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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 394, Issue date, 02-01-10

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Aliens Could Be Right Under Our Noses
Published: 5:29 AM 1/28/2010

The question of whether there is life on other planets has kept scientists searching for years, but it now appears that the answer has come in variant life forms, likely miniscule microbes, found right here on Earth, according to award-winning Arizona State University physicist Paul Davies.

Variant life forms could be hanging around "right under our noses — or even in our noses," Davies told the Associated Press.

"How do we know all life on earth descended from a single origin?" he told a group of scientists Tuesday at London's Royal Society, which serves as Britain's academy of sciences.

"We've just scratched the surface of the microbial world."

The possibility of alien micro-organisms existing on Earth is not a new concept, Jill Tarter told the Associated Press. Tarter is director of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), a U.S.-based project that listens for signals from civilizations around distant stars.

Many scientists involved in the project wanted to take a deeper look into the subject, which was written about in a 2007 Scientific American article by Davies, titled “Are Aliens Among Us?”

Scientists have yet to find the answer to that question, and Davies himself admitted that finding one would be incredibly hard.

There is an abundance of unusual organisms, such as chemical-eating bacteria that abide deep in the ocean and organisms that thrive in boiling-hot springs. However, this is not enough to prove that they are completely different life forms.

"How weird do they have to be to suggest a second genesis as opposed to just an obscure branch of the family tree?" he asked. He went on to even suggest that the only way to prove that an organism was alien would be if it were built using exotic elements possessed by no other life form.

Bruce Jakosky, an astrobiologist at the University of Colorado at Boulder, said the idea of alien life on Earth was "an interesting theoretical idea," but one that would be impossible to put odds on since "we have no idea what we're looking for."

If such life forms exist, they would not likely pose a threat to humans, as their different biochemistry would tend to decrease the likelihood of infection or disease, he added.

Davies also cautioned against anyone getting carried away, because the idea needs definite verification. Yet he still noted that the vast majority, less than one-percent, of the bacteria in the world has been studied comprehensively, meaning there is much left to discover.

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Unidentified Lights Seen over New York
Published: 6:07 AM 1/28/2010

New York - 01-27-10

While commuting at night I noticed 4 white/pale yellow lights. Low enough from changing driving angles to make me first consider there to be a tower or smoke stack I had forgotten.

As I got closer, I realized the lights were moving toward the I-90 thru-way. I was able to see some structure. It was as if there were two nearly straight flying wings (objects "wings" were only slightly swept back).

The tips of the wings had the lights I initially saw, and the underside had a dimmer light of the same color. The underside light appeared to be windows like from a WWII bomber.

A YB-35 was the closest thing I could think of. I passed nearly underneath with no audible engine noise. As my initial thought of tower would suggest, I would guess they were 1,000 ft up and 200-500 ft across.

The height is well defined by my changing perspective as well as the speed, which was too high for a normal lighter than air, perhaps at or slower than a landing commercial jet.

The two were in a formation that would make it look like a flying rectangle or diamond if not as close as I was.

I lost sight because I was past the lights and they were moving off by the time I realized this was strange.

Very strangely there were no headlights I could see behind me, and the closest car ahead was a ways out, but that is likely unrelated. Sorry I should have stopped and tried to get a fuzzy cell phone pic.

The exact cross road from google maps is I-90 between Buckley and Warner. The object(s) were moving south-southwest.

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Reader Relates Sighting of Huge UFO near Toronto, CA - 1980
Published: 11:13 AM 1/25/2010

First of all, let it be known that I am not a UFO "believer" per se. Although this occurred approximately 27 years ago, I thought it was time to report to various UFO investigation organizations. I hope this is worthy. Thank you.

Around the winter of 1980, January, perhaps, I just got off work at 9:30 P.M. from the auto dealership. I was a car salesman at the time. I started driving towards the city of Toronto, Canada, on the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) eastbound to meet some friends at a bar on the Esplanad (a street lined with nightclubs).

I didn't have anything to drink, medication and didn't smoke any pot. As I was driving, I noticed a string of lights slowly rotating counter-clockwise over the city of Toronto, at about the ten o'clock position from my point of view.

This caught my eye because this formation of lights was very unusual. The lights were evidently in a circular pattern, with about two thirds visible as the other third rotated out of view. Imagine a pie plate with about 25 lights around the circumference of it.

As this "pie plate" would revolve, a third of these lights would be hidden from view as if they were obstructed by a solid body. It was at night, so all I could see was this rotating string of lights, but they were definitely on a "fixed" platform as the lights were revolving in unison.

Although I've heard of UFOs and was curious, at that time in my life, I didn't really give much thought to them. I've always been interested in nature, and especially about the universe. I've seen all kinds of aircraft and advertising blimps at night before.

I drove taxis off and on for fifteen years on the night shift, and have seen countless meteors, lightning, satellites, etc. On two occasions I've even seen extremely bright, slow falling, green fireball meteors lighting up the ground, for a couple of seconds, as if it was daylight.

I've read, in later years, where other witnesses reported green fireballs as UFOs. I chuckled to myself thinking how easily "UFO believers" can be fooled by natural phenomenon.

Anyway, this circle of lights was slowly descending and approaching me (westbound), while I was driving about 115 kilometers per hour on the highway (eastbound). These lights were getting closer and closer as "we" approached each other.

I recall thinking to myself that this must be some kind of advertising balloon, and those lights were letters. As I kept driving, I was paying more and more attention to this object because the closer it was getting, the more unusual it looked.

I kept glancing at it, while driving, waiting until it was close enough to read what these letters were saying, still thinking it was some kind of advertising blimp. The closer it got, the more I looked at it. Now at my nine o'clock position, the string of rotating lights appeared to started to bank left like an airplane would "turning right".

Actually, it wasn't banking at all. It was dipping forward pointing towards the ground. At this point, I realized that these lights were not letters at all. They were different shaped, yellowish- white lights.

The reason these lights were different in shape was because they were "inset" into some solid body. When the lights were seen head on, they were circular. But as they rotated out of "direct" view, they changed shape, like the different crescents of the moon. That's why they appeared to be all different shapes.

During the time when this object started to bank left, or I thought from my point of view, I was struggling with myself trying to understand whether this was a plane, blimp, or a balloon. It was flying too slow for a plane, yet, too fast for a blimp. Also, it didn't appear to be flying or floating. The best way I can describe its motion is that it looked like it was "sailing" in the sky.

What's interesting here is that the human brain tries to associate what the eyes are seeing to something already seen or experienced before. That's why I was at war with myself trying to decide whether this object was a plane, blimp or a balloon.

Every time I resigned myself to what I must be witnessing, I jumped to another conclusion. This jumping from one conclusion to another occurred during the whole experience.

I was imagining all kinds of things. For example, if it was a plane, the only way these lights could have been positioned was in a circle because this plane must have had some kind of supporting structure in a circle from wing tip to wing tip.

This didn't make any sense at all. I've seen advertising planes before. This was nothing like this. Not even close. Then I was trying to imagine a "Goodyear blimp" with these letters going across its side. This was nothing like it either. So here I was, trying to drive and watch this object at the same time.

As I was driving, I started to slow down because I kept looking at this circle of lights more than the road ahead of me. In retrospect, I don't even know how I kept my car on the road because I was so awed by this display in the sky. Here is the killer.

As the object kept dipping forward more and more, it eventually ended up totally perpendicular to the ground! The first thing that came to mind was a big Ferris wheel rotating in the sky. At this point I slowed down to about 50 KPH (30 miles an hour in a 60 MPH highway for my American friends) and put my four-way, flashing hazard lights on my car, fearing that another car would crash into the back of me for going so slow on a 100 KPH highway. Here is another shocker.

As I was mesmerized by this strange looking object, a surge of adrenaline hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't realize how BIG this thing was. At first I thought it was the size of an airplane fairly close. IT WAS GIGANTIC! At least twice the size of a football field, bigger than an aircraft carrier!

I don't know what gave away its size. Maybe the reflections of light on the ground. The best way I can relate this sudden realization is like one of those illusions most of us have seen.

You know, when you look at a pixel drawing with an image you can't see until you stare at it for a while? After a period of time, you make out the face of a women or something like that? That's kind of the transformation I experienced.

At first I thought the object was the size of a large plane, then suddenly I REALLY saw it. IT WAS HUGE! I yelled out loud to myself, "Holy ___ , IT'S HUGE!" I don't _______ believe it, it's HUGE!. I thought it was fairly close at first, than bang!, it was much farther away, and larger than my brain first comprehended it.

Speaking about this surge of adrenaline. Have you ever had a really close call having a car accident? When your heart rate skyrockets to about 180 beats per minute? That's what I felt when I realized how GARGANTUAN this object was!

I could actually feel my heart pounding like crazy. To be frank, it literally scared the hell out of me when I realized how big it was.

At this point, I rolled down my window and pointed to this giant "Ferris wheel" in the sky to the other motorists, but it appeared no one seemed to notice as they screamed by me at regular highway speeds. I remember how cold it was when I rolled down my window. It was something like minus 30 Celsius below zero.

After, I don't know how long, probably only a few seconds of rotating in this perpendicular position, this thing started to climb and right itself and "sail" back to the direction it originally came from.

I rolled up my window, turned off my hazard lights, and started to speed up to chase it. Still it seemed other motorists didn't notice this object. It still irks me to this day.

As I was approaching the city limits, this object was in its flat position again, climbing over the city. Then, all of a sudden, the rotating lights turned off except for a red "aircraft like" blinking light (which I never noticed before).

After a few seconds, the rotating lights turned on again. It was like in the movie "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind". The lights just blasted on.

Then after a few seconds they turned off again, as it seemed to be right over the city. Strange behavior. Now I was exiting off of the highway on to Spadina Rd. I lost track of these lights because of the tall buildings. When I was on the street where I was going, I saw a cop parked on the other side of the road writing a parking ticked.

I stopped in the middle of the road and ran over to him. He was quite taken aback by my seemingly aggressive approach. I asked him, "How long have you been here?"

I forgot what he said, but I asked, "Did you see that big circle of lights flying in the sky? He said "No".

After parking my car, I met my friends at the bar, "Baily's," and told them what happened, but they didn't take me seriously as they already had a few, and were more interested in the ladies.

After sitting at the bar by myself for a couple of hours I went home. I was living at my parent's house at the time, temporarily, so when I got home around 1 AM, I called the police.

I didn't know who else to phone at the time. They didn't take me seriously of course, so after that, I phoned the Toronto International Airport and managed to get through to Air Traffic Control and asked them if they had anyone call in with a UFO report. Nothing.

So I called the police again and convinced them to take me seriously as I wanted to make a report. They told me they can send a couple of officers to my house. As it was late and my parents were asleep, I told them I'd rather come to the station the next day to report.

Next morning, when I contemplated going in, I decided not to, fearing they would think I'm some kind of wacko.

As the days went by, scanning the newspapers looking for a "UFO sighting" to no avail, I started doubting myself. I was trying to convince myself that perhaps I was somehow mistaken. Maybe it was something not out of the ordinary at all. Maybe it was a balloon or airplane of some kind. Maybe like thousands of others, I witnessed something that I misinterpreted for something else.

And now the conclusion.

About a week or so later, on or about the tenth page of the Toronto Star, bottom right hand corner, there it was! A short article.

"Dozens of Mississauga residents reported a UFO as big as a football field!" I don't recall the whole article.

"Finally" I said to myself. "I knew it was real", "I knew I didn't imagine this." I'll never, ever, doubt myself again no matter how much ridicule I'll be subjected to. I have only one regret however. That is I wish I had others with me to experience this. After about 27 years, I just had to let this out.

TB Jr.

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Will 2010 Be the Year of the Perfect UFO Photo?
Published: 11:53 AM 1/29/2010

written by Chris Holly

I have a friend who is very interested in UFOs, aliens, and all that goes with it. This friend has been watching the paranormal world for many years. He watches for all the newest videos and photos that he can find on the subjects.

He reads all the popular sites and watches all the popular specials and shows he can find.I often talk to him about the latest sightings, as my main interest in the paranormal is UFO activity and other life forms visiting us here on earth. My friend and I were talking about how many people we both know in our private lives that have had sightings of UFOs.

We were amazed at how many of our friends and relatives had seen what is considered a UFO or USO. We were discussing the huge amounts of sightings across the world over the last few years, noting that the sightings seem to be increasing with each year.

My friend then asked me a question that I really could not answer. He asked me why we really do not seem to have many really clear good photos or videos of these things considering how many people all over the world see them, photograph them, or catch them on a video?

I thought about his question, and did not have a good answer. He was right. We have tons of photos from a distance, as well as videos. The one thing we do not seem to be able to produce is a clear, detailed crisp shot of a UFO or its inhabitants taken during the past few years of all the increased sightings.

Years ago we rarely walked around with cameras, much less equipment that could record a video. The chances of seeing an unknown craft or creature while armed with the right camera or video device were rather low. We were having sightings, but we were never prepared to catch them on a camera.

Now that we live in a world of constant communication and technology: there does not seem to be a time people are not without a camera or video device slapped somewhere on their body as they walk through daily routines. It is also a time of increased information sharing and attention being given to topics like UFOs due to the internet and cable-type mass media.

The reports of people seeing, taking photos of, or videos of strange lights and objects in our sky have increased. However, the quality of what is captured always seems to be questionable. It is a fair question to ask why no one seems to be able to capture one, clear, pure, no questions asked, lovely shot of a UFO and its inhabitants.

I can suggest reasons, but I have to be honest and say it really remains the one open door of skeptical thinking that we have no answer to. It could be a simple case of being stunned and lacking in the skill to operate our cell phone cameras and video abilities that make so many or them questionable and sloppy.

It could be that the objects are often too far to capture clearly. It could be most sightings occur at night, or under cloudy conditions. It could be the objects are cloaked and only seen for such a short time that reacting with one's camera is almost impossible.

It could be many things I am not able to think of. The one thing that is clear is that we really do not have those perfect, no denying it UFO photos. Part of the problem with the have with the believers and non believers of and aliens is wrapped up with the fact we do on seem to be able to pin down one perfectly clear, no denying, bigger then life, photo or video by a reliable source of a UFO or its inhabitants.

Add to this the devastation done to this subject by all the childish attention-seeking frauds producing fake photos and videos, and the subject of visiting life forms and crafts remains dark, dumped on, and depressed. Maybe today’s population spends too much time attached to the machines and the technology of our time, and not enough time looking around, up at the sky, or for that matter outside at all.

How many spend hours in front of some type of screen either working or being entertained. I find it astounding that now we hook up to yet more screens to simulate playing games, or exercising instead of going outside and playing the game or exercising. I think if we mastered our tech ability to take photos and videos and actually spent time outside looking around, we would come up with fantastic proof of what is going on around us.

Think about this the next time you walk to your car, while texting a pal, or with your cell phone attached to your ear. I wonder what you would see if you simply walked along looking around and watching your sky. I also know many have sightings when they least expect them.

A good friend of mine and I saw a very strange light over the Long Island Sound this summer. I was not able to do anything about it as I had taken a bad fall in her yard and we were on the ground dealing with my twisted leg when we noticed a large diamond-shaped object hanging over the water.

It was an incredible sight, yet I was not able to catch it on my phone cam as I was flat out on my back trying to get to my feet at the time. I also know that if I had been able to fumble in my pockets to figure out if I had my phone with me, it would have been too late to catch the object before it took off.

I am a failure at figuring out how to operate my cell phone camera or video ability. Maybe others like me also have had incredible sightings, yet were ill equipped to capture them. I am hopeful that with the New Year of 2010 we will start to pay attention to what lurks around and above us, and someone somewhere will finally get that one perfect, no denying it photo or video of that which hovers above us all over this planet.

I am going to pull out my directions and fight with my own cell phone camera and video option until I master the darn thing. I want to be ready when I see incredible chem-trails, or strange things mixed with our clouds and night skies. We have to be a bit less consumed with our technology and more consumed with our surroundings.

Who knows what we can learn if we hang up our phones and keep our eyes to the skies, dark nights, and mysteries that stand all around and above us. Maybe you will be the one to take that fantastic photo or video of that we think of as the unknown. Be careful out there and keep looking up.

Copyright © 2008- 2010 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World- http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email : chrishollyufo@yahoo.com

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Navy Officer has UFO 'Close Encounter' along Secluded CA Highway
UFO Depiction
An off duty Navy petty officer second class had just gotten off duty at California's then Naval Air Station Miramar when his vehicle suddenly shut off along a dark and secluded piece of Interstate 15.

As the man retrieved a gas can from his trunk for what could be a long walk into nearby Kearny Mesa - he hears an unusual sound - "a release of air" - that draws his attention into the darkness on the other side of the four-lane highway. He sees "an object of some type that is long, low and extremely streamlined and silohutted." The year is 1971.

Following is his original account of the incident. Only minor editing changes were completed.

Original report

In 1971, I had a close encounter that was later explained to me was a "Close Encounter of The Second Kind". My understanding is that a sighting in the sky is an encounter of the first kind, an encounter where the craft has touched down within close range is the second kind and an encounter where there is physical contact is the third kind, such as the movie years ago.

Many years prior to the movie, I was on my way home after getting off duty from the Naval Station at Miramar, which is now a Marine Corp Air Station, in San Diego. The year is 1971, it is about 3:00 a.m. there is no traffic and I am headed down interstate 15 and my car is running on gas fumes.

About 5 miles from my destination, the vehicle suddenly shuts off and I coast over to the side of the road. I am thinking I am out of gas and would have to walk the rest of the way into the next surburb of Kearny Mesa. I get out of the car and there is no traffic and it is very dark with only a little moonlight. I get a 5 gallon red military issue gas can out of the trunk and stand there trying to figure out what to do. I was flat broke and it was still a week before payday.

As I look North and South on the Interstate, not a soul can be seen.

A craft silently lands

Still looking South as I stand there by the driver side of the door, I hear a release of air as if it is coming from a high pressure nozzle, and I hear gravel crunching like something heavy is pressing it down. I look across the Interstate which in 1971 was only four lanes and see an object of some type that is long, low and extremely streamlined and silohutted.

I keep looking because I was wondering how something could be there when it was not there when I got out of the car and as dark as it was, I never saw any lights or heard any other car engines.

At this time, I was still thinking I was looking at an extremely long car kind of like a limousine, but it was much longer. There was total silence and no movement from the vehicle or on the Interstate.

Panic took over when I saw that the vehicle was sitting flush on the ground and their were no tires, plus, I could see that it had opaque silver type windows that were paneled, but no other things like door handles or anything that could make it a car.

My mind starting putting together the fact that this was no car and the noise I heard earlier was the craft settling down about 40 yards across the Interstate from me.

I was scared to death at this point, and jumped into the car. The only thing I could think of was getting out of there before something came out of the craft.

Even though I thought the car would not start, I turned the key and it started and I put it into gear and took off.

When I got home, my family got scared because I was in tears and really scared. They had never seen me in this shape before and it frightened them. I told them what I had seen and they believed me, because they knew I was too terrified to make it up.

Return to the scene

The following morning, I went to my neighbor's house and asked him to go back with me. We tried the car, but it would not start, it was out of gas. We borrowed money from other neighbors and went back to where the incident occurred. We only saw a slight indentation in the gravel where something had been.

I was traumatized by the event and had trouble sleeping for a long time after that. I still cannot sleep with my back to a door. When it first happened, I was so shook up, that I talked to doctors who recommended that I undergo hypnosis to digress to the night of the incident.

They kept asking me exactly how long was I there that night and to me it only seemed like a few minutes from start to finish. Others say that I could have been there longer and just do not know it and may have seen more than what I thought.

I never underwent the hypnosis, because I do not want to know anymore than what I already know. I know what I saw that night and it will haunt me the rest of my life.

Blemish appears on lower calf

Later that year, a blemish appeared on the left inside of my lower calf above the ankle. It is about the size of a dime and it has never gone away. Right in the center is a little black dot surrounded by a lighter tan circle. I thought it was some type of skin cancer and went in for a check up, the doctors say no, they have no idea what it is other than a blemish and not to be concerned.

Well, I am concerned because I do not know really how long I was there and what happened from the time I stopped to the time I left. I could be from the encounter, but I have no idea.

I have seen objects from time to time since then, but they have been in the sky and usually others report them. I have not ever had another close encounter and really do not want to.

Thanks for listening, it is good to vent that story from time to time. I just look forward to the day when all of us can be validated when a sighting beyond comparison will take place and it cannot be disputed.

Additional description

The craft was a grayish type color and very smooth in appearance. The shape was very aerodynamic with the length being about 18-20 ft. The height was about 6ft. from the bottom of the craft to the top of the slightly dome-shaped top in the center of the craft.

There was also what looked like some type of windows or pane devices that were very dark, like a really dark tint on a car or presidential vehicle, but it was not glass, it was some other type of alloy.

Although the vehicle looked really light in weight, it had to be heavy, because it made the gravel crunch as it settled on the shoulder on the side of the roadway.

I was standing by the 1968 Plymouth Fury, light blue, on the southside of the interstate, looking across the interstate to the east, that is the direction I heard the escaping rush of air and heard the gravel crunching.

UCSD has an observatory of some type now in the area near the sighting. At the time I was there in 1971, a red & white checkered water tank was in the field close by the interstate.

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