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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 391, Issue date, 01-11-10

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Outrage over 'Aliens will Eat Fatties' Gym Poster
Gym Poster
Published: 6th January, 2010

Miles Erwin

Some say that a Bristol gym's extra-terrestrial advert about over-filling plates and (flying) saucers will merely alienate people.

Fat's not on: The manager of the Cadbury Gym in Yatton, Somerset, sparked outrage after he launched an ad campaign warning overweight people that aliens will eat them first.

It's enough to make you head for the hills – a warning that aliens are coming and they are going to gobble up fat people first. Well, that’s if you believe the latest ad campaign from one of Britain’s biggest health clubs.

The sign was meant to encourage fat people to shed a few pounds and join a health club and spa attached to Cadbury House hotel in Bristol.

It featured a green alien and the words: ‘Advance health warning! When the aliens come, they will eat the fatties first.’

The warning will delight 20-year-old Allyson Wicklen, from Birmingham, who lost 31kg (5st) and was voted the Slimmer magazine junior slimmer of the year. She was voted junior slimmer of the year.

But others are less happy. ‘I am not overweight yet I find this extremely offensive,’ said Vicky Palmer, 45.

‘The people who came up with this idea and sanctioned the advert need a good stiff kick up the backside and, if that backside is a rather bony one, then they will feel this all the more,’ added the mother-of-two.

A spokesman for the Beat Eating Disorders association said people were unlikely to respond to the ad.

‘This is a very unfortunate choice of words. People get fit and healthy when they are positively motivated and are unlikely to respond to such a negative message,’ the spokesman added.

But Cadbury House hotel club manager Jason Eaton said they did not want to offend anyone.

‘It is our way to encourage people of all ages who might want to lose a few pounds and get fit to join our award-winning health club,’ he added.

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UFO Era - A Footnote to History
Blue Book
Published: January 1, 2010, 12:00 am

by Harley Campbell

Three oddly related items appeared in the Dec. 17 Today in History feature on the Viewpoints page. One item mentioned that in 1903 the Wright brothers of Dayton, Ohio, conducted the first successful manpowered airplane flight.

Another item notes that in 1957 the Air Force test-fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

A third item noted: In 1969, the U.S. Air Force closed its Project "Blue Book" by concluding there was no evidence of extraterrestrial spaceships behind thousands of UFO sightings.

In 1969, I was a senior in high school in Dayton, having grown up a mile away from the southern edge of Wright Field, the oldest section of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The base was at that time, among other things, a Strategic Air Command base and home to a squadron of nuclear armed B-52 bombers. During the most intense Cold War years, they flew in shifts 24 hours a day.

Wright-Patterson was also the home of project "Blue Book," the 17-year study to determine if UFOs were a threat to national security and to scientifically analyze UFO-related data.

In 1963, Maj. Hector Quintanilla came to Dayton as director of the much-maligned program. Some historians believe that he was handed the thankless job as retribution for reluctance to take several positions offered in the escalating Vietnam crisis.

Major Q's family moved into base housing near my neighborhood and his son Karl became a classmate and a good friend. His father directed project "Blue Book" until it was shut down in 1969.

Before the project ended, my journalism teacher assigned the class to conduct and write a personal interview. I asked Karl if he thought his father would let me interview him, and I was surprised when the major agreed.

I sat down with Major Q. in his living room where he quietly proceeded to feed me the same old standard Air Force pap that I'm sure he had been required to feed to countless subcommittees, panels and newspapers for the previous six years. No, there were no UFOs; yes, every sighting had been disproved or was faked; absolutely, the Air Force stood by its findings, etc. etc.

Finally, I asked him if he believed that UFOs existed. The major smiled, thought for a few seconds, and said, "OK, but this is off the record. You can't use it." I agreed, put my pen away, and he continued.

"I'm a Catholic. I believe in God, and I believe that God created this universe. It seems to me that one would have to be extremely arrogant and close-minded to think that we are the only intelligent beings out here in this great big universe."

Lt. Col. Quintanilla later retired. In 1975, he wrote a memoir that documented his experience with Project "BlueBook" and his personal beliefs about UFOs.

It wasn't published until after his death in 1998.

Also see the UFO Casebook article, Project Blue Book.

Harley Campbell is an Ithaca resident.

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'I Saw 50-strong UFO Formation over Eastfield'
Published: 11:09 AM 1/4/2010

By Ian Duncan

A "FORMATION" of an estimated 50 unidentified flying objects has been spotted in the skies above Scarborough. The sighting was made in Herdborough Road in Eastfield and has been reported to an international UFO reporting website.

It was witnessed by N Grant at midnight on the night of Friday December 18, who saw a 50-strong, loose diamond formation of small, flat, silver rectangle lights – which were described as “little flying carpets”.

There were also a couple of separate lights flying outside the formation and the witness, who was with their daughter at the time, initially thought it was a flock of birds before they realised they were looking at lights.

In the witness statement they said: “They stopped directly above us, 50 to 100ft above us, and appeared to be observing. We stared up for about three or four minutes in wonderment and kept commenting about how pretty it was.

“Then I got a bit scared and carried on home – we looked back about six or eight times and by the last time it had either moved on or faded. There wasn’t any noise in the experience at all.”

In a comment left on the website Robert Jackson, who has lived in Scarborough for 15 years, said there were always lights over a seaside town and it had always been the same.

But the witness maintained that what they had seen had been directly above them. They added: “These were travelling together and they definitely could not be explained as ‘seaside town lights’.

“I too have lived here for many years. It was an amazing sight. I wish I had photographic evidence or witness corroboration.”

The report came just weeks after the Ministry of Defence decided to close its UFO desk – which investigated such reports – in order to cut costs and divert any savings to support frontline troops in Afghanistan.

Russ Kellett, a Filey-based UFO investigator and vice chairman of the British Flying Saucer Bureau, said the report was interesting.

He added: “I’d like to see if anybody else has seen this. We have heard of that before – about four weeks ago we had a guy ring up from York.”

Mr Kellett said the man said he had seen a number of fireballs in the sky.

He added that not everyone had access to a camera to produce photographic or video evidence, and burning Chinese lanterns were often mistaken for UFOs.

What do you think? Email us: letters@scarborougheveningnews.co.uk

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Astronomers: We Could Find Earth-Like Planets Soon
This image made from video provided by NASA shows an artist's rendition of what an Earth-like planet might look like - (AP Photo/NASA)
Published: 9:43 AM 1/8/2010

Excited astronomers say they could find Earth-like planets in just a few years.


WASHINGTON January 7, 2010 (AP)

Astronomers say they are on the verge of finding planets like Earth orbiting other stars, a key step in determining if we are alone in the universe.

A top NASA official and other leading scientists say that within four or five years they should discover the first Earth-like planet located in a spot outside our solar system where life could develop, or may have already.

A planet close to the size of Earth could even be found sometime this year if preliminary hints from a new space telescope pan out.

At the annual American Astronomical Society conference this week, each discovery involving so-called "exoplanets" — those outside our solar system — pointed to the same conclusion: Quiet planets like Earth where life could develop probably are plentiful, despite a violent universe of exploding stars, crushing black holes and colliding galaxies.

NASA's new Kepler telescope and a wealth of new research from the suddenly hot and competitive exoplanet field generated noticeable buzz at the convention. Scientists are talking about being at "an incredible special place in history" and closer to answering a question that has dogged humanity since the beginning of civilization.

"The fundamental question is: Are we alone? For the first time, there's an optimism that sometime in our lifetimes we're going to get to the bottom of that," said Simon "Pete" Worden, an astronomer who heads NASA's Ames Research Center. "If I were a betting man, which I am, I would bet we're not alone — there is a lot of life."

Even the Roman Catholic Church has held scientific conferences about the prospect of extraterrestrial life, including a meeting last November.

"These are big questions that reflect upon the meaning of the human race in the universe," the director of the Vatican Observatory, the Rev. Jose Funes, said Wednesday in an interview at this week's conference.

Worden told The Associated Press: "I would certainly expect in the next four or five years we'd have an Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone."

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Argentina: UFO Activity in Salta Remains Constant

Published: 10:04 AM 1/4/2010

Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Argentina: UFO Over Cabra Corra, Salta

By Rafael Franco Sábado

SALTA - On Saturday at around 19:42 hours, Victor Cintioni, 61, a businessman from Salta, photographed a strange object in the sky with his small cellular phone while he fished from a catamaran at the Cabra Corral reservoir. The image shows a glowing disk surrounded by an intense red halo, which he classified as a UFO.

"The object appeared from the sector to the west of the water's surface, over the mountains of the Cachi region," said Cintioni.

His sighting coincided with a group of Spanish and Argentinean tourists publicly reporting that on that same day and nearly at the same time, a similar object had been reported on the outskirts of Cachi.

"On Saturday I was fishing aboard El Delfín, my friend Pablo's catamaran. The fish weren't biting and the sunset was spectacular, so I started to photograph the landscape. I asked the helmsman to take a shot with my cellphone while I arranged the fishing rods.

Since Pablo isn't very knowledegable about this sort of technology, he took a few pictures and returned the cellphone for me. I immediately checked the photos he'd taken and the ones I'd taken to see how they'd come out.

You can imagine my surprise when that strange image appeared, one that we had not noticed directly. In the end we agreed that it was a reflection, because only a tiny red dot could be seen on the phone's screen."

Cintioni told El Tribuno: "Imagine my surprise when I downloaded the photos to a computer and saw the image with greater clarity. The strange object became visible, with all the characteristics of a UFO. This is my first experience of the sort," he explained.

"I was going to leave it at that, but when I saw the story of the Spanish tourists in Cachi, describing the apparition nearly at the same time at which I took my photo, I told myself that it was too much of a coincidence. And setting aside my incredulity and skepticism, I made my discovery known."

He added: "This was not an easy decision to make, as I was afraid that people would think I was a nut or a teller of tall tales. I want to make it clear that there is neither trickery nor deceit here. This is how things happened. I'm an adult, serious person, and incapable of telling stories for the hell of it."

It should be noted that Cintoni's evidence consisted of photographs printed on paper and the original digital file taken by the cellphone, a normal device lacking high definition or high technology."

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/saltacontinues.html

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www.visionfederal.com and El Tribuno Salta


September 7, 1959 - Radar Confirmed "Mushroom" UFO Chased By Fighters
On September 24, 1959, just before dawn, police officer Robert Dickerson was cruising the city streets in his patrol car when he noticed a bright falling object like a meteor. But instead of "burning out," the object took on a larger, ball-like appearance, stopped abruptly, and hovered about 200 feet above the ground. Its glow lit up juniper trees below it.

The patrolman watched the UFO for several minutes, then drove toward it on Prineville Highway, turning in at the airport. The UFO, meanwhile changed color from bright white to a duller reddish-orange color, and dived rapidly to a new position NE of the airport.

The object flew over Redmond Airport, situated southeast of the city of Portland and hovered over the field, where it was observed for several minutes by FAA officials.

At the FAA office, Flight Service Specialist Laverne Wertz had just completed making weather observations minutes before, and had seen nothing unusual. Now Patrolman Dickerson, Wertz, and others studied the hovering object through binoculars. The UFO was round and flat, with tongues of "flame" periodically extending from the rim.

At 1310Z (5:10 am. PST) official logs show, the UFO was reported to Seattle Air Route Control Center. Logs of the Seattle center show that the report was relayed to Hamilton AFB. The Seattle log continues:

"UFO also seen on the radar at Klamath Falls GCI [Ground Control Intercept] site. F-102's scrambled from Portland."

Six F-102 fighters were scrambled from Portland. As they took off, the Air Force radioed the pilots of a B-47 bomber and a F-89 fighter on routine flights nearby, ordering them to join the chase.

As the Redmond Observers studied the UFO, they noticed a high speed aircraft approaching from the southwest. The Redmond log continues:

"As aircraft approached, UFO took shape of mushroom, observed long yellow and red flame from lower side as UFO rose rapidly and disappeared above-clouds."

The UFO was seen again briefly, hovering about 25 miles south of the airport. Radar continued to show the UFO south of Redmond for about two hours, at various altitude changing from 5.000 feet to 52.000 feet.



Portland Oregon Air Traffic Controller report

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