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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 547, Issue date, 02-04-13

Man/Wife Report UFO over North Carolina
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:23 PM 2/2/2013

Winston-Salem, North Carolina - 02-01-13

We were on the way to my house from grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. We had just crossed over the Hwy. 40 bridge on Union Cross Rd. when I saw a large white light in the western sky.

Upon pulling in my driveway, just west of Glen High school, I had a clearer view of the hovering object. It was west of my location. I would guess it was at least a couple miles away.

We turned the car off and observed the object, now hovering very slowly toward us. At that moment, we noticed that the object was spinning. We could not believe what we were seeing. As it got closer, we could see that it was spinning in a medium speed and the lights of the object were pulsating.

We could see the white light and then the red light, similar to a fireman’s emergency lights. As it got closer, we both exited the car and stood in my front yard as the object hovered slowly overhead.

There was absolutely no noise at all. We could see that it had 4 short appendages on the sides that resembled the shape of candy canes, but very short, two in the front and 2 in the back with bright, red pulsating lights just behind them.

As it slowly hovered over my house, off to the east, I noticed an airplane. The plane was much higher than the object and was traveling much faster as well.

Before we lost sight of it, it seemed to be heading in a southeast direction and its speed was a little faster. It did not bank to make the turn; it simply continued to spin and changed direction.

My sister looked at me and said, "What was that, Oh my God, it was really spinning just like you hear about on TV."

I said I had no clue to what it was, but I was glad that someone saw it with me. I thought I would report it. This makes two objects I have seen in this area.

The last object was back on Thanksgiving Day, which I reported as well. Though the objects were both different, I still have no explanation to what we saw either time. My sister got a few pictures of it and another light that we did not see is in one of the pictures.

I caught it on my cell phone recorder and will be submitting my video and her pictures as soon as possible. My sister and others have never seen anything they could not explain, but tonight, this spinning object wowed both of us.

It was definitely no airplane.

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More Readers Witness UFO over York
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:27 AM 2/2/2013

READERS have continued to contact The Press to tell how they too saw a UFO in the sky over York on Wednesday evening, after we appealed for more witnesses to come forward.

Andy Cheetham, of Holgate, said he saw what looked like a very bright shooting star travel across the sky just after 9 pm.

He said: “I was locking up my bike outside The Swan pub in Bishopthorpe Road,” he said. “It left a visible trail behind it, like a meteorite burning up.

“It was greenish white, moved slower than shooting stars generally do and was heading west across the city.”

Michelle Moran said she and her partner saw something falling from the sky, with a blue and red glow and travelling quite fast.

She said: “I commented that Superman has just landed.”

Emmet Cox said: “I originally believed it was a green flare, as it had the same luminosity as ones I have seen before fired from close range. However, it was faster and travelled on a constant trajectory.”

The bright lights are believed to have been space debris burning up, and police said a member of the public had contacted officers to report a hole in a grass verge in New Earswick, which he believed was caused by space debris.

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Alien First Contact
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:03 AM 2/1/2013

The impact on human society of First Contact between an extraterrestrial civilization and the planet Earth.

Extraterrestrial Contact: Identity Crisis

There could be plenty of challenges that arise if First Contact with an extraterrestrial civilization occurs some day. Most of those challenges would be created by the nature of contact and the type of intelligent beings that we might encounter. The circumstances are impossible to predict.

If First Contact ever does occur it could happen in a million different ways and would most likely surprise us in many respects. We’re imaginative, but not imaginative enough to consider all of the possibilities.

So, that leaves us to one challenge that seems likely in almost any scenario: a human identity crisis. We can’t predict what the aliens might be like, but we know what we are like. Our human frame of reference is based on the current truth: we are alone in the universe. A change in that frame of reference would likely lead to self-examination. We would need to acquire a new perspective.

That sounds like a natural process and perhaps it would be. I doubt, and surveys seem to support this, that humans will freak out in the wake of First Contact. It’s the long-term consequences that I think could be most challenging.

The most obvious challenge in perspective would be an inferiority complex. If we meet an alien civilization with technology much more advanced than ours we will, for the first time, face a collective feeling of inferiority. The outcomes of that feeling are hard to predict. It could cause us to become isolationist.

Fear would be a big part of that reaction. Inferiority can easily lead to a feeling of vulnerability. That could spur defensive actions. Another scenario is what I call the “star treatment”.

In this case we are so in awe of alien technology that we begin to view the extraterrestrial culture as something to aspire to. This could be damaging to our own culture. The worse-case scenario would, over time, lead to a washing away of our scientific institutions. While I think this is a long-shot, I suppose it really depends on the star power of the aliens in question. Just how cool are they and how much do we want to be like them? Of course, the most notable feature of an alien civilization might not be technology at all, but the cultural aspects of their society. Perhaps they have a religion, or faith of some sort, that we begin to admire? There’s certainly nothing wrong with admiration. However, you would worry about our own religions and faith. Jumping head-long into another civilization’s culture would seem a mistake at any level and in any manner.

It comes down to one important challenge: we will need to hold onto our culture and ways of thinking, while expanding our knowledge. We need to protect ourselves and still learn about the new civilization. We need to find out what they have determined about the universe and share what we have learned. This won’t be easy.

We may have to institute something that the French have had for years- actual institutional actions to try and safeguard french culture. It seems a bit silly to us Americans at times, but it makes sense. In a world dominated by American culture in the media, the French are bombarded with an American perspective. They have fought to protect their language and culture.

The same is true of the Canadians. Efforts to promote Canadian filmmaking and music go as far as to require a percentage of homegrown movies and music on television and the radio. An Earth-wide effort might be necessary in the wake of First Contact.

Why do we need to worry about this now? There is certainly no reason to worry. First Contact could be decades or centuries away. However, it seems prudent to consider the possibilities and ask some serious questions. What will we do when our perspective changes forever?

Have a thought or idea that you would like to share? Join the conversation on the Alien First Contact Facebook page.


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Possible Alien Abduction in Michigan
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:17 AM 1/28/2013

Algoma Township, Michigan - 11-15-04

My girlfriend and I were visiting a supposedly haunted location called Hells Bridge in Algoma Township, Michigan.

There was a turnaround spot on a dirt road with a path leading off to the bridge. We had been there before and sometimes got scared by the place so we backed the car up to the path so that if we left in a hurry we would be facing the road.

I was in the passenger seat and my girlfriend was driving. We sat for just a few minutes preparing ourselves to get out of the car. We were more timid than usual because we normally came with a group of friends, but since no friends were interested in coming, it was just the two of us.

Suddenly, a bright blue-green light filled the car from the direction of the path behind us. I was looking at my girlfriend, and I didn't want to look in the direction of the light.

She was looking in the rearview mirror and staring at the light. I began to panic and yelled at her repeatedly, saying "DRIVE!" but she was unresponsive.

Then the light was suddenly gone. She snapped out of it and we took off. We then returned to a friends house where we had stopped before heading out there. Our friend was surprised we had taken so long because it only takes 15-20 minutes to get there from his house, but we were gone for 2-3 hours.

From the time that the light became visible, the whole episode felt like just a few minutes if that, so the entire trip there and back shouldn't have been longer than an hour, but we were gone from 2-3 hours.

Afterward I noticed an itchy spot on either my leg or arm, and I have witnessed UFOs on two other occasions in the years since.

One of which was just months after this occurrence. I would really like to know what happened to us during the missing time and I hope you can help.

  Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/michiganab2004.html

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Archived Case of the Week

The "Sea Fury Incident" August 31, 1954, Nowra, Australia
The Sea Fury
written by Bill Chalker

One of the most controversial radar visual reports of the fifties occurred on August 31st, 1954. The story leaked out in December, 1954, and made front page headlines.

The official navy file on the event remained classified until the Directorate of Naval Intelligence released a copy upon my request in 1982.

During his 1973 visit to Australia, Dr. Hynek was able to interview the pilot involved in this famous incident, which became known as the "Sea Fury" encounter.

Dr. Hynek made his notes on this interview available to me during my 1984 visit to the Chicago headquarters of his organisation, the Centre for UFO Studies (CUFOS). I, in turn, provided Dr. Hynek with a copy of the official file on the incident.

Lieutenant J.A. O'Farrell was returning to Royal Australian Navy Air Station Nowra after a night cross country in a Sea Fury aircraft. After contacting Nowra at about 1910 hours, O'Farrell saw a very bright light closing fast at one o'clock.

It crossed in front of his aircraft taking up position on his port beam, where it appeared to orbit.

A second and similar light was observed at nine o'clock. It passed about a mile in from of the Sea Fury and then turned in the position where the first light was observed.

According to O'Farrell, the apparent crossing speeds of the lights were the fastest he had ever encountered. He had been flying at 220 knots. O'Farrell contacted Nowra who in turn confirmed that they had two radar "paints" in company with him.

The radar operator, Petty Officer Keith Jessop, confirmed the presence of 2 objects near the Sea Fury on the G.C.I. remote display.

The two lights reformed at nine o'clock and then disappeared on a north easterly heading. O'Farrell could only make out "a vague shape with the white light situated centrally on top."

The Directorate of Naval Intelligence at the time wrote that O'Farrell was "an entirely credible witness" and that he "was visibly 'shaken' by his experience, but remains adamant that he saw these objects"

In a recent interview, "Shamus" O'Farrell described the incident:

"I said, "Nowra, this is 921. Do you have me on radar?" "And a few seconds later they came back and said, "Affirmative 921. We have you coming in from the west. We have another two contacts as well. Which one are you." "I said, "I think I'm the central one."

And so they said, "Do a 180...for identification." So I did a quick 180 and then continued on around and made it a 360 back to where I was going.

"They said, "Yes, we've got you. You're the centre aircraft." I said that's correct. They then said to me, "Who are the other two aircraft," and I said, "I don't know. I was hoping you would tell me, because I didn't think there was anyone up here. "They said, "Well there shouldn't be, and they certainly shouldn't be that close to you."

"So the conversation went on like this and I was very pleased to be talking to somebody because it gave me a lot of reassurance. With that these two aircraft came in quite close to me and I could really see the dark mass and that they were quite big, but I couldn't make out any other lights or any other form of an aircraft. With that they took off and headed off to the north east at great speed.

"I was about to press the button and tell them at Nowra that the two aircraft were departing when Nowra called me up and said, "The other two aircraft appear to be departing at high speed to the north east. Is that correct?" and I said, "Yes!". And they said, "Roger, we'll see if we can track them."

They tracked them for a while and then lost them. "I came in and landed at 7.30 (1930) and when I got there there were quite a few people waiting for me. I thought it was a bit strange and so they came over, and they said, "You sure you had aircraft out there!" and I said yes.

The Surgeon Commander came over and spoke to me. He said did I feel sick, or was I upset. I said no. He ran his hand over my head to see whether I had any bumps. He had a look at me and decided I was okay. So then he said, "Perhaps you'd like to come to the sick bay after you've changed and we'll do an examination."

So after I was finished I went up to sick bay and he gave me a more thorough medical, and said, no, I appeared to be alright. I found out later, that at the same time, they checked to make sure I hadn't been drinking before I took off and all that sort of thing."

During this interview, Dr. Hynek's involvement came up:

"This man (Hynek) - a professor - had made a study of thousands of sightings all around the world and he had decided my sighting was one of those that he had not been able to explain away by other means.

Any way I had a talk with him. He was a very interesting chap and he made the comment that there were about 13 or 15, I don't remember, sightings that he was aware of over the years that were like mine and could not be explained away. The interesting thing he said was that all of these sightings had been made by professional people in aviation.

By that he meant they were military pilots, military air crew, civil aviation operators, air traffic controllers, and the like, or airline pilots. These were the ones he was now (1973) going around meeting the people themselves and investigating.

All the others he had written off and had been able to explain down to some other phenomena. It came to the point where he said, "Your sighting cannot be explained away." And he left it at that. To this day I wouldn't know where it came from or where it went."

I have had the opportunity to talk extensively with Shamus O'Farrell. I was particularly interested in how the interview with Dr. Hynek in 1973 came about:

"It was done through Sir Arthur Tange, who was secretary of the Department of Defence at the time. Hynek contacted him direct... Sir Arthur Tange contacted me and said Hynek was coming out. He had written to him, through the US Embassy, to set up a meeting.

And the next thing I knew I had a telephone call one day from Sir Arthur Tange saying that Hynek was coming and he would like me to met him. I said, well, I haven't got all the facts, there all a bit hazy. So he sent me the two Defence Department files over to read, to refresh it all."

Bill Chalker: "That seems to indicate a high level of interest in Hynek's visit at the time?"

"Yes, well, I don't think so. All that happened was that it was more of a courtesy because he was a very important guy, Hynek, and they wanted to show him the courtesies etc. As far as Defence was concern it was dead and forgotten but they had not got rid of the files. They kept them.

Normally when files like that are written off they are either decided they'll put them in Archives or dispose of them and destroy them. But they had done neither. They had remained in the JIO. They'd kept them. I don't know what they had in mind about it, I never questioned it. I just used them as a means to refresh my memory.

"Later the guy who became the chief Defence scientist, John Farrands, was very interested in it too, and he had done a lot of early investigations in most of the reports when he was chief defence scientist and in the period just before he became chief defence scientist. He had a talk with me.

I was a friend of his. I used to meet with him at lunch. He went over it in great detail. He knew it all. He agreed it was something that couldn't be refuted. No matter how hard they tried, and they tried very hard to knock it all back. They checked everything from medical, down to when was the last time I had had a drink..."

Bill Chalker: "That must have been a bit of a concern to you?"

"Well, I wanted to hush it all up. That sort of investigation made me look a bit of a fool. I was worried it wasn't going to do my career any good. "(Apart from the radar witness) it locked in a sighting over the NDB (non directional beacon) at Narulan, at the same time. There happened to be a guy working on the NDB.

It was down at the time.

He had gone to repair it. He happened to look up at the time because he saw these lights fly overhead. Also the air traffice control officer in the tower at Mascot saw them approaching him. "It was all investigated by the then RAAF guy who did it and later it was also investigated by the Joint Intelligence Bureau."

In 1993 I assisted The Extraordinary television programme with a recreation of the Sea Fury incident. Shamus O'Farrell, Keith Jessop and I were interviewed on the show. The case stands as one of the best unexplained radar visual UFO cases on record in Australia.

written by Bill Chalker

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