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Unknown Flying Object Seen over Vincennes, Indiana
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:49 AM 1/12/2011

Vincennes, Indiana - 01-04-11

After working nightshift, at approximately 2:50 AM, on Tuesday, the 4th of January, 2011, I and my riding partner had just returned home, in Vincennes, Indiana, and were walking to the front door of the apartment house where we both live.

I was walking slower than him, as I was smoking, and looking up at the stars.

I was looking in a SW direction at a bright star, or pehaps it was Venus or Mercury; I do not know, but I turned and looked to the East, at the Big Dipper, and then turned back to look again at the bright star/planet, when to the SSW, at approximately a 30 degree angle, I saw 6 evenly spaced lights, at angles, approaching in a ENE direction.

Then they made a sudden banking turn left, or counterclockwise, much like a kite might turn, back towards the SW.

I got a full view of the bottom of the object, which was triangle-shaped, without the points, dark with single white lights on either side of the three blunt ends, and a circle of approximately ten to twelve lesser lights about half way towards the middle.

The turn was impossibly tight, silent and very fluid; too tight to be any kind of aircraft I have ever seen, and I have seen many, having spent ten years as a flying crewchief in the U.S. Air Force, as well as growing up within a mile of a busy airport.

I was able to see the object quite vividly, as it was silouetted in front of a thin, white cloud cover, almost like a light fog, moving in from the South, and it actually moved into the clouds, immediately after turning.

I ran to the front door of the apartment house, still trying to watch the object, and called my friend to come back and see it, when someone turned on a fairly powerful spotlight on the ground, approximately SSW of my position, and shined it straight up at the object.

The object and spotlight positions could not have been more than a half-mile from where I was standing.

By the time my friend got back outside, the object had moved into the clouds sufficiently that it was no longer visible, and the spotlight was turned off, so that my friend saw nothing, unfortunately.

We scanned the entire sky, hoping to see the object, or anything else that might be in the area, but saw nothing else.

I would like to note that in the month I have been living at my present address, I have not seen any low-flying aircraft, and concluded that there is no airport of any type near this town, but this may not be an accurate accessment.

I made a crude drawing of the event, and will attempt to scan it into my laptop, and include it with this written statement.

 UFO - Vincennes, Indiana - 01-04-11

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Witness Recounts Florida UFO on Ocean
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:15 PM 1/7/2011

Florida - Summer, 2009

Not sure on the exact date, but it was a last minute trip to the beach with some school friends who had just graduated so it was around June.

It started I was walking down the beach with a friend when the object caught my eye against the dark night sky because there were no other lights out over the gulf.

The craft seemed to come from the water, but was most definitely in the sky now, both of us are now focused on the object hovering what seemed to be 1000 ft above the surface.

We were both in immediate agreement in what it was, and an odd state of calmness came over us as we watched with complete fearlessness, considering the circumstances.

We continued to observe the vehicle fly at incredible speeds with no sound whatsoever, fly east, taking off slowly, and then was instantly at the farthest end of the beach.

We could it shoot straight up into the sky and then shoot past us to the west.

After watching it for about five minutes or more, I'm not sure for some reason it's hard to remember how long we stood there, but it eventually came back down close to where we first saw it, and seemed to fall onto the water then disappear, either into the water or over the horizon.

It seemed to go into the water since the lights on it were still the same size. I remember after it was gone related or not, the wind all of a sudden was blowing very hard and a small shower came over and lasted for about 10 minutes.

The lights on it were in a circular pattern around the craft, then one on top and one on bottom, so it wasn't a shape I could see except for the lights leading me to think or under the illusion that it was a saucer shape with a bulb on top and bottom, or kind of like the shape of a planet with a ring silhouette.

The colors of the lights were different but I can't remember the colors, but I know there was at least three different colors, because the light on top and bottom was red and the lights around it are the ones I can't remember the color of.

Blue, green, and white are colors that come to mind, but a lot of confusion comes to mind when I think about those lights, and it's been a couple of years and it was never a big deal to us that we saw it for some reason.

We have both been very calm about the whole ordeal. After the craft was gone we continued down the beach talking about it completely calm as if we had seen it thousands of times, but it was the first time for either of us to have seen anything like that.

I've always believed that the possibility of life evolving on other planets was possible, but I never thought I would actually witness something like this, not that I'm saying this came from another planet, but I am saying I have never seen anything maneuver like this before.

I know what I saw and so does my friend. I still call him every now and again to ask him if he really saw it to just to make sure I'm not crazy.

So I'm either a crazy person who hallucinated just once in my life and saw something at the same exact time as someone standing right beside me that just so happened to hallucinate the very same shape and assortment of colors as I did, and we are both just crazy or it was real.


Everyone I have told has said I was high or that I'm crazy or think we were joking trying to get a laugh out of everyone, but my story hasn't changed and it never will. I saw a UFO, alien or secret military technology, I don't know.

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Hubble Telescope Zeroes in on Green Blob in Space
This handout photo provided by NASA, taken April 12, 2010 by the Hubble Space
Published: 12:10 PM 1/12/2011


This handout photo provided by NASA, taken April 12, 2010 by the Hubble Space... WASHINGTON — The Hubble Space Telescope got its first peek at a mysterious giant green blob in outer space and found that it's strangely alive.

The bizarre glowing blob is giving birth to new stars, some only a couple of million years old, in remote areas of the universe where stars don't normally form.

The blob of gas was first discovered by a Dutch school teacher in 2007 and is named Hanny's Voorwerp (HAN'-nee's-FOR'-vehrp). Voorwerp is Dutch for object.

NASA released the new Hubble photo Monday at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle.

Parts of the green blob are collapsing and the resulting pressure from that is creating the stars. The stellar nurseries are outside of a normal galaxy, which is usually where stars live.

That makes these "very lonely newborn stars" that are "in the middle of nowhere," said Bill Keel, the University of Alabama astronomer who examined the blob.

The blob is the size of our own Milky Way galaxy and it is 650 million light years away. Each light year is about 6 trillion miles.

The blob is mostly hydrogen gas swirling from a close encounter of two galaxies and it glows because it is illuminated by a quasar in one of the galaxies. A quasar is a bright object full of energy powered by a black hole.

The blob was discovered by elementary school teacher Hanny van Arkel, who was 24 at the time, as part of a worldwide Galaxy Zoo project where everyday people can look at archived star photographs to catalog new objects.

Van Arkel said when she first saw the odd object in 2007 it appeared blue and smaller. The Hubble photo provides a clear picture and better explanation for what is happening around the blob.

"It actually looked like a blue smudge," van Arkel told The Associated Press. "Now it looks like dancing frog in the sky because it's green." She says she can even see what passes for arms and eyes.

Since van Arkel's discovery, astronomers have looked for similar gas blobs and found 18 of them. But all of them are about half the size of Hanny's Voorwerp, Keel said.

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Chile: Undersea UFO Activity at Bajo Molle (Iquique)
UFO Depiction
Published: 9:15 AM 1/12/2011

[Readers of INEXPLCATA will recall the redoubling of USO activity that occurred shortly after the Chilean earthquake of 2010, which even included reports of tall humanoids emerging from the water. Such activity has by no means ended, judging from the following report – Scott Corales]

Chile: More Reports from Bajo Molle

According to Alejandro Dávalos, [NOUFA] correspondent in Iquique, sightings are ongoing and increasing in Bajo Molle, Iquique – UFO activity that NOUFA has been reporting on for quite some time.

On this occasion it was night watchman Ricardo González Monrroy who saw a shining white light emerge from the sea on the night of Tuesday the 14th at 12:50 PM.

The light blinked a few times, suspended in the air for a few moments, and then began moving horizontally toward the south before vanishing in the horizon.

These strange lights do not make any sound whatsoever and are very bright. Moreover, on Friday the 17th of this month [December 2010], Mr. Edison Coronado, a draftsman for a company, left his office late at 10:00 PM and became aware of a very bright light approaching land from the sea’s horizon.

Given that it wasn’t a commercial airline route, he was startled by the light and stayed behind to look at it. As it grew closer, he was able to describe the light as a large moving star.

When it was overhead, it stopped for a few seconds before accelerating, vanishing in a matter of seconds. Next, three luminous spots appeared in the place where it had disappeared, forming a triangle that blinked for a few moments before fading away.

The antecedents of the UFO case histories for this specific area (Bajo Molle) are quite old, and include luminous spheres that emerge from the sea. All of this has been confirmed by Alejandro Dávalos, who has been a privileged witness to this phenomenon.

He adds that since the area is high up, looking down on the ocean, he has seen luminous spheres under the water more than once, which would make them USOs (unidentified submarine objects).

Furthermore, he adds that more than once he has thought – as have many local residents – that there is a base or meeting point for these lights under the sea, making these sightings even more fantastic and bizarre.

Dávalos hopes to conduct a watch in the area, employing specialized cameras and people interested in the phenomenon, in the hopes of creating a high-quality record of these mysterious luminous spheres that emerge from the sea.

(Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez)

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Noticiero Ufológico Autonomo

UFO Sightings Marred by Communication Breakdown, said Stanley Fulham
Stanley Fulham
Published: 2011-01-13

Submitted by Dave Masko

BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – Famed UFO hunter Stanley Fulham once said he didn’t want to be part of a club that would have him as a member; he joked, of course, but was clearly annoyed with a world-wide UFO community that does not “share common ground with each other.”

Here at Bray’s Point and up the road at Stonefield Beach, there are regular groups of UFO “watchers” that don’t have any special allegiance to any one UFO group.

While there are some long-time watchers who’ve purchased magazines or membership cards from UFO organizations, one member said it’s more about learning the truth than being part of something.

Likewise, Fulham once said “it’s a real gift to believe.”

Fulham, who died suddenly on Dec. 19, 2010, compared the in-fighting amongst UFO groups “like men who worry about someone encroaching on their land. They’re territorial. Yet, this doesn’t bode well for humanity right now when we need to share information about UFOs.”

Long before there was the WikiLeaks “Cablegate archive,” that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said “has numerous references to UFOs,” there was Fulham who was considered the Nostradamus of UFO sightings over the past 20 to 30 years.

Also, Assange stated during a recent interview from a hidden location in England, that “people are named in connection with UFOs” in the WikiLeaks files that are currently being embargoed until Assange can sort them out for the public domain.

Fulham fully believed in UFOs, and the freedom to share this news.

During an exclusive interview with this reporter back at the Pentagon in the early 1990’s, retired Royal Canadian Air Force Capt. Stanley A. Furham challenged the ways and means of communicating UFO related information to the general public.

“He wanted it to be an open book. Stan Furham fully believed that the truth shall set the world free. It’s a pity but he knew that in-fighting within UFO circles would both confuse and turn-off the general public that was skeptical about aliens and such,” said local UFO “watcher” Debbie Crawford.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Furham’s. He was the real deal at a time when so many of these Internet UFO sites were popping up with conflicting information. I always read what Furham had to say,” adds Crawford who also noted how “Furham would snub convention and not give in to organized UFO points of view.”

Although this UFO pioneer was accused of exaggerated sentimentality when talking about alien life on planet Earth, “he never did it for money like many of these so-called UFO groups,” she said.

For example, Furham thought it wrong that UFO groups would act like “the bloody Elks or Moose Lodge,” and expect anything about UFO sightings to be controlled and even owned by one organization. He pointed to the current state of miss-communication that exists with UFO’s “still being viewed as fake and not real as they are.”

Furham asked UFO watchers worldwide to have “new eyes” in order to more clearly see that UFO information is to be shared and not Bogarted like some commodity.

All totaled there are more than 1,000 organizations world-wide, with groups ranging in size from the smaller Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) with a reported 3,000 members, to much larger organizations in the United Kingdom and Germany that claim tens of thousands of members.

Thus, with all these groups vying for attention as “I’m the best one,” they all “become irrelevant,” said Furham often stated that ET life is a possibility and the United Nations, and the world must ready itself for ET contact soon.

However, there's "control" in some UFO groups that does not allow its members to speak freely.

There's non-profit groups such as MUFON that features a monthly “MUFON UFO Journal,” but does not have the market cornered on UFO knowledge, said one watcher.

UFO groups that want to control both information and its members may be contributing to this skewed point of view that Fulham said “hurts the UFO community and the public’s understanding of what is happening with alien life on our planet.”

Shortly before his death, Fulham predicated UFOs over London in 2011.

At the same time, members of the UFO community may recall that Fulham attracted international media attention after his prediction of UFOs over New York City on Oct. 13, 2010. The UFOs did appear as Fulham said.

Later, while quipping to friends at a press conference on the day after the UFO sightings, Fulham said “this news belongs to the world.”

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Archived Case of the Week

Brazilian Island of Colares-UFO Encounters of 1977
Photo of Orb
In 1977, the Brazilian island of Colares was visited by flying objects of an unknown nature. Nearly all kinds of UFOs were seen; some big, some small, saucer shaped, cigar shaped, luminous or not. They arrived from the North every day, from the sky and also sometimes from underwater, and it lasted for months.

Regularly, some Island inhabitants were targeted by the objects, sending strange rays to them, and many were badly hurt, with two reported dead. The Army intervenes, the press follows.

35 people were hurt by the strange rays, and many fled from the Island.

The events mainly concentrated on the city of Colares, about 2,000 inhabitants, on Colares Island, which is in the region of Pará, the delta of the Amazon river on the northeastern coast of Brazil. But the whole region was visited by the same phenomenon.

Beginning in August of 1977, in the island of Colares, a strange phenomenon began to occur, that the Brazilian call Chupa-chupa.

Strange luminous objects appeared over the few towns of the region. These objects were often projecting thin rays, seemingly of light, directed at the people.

The touched people fainted and woke up with a strange anemia. They stated that they felt as if some of their blood was removed by the strange rays.

The fisherman Manoel João de Oliveira Filho, aged 44, married and residing at No. 64 rua Carneiro de Mendonça, was strolling towards the beach early one morning with some companions, to spend a day at sea fishing.

Before they had arrived at their boats, they saw - above the Rio Novo beach - an object shaped "like an umbrella" stationary at about 4 meters from the ground. From its under-part came a vivid white light.

No sound was detectable from it from where they were standing. The object then moved away silently towards Machadinho, turning off the light as it went.

A carpenter named João Dias Costa (aged 44) and a fisherman, João da Cruz Silva (aged 54), both of Colares town, saw the notorious "luminous spheres" so greatly feared on account of their "low skimming swoops".

Another man from Colares town, Sr. Zacarias dos Santos Barata (74) saw the glowing balls on two nights. The first time, the object came from the direction of the Bay of Marajó, and rapidly vanished towards the interior of Colares Island.

On the second night another ball, blue in color, flew over the local football field. "It lit up all the trees around the field and then vanished towards the town's center,” said Sr. Zacarias.

Sr. Sebastião Vernek "Zizi" Miranda described his experience as follows:

"I was there with my wife, Palmira, in front of the church on the sea-front, when at about 8.00 pm, we saw an intensely vivid "orangish" light coming in from the sea towards the town. As it approached, it climbed, and then, moving rapidly, vanished towards the inner part of the Island."

The barber Carlos Cardoso de Paula (aged 49), living at Travessa Deodoro da Fonseca No. 231, had a still closer encounter with the "lights", as he himself relates:

"Everybody else was asleep. I was just still having my last smoke when suddenly a ball of fire entered our house up near the ridgepole of the gable. It started shooting round and round the room, and then finally came right close to my hammock.

"It ran up my right leg as far as the knee (without touching my skin). I watched with much curiosity as it then moved across to the other leg. Then I started to feel feeble and sleepy. My cigarette fell from my hand and I came to and let out a yell. The fireball quickly vanished and everybody woke up.

"I think it had been searching for a vein in my body but didn’t manage to do so. As its brightness grew, I felt a sort of heat coming from it."

Worker Raimundo Costa Leite, very well known in the town of Colares for his skill in making and repairing fishing nets, described his own experience:

"At about 4.00 in the early morning, I went with my pal “Baixinho” (Orivaldo Malaquias Pinheiro) to fish off the beach at Cajueiro. As I recall it, Baixinho shouted, 'Look! There it is!' and took to his heels, leaving me alone on the beach.

"The craft was of the size and shape of a helicopter, made no noise, and was flying very high.

"I could have taken a pot-shot at it if I had had a gun with me. I was terrified when the machine shone a sort of searchlight down on the beach. That light was sweeping the ground, illuminating everything! It was a bluish light (sort of ‘cold light’).

"It made it easier for me to see this because the craft had several small reddish lights beneath its front part... The craft seemed to be seeking something on the ground.

"I was scared that it would touch me and, despite my poor physical condition, I managed to run quite a distance, and then Baixinho returned and helped me. The object had come from the direction of the sea and it headed off into the inner part of the Island."

Actually, so many more people reported being attacked by beams of light from small UFOs in this area that only few of them are mentioned here.

On October 20, three women were hit in the breast by the beams of light: "All three were overcome by tremendous nervous tension and an unknown sort of lassitude as though they were receiving constant electric shocks," wrote a newspaper.

On the evening of October 29, Benedito Campos and his seventeen-year-old wife Silvia Mara were at home when "they spotted an oval, silvery object emitting a greenish beam like a searchlight towards the room where they were lying.

"Filled with curiosity, they approached a small window and, as they did so, the beam shot in through it, and made straight for Silvia, throwing her into a sort of benumbed trance-like state."

Silvia, who was pregnant at the time, then fainted, whereupon two entities apparently entered the house carrying something resembling a golden torch and "once again the beam struck Silvia, this time hitting her in the left arm at the level of the wrist.

"Her veins seemed to 'rise up out of the body' so swollen were they by the beam striking them."

Later, while at a neighbour's house, Benedito was also briefly paralyzed by a light beam. Fearing a miscarriage, husband and wife were taken at night by boat to the Mosqueiro Medical Clinic, followed all the way by the UFO, which made no further attempt to harm them.

They remained there for three days while the wife recovered, but Benedito "was in a state of severe depression for some days, his motor functions disturbed and, as his mother reports, weeping frequently."

The UFO activity over Colares Island was so intense that the people began to think the "Chupa-chupas" were trying to make some sort of contact with them. Such was the view expressed by Sr. Raimundo Ferreira "Mimi" Monteiro. He still believes the craft were coming up out of the sea or out of some underwater base located in the Bay of Marajó, possibly in the region of the Caldeirão.

Alfredo Bastos Filho, a former town mayor, confirmed this and said: "Yes, indeed I can tell you, there wasn’t a moment of peace. The populace were terrified by that "Chupa-chupa" affair. I even managed to see one of the injured victims myself - Dona Mirota, a lady who was receiving medical treatment at the Health Clinic."

The locals became so frightened that many of the women and children left town. The men that remained lit bonfires to mount guard at night, letting off fireworks and banging tins whenever they saw the Chupa-chupas approaching.

Others locked themselves in their homes for fear of the phenomenon. It was mentioned later that the more din people made and the more bonfires and fireworks, the closer the craft came.

Colares 1 Colares image 2

By November 1977 doctor Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, the physician in charge of the health unit on Colares Island, took care of to some 35 people claiming to have been touched by the strange light.

She took blood samples, and concluded that the victims suffered from generalized hypertermia, superficial chronic headache, burnings, intense heat, nauseas, tremors in the body, giddiness, asthenia and presented very small orifices in the skin where they were hit by the rays.

She wrote: "All of them had suffered lesions to the face or the thoracic area." The lesions, looking like radiation injuries, "began with intense reddening of the skin in the affected area. Later the hair would fall out and the skin would turn black. There was no pain, only a slight warmth. One also noticed small puncture marks in the skin. The victims were men and women of varying ages, without any pattern."

In describing their experiences with these light beams, most victims claimed that "They were immediately immobilized, as if a heavy weight pushed against their chest. The beam was about [seven or eight centimetres] in diameter and white in color. It never hunted for them but hit them suddenly.

"When they tried to scream, no sound would come out, but their eyes remained open. The beam felt hot, 'almost as hot as a cigarette burn,' barely tolerable. "After a few minutes the column of light would slowly retract and disappear." Most symptoms usually disappeared after seven days. "

At Agulhas Fincadas, Mrs. Maria Lopes, inhabitant of Vila Gorete, to the margins of Rio Tapajós, in the neighborhoods of Santarém (Pará), tells her case involving "strange devices" that absorb energy from human beings, known as Chupa-Chupa.

"I saw an object to settle quiet in the bushes here close... It had left two men and a woman, who had started to move with two fishing," counts Maria.

Other people in the place had been paralyzed when observing the scene.

Many had hurt themselves when trying to escape one of the strange objects. In many cases, the marks left by the rays on the victims skin were marks that could have up to eight small holes. In these occurrences, the Chupa-Chupa term was proven right as many of them had lost up to approximately 300 ml of blood, from these wounds.

This was the case of Claudomira, resident in the Island of Colares. She claims that her family already did not sleep right with fear of the devices.

"In one of these days, after midnight, I woke up because of a strong flash, a sort of focussed bright green light ray that came down from the top roof to my left chest. I tried to shout, but my voice did not function. I felt an esquisite heat... Later, that beam of light diminished and I saw that I was burnt."

Claudomira told that she sighted a strange object, much similar to an umbrella, from which a being of clear skin, oriental eyes, and great ears.

According to her, the creature was dressed in tight green clothes and had a sort of pistol in the hand, which emitted the luminous beam. At this moment, Claudomira felt perforated as by needles on her breast.

"After this, I felt a migraine headache and a great weakness, that left me collapsed for several days."

The next day, she had been directed to the Sanitary Unit of the town, where she was taken care of by Doctor Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, who sent her to the Medical Institute Renato Chaves, in Belém, for backup examinations.

Her ill-being and the constant migraines lasted many days, followed by fatigue and weakness. Years later, Claudomira still did not feel cured.

"My health never came back to be the same since that night."

She is not the only one to have passed for such situation. Some estimate that thousands of people, also men, had suffered the attacks of the Chupa-Chupa in the years between 1970 and 1980, and they still occur today, though less frequently.

"Emotional and physical sequels are very common in these cases," affirmed Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho, who took care of Claudomira.

Although she was skeptical and she believed that the occurrences of Chupa-Chupa were popular belief or some witchcraft, Dr. Wellaide ended up convinced of the veracity of the cases when she was confronted with their increasing frequency.

"With the increase of hurt people, I started to give more attention each time in the existing injuries. I saw things that do not exist in my medical books," she said.

According to her, the victims of Chupa-Chupa presented strangest burnings, not as those provoked by fire or hot water, as she thought herself, but very similar to ones produced by cobalt irradiation. "

The injuries varied in intensity. First it started with an intense reddishness in the hit area, known as hiperemia. Later, the skin of the affected region started to fall (alopecia) and days later the skin peeled off.

In this period of development, said Wellaide, it was possible to note holes, similar to perforations by needles.

One of the most interesting cases she took care of happened with a lady who had cardiac problems. She arrived at the doctor's office very nervous and immediately she showed her left breast, in which were two strange holes.

She complained of giddiness, shortness of breath, and weakness - characteristic symptoms already known by people hit by the phenomenon. The doctor tried to calm her and she returned to her home.

But at about 03:00 pm, however, Dr. Wellaide was called to the residence of the woman, who had become very sick. Her whole body was still, and she gasped for air, but she did not have fever and did not vomit.

Seeing the seriousness of the situation, the doctor took her to a hospital in Belém.

Hours later, she received the medical papers and the certificate of death forwarded by the Medical Institute Legal Renato Chaves, which stated a heart stroke as cause of the death.

The intriguing fact is that at no time, doctors in Belém had mentioned something about the injuries on her body and did not even say if they had effected backing examinations.

Regarding the possible effects of the UFOs on the supply of electricity, Sr. Geraldo Aranha de Oliveira (aged 37) of the C.E.I.P.A. (Pará Electricity Plant) explained:

"In 1977 the C.E.I.P.A. sub-station consisted of three Scania 125 kw engines supplying light to the city from 6 pm till midnight. I don’t recall having ever seeing a UFO over the plant. I merely remember that, at that period, lots of lightning conductor rods were burnt out and, at times, some fuses too."

COMAR (Comando Aéreo Regional, the Regional Air Command of the Brazilian Air Forces), arrived in Belém, and made a series of researches in the region, under the project name "Operation Plate." (Operation Saucer)

Captain Uyrangê Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda Lima, head of information office, directed all the operations in the region. During the investigations, the Air Force obtained four films and hundreds of photographs of flying disks in the basin of Marajó.

They also were a great help to the population, providing psychologists assistance, to eliminate the panic that sized the entire region.

The beams of light from the craft were described as being so bright that they resembled those used to illuminate night sporting events. They were "always sharply defined, directed with perfect precision towards any target – houses, people, boats, trees, even the Brazilian Air Force's helicopters deployed over the island during the investigations."

On one occasion, one of these powerful beams is reported to have forced one of the helicopters to land, although the exact technical reason is not given. (Giese, 1996)

According to a statement by Sr. Sebastião V. Miranda, former resident of Colares, "the Brazilian Air Force spent more than 35 days in the town, and installed various devices near the Bacurí beach."

Sra. Alba Câmara Vilhena, a married lady living at 683 rua 15 de Novembro, added: "At the time of the "Chupa-chupa" everybody was scared to sleep at night, and so almost every night we went away to be with relatives. On one occasion some people saw one of the craft. It was round, and all luminous.

"Just at that moment, a helicopter of the F.A.B. (Brazilian Air Force) was flying quite near to our house. Then we saw the UFO direct a very powerful beam on to the helicopter, obliging it to land on the São Pedro Airfield. That happened at about 8.00 pm one evening."

Professor Raimundo Sebastião Aranha said: "At that period I was closely connected with some of the Air Force's enquiries. They were seeking more information about the "Chupa-chupa."

He said the Air Force had with them masses of equipment: cars, helicopters, radio transmitters, cameras, powerful glasses, etc. He recalls that, in addition to the rank and file Air Force recruits, there was a whole group of officers, and he had the impression that there was a foreigner among them.

"The helicopters that appeared from time to time, bringing materials and personnel, attempted to chase the UFOs but without much success. Indeed, on the contrary, it was the UFOs that chased them!"

One night several months later, on May 24 1978, a journalist and photographer, who had been sent to cover the local UFO encounters, were in their car when despite the heavy rain they were woken up "by a powerful beam of light which – however unbelievable, it may seem – passed through the metallic structure of the roof of the vehicle."

Not surprisingly they leapt out of the car to see that "a tube-shaped light beam, about [twenty-five centimetres] in diameter, was coming down from above onto the roof of the car and passing through the metal panelling."

On this and other occasions, they managed to take numerous photographs which they claim that their newspaper later sold to "a North-American group."

On another night while trying to use flash equipment to photograph one of these craft "the UFO emitted such a vivid beam of light that it smashed the windscreen" of their car. (Giese, 1996)

Several newspapers started to write that the alleged UFOs were weather balloons, or secrets satellites, although there was no possible reason to think that. Local authorities were of course extremely angry because of such articles. Elói Santos, councilman of the old Enclosure for bullfighting stated:

"It is not possible to deny that Belém is, today, a frightened city. We are not technicians, and we do not argue with the conclusion of the authorities. But we did surprise them with declarations of the witnesses who saw light crossing their roofs to penetrate in their skin, removing a little of blood and leaving visible marks of needles and burnings on their epidermis."

Mosquiero 1 Mosquiero image 2

During the "Chupa-chupa" wave, many new "sighting zones" emerged, such as Pinheiro and São Bento in the State of Maranhão, and Viseu and Bragança in the State of Pará. Some areas indeed reached such a 'level of saturation' that rarely a single night passed without UFO sightings.

One of these "ufological epicentres" was over the bay called the Baía do Sol (Bay of the Sun) and had a direct effect upon the Island of Mosqueiro. Mosqueiro is one of the most important of the islands, and it is the biggest, belonging to the municipality of Belém.

Public concern was immense, all the men banding together at night to organize watches, with bonfires and fireworks, thinking these would deter the craft. But nothing seemed to stop the UFOs, not even the Air Force’s film men and their cameras - and even less the journalists from the Estado do Pará!

There were frequent and regular sightings of mother-ships, probes, and flying saucers, all performing incredible manoeuvers over the Bay.

A 61-year-old widow, Elisa da Silva, residing on rua do Bacari, was one of the witnesses in that year (1977). One night, from her house, she saw a flying saucer appear. Vivid white light came from small windows or apertures on it. Seen from below, she said, it seemed quite dark and quite flat. It vanished towards the South, in total silence.

In the opinion of some of the members of the GUA (Amazonian Ufological Group) based in Belém, there exists, or there did exist for a considerable time, at some point beneath the Baía do Sol ("Bay of the Sun") a concealed base for extraterrestrial probe craft. Such an idea would account for the constant appearances, in recent years, of unidentified flying objects over the region.

In 1981, one woman who had been exposed to the UFO beams in Colares died, although it is not clear that her death was clearly related to the attack.

In 1986, not far from Colares, two persons on Crab Island were discovered "badly decomposed by heat" amid numerous sightings of balls of fire in the sky; cause of death "not known" in either case.

Same area, different time: a "ball of fire" seriously burned three men out cutting wood on Crab Island; one of the woodchoppers died.

One of the two survivors, Edmundo, had a gaping electrical-type burn injury on the side of his chest, an almost perfect replica of the chest burn suffered by Jack Angel in Georgia in 1974.

In 1993, again in Colares, a 32-year-old missionary and a 40-year-old domestic worker died, a month apart, as a result of close encounters with UFO; according to Ufologist Bob Pratt, these women were "both burned on the throat and the chest, as were most of the other people the doctor treated."

Said Pratt: "I know of about ten deaths that have some connection with UFO close encounters."

According to the USAF, there is not one proof of the reality of UFOs, and there is no evidence that they can be a danger. According to the skeptics... According to the skeptics? To tell the truth, skeptics never express anything in such cases. And the majority of the general public does not know about such cases.

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