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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 546, Issue date, 01-28-13

Lincolnton’s ‘UFO man’ George Fawcett Dies at 83
George Fawcett, dean of N.C. UFO investigators. He sent books and other material to the International UFO Museum in Roswell, N.M., where he is an honorary director
Published: 7:36 AM 1/24/2013

By Joe DePriest

LINCOLNTON As a kid in Mount Airy, George Fawcett played basketball with Andy Griffith and got hooked on UFOs.

A 1944 newspaper article describing “mysterious balls of fire” spotted by American pilots over Germany during World War II sparked his imagination.

Fawcett went on to work as a YMCA director, textile employee, weekly newspaper manager and sandwich shop operator.

A longtime resident of Lincolnton, he also became known as the UFO man. His health had declined in recent years, and Fawcett died Sunday at age 83.

During more than 65 years of research, Fawcett wrote numerous articles about unidentified flying objects in such publications as Argosy, True magazine and Flying Saucers Review. He taught a UFO course at Gaston College and investigated more than 1,200 UFO sightings, including 600 across the Carolinas. His 20,000-item Sauceriana Collection is at the International UFO Museum & Research Center in Roswell, N.M.

Fawcett founded the North Carolina chapter of Mutual UFO Network Inc., a nonprofit organization that tracks and researches reports of UFOs. The group has posted a tribute to Fawcett on its website.

“George’s passing is a very sad day for Ufology,” said Lakita Adams, state director of MUFON. “He was very passionate and dedicated to the facts. To him, it wasn’t a matter of believing in UFOs, but looking at the facts and what the evidence shows.”

She said Fawcett concluded that UFOs exist. As to what they were, he was still searching for the answer.

A former Randolph County School's teacher and environmental educator at the N.C. Zoo, Adams met Fawcett for the first time about 12 years ago. A friend introduced them at a MUFON meeting. Adams found him to be “the perfect Southern gentleman.”

Fawcett became an inspiration for her and others interested in UFOs. Calling him a “founding father of an emerging science,” Adams said Fawcett’s investigations and efforts at public education “will probably be his lasting legacy.”

‘A fascinating character’

The dean of North Carolina “UFOnauts” was a “beloved man” said the Rev. G. Miles Smith, pastor of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Lincolnton, where Fawcett was a member and sang in the choir.

“He was gentle, humorous and had a wide-ranging interest in the world and a love of the world,” Smith said. “He was just a sweet guy; a really genuine good man.”

Lincoln County Elections Director Bill Beam said folks in the community respected Fawcett and his opinions.

“He was a fascinating character,” Beam said. “He was kind, gentle and soft-spoken.”

Former Lincoln County historical coordinator Darrell Harkey recalled how Fawcett used to stop by his office in the mornings for long conversations.

“He asked me questions about history,” Harkey said. “And I asked him about UFOs.”

Although Harkey didn’t believe in UFOs, he was still interested in the subject. Harkey’s cousin once had spotted strange lights hovering above Lake James while fishing one night. The lake is 40 miles west of Hickory.

Harkey said Fawcett mentioned that a large body of deep water would be a good place for a UFO to hide.

“I never met anybody who didn’t like him,” Harkey said. “He was always smiling.”

Fawcett told the Observer in an interview in the 1990s that he’d actually seen only one UFO. That was in 1951, on the campus of Lynchburg (Va.) College, where he was a student. It was 30 feet in diameter and orange.

Fawcett called his interest in UFOs “a magnificent obsession.” His philosophy: “Keep an open mind and not an empty head.”

During decades as a UFO investigator, researcher, writer, teacher and lecturer, Fawcett carved out a reputation as an expert in the field.

His travels on the UFO circuit took him around the United States, Panama and England. He founded and advised five UFO study groups from New England to Florida, served as a movie consultant and wrote two books.

UFO museum

UFO materials filled Fawcett’s Lincolnton home – photos, slides, scrapbooks, videos, alien sculptures and more than 1,000 books.

For 12 years, he tried to raise $5 million for a saucer-shaped museum in North Carolina that would house his extensive collection. In 1998, with only $100 in the pot, he blamed himself for the fundraising failure.

“I always had a six-day-a-week job and didn’t have time to work on it properly,” Fawcett told the Observer. “It’s sad. It was a good idea.”

That same year, he donated the materials to the Roswell museum. Fawcett’s name lives on at a center that attracts 175,000 people a year from all over the world.

“Mr. Fawcett really contributed to our research center and library,” said Roswell museum director Mark Briscoe. “He was definitely a pioneer and will be greatly missed.”

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UFO Shadows Plane over North Carolina
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:41 PM 1/22/2013

Durham, North Carolina - 01-18-13

Around 4:00 pm on the "Third Fork Creek Trail" in the direction of the setting Sun (West), I looked up and I saw an airplane with a small contrail heading East (away from the sun) and something else very peculiar was very close to it almost riding next to it without a contrail.

I thought that it looked very strange and was way too close to the airplane for comfort. The other object appeared to be round and smaller than the plane. Both were moving east, almost paralleled one another and very close it appeared both were moving upwards and East.

I fumbled with my cell phone camera to try to get a picture and by that time the object split off from the plane and went in a new direction. It was now moving in a horizontal line, where it was headed vertically before with the plane.

I do not have details if it was an exact angle or how this happened, but it was then heading in a straight line to the right, due North I believe.

So the object is now moving in a different direction from the plane and it looked like it was moving much quicker than the airplane now, but not so fast that it was completely unable to track.

So I followed it with my eye for a few minutes and the sun illuminated it for about 10 seconds and then it got out of the sun's illumination.

So basically it was a round, silvery gray object moving in a straight line now.

I noticed that it had a bit darker silver dome, and a brighter silver underbelly and it was not the shape of an airplane. I say "dome" because it was not elongated like a plane, it was more round.

I followed it for a while and I knew it was too high up in the sky to get a cell phone image; it was just too high! I also did not want to take my eyes off of it!

It was heading directly to the right, in a straight line and then it just vanished right before my eyes. The odd thing is I had a feeling that it was going to vanish.

I don't know how I knew this. It’s almost like a sense that it was going to vanish. After it was gone I could still see the plane I originally saw and how the other object looked absolutely nothing like it.

The weather that day was completely clear, crisp 40 degrees F, and sunny winter day without a cloud in the sky.

The other planes in the sky all had little contrails and did not just vanish.

This other "craft?" definitely stood out as being bizarre, which is why I am writing this. I spoke into my phone and got all these details down as soon as it happened so things would not fade and get jumbled in my mind.

I hope this report is useful; maybe someone out there saw it too or there is an explanation. It seemed different than just another plane.

There was something unusual about it, which motivated me to write my first ever UFO report. No one else was on the trail at that moment. It was like just me and this thing and I was mesmerized just watching it. It was actually a pretty incredible feeling and I am glad I witnessed it.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/durhamnc011813.html

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submitted to www.mufon.com

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Mum on Whether He Saw a UFO
Aldrin in Alaska
Published: 1:08 PM 1/26/2013

Suzanna Caldwell

Buzz Aldrin was the second person to set foot on the moon, and Friday he went toe-to-toe with Alaska middle, high school and college students, encouraging them to doggedly follow their dreams through the pursuit of science.

They even outlined Aldrin’s feet on the floor of the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program building at the University of Alaska Anchorage before Aldrin answered questions from the students -- who had gathered in Anchorage from Fairbanks, the Matanuska Valley and even Bethel.

While Aldrin spoke of the need for determination to succeed, questions from the students -- who ranged from middle school up to university level -- still focused on Aldrin’s moon mission, showing that almost 50 years later the desire to explore remains strong. Aldrin, the lunar module pilot on the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, followed commander Neil Armstrong onto the lunar surface.

What are moon rocks like? Rough. Did he see a UFO? Probably not. Does he look at the moon differently now? A little bit, but he's not quite exactly sure where the Apollo mission landed by just viewing the moon.

Aldrin also took questions on how his mechanical engineering background helped shape him as an astronaut. Aldrin said it offered him perspective on the mechanics on flight, an important element in manning a spacecraft.

“I understood all mechanical things that needed to happen,” Aldrin told the crowd. “Otherwise, it could get kind of messy.”

Talking engineering was fitting, given the venue. Michael Bourdukofsky, Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program chief operations officer, said that the program, which focuses on science and engineering education for Alaska Native students, has grown from one student in 1995 to more than 1,000 middle, high school, college and alumni students today.

Bourdukofsky said having someone like Adrin speak to students offers a real-life perspective on how students who follow their dreams can succeed.

“It really helps reassure them in pursuing an engineering goal,” he said.

Contact Suzanna Caldwell at suzanna(at)alaskadispatch.com

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/aldrinalaska.html

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Reader Submits 2008 Sighting from Katy, Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:45 AM 1/22/2013

Katy, Texas - 2008

I’m not even sure if I should report it since it happened in 2008, but it has bothered me all these years – can’t get it out of my head. After Googling around a bit I’ve found others who have reported a similar type thing so I thought I’d give it a go.

I had just arrived at my house in Katy, Texas (just west of Houston) at around 7:00 p.m. on November 13, 2008. The weather was cool, as I remember that I was wearing my leather jacket, but it wasn’t REAL cold.

After all, this is Southeast Texas – we don’t get “cold” until January; if I had to guess I’d say low to mid-60s. I was letting my dogs out in the back yard and I usually turn on the porch light, but I wanted to look at the full moon – I’m always looking up at the moon and stars.

Anyway, it was a very clear night and as I was staring at the moon I noticed a bright, white light ascending (at least that’s the direction it seemed from where I was standing) straight up toward the moon.

(By the way, my back yard faces North and the moon was in the Northwest from my vantage point.)

I thought it was a plane as it was very bright, but it was moving a bit faster than the planes I usually see around here. Bear Creek Airport is nearby and small private planes fly around constantly.

Sometimes I’ll sit on my porch and just watch the traffic in the sky, so I’m used to their speeds. But, like I said, this was moving faster than I’m used to seeing, and not on a flight pattern I’m used to seeing. They don’t usually head toward the moon!

Was it a helicopter? There was absolutely no motor sound at all. A shooting star? But the light stayed on a constant bearing toward the moon and it wasn’t moving as fast as a shooting star. Meteor? I thought, “I wonder if I’ll be able to tell what it is when it passes in front of the moon.”

I stood there waiting for the light to reach the moon – I’m sure at least 10 seconds. Imagine my surprise when it FADED AWAY just before it got to the moon!

It didn’t just disappear in a *BLIP*, it FADED, like it went behind a veil or something. I stood there just staring, disbelieving what I had seen, and waited to see if maybe it just wasn’t visible in front of the moon and would show up on the other side.

I know I stood there at least a full minute, just waiting for it to show up again; but it didn’t. Please, if this is normal, tell me it’s normal so I can get on with my life.

But every time I think about it and try to reason it out, I just can’t.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/katytexas2008.html

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submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

Archived Case of the Week

1977 - Incident at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:36 PM 1/23/2013

While stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, USA in late July or early August 1977 at approx. 2300 hours, I was witness to a UFO which was hovering directly on the runway.

I know that having flying objects on an airbase is not something unusual, but in this case it was very different.

It was pitch black out on the taxiway, when all of a sudden, a bright light appeared over the runway. It was bright to the eye, but did not light up much around it including the runway approximately 200 feet below object.

There was no sound whatsoever.

I have seen and heard Harriers practicing maneuvers over this same runway before and you can hear their engines easily and distinctly when they maneuver around.

This object hovered for several minutes. I had just finished working on an airplane and was waiting for my pickup back to the shop.

I decided I would go get a closer look at this hovering light. It was a disk shaped, bright object was all I could tell, about 30 feet in length; maybe 10 feet in width.

I got maybe within 300 feet when it took off so fast that if I had blinked I would not have seen it go almost completely skyward like a rocket, only faster, but in a swerving motion toward space and out of sight.

The very next day I was being question by a special investigation team as to what I had seen. I was told later it was seen by the Mountain Home AFB tower personnel as well as Boise airport tower personnel and all radar equipment.

I was questioned several more times and then was told I was not to mention it anymore, that it was a SR-71 Blackbird and was a secret takeoff. (It sounded like a cover story to me.)

I have seen an SR-71 take off and it does not fly as fast as that object did, nor does it hover.

Additional info:

Sky was clear and the stars were easily visible. No other aircraft were running or being moved. No time loss. There was no smells. The only other concrete data that was probably available at the time was from the base ATC and Boise airport ATC radars.

If photos were taken, I do not know.

My workmate refused to make any comments or accept what he saw. Any of the other witnesses names were not shared with me.

I have never read nor heard any more of this incident since it happened. I would be interested if any other information can be found out about this incident, since it was investigated by the suits (non-military type).

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/1977idahoafb.html

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