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UFO Casebook Magazine 490, Issue date, 01-02-12

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We Should Scour the Moon for Ancient Traces of Aliens
A pit in Mare Ingenii, possibly the result of a collapsed lava tube. Natural tunnels like this would be ideal sites for an alien moon base. Photograph: NASA
Published: 4:22 PM 12/26/2011

Online volunteers could be set task of spotting alien technology, evidence of mining and rubbish heaps in moon images.

Ian Sample, science correspondent

Hundreds of thousands of pictures of the moon will be examined for telltale signs that aliens once visited our cosmic neighbourhood if plans put forward by scientists go ahead.

Passing extraterrestrials might have left messages, scientific instruments, heaps of rubbish or evidence of mining on the dusty lunar surface that could be spotted by human telescopes and orbiting spacecraft.

Though the chances of finding the handiwork of long-gone aliens are exceptionally remote, scientists argue that a computerised search of lunar images, or a crowd-sourced analysis by amateur enthusiasts, would be cheap enough to justify given the importance of a potential discovery.

Prof Paul Davies and Robert Wagner at Arizona State University argue that images of the moon and other information collected by scientists for their research should be scoured for signs of alien intervention.

The proposal aims to complement other hunts for alien life, such as the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti), which draws on data from radiotelescopes to scour the heavens for messages beamed into space by alien civilisations.

"Although there is only a tiny probability that alien technology would have left traces on the moon in the form of an artefact or surface modification of lunar features, this location has the virtue of being close, and of preserving traces for an immense duration," the scientists write in a paper published online in the journal Acta Astronautica.

"If it costs little to scan data for signs of intelligent manipulation, little is lost in doing so, even though the probability of detecting alien technology at work may be exceedingly low," they add.

The scientists focus their attention on Nasa's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which has mapped a quarter of the moon's surface in high resolution since mid-2009. Among these images, scientists have already spotted the Apollo landing sites and all of the Nasa and Soviet unmanned probes, some of which were revealed only by their odd-looking shadows.

Nasa has made more than 340,000 LRO images public, but that figure is expected to reach one million by the time the orbiting probe has mapped the whole lunar surface. "From these numbers, it is obvious that a manual search by a small team is hopeless," the scientists write.

One way to scan all of the images involves writing software to search for strange-looking features, such as the sharp lines of solar panels, or the dust-covered contours of quarries or domed buildings. These might be visible millions of years after they were built, because the moon's surface is geologically inactive and changes so slowly.

The seismometer on Nasa's Apollo 12 mission detected only one impact per month from roughly grapefruit-sized meteorites within a 350km radius. According to Davies and Wagner, it could take hundreds of millions of years for an object tens of metres across to be buried by lunar soil and dust kicked up by these impacts.

An alternative approach would be to send tens of thousands of amateur enthusiasts images over the internet for examination, though this could lead to disagreements over what constituted an unusual, and potentially alien, feature.

The easiest artefact to find would probably be a message left behind intentionally. This might be held in a capsule and left in a large fresh crater like Tycho in the moon's southern highlands, the scientists write. Some longer-lasting messages could be buried at depth but fitted with transmitters that penetrate the lunar surface, they add.

Alien life might once have set up a lunar base in the underground networks of lava tubes beneath the moon's dark, basaltic plains, and perhaps have left rubbish when they departed. "The same factors that make lava tubes attractive as a habitat imply that any artefacts left behind would endure almost indefinitely, undamaged and unburied," the scientists write.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/alientracesmoon.html

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UFOs: Lightnin' Strikin' Again!
UFO Depiction
Published: 8:22 AM 12/28/2011

Edited by Loup Dargent

Merely having offered a mundane alternate explanation for a paranormal or UFO event doesn't make that explanation the correct one. Occam's razor slices differently from different perspectives. "Uncle Phaed's UFO Investigator's Handbook"

In the fall of 1965, a series of UFO sightings took place at Exeter, New Hampshire that were documented by John G. Fuller in an article in LOOK Magazine and later in a book titled Incident at Exeter.

The sightings at Exeter began with a young man named Norman Muscarello, who was hitchhiking home to Exeter on Route 150 in the wee hours of September 3, 1965. At about two in the morning, near Kensington, NH, he was startled by an object that suddenly came out of the clear sky towards him. He described it as about 90 feet in diameter, with bright, pulsating lights around what appeared to be a rim.

It silently wobbled and floated towards him, and when it seemed about to hit him, he dropped to the ground on the shoulder of the road. The object then backed away, and Muscarello jumped up and ran to a nearby house and pounded on the door without results.

He then ran out into the middle of the highway and flagged down a car. The middle-aged couple inside drove him to the Exeter Police Station, where he excitedly told his story to the officer on duty. The officer called in Patrolman Eugene Bertrand, who was out on patrol.

Bertrand was amazed when he heard Muscarello's story, because he had talked to a woman about an hour before who was pulled over on Route 101. She had reported that a large silent object with red flashing lights had followed her car all the way from Epping, a distance of twelve miles, until it had suddenly shot up into the sky at the place she had pulled off the road.

Patrolman Bertrand had not made a report of the incident because he had not believed the woman. At 3:00 a.m., Bertrand had become convinced that there was something worth investigating, so he took Muscarello back out to the spot on Route 150 where he had seen the object.

There was an open field at the site, and a house and a horse corral. At first, they saw nothing, so they walked out into the field towards the corral. Suddenly, the horses began to stir and whinny and dogs began to bark, and from behind two pine trees rose a bright, silent round object that lit up the whole area with a brilliant red light.

It moved toward them with a motion like a falling leaf. They retreated to the police car and Bertrand radioed in that he saw the object.

The object hovered about fifty yards from them at an altitude of about a hundred feet. It was so bright that it was difficult to tell if there was a shape behind the lights,and the lights seemed to dim and then brighten in an odd pattern from left to right, then from right to left.

It then began to move off toward Hampton with the same fluttering motion that it had shown previously. At that time, another policeman who had heard Bertrand's radio report, David Hunt, drove up. He, too, saw the object as it moved off towards Hampton and finally went out of sight.

The object was then seen in Hampton, and was reported to Pease Air Force Base.

This was just the first of the Exeter sightings. There were many more, and many, but not all, of them, seemed to occur near high-tension power lines.

Fuller theorized that the UFOs were somehow drawing power from the lines, since some witnesses reported that this seemed to be the case.

See the UFO Casebook case file, the The Exeter, New Hampshire Encounters.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/ufoslightingstriking.html

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1978 - Neighborhood Children Encounter UFO over New York
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:02 PM 12/22/2011

Holley, New York - 10-07-1978

While 8 of us kids were playing hot box with a baseball, I went to get a drink and finished it on the back porch while I noticed and watched this white light approaching.

As it got closer, it was obvious it was too low for a plane and took too long to get to us. It took several minutes to go a couple of miles.

I called all the kids up to the back porch to watch it with me. We all saw it come to within 500 feet or so and then stop and hover over a neighbor's house with just a 2-lane road between our houses.

It had lights on the bottom edge blinking on and off and going in a counter-clockwise direction. The lights were not going fast, just a casual pace.

The color was a dull-gray brushed aluminum. It was shaped like 2 plates put together, and the lights were at the middle section going around the disk. It made no noise.

I remember not being scared, but the 2 neighbor girls started crying when I said it was a UFO.

The girls said "Don't say that; we will have nightmares," and I said, "Look at that thing and tell me it isn't a UFO."

I went and got my mother who was on the phone. She said to the person on the phone,"Hold on the kids are saying they see something outside."

She set the phone down and came outside. She was a little upset that we bothered her, but when she came outside she said "Holy __, someone get the camera."

I went and got the camera and gave it to her and she aimed it at the craft, took a picture, and the film didn't advance. It was an old flash cube camera. The flash went off, but when she opened it there was no film.

My mother said "I just put film in this yesterday."

She ran back in and told the person on the phone she had to go. We continued to watch it for a few minutes until it left horizontally, but raising a small amount as it left.

I called a friend down the street, he looked out and saw it, and he dropped the phone and said, "Holy! ___," and I heard the phone dangling and hitting the wall.

He came back and said "I will call you back, I have to see this."

At this point I was back outside and the disk had moved to the southwest about a mile, approximately 1,500 feet above the ground and appeared to be above the Holley Rod and Gun Club.

It was much higher now but still very clear to the naked eye. Within a few seconds another disk hovered over to the first one only a few hundred feet apart. They hovered there for about 20 seconds or so. The first one went 'zip' into the sky leaving just a trail of light behind it and the the second one followed the same path.

I looked towards the friend's house that I had called as the objects I was watching couldn't be the same one as they were too low for him to see them and he had said he saw them. When he said that I could only see one.

Sure enough 5-7 more of them hovered real slowly along what appeared to be the Erie Canal. It is only a little over a quarter of a mile away from our house and in between my friend's house and mine.

The person my mother was on the phone with also said she saw them, and that one had landed in her apple orchard. I still know where they lived and often wonder; if they landed, is there a place to get a reading from?

My father came home later and we told him. He laughed and didn't believe us. He did a few years later as we kept telling him the same story year after year.

Thanks to MUFON case file system.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/1978newyorkchildren.html

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Submitted to UFO Casebook


Zombie and UFO Queries are Wasting Police Time
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:25 PM 12/28/2011

A police chief has hit out at cops being forced to answer "bonkers" questions from the public - such as how many werewoves, vampires and zombies have been investigated.

So far this year Police have logged queries about witches, ghosts, demons, wizards, Big Foot and UFOs.

Chief Constable Ian Arundale is annoyed at officers being forced to spend hours answering "bizarre" queries instead of being on the beat.

So far this year his officers have also logged queries about witches, ghosts, demons, wizards, Big Foot and UFOs. The rural Dyfed Powys force in Wales is legally required to spend up to 18 hours finding the information needed to answer each request.

Mr Arundale said: "We find ourselves not only dealing with the legitimate inquries but also the bizarre which are time-consuming and take a while to deal with.

"We have to make 20 per cent cuts yet cannot touch a range of statutory obligations such as Freedom of Information. "It is worrying that we are spending on that and not beat and service delivery."

Officers throughout the force spent 240 hours this years finding the information as part of the Freedom of Information Act. One question was if there had ever been a recorded trace of Big Foot in the Welsh countryside and how many sightings of zombies had been recorded.

They have also been asked to find the star signs of car thieves and the owners of the cars they steal.

Dyfed Powys Chief Constable Mr Arundale has lobbied local MP Simon Hart to press for changes in the law. Mr Hart, Tory MP for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, said: "Frivolous requests are costing a fortune and wasting police time.

"The Freedom of Information Act is a useful tool which I have used myself and which has undoubtedly improved the transparency and accountability of many public institutions.

"The Act has undoubtedly improved the way public bodies work and account for themselves.

"But I am concerned it is also being abused by people making vexatious, petty and sometimes downright bonkers requests.

"It is a worry to me that it could be turning into a bureaucratic monster that is a burden on police time and resources.

"It is time to be looking at introducing more stringent rules on the number, length and nature of requests allowed."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/zombiesufos.html

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Two Witness Triangle UFO over Stafford, Virginia
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:39 AM 12/24/2011

Stafford, Virginia - 12-22-11

I was asleep and woke to a buzzing sound and snapping of static electricity in my room and around me.

The buzzing sound seemed to be in the room with me. I looked at the clock and it as 5:00 AM. I went to the window and looked upward and saw a large, dark triangluar shaped craft slowly passing overhead in a South to North direction.

There was a bright, white light on each corner and the craft traveled with one point forward.

A red blinking light could be seen on the bottom of the craft. The craft seemed to be making no noise whatsoever but creating a hum in my bedroom and lots of static electricty (my hair stood on end).

I woke my mom and she looked out the window to see it hovering over the trees about 270 feet away (about 10' over the trees).

I figure the width of it as it passed overhead and over the trees was about twice the size of the back (width of the homes behind my home) or about 120 ft.

I didn't get a photo although I had my cell phone with me. I didn't have my video camera battery charged. But I'm charging it now in case there is a repeat.

Odd thing. My dog, Boomer, a 125 lb yellow lab slept through this even though I was up and yelling at mom to take a look, etc.

The dog never acts this way... very vigilant, but he kept quiet or stayed asleep.

I could do a sketch. So could my mom. I could map the path it took while in my view to a great degree of accuracy.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/virginiatri122211.html

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Submitted to www.mufon.com

Archived Case of the Week

1954 - UFO Visits Staffordshire, UK - Occupants Seen
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:32 PM 09/13/2009

UFO Staffordshire, UK - October 1954

Jessie Roestenberg and Sons' Encounter

In October, 1954, in Staffordshire, UK, Jessie Roestenberg was in her small cottage, while her two sons were outside.

Mrs. Roestenberg heard an usual sound; a sound like water being poured on a fire. Her first thoughts were of her children. Could a plane be about to crash?

Going outside to see what had caused this strange sound, she saw both of her sons laying on the ground in the garden in front of the house.

They were shouting, "Mommy, Mommy, there's a flying saucer."

Mrs. Roestenberg walked to the side of the house, got a strange feeling, looked up a saw a "huge, Mexican hat" like object. It was of a shining, metallic-silver substance and it was sitting stationary above the house.

The object had a dome on top, through which she could see two occupants. She described them as "beautiful," with long golden hair. The occupants wore a pale-blue jumper suit.

The UFO was tilted in a position that allowed Mrs. Roestenberg to see the occupants, and they could see her. She could see them clearly enough to tell that the bottoms of their faces were similar in shape to a human's, while the top of their heads were proportionaly larger.

During this encounter, the witness was "paralyzed with fear." The eerie confrontation seemed to make time stand still; she could not tell how long she watched the object.

For a brief moment, she glanced at her two boys, and when she looked back up, the UFO had gone. She asked her sons where the object had gone. They pointed up to a small dot in the sky. The UFO circled three times in the air, and then shot away into the sky.

The fear of what she and her sons had seen compelled them to hide under the kitchen table, until her husband came home from work. As news of the event leaked out to others, the family was ridiculed.

See Mrs. Roestenberg's compelling account below:

UFO Casebook Splash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/1954staffordshireuk.html

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