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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 544, Issue date, 01-14-13

January UFO Sightings in the Early Seventies
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:58 PM 1/8/2013


Imagine a winter’s morning with snow on the ground and thick ice on Scargo Lake in Dennis. The morning must have seemed silent and magical.

Then, a mysterious object shoots across the sky and disappears behind a line of trees. This event happened on Jan. 7, 1971 when a strange metallic object was seen by two boys on their way to school.

Although the boys saw the bright orange object independent of the other, their stories checked out. The only minute detail separating their accounts was that one boy thought he saw “a small flame at the rear of the object whereas the second boy saw only the object.” (from an official NICAP probe).

One boy ran to Scargo Lake and discovered a huge hole with steam rising out of it (the hole was reported to measure 25 by 100 feet). The other boy hurried on to school and told disbelieving teachers about his experience.

Over the next few days, police, newspaper reporters and the Air Force investigated the event. Residents also confirmed that there had been no hole in the ice the day before the glowing object was seen.

According to the NICAP report, “there was no apparent way the hole could have been made literally overnight in subfreezing weather.” The temperature at the time of the object’s appearance was 22 degrees. Divers explored the area the following spring but nothing was ever discovered.

Almost a year later on Jan. 2, 1972, three Hyannis boys saw glowing lights over the athletic field at the Hyannis Middle School around 6:30 p.m.

In a Cape Cod Times story, the boys described the lights as “belly-to-belly frisbees.”

The boys, two brothers and a friend, watched the strange lights for five to ten minutes before the blobs started moving. Finally, the lights “headed northeast, going pretty fast but keeping together. That was the last time we saw them.”

The boys told their skeptical mother about their experience and finally convinced her to investigate; however, nothing showed up at the Truro Air Force station, site of several big radar antennas.

Over the years reports of UFOs and other unidentified objects have surfaced. Fact or fantasy? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or comments. Cape history is full of mysterious and unexplained events.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/januaryearly70s.html

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The Mantell UFO Incident
Thomas Mantell
Published: 1:43 PM 1/8/2013

More than 65 years after Roswell became the top location in UFOlogy, believers in UFOs have come to be seen as a little... kooky.

We joke about probes and little green men, brushing off stories of close encounters as made-up. We may want to believe, but most of us go through our lives safe in the knowledge that we're the sane ones – and the people who think aliens have visited earth are clearly silly, misguided and delusional.

Tell that to Thomas Mantell. He was a WWII ace pilot, honored with the Distinguished Flying Cross for courageous action and an Air Medal for heroism, who continued his military career with the Kentucky Air National Guard. It is believed he was also the first person to die while chasing a UFO.

Mantell was one of four Kentucky Air National Guard pilots already in the air on January 7, 1948, when the men in the base's control tower saw a strange object in the sky. It hovered for a long time, and then quickly climbed to 10,000 feet. Mantell and his fellow pilots were told to follow it.

As the object continued to climb, too high for a human without supplementary oxygen, the other pilots called off their pursuit. But Mantell continued on, determined to figure out what he was chasing.

Mantell never reached the UFO – at 25,000 feet, his plane spiraled into a dive, ending in a fatal crash. Twenty minutes later, the UFO disappeared without a trace. The assumption was that Mantell flew too high and didn't have enough oxygen to breathe – so he blacked out and lost control of the plane.

But according to the sensational headlines in the next day's newspapers, he had been shot down by "magnetic rays," or killed by aliens, or fallen victim to the extreme radiation emanating from the UFO.

What really happened at 25,000 feet is something we'll never know – Mantell took the events of his last minutes to his grave. We can't say for sure what the UFO was, either. The government explained it as a weather balloon – a new way of explaining away UFO activity at the time, even if it sounds trite today.

But without further evidence – unlikely to show up now, 65 years later – we'll never know if that explanation was legitimate or a government cover-up for something they could explain no better than we can.

The one thing we can say without hesitation is that Thomas Mantell, the first known person to die while investigating a UFO sighting, was no kook. He was a war hero and a well-respected pilot – one who saw something he couldn't explain and died in pursuit of the truth.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/mantellincident.html

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2000 - Possible Alien Abduction in Georgia
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:35 AM 1/12/2013

Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia - 06-10-2000

I was 15 and home alone in a new housing development. I walked outside to sit on the porch because I was bored. I watched in the woods as a series of white and red lights seem to move in a stationary area in dense forest maybe 300-400 yards from me.

I thought maybe someone was driving their car in the thick forest area. The lights then changed to the most beautiful pulsating color display of every color I've ever seen.

The object slowly rose to the top of the trees and began moving slowly toward me. I got up of my chair and walked towards it waving my hands in the air as to get its attention.

I heard no sound coming from it and felt no fear towards it. It slowly moved above me and I began to notice the objects shape. It was egg-shaped with three circular pieces on the bottom.

The object was a bright metallic color like a mirror surface or chromed titanium.

Its lights seemed to be in the metal and pulsed and vibrated every color imaginable like the brightest LED. That's when I noticed that the object was not just egg shaped.

There was a dark outer shell around it that somehow magnified the stars in the sky to camouflage its true shape and size.

It had black sparks shooting off around it and a few small lights trailing the object but, as it moved the stars in the camouflage seem to move in an alternate direction.

I remember thinking, "I have to get my camera!"

As I turned to get it my mind went blank. I looked up and the object was much further away than it had been seconds before even at the extremely slow speed it was moving. I was facing another direction feeling slightly confused.

My mind snapped back and I raced into my house and grabbed my video camera and darted outside chasing it as it moved in an arc straight up and accelerated very fast making no sound in a maneuver that if it had been a jet it would have easily broken the sound barrier causing a massive sonic boom.

I walked home confused about what had just happened and noticed that what I had thought to have only been a 10 minute experience had actually been more like 45 minutes.

After that, I began to become obsessed with universal geometry and the occult; two things I had not been interested in before.

I recently had an x-ray of my head and noticed a small object near my left ear that showed up brighter than the bones themselves.

Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/2000georgiaabduction.html

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Submitted to www.ufocasebook.com


2001 Close Encounter in North Dakota
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:46 PM 1/7/2013

Rapid City, North Dakota - 08-15-01

As we were driving, my husband noticed a light in the sky, showed it to me and told me "that star is really bright."

I looked at the "star," but told him "No, that's not a star, it’s in the wrong position, there are no stars, especially bright ones, in that direction."

The reason I knew this was because, like my husband, I had grown up in the area and my Grandpa used to show me the different constellations and tell me Native American stories about them.

I noticed this "star" was flashing red then blue, then red, then blue.

My husband then said, "I think it’s an airplane, maybe flight-for-life (medical plane/helicopter)" (I was thinking flight-for-life helicopter).

After both of us looked at it closely we realized, it was not a flight-for-life because at night, usually the plane has two distinct separate lights, white on the tail, red on the wing, sometimes green on the other wing, as does the helicopter).

My husband and I, at the time, both worked for Public Safety, so we were familiar with different medical vehicles. These lights were not like that;they were flashing like they were in the same place, not separate.

As I'm driving, we are discussing the light/star at this time, it was as high as a small airplane would be in the sky to us, and it seemed to be coming closer to us, like it was going to go over us.

Than all of a sudden it comes straight out of the sky toward us, like the light just got bigger, which makes me slam on my brakes. This thing is right in front of my car, this "light" has somehow turned into an orb; a round metallic looking (like molten silver or gold, but reflective) orb with spinning rings going around it (it looks like the planet Saturn) and these rings, which are not rings, are sparking blue than red (like static electricity), and I get the impression that this is what is powering this "vehicle."

I don't know why I think that, but I do. I am so scared, and my husband is yelling (I have never ever heard my husband yell that way), I want to look at my husband, but I am too scared to take my eyes off this object.

It’s like everything in my life; spiritual, mental, physical, instincts, has all turned upside down, because I cannot believe what I am seeing or thinking, I'm numb.

This orb then comes to the driver’s side, probably about 50 feet away, it’s on the other side of the road and it’s in the ditch hovering, slowly moving north, just hovering, and I remember seeing the reflection of the light poles, the sky, the ground, the fence and the road as it goes by, then I see my van in its reflection, and I see the reflection of me and my husband (my husband is ducking back into the van), and it made no sound as it went by, but I remember thinking "it just wants to see who we are, its curious."

Everything seemed to slow down, as its going by, then sound and sensation seems to come back to me. I hear my husband hollering "I'm going to shoot it!" and I can hear him rummaging under the seat for his safety box where his gun is stored.

I'm still staring at this orb, watching the lights as they circled the circumference of this orb, and I realize I'm crying and whimpering. I have passed beyond being stunned or scared and I don't remember doing these things; I just know that my face is wet and I feel like my heart is going to burst.

I then look away to see what my husband is doing, and he has his gun out, and ducks back out of the car, my husband looks back in the car at me and says it was there, then when he went back out of the vehicle, it was gone.

I am so upset that my husband takes over the driving and the whole time during the drive, we don't say a word to each other and I cry all the way back home (you have to understand, I don't easily cry, I grew up with 7 brothers and a bunch of boy cousins, I'm pretty tough, but this, this one night has changed how I look at the world).

You would think that after seeing something that extraordinary, you would be talking, excitedly, but it was like we were drained.

We haven't been able to tell anyone, even our kids, what happened that night; this is the first time "talking" about it.

Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/rapidcitync081501.html

source & references:

Submitted to www.ufocasebook.com


Archived Case of the Week

United Airlines Denies Reports of Saucer-like Objects over O'Hare Airport
UFO Jon Hilkevitch-In the sky! A bird? A plane? A ... UFO?

United Airlines denies its workers filed reports about saucerlike object hovering at O'Hare

Published January 1, 2007-It sounds like a tired joke--but a group of airline employees insist they are in earnest, and they are upset that neither their bosses nor the government will take them seriously. A flying saucerlike object hovered low over O'Hare International Airport for several minutes before bolting through thick clouds with such intense energy that it left an eerie hole in overcast skies, said some United Airlines employees who observed the phenomenon.

Was it an alien spaceship? A weather balloon lost in the airspace over the world's second-busiest airport? A top-secret military craft? Or simply a reflection from lights that played a trick on the eyes? Officials at United professed no knowledge of the Nov. 7 event--which was reported to the airline by as many as a dozen of its own workers--when the Tribune started asking questions recently. But the Federal Aviation Administration said its air traffic control tower at O'Hare did receive a call from a United supervisor asking if controllers had spotted a mysterious elliptical-shaped craft sitting motionless over Concourse C of the United terminal.

No controllers saw the object, and a preliminary check of radar found nothing out of the ordinary, FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory said. The FAA is not conducting a further investigation, Cory said. The theory is the sighting was caused by a "weather phenomenon," she said. The UFO report has sparked some chuckles among controllers in O'Hare tower.

"To fly 7 million light years to O'Hare and then have to turn around and go home because your gate was occupied is simply unacceptable," said O'Hare controller and union official Craig Burzych.

Some of the witnesses, interviewed by the Tribune, said they are upset that neither the government nor the airline is probing the incident. Whatever the object was, it could have interfered with O'Hare's radar and other equipment, and even created a collision risk, they said. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (the term that extraterrestrial-watchers nowadays prefer over Unidentified Flying Object) was first seen by a United ramp worker who was directing back a United plane at Gate C17, according to an account the worker provided to the National UFO Reporting Center. The sighting occurred during daylight, about 4:30 p.m., just before sunset.

All the witnesses said the object was dark gray and well defined in the overcast skies. They said the craft, estimated by different accounts to be 6 feet to 24 feet in diameter, did not display any lights. Some said it looked like a rotating Frisbee, while others said it did not appear to be spinning. All agreed the object made no noise and it was at a fixed position in the sky, just below the 1,900-foot cloud deck, until shooting off into the clouds.

Witnesses shaken by sighting

"I tend to be scientific by nature, and I don't understand why aliens would hover over a busy airport," said a United mechanic who was in the cockpit of a Boeing 777 that he was taxiing to a maintenance hangar when he observed the metallic-looking object above Gate C17. But I know that what I saw and what a lot of other people saw stood out very clearly, and it definitely was not an [Earth] aircraft," the mechanic said."

One United employee appeared emotionally shaken by the sighting and "experienced some religious issues" over it, one co-worker said. A United manager said he ran outside his office in Concourse B after hearing the report about the sighting on an internal airline radio frequency.

"I stood outside in the gate area not knowing what to think, just trying to figure out what it was," he said. "I knew no one would make a false call like that. But if somebody was bouncing a weather balloon or something else over O'Hare, we had to stop it because it was in very close proximity to our flight operations."

Some joke, others research

The databases of various UFO-watching groups are full of accounts filed by pilots about sightings of unknown aircraft and anomalies that affected navigational equipment onboard planes. Whether any of the UFO incidents are real or merely the result of individual perceptions, some experts say the events pose a potential safety risk to pilots and their passengers.

"There have been documented cases where safety appears to have been implicated, and more and more we are coming to the point of view that we are dealing with an intelligent phenomenon," said Richard Haines, science director at the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena, a private agency. We must be proactive before an aircraft goes down," said Haines, a former chief of the Space Human Factors Office at NASA's Ames Research Center."

Haines is investigating the O'Hare incident. He said he has determined that no weather balloons were launched in the vicinity of O'Hare on Nov. 7.

"It's absurd that the military would be conducting aerial test flights" near the airport, Haines said.

All the witnesses to the O'Hare event, who included at least several pilots, said they are certain based on the disc's appearance and flight characteristics that it was not an airplane, helicopter, weather balloon or any other craft known to man.

United denies UFO report

They're not sure what was hanging out for several minutes in the restricted airspace, but they are upset that no one in power has taken the matter seriously. A United spokeswoman said there is no record of the UFO report. She said United officials do not recall discussion of any such incident.

"There's nothing in the duty manager log, which is used to report unusual incidents," said United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy. "I checked around. There's no record of anything."

The pilots of the United plane being directed back from Gate C17 also were notified by United personnel of the sighting, and one of the pilots reportedly opened a windscreen in the cockpit to get a better view of the object estimated to be hovering 1,500 feet above the ground. The object was seen to suddenly accelerate straight up through the solid overcast skies, which the FAA reported had 1,900-foot cloud ceilings at the time.

"It was like somebody punched a hole in the sky," said one United employee.

Witnesses said they had a hard time visually tracking the object as it streaked through the dense clouds. It left behind an open hole of clear air in the cloud layer, the witnesses said, adding that the hole disappeared within a few minutes. The United employees interviewed by the Tribune spoke on condition of anonymity. Some said they were interviewed by United officials and instructed to write reports and draw pictures of what they observed, and that they were advised by United officials to refrain from speaking about what they saw.

Federal agency backtracks

Like United, the FAA originally told the Tribune that it had no information on the alleged UFO sighting. But the federal agency quickly reversed its position after the newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act request. An internal FAA review of air-traffic communications tapes, a step toward complying with the Tribune request, turned up the call by the United supervisor to an FAA manager in the airport tower, Cory said. Cory said the weather might have factored into what the witnesses thought they saw.

"Our theory on this is that it was a weather phenomenon," she said. "That night was a perfect atmospheric condition in terms of low [cloud] ceiling and a lot of airport lights. When the lights shine up into the clouds, sometimes you can see funny things. That's our take on it."

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Chicago Tribune




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