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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 597, Issue date, 01-20-14

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Is Casey Victoria's Centre of Space Invaders?
UFO researcher Bill Chalker has a penchant for creatures from another galaxy. Source: News Limited
Published: 10:01 AM 1/13/2014


CASEY has developed a reputation as being a UFO 'hot spot', with more than a dozen sightings in the past two-and-a-half years.

An online forum on the Only Melbourne website lists several Casey sightings, most around the Narre Warren South and Berwick areas.

In one recent post, Berwick resident and self-confessed non-believer Amy Roberts could not explain what she saw in Narre Warren South on June 14 last year.

Ms. Roberts, 37, said she was on her way to pick up her daughter when she ­noticed two bright orange lights hovering over the trees on the far side of the lake on Berwick Springs Promenade, about 11.15 pm.

The lights, which were parallel to each other and low in the sky, eventually turned into a large diamond of four lights.

Ms. Roberts said there was no noise, the lights did not pulse and they kept perfect formation, before vanishing abruptly.

"It wasn't a light being projected up, or kids playing with toy planes, it was four objects flying across the road," Ms. Roberts said.

"They were far too low to be an aircraft... I have never seen anything like that before.

"All the dogs in the neighbourhood were going nuts."

Two other posts described seeing the same thing as Ms. Roberts at different times in Casey.

"I'm a really down to earth person, and not the kind to make stuff up," she said.

"I don't believe in wee green men in spaceships, but I simply couldn't explain these lights."

In another sighting, on December 2 last year, the Leader revealed video of four orange lights hovering low over Camms Rd, Cranbourne, for several minutes before disappearing.

Mt Burnett Observatory president Perry Vlahos said the mysterious lights were most likely ceremonial lanterns, Venus, or aircraft.

"One thing I can guarantee is they were not little green men from Mars," Mr. Vlahos told Leader at the time.

Veteran UFO researcher Bill Chalker said Casey was well known in ufology circles for being a 'hot spot' of activity.

"Whenever people say Narre Warren in the UFO scene, it means a lot and Narre Warren seems to have a lot of reports," Mr. Chalker said.

Victorian UFO Action group director Ben Hurle and Australian UFO Research Network Victorian director George Simpson confirmed Casey was a popular UFO sighting spot.

Kelly Cahill, who claims she encountered aliens in Narre Warren North in 1993. Source: Supplied It's been 20 years since Kelly Cahill claimed she encountered a UFO in Narre Warren North, in what became one of the most 'famous cases' in Australian ufology circles.

It was August 8, 1993, when the then 27-year-old housewife and mother of three alleged she was taken.

Ms. Cahill was driving home from a friend's house with her husband and children when she noticed a ring of orange lights hovering above a field on Belgrave-Hallam Rd.

Further on, the Cahills were confronted by an intense 'wall of bright light' across the road.

Another car with a man and two women had also pulled up about 100m down the road, and they later confirmed witnessing the lights.

The last thing Ms. Cahill remembered was hearing her husband say he would 'just keep driving', then the pair blacked out.

When they awoke, they felt like they had 'lost' time, both had severe stomach pain and Ms. Cahill later discovered a strange triangular mark below her navel - a phenomenon also experienced by the women in the other car.

She also unexpectedly began menstruating and was treated in hospital for a womb infection.

Flashbacks of the 'abduction' began a few weeks later, Ms. Cahill claimed, and she described seeing tall black beings with red eyes.

Under hypnosis, the other women remembered being taken on board some kind of object.

Ms. Cahill went on to write a book about her experience called 'Encounter.'

Today, she lives overseas and no longer does interviews. However, her story convinced Mr. Chalker, that something extraordinary happened to Ms. Cahill.

Mr. Chalker said the fact two groups of people, unknown to one another, witnessed the same thing, and experienced 'missing time' made for a compelling case.

He said there were also 'physical traces,' including a magnetic 'signature' at the site and physical effects on the witnesses.

"This was one of the most striking cases of this nature because it seemed to have the physical evidence," Mr. Chalker said.

"Typically, witnesses to these sorts of events are known to each other, and such relationships often beg the question of whether the witnessed events have emerged from shared delusions or even collusion.

"Investigators uncovered no evidence of a previous connection between the Cahills and the other group.

"If the encounter had revolved only around Kelly, it could be argued that the experience may have been some sort of psychological episode, but the presence of other witnesses - a married couple and their friend, forcefully argues for a real encounter."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/australia-ufo-encounters.html

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UFO Group May Reopen ‘Tinley Lights’ Inquiry
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:08 AM 1/17/2014

By Frank Vaisvilas, Correspondent

It’s been nearly 10 years since Allison Nettles witnessed something strange over her Frankfort home.

Her husband had just put their three boys to bed on Oct. 31, 2004 when they noticed three big red lights in the night sky, evenly spaced from each other.

“The illumination was so big... It slowly headed south,” Nettles, 44, said, adding that she couldn’t tell if the lights were separate or part of one object.

The couple were far from alone in witnessing the lights, a UFO incident that became known as the “Tinley Park Lights” — actually a series of five sightings that night by hundreds of witnesses that attracted national interest.

Nettles was interviewed in 2008 by the makers of the History Channel show “UFO Hunters.” The sightings led her and many Southland residents to become interested in the field of UFO investigation.

Shortly after she reported the incident online, she was contacted by Sam Maranto, who’s now the director of the Illinois Mutual UFO Network. Nettles became intrigued by the investigation and joined MUFON.

“I like to come and learn,” she said. “Some people are looking for answers, not necessarily looking for aliens.”

At a meeting last Saturday at the Orland Park Library, Maranto told the audience of about 30 people that he would like to reopen the investigation for the 10-­year anniversary of the Tinley Park Lights.

MUFON investigator Roger Laurella said 1,091 cases of Illinois UFO sightings have been reported to the organization since 2007. He said he has to prioritize a few cases that seem most compelling because MUFON only has three investigators. Maranto said that’s down from about 40 investigators during the several years following the Tinley Park Lights.

Laurella said the number of cases reported to MUFON was down about 45 percent in 2013, and he’s not sure why.

Maranto told the audience that groups such as MUFON still face some social stigma.

“Ridicule and sarcasm are the best form of censorship,” he said. “A lot of people in academia wouldn’t touch (UFO research) with a 10­foot pole. That’s best way to kicked out of a university and get called a ‘wacko.’”

He said MUFON investigators look to debunk claims of UFO sightings, and many are explained by natural phenomena and man­made aircraft, while a few are simply hoaxes.

“It’s not about believing, it’s about research,” Maranto said, adding that he’s trying to recruit more investigators who will go through training.

Despite declining membership, MUFON still attracts people with many different backgrounds who have an interest or belief in UFOs and the paranormal, he said.

Tahir Kamal, 21, of Orland Park, recently joined the group because of his interest in all things paranormal.

“It’s interesting,” Kamal said. “I’ve been reading about UFOs, cryptozoology (i.e., Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch) and the paranormal for a long time.”

He said he’s never seen a UFO but believes he may have seen ghosts. Kamal said he saw a man, woman and a dog who appeared to be transparent and later disappeared while he was in Aurora in 2005.

Mark Kuba, 53, of Villa Park, joined MUFON to seek answers after a disturbing confession from his mother several years before she died in 2005 that she had been abducted by aliens.

“It freaked me out,” Kuba said. “For years, I couldn’t believe it.”

During his mother’s funeral, he learned from her Lutheran pastor that she had sought counseling from him to help cope with the abduction experience, he said, and that made him wonder if his mother actually had been abducted.

Years later, he’s still looking for answers and believes MUFON can help him get closer to the truth.

Also see the UFO Casebook file, The Tinley Lights.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/reopen-case-tinley-lights.html

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1947 UFO Wave - Did Syracuse University See Them First?
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:42 AM 1/17/2014

by Cheryl Costa

It was a crystal clear winter’s night on 20 February 1947, five months before the huge worldwide 1947 UFO wave and the famed Roswell flying saucer crash.

It was about 10:15 p.m. on the campus of Syracuse University, classmates Leo and Dirk were out walking when they noticed that the dome doors on the campus’s Holden Observatory were open.

As they passed the small building they noted that entrance door was also open. Curiosity got the better of the two and they wandered into the ground floor.

Suspended about 12 feet above the floor was a 6 or 7 foot long refracting telescope. A man using the telescope was walking it back and forth rapidly the length of the dome opening. When the lads began to climb the platform the astronomer noticed them and remarked, “Thank God you guys are here. Come and look and tell me I’m not crazy!“

The man explained to the two students that he’d been seeing something strange in the night sky. He asked the young men to take a look, not telling them what he’d been watching. Leo being a kid from New York City had never in his life seen the stars like he could on campus, especially as he watched through the telescope, totally in awe of the bright star field.

As he gazed he saw a light pass his view high in the sky, then after 20 or 30 seconds he saw several more, until he counted about twelve. Puzzled he handed the telescope over to his pal Dirk. After a few minutes Dirk looked as puzzled as Leo and the astronomer. The three men compared their notes and the facts were that all three of them had been seeing the same objects.

For through the telescope they each had seen an unending stream of elliptical or circular objects crossing the heavens, blocking out the stars as they passed at a high rate of speed. The detail of these objects could only be seen through the telescope.

They appeared to have a grayish bottom surface, slightly lighter than the night sky background; each object had a thin, bright, yellow orange trailing edge which seemed to ripple slightly. All three of the men noted that some of the objects were brighter than others.

All three of them were at a loss for ideas of what they were seeing. The astronomer assured the lads that he’d never seen anything like it.

The astronomer released the telescope so it could move freely at which time each of them could do another observation from the Zenith high above them down to the horizon. They each noted that the objects took between 15-20 seconds to travel from Zenith to the Horizon.

While the two young men had on winter clothes, they certainly weren’t dressed for a long period in an icy cold observatory so they bid the astronomer a good night and left for the warmth of their dorm rooms.

Leo states that they never met the astronomer again. He does say that he and Dirk have discussed the events of that evening a number of times over the years. (Leo and Dirk are not their real names)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/1947-ufos-syracuse-university.html

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Silver Sphere Observed in Lansdale, Pennsylvania
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:35 PM 1/14/2014

Lansdale, Pennsylvania - 01-06-14

Shape: Sphere - Duration: 5 minutes

Silver sphere following plane; two occasions in 5 minutes, broad daylight, obviously a structure of sorts.

I was driving to a local retailer in daylight hours. The temperature outside was very cold. As we were driving down a local street, I looked up to notice many long un-dispersed trails from airplanes all heading in the same direction.

As I looked around, I noticed one plane flying directly ahead/overhead without leaving a "cloud" trail. I watched for about 3 or 4 seconds when I noticed a sphere-shaped silver ball, at my guess from where I was, a football field or so trailing behind it, seemingly at the same speed as the plane.

The silver sphere was obviously tangible. It was reflecting the sunlight as it was beginning to set and did not seem to be spinning, but could have just been the reflection off the sphere.

It followed the plane for a minute or two. This whole time I am showing my brother, who is driving. He pulled over and we watched it follow the plane for another minute or so as it goes off into a large cloud covering the horizon.

While looking around for anything else, I noticed another plane coming from the same general direction as the last at a slightly different angle.

Once again, this plane was also leaving a cloud trail, and once again there was surely a silver sphere following the plane. I kept thinking; don't these planes see these orbs? They are so close to them!

Neither the silver orbs nor the planes were blinking or showing any lights. All objects were close enough to make direct shape and design out of. So as this one goes off into the horizon also, the sphere NEVER blinking out of sight, surely a physical object, a fighter jet swoops in, no cloud trail, very fast, coming from more from the side of me.

It was not the same exact direction as the previous planes. This jet plane had an extremely bright, yellow white light beaming out of the bottom of it. I’ve never seen a light this bright on a plane, a fighter plane.

The jet plane soars off into the horizon, the same location the other planes flew in. I watched the skies for another 10 minutes, but saw nothing. Another plane flew by several minutes after the sightings, also giving off cloud trails, but no spheres were seen.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/silver-sphere-observed-lansdale-pennsylvania.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1977: Eyewitness Recounts Harrowing Close Encounter in Michigan
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:55 AM 1/13/2014

Ishpeming, Michigan - 02-20-77

I was driving in my mother’s Plymouth Duster from Stoneville road to National Mine. I don’t remember for what purpose. As I turned from Greenwood Street onto Washington Street, (The locals call the area junction), I noticed some lights low over the road about 200 yards ahead.

At first I thought I was seeing some sort of reflection of lights on top of a railroad structure that was in the area. As I got closer, I realized the lights were too big and shone too far across the road to be the railroad lights.

At this point there are railroad tracks crossing the road and I had slowed down; (there is no signal there, just the X-crossing signs), I realized I was seeing something huge hovering over the road about 100 yards ahead.

It extended beyond the road to the left and right. I could see it had large lights (I remember them being green, red and blue. The blue one was closest to me, and then a red one to the left and green one to the right. My memory is a little unclear about this.) The object was triangular.

It just sat there over the road and it was huge. As I approached, it appeared to be just hanging there. I rolled down my window as I approached, and slowed to probably 15 to 20 miles an hour; maybe slower, I did not look at the speedometer. I began to pass under the object and realized it was triangular at this point.

I passed directly under the point of it. It appeared to taper off to the left and right, as if parked with its center directly over the road. A little backtracking here to describe the terrain.: After you cross the railroad tracks going south on Washington Street, the road dips 10 or 12 feet down for maybe 50 yards or so; possibly 100 yards.

Then it rises up steeply raising about 20 feet in elevation. There are houses on the left and right of the road at this point. As I passed under the point of the object, I became aware that the bottom of it had a circular window that was at least as wide as the road itself.

I could see that the other points of what appeared to be a triangular object were over the railroad tracks on my left, behind the house, and beyond the house to my right; maybe 300 feet total. I was looking directly up into the object as I approached the rise in the road.

I could see the top of someone or something's head moving rapidly around the windowed area. I could see the windowed area was surrounded by what I assumed was the back of some sort of panels. I got the impression that whoever was moving around up there was almost panicky. They were rapidly moving from one point to another as if in a great hurry.

I only saw the top of their head. It could easily have been a bald person, but I could not tell. As I came over the top of the rise I saw what I can only describe as a child standing in the middle of the road; directly where the center line would have been.

I slowed even more with my window down. Up to this point I had heard no sounds other than the wind rushing past my window and my tires on the road. The muffler on the car was good and motor sounds were fairly quiet.

I passed directly next to the person standing in the middle of the road. He appeared to be wearing a skintight blue silken sort of snowsuit. He (she?) had a hood which clung tightly to his head. He turned to look at me as I passed him, and his face was less than a foot from mine.

I cannot remember the face other than it appearing as if he was wearing a sort of semi see-through mask that hid his normal features. At this point I began to be afraid; I was probably 19 at the time.

I began to roll up the window and get the hell out of there. Here is where most people start giving me funny looks when I describe what happened next.

A large car coming the other way; I swear it was a Cadillac with huge tail fins. Whether it was due to the reddish light shining from above or the car itself, it looked pink to me. I could not see the driver because of the headlights, but the car was traveling. I could hear its engine roaring as he revved it up to get out of there.

I did the same. I looked in the rear view mirror as I left. I did not see anyone in the road. And the car I had seen was down over the hill before I looked. I drove to my sister’s house in National Mine. When I came in the door babbling my story, my brother-in-law, a Marquette county sheriff’s deputy at the time, asked what I was on.

I drew on a paper plate what I had seen for my niece who seemed to believe me. But my sister and her house guests (playing cards) completely ignored my story, or thought I was on drugs.

The paper plates are long thrown away. My brother-in-law has since died of cancer. I really haven’t discussed this with too many people. I do often wonder what I saw that night.

I wish I could find the person coming the other way, but am not willing to come out with the story for fear of ridicule. Since this time I have spent 5 years in the Air Force.

I have only seen one other unexplained light in the sky since this time, even though I look often. So there it is. I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has reported similar things from that time.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/1977-harrowing-experience-triangle-ufo-michigan.html

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