testimony:

"To my back it had the sun and I watched towards the north, saw pass an airplane and I suddenly observed a set of extended things that came from the east".

"First I thought that the own airplane had loosen something, but later I concentrated my Vista in them and I left of side the airship".

"It gave the sensation of which were extended objects that flew making formation, were a great amount and I thought that they could be birds, but quickly I realized that was not thus, since it was tiny shining small balls that blinked and went in two groups, going towards the west".

"They did not fly in line straight, but making small movements... I remained stupefied. Everything passed very fast, at the most I consider a minute, since I saw until I let observe them ".

"Both groups traveled quickly and flew to a near distance, noticed clearly that they went together".

This report is courtesy of Pablo Dessy, of Argentina, that amiably sent the material to me.

source and references:

Pablo Dessy

Ana Luisa Cid

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