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UFO Magazine Issue # 346, Issue date, 02-16-09

Awesome UFO Light Show in Knox County Tennessee on 2/10/09
UFO Depiction
by Eddie Middleton, Nashville UFO Examiner


Yesterday (02-10-09) shortly after dark in a rural area in Knox County near Knoxville, Tennessee, a mother and her three young children were returning home. They had just stopped at their mailbox at the entrance to their 1/2 mile long gravel driveway leading up to their house.

The mother said it was then that they noticed some extremely bright lights at the far end of the field that stretches out to the left of their house.

The mother said this thing lit up the field as bright as a baseball diamond. She then noticed it was triangular-shaped. It had three white lights on the corners and a really huge red light underneath it in the center. This description of the arrangement and color of the lights is typical of many of the sightings of the mysterious triangles that have been appearing with such frequency in recent years.

They have been especially prevalent in East Tennessee. Black or dull gray is the usual color of the body of these craft, the mother describing it in this case as a dull/silver gray .

She said the edges of this craft glowed "with a dull, yet still bright, silvery light. She was reminded of the neon lights seen under some cars.

After so dramatically calling attention to itself, it began to move in a circular path till it arrived at the opposite end of their driveway. They watched it for about 45 seconds, long enough so that the alert mother got off a few photo shots of it with her cell-phone camera.

If these turn out good, she has promised to send them to Tennessee MUFON which I will then plan to post on this page.

After allowing these totally startled witnesses to get a good eye-full, this thing began to move off quickly. The mother said it didn't go behind any trees or hill. It just moved away in the unobstruced distance and simply vanished.

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Why Can’t Alien Abductees Call a Doctor?
UFO Depiction
February 5, 10:15 PM

by Chris Steele, Denver Progressive Examiner

I thought I would see what would happen if I called up five different doctor offices in the Denver area and asked them what they do for alien abductees. I received laughs, bewilderment, anger and dial tones.

Only one office would talk to me and they offered to refer me to a psychiatrist. I found it interesting that there was officially nowhere for alien abductees to go.

A person who believes they are a victim of an alien abduction can contact a hypnotherapist, MUFON or UFORC.com but calling their local doctor’s office is not a likely option. I found it surprising there wasn’t an office that abductees could contact regarding counseling and medical treatment.

Stan Romanek is a well-known and publicized abductee in the Denver area who has been on the Larry King show. He has dealt with confusing abduction encounters including one story where he is trying to explain to a doctor that his torn ACL no longer needs surgery due to an extraterrestrial encounter.

Romanek claims that he was abducted and when he woke up his knee was fixed. During Romanek’s presentation he plays a tape recording where he tries to explain this to his doctor and the doctor replies by saying, “You should call the Ghostbusters.”

The question is, if Stan Romanek is telling the truth why isn’t he being taken seriously?

On Coast to Coast AM Whitley Strieber explained how it was ridiculous that you cannot go to the doctor and be taken seriously if you have been abducted. Many other abductees agree with Strieber’s point of view saying there should be policies and healthcare protocol for dealing with alien abductions.

Possibly if President Obama opens up the ‘X-Files’ there would be a revolution of knowledge that would spawn change from our technology to our healthcare.

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UFO Sighting by Police Officer in Essex, UK
UFO Depiction
Friday, February 06, 2009 | 16:16


IN a week that an Essex Police officer admitted spotting the notorious “Beast of Essex” it has now emerged one of his colleagues has seen a UFO.

The incident in north Essex is included in a Ministry of Defence (MOD) report listing all the possible UFO sightings it was made aware of in the past year.

According to the incident notes, the officer saw a craft over the seaside community of Brightlingsea on New Year's Eve.

The officer, who is not named, stated the UFO was bright orange or yellow and about 1,550 to 2,000ft in the sky.

It then “moved very slowly in a half circle, then stopped over the water between Brightlingsea and East Mersea” before it “shot straight up” and disappeared very fast.

There is also another Essex incident reported over the A12.

The witness claimed there were two bright lights flying northbound, about 500 yards apart during the incident on October 11 last year.

The report states: “As they got nearer, they could only be described as two balls of fire.”

According to the MOD, there were numerous sightings in the south of the county along with incidents across the border in Suffolk, including one in Felixstowe.

Last week the EADT reported on another issue that has its fair number of cynics - the infamous Beast of Essex.

The story gained new credibility though when the infamous feline was spotted by one of the county's policemen.

The officer was on duty in Wivenhoe when he heard growling and saw a “large black cat”.

He alerted colleagues and a full-scale search was launched for the creature which ran away down the side of the police station.

No-one else has reported seeing the creature but the incident gave new credibility to the legend which has stemmed from a number of sightings of a large black cat similar to a Puma or Panther across the county.

Across the country there are regular reports of large cats - with hotspots in Scotland, Devon and Wales which believers claim to be a result of pets being released into the wild after the Dangerous Wild Animals Act was introduced in 1976.

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Multiple Objects in Photograph from Ohio
UFO Depiction Ohio-02-06-09-I was working today on Potomac Street in the Evanston part of Cincinnati about 2:40 PM EDT. As I was preparing to get into my car, I decided to take one last look at the building and take in the day because it was Spring like and the sky was clear and blue.

To the left side of the house going west to east saw a contrail of a jet. The jet was flying east. It was one of those weird looking contrails and I was watching it break up. Then I noticed three or four white objects that look almost like balloons fly out of the contrail perpendicular and northward. I thought: "What the hell are those?"

They were too high for birds but I wasn't sure. I thought they might have been balloons let go, but they were traveling fast and were too high.

I watched them for a few seconds, then I remembered I had a camera. I got the camera of the front seat and set the lens to 5 x and started to take pictures.

They looked like dots or blurry pearls. I watched through the tree branches and then over towards 1-71. I took pictures of them. They had an almost random formation though some traveled in lines.

I counted 27 but there might have been more. A few of them were a red colors and it might have been a reflective color. They were far away to get any detail.

I was thinking if they were balloons, they'd be traveling the same direction, but some of them were veering to one another and not in the same direction if they were balloons in the wind. I watched them until they were gone and then watched some more.

Then one more came flying behind them 30 seconds later looking like it was trying to do catch up. I check my cell phone time and it was 14:45 HR.

My feeling about this was that it really was cool. I had seen strange things in the past but nothing like this. There were so many of them. They didn't disappear if I looked at them.

They were like white pearls. It really was neat. I was wondering if anyone else saw them and if they were heading in the direction of Wright Paterson in Dayton.

The objects looked playful.

UFOs, Ohio, 02-06-09

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009/ohio020609.html

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MUFON submitter 15353

Light Blue Object Seen over Yorkshire Wolds, UK
UFO Depiction
Sighting of large blue and white object by myself and another witness on the Yorkshire Wolds February 4, 2009-Approximate time- 10.55 pm. The sky was very overcast and the conditions were freezing with snow and ice on all fields and roads.

We arrived at about 8.30 and did think from the off that it would be an uneventful night due to the poor visibility. The conditions on the Wolds have been quite bad over the past few weeks. This will be our first UFO sighting to be added to the ILF-UFO web site for 2009.

The cloud cover was quite low and appeared to circle the surrounding area, if you looked straight up stars and planes could be seen. About 500 yards into the distance is a farm that sits on the left hand side of the road. Beyond that is a small area of woodland which belongs to the farm.

We have spoken to the farmer several times during our visits and exchanged contact numbers. The farmer and his family have had their very own close encounter many years ago, and were not at all surprised by my interest in the area.

The trees are about 30 feet in height and from where we were sitting gave us a good reference point. To the right of that and many miles into the distance is RAF Staxton Wold.

I have to say that Steve who was with me, saw the object first, from the few seconds of actually seeing it to shouting out in excitement for me to turn around. It all lasted no more that 10 seconds at the most.

Steve says that from nowhere a huge, light blue oblong-shaped light appeared above the trees. He said at that first moment it appeared to be as big as a bus. It was flat at the bottom curved down at the front. It was traveling very slowly, and getting smaller with each passing second.

When I turned and saw it, it was still quite large and pale blue in colour. We have no idea of distance, but due to its great size we think it was within a mile of us. This is, however, only speculation as the weather conditions do not allow me to be more accurate.

The object just dissolved into the cloud and I did think we would see it as it passed over the view of Staxton Wold, but we saw nothing more.

We can say that it was definitely in the air as the tree line has no high land at the back of it. Despite this being a short sighting I do regard it as very interesting due to its huge size and colour.

Another point to make is that everything was in total silence, no cars, no aircraft noise from high above, nothing.


Paul, www.ILF-UFO.co.uk

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009/yorkshirewolds020409.html

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Submitted to UFO Casebook



1981, The Beginning of Contact, the Carlos Diaz Story
Carlos Diaz
One morning in January 1981, Mexican photographer Carlos Diaz pulled into a deserted car park at Ajusco Park near Mexico City. He was on an assignment for a magazine, and had arranged to meet a journalist who was yet to arrive. Diaz sat in his car, preparing his camera for the job ahead. Although it was early in the morning, the air was thick with humidity which made even sitting still uncomfortable.

Impatiently, Diaz began to look at his watch. Suddenly, his attention was caught by a strange yellow glow coming from the valley below him. At first he thought it was a forest fire, but, an instant later, the source of light revealed itself to be a large, orange, oval-shaped UFO, slowly hovering about 30 metres from his car.

Unable to believe his eyes, Diaz quickly grabbed his camera. With it resting on his steering wheel, he began frantically firing off shots. Then, without warning, the whole car began to shake violently. Diaz got out of the vehicle and took two more photographs before the craft sped up vertically into the sky, leaving Diaz in a state of shock.

This encounter marked the beginning of what was to develop into one of he most fascinating and long-running contactee cases in the history of UFOlogy. Today, the case remains among a small minority of alledged extraterrestrial encounters to be supported by verified film documentation that has stood up to the scrutiny of a range of experts.


Indeed, the apparent credibility of Diaz's claims has attracted the attention of some of the world's top UFO researchers, including German author Michael Hesemann and abduction researcher Dr John Mack. Both concluded that Diaz's story is completely credible. Hesemann echoes the views of most researchers when he states: 'The Carlos Diaz case is the most important case of documented alien-human contact to have emerged in modern times.' Certainly, at the time of his initial encounter, Diaz little suspected what was to come. The transition from a run-of-the-mill UFO sighting in an area now acknowledged as a UFO hot-spot, to one of the key cases of recent years did not occur until weeks later.

In the days that followed this January sighting, Diaz remained preoccupied by his experience. Unable to forget what he had seen, he repeatedly returned to the Ajusco Park location, hoping to secure more pictures. After a succession of fruitless visits, Diaz began to think that he was wasting his time. But then, on 23rd of March, his patience was rewarded.


While roaming the greenery, Diaz was again alerted to the presence of a UFO by an orange glow, which he could see only dimly through the fog and rain that had saturated the forest in Ajusco Park. As he climbed up the walls of the valley, he managed to position himself within 45 metres of the object. Diaz watched the 'craft' hovering above him, eminating a bright orange light. It was, he said, dome-shaped with a smooth ring in its centre.

This, claimed Diaz, was covered with a number of half spheres, each around one metre in diameter. Crouching behind some rocks, Diaz thought his actions had gone unnoticed, but, as he continued to watch the craft, he felt someone grab his shoulder from behind. Diaz immediately fainted, and, when he awoke, it was dark and the UFO was gone. He was shocked to discover that, despite heavy rain, his clothes were completely dry. At that point, he knew something strange had happened to him.

When he returned to his car, Diaz noticed another car parked in front of him. At this point, Diaz claimed, a humanoid entity with fair hair approached him and told him that if he wanted to know more about what he had just experienced, he should return to the same spot at noon the following day. Apparently, when Diaz returned the next day, he discovered the same entity sitting on the grass. Diaz claimed that the being then turned to him and explained that it was he who grabbed his shoulder the previous day.

Before leaving, the being also told Diaz that he had come from inside the craft and that Diaz would gradually recover his memory of what had happened while he was unconscious. Sure enough, over the next few months, Diaz's memory returned, piece by piece.

According to his account, he recalled the craft hovered directly over his head. As he attempted to touch the craft, his hand seemed to pass through the yellow light and he seemed to merge with it.

The next thing he recalled was seeing the craft parked on a platform inside a giant cave. Diaz was filled with awe when he remembered what he had seen inside:

'It was full of stalagmites, some of which were carved into what appeared to be Mayan sculptures,' he stated. 'I saw many people in the cave, some of whom waved to me and, in a state of shock, I waved back.'

Apparently the being Diaz had encountered in the park then led him to a smaller cave which contained seven glowing, egg-shaped orbs, one of which Diaz was invited to step into. On entering, Diaz could at first only see yellow light.

But then he found himself surrounded by the image of a forest.

'I could see all the details of the forest as if I was walking through it,' said Diaz. 'I couldn't touch anything, but I could feel the temperature and moisture. I could see and experience everything, yet I wasn't physically there.'

His guide then told him that the orbs were also a system for storing information and that certain data had been imparted to him. Diaz was then returned to the ship and, in time, to the park.


According to Diaz, this was only the first of a series of contacts with the same beings, which continue to this day. Since 1981, Diaz has stated that his experience inside the orbs has enabled him to 'travel' to different regions of the Earth's ecosystem - forest, desert, jungle, shoreline, even Arctic areas - with his ET contact. Through this contact, Diaz claims to have been imbued with an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life and the need to preserve our environment.

To many UFOlogists, especially those who have had their 'fingers burnt' by alledged contactees before, these claims may appear far-fetched. However, Diaz is seen by many researchers as a highly reliable source, not least because of the strong body of photographic evidence he has amassed to support his claims.


Mexican TV journalist and UFOlogist Jaime Maussan, who has been at the centre of UFO investigations in Mexico since the wave began in 1991, believes that Diaz's UFO photographs are among the most impressive he has seen. Maussan took Diaz's photographs to Jim Dilettoso, an image processing expert at Village Labs, in Tucson, Arizona, who concluded they were genuine.

After satisfying himself he was not dealing with a hoaxer, Maussan visited Diaz at his hime in Tepoztlan, Mexico.

There, he spoke to a number of other witnesses who claimed to have seen exactly the same type of UFO. The apparent credibility of the Diaz case has also attracted UFO researchers from further afield, who have attempted to glean insights into the alien agenda from Diaz's contactee claims. German author Michael Hesemann, who first interviewed Diaz in June 1994, is convinced of the credibility of Diaz's story.

'Not only is he contacting these beings through encounters on the ships,' says Hesemann, 'but he claims to be meeting these beings socially, since he believes some of them are living among us.'

However Hesemann explains that, according to Diaz, the beings are reluctant to fully disclose their origins.

'Apparently,' says Hesemann, 'they did, however, explain that they have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, and are particularly interested in our evolution which, compared to their own, has happened at a much faster rate. They are trying to learn why.'

Another UFO researcher intrigued by Diaz's case is Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, John Mack. Mack has a long history of dealing with abductees and contactees and believes that the Diaz case is among the most convincing he has come across. In his book Passport to the Cosmos, he states: 'Out of all the experiencers I have worked with, it is Carlos Diaz who seems to have developed the richest understanding of the interconnected web of nature. Diaz's experience of connecting with living creatures is so intense that he seems literally to become the thing he is describing.'

Diaz's experience, Mack claims constitutes an 'awakening', a process which, he says, is common in abductees. Diaz told Mack that his contact with the ETs had instilled in him a need to preserve the environment and the ability to 'enjoy a beautiful planet'. Whether or not an extraterrestrial influence was involved, Diaz's new-found concern for the environment has certainly become a driving force in his life.

He has repeatedly and passionately conveyed this environmental warning publicly, most notably at a UFO conference in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1995. Diaz has revealed that he had been informed through his contacts that the civilization of the visiting extraterrestrial, like ours, had been threatened by its own history of destruction, but had somehow managed to survive. He remains convinced that his contacts' disturbing prediction for our future is only too real - a prediction that states with near certainty that humanity, on its current course, is headed for total extinction.


This outspokenness, coupled with the public nature of his experience, has le Diaz to assume visionary status in both his home town of Tepoztlan and UFO circles. however, Diaz has been quick to dispute this, claiming that he is not a unique visionary, but merely 'a messenger'. The real nature of Diaz's current incarnation aside, for many UFOlogists, the Diaz case remains among the most convincing on record. Indeed, few UFO reports exist that boast such impressive and abundant photographic evidence. And fewer still have emerged that have stood up to the scrutiny applied to Diaz's images.


Expert analysis of Carlos Diaz's UFO pictures has been extremely thorough. Mexican UFOlogist Jaime Maussan gave the original transparencies to Professor Victor Quesada at the Polytechnical Institute of the University of Mexico for examination.

Quesada stated: 'We were shocked to discover that the spectrum of light from the object was unlike anything we have ever seen, it broke all previous parameters and didn't match anything in our data banks. The light was extraordinarily intense. There was no evidence of superimposition or a hoax. We estimated the object to be around 30 to 50 metres in diameter.'

Interestingly, the photographs were also analysed by Dr Robert Nathan at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Nathan, a notorious UFO sceptic, stated that he could find no evidence of a fake.

Certainly, for many who have examined the three images, the first shot is the most impressive. In it, the orange glowing craft can be seen through the windshield of the car, and light from the object is reflected both off the car's bonnet and off the metal guard rail by the side of the road. These, in particular, are details that experts claim are extremely difficult to fake.


Mexican UFOlogist Jaime maussan was so intrigued by Carlos Diaz's account of his experiences that he provided him with a video camera and asked him to see if he could record the UFO on tape when it next appeared. A few weeks later, Diaz awoke at 5 a.m. and grabbed his camera. he walked out and waited.

Apparently, within minutes, the craft appeared and hovered over the house, where Diaz filmed it. When Maussan saw the remarkable footage, he asked Diaz if he could get even closer to the craft while filming. Two months later, Diaz was once again able to film the craft, which this time hovered directly above him, without moving.

However it is Diaz's third attempt to capture the craft on video that is the most spectacular. In this footage, Diaz having mounted his camera on a tripod, walks to the bottom of a field waving a flash light. Responding to this, the craft suddenly materializes directly above Diaz's head and sends beams of light down towards him. Then, the unidentified object remains motionless for 30 seconds, before blinking out. It is universally recognized that this video contains some of the best UFO footage ever taken.


This article originally appeared in issue 89 of The X Factor.

Edited by B J Booth

Images edited by UFO Casebook.


(last update, 02-14-09)

See Great Britain UFO sighting reports from our friends at Grantham Today, UFO Sightings

Colorado-Intense, Stationary Light
02-03-09-I was driving home from my brother's house when I first observed a single, very intense white light 20 degrees above the western horizon (observation point Littleton Colorado). The object was directly west, and appeared to be over the Pine Junction/Bailey area in the mountains. I kept in sight as I drove home and stood next to my car after I parked it.

The entire time it was under direct observation (approximately fifteen minutes), it did not move at all.

I first thought it was an aircraft or helicopter. However, the object absolutely DID NOT MOVE, not even the tiniest flucutation in position. I was using the mountains below as well as a tree to keep track of its position.

It was larger than any star or planet (probably double the size of the largest star in the sky), and because it did not move even a hair during the period observed, it was not a helicopter or an aircraft. It was a circular light source of brilliant intensity that never shifted or fluctuated.

The light was brilliant, almost a "pure" white light, and the intensity was so strong there is no way it was a reflected light; it came from an artificial source and never changed in intensity or in color or position.

I first noted the object because I tend to look at the passing aircraft a lot, and there was moderate air traffic in the area during the sighting. What brought it to my scrutiny is that the light (object) NEVER MOVED.

I went inside to find a telephone number to make a report once I determined that this object was unidentified per my forty years of intense aviation interest. I first left a voicemail message with the Noise Complaint Hotline at Buckley AFB in Denver, then called the Command Center of the 140th Wing of the Air National Guard at the same base.

The female sergeant who took the call was very polite and asked very detailed questions regarding the sighting, then placed me on hold while she spoke with "her boss". She was back on the line in about two minutes and said that her boss had the object under observation, and that mine was the first call they had received about it, and I jokingly responded that "well, I'm sure that someone in the command structure is already aware of it." Knowing that US Air Force personnel had the object under observation, I retired for the evening.

During the entire fifteen minute observation period, I used the mountains and the branches of a tree (there was no wind) to ensure that it did not change position. The intensity of the light never fluctuated, and the object never once moved, not even slightly.

My feelings and reactions were first disbelief, trying to classify it as an approaching aircraft or a hovering helicopter, but as the object never moved, I realized that it was something that needed to be reported officially. My reaction was rather clinical and analytical, trying my best to find ANY way to identify what I was seeing.

This was, in now way whatsoever, an aircraft or a helicopter, and in no way was the intense white light a reflection off a shiny surface (the object would have been far too low to catch sunlight as the sunset here is about two hours earlier than my sighting).

Thank you for taking the time to read my report. I cannot classify this sighting as anything but unidentified.

MUFON Submitter 15306

Indiana-Five Unknown Lights Seen
circa 2005-About 4 years ago, I was attending an outdoor gathering around a bonfire east of Americus, Indiana, at an edge of wooded area, behind the house, on a beautiful fall evening and night... there was not any alcohol... about 8 or 10 people were there.

We were chatting and having a great time when suddenly lights appeared over at the top of the trees, no sound... there were 5 rounded lights, they were on a curved plane, because as you looked up, the perspective was looking at a curved plane.

They seemed to be quite close from where we stood. They were a large spot light size... the object remained there for 30 to 40 seconds, we were awestruck, and I tried to move around group to see better then the lights were gone, but there were a low like turbine engine whine, very smooth.

This continued as if the object was going to our right for a bit... we were facing rather south, so I assume it was going west or northwest.

In the same time frame, the local paper had been getting reports of something strange in the skies, and Grisson Air Force said it was their night flying.

During that time people from the area kept seeing objects over the river valley around here. It was a beautiful fall, and the nights were gorgeous and clear.

I have been thinking about for a long time, and all the years growing up in Indiana and farming 25 years, and now seeing something like this amazing. I was wondering if there was a landing behind those woods in the pasture and fields. I have had occasion to walk back there, and know there is a space there. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Thank you for your time, Respectfully,

Darlene M.

Battle Ground, IN.

New Jersey-Lights in V-Formation
02-10-09-My mother and I had just had a normal day, seeing relatives and shopping and such. When it was time to go home we decided to take a quiet stretch of road near all the orchards. It was just a little past dinnertime. (Around 6:30) At first I noticed nothing.

But my mother said- " Those can't be the water tower lights."

That's when I noticed them. I thought they could be some kind of normal airplane doing a scout of the sky, being just ten days before the inauguration. Where we were going we had to drive right under where it was then. Driving closer we saw through the trees it was in the same exact spot, and it wasn't just one, but three!

All three in a V-like formation, the one at the top had five lights, one just a bit lower and to the right had three, and the one to the lower left had two! All different aircraft! We stopped in a convenience store parking lot to just watch these things.

They hovered there for a while. When we saw two easily identified airplanes fly past, we knew these things were mysteries. My mother and I were just amused watching these things. Slowly the things started moving forward, slow as a blimp would, (But we knew it wasn't a blimp because we could see the strange outline.) and we decided to just leave. www.mufon.com

South Carolina-Two Sighting Reports
2003-First thing is that I live in a small town in South Carolina. The largest town close to where I live is 17+ miles away. I'm not in the sticks but I am in the country. I live directly under a major flight path, planes fly over our community continuously. I have seen all types of aircraft pass overhead, from F-16, larger jet liners, A-6's, F-4's years ago, B-1, and even on one occasion a B-2. Also helicopters and all types of small personal planes.

First case - one evening early/later winter, cannot remember, I was outside at around 10-11 pm. I was looking up at the stars which I often do, when I noticed a star to the southwest start to move. At first I thought about a satellite or something, but the thing did not move like a satellite. Instead it appears to gain speed and to move off at a sharper angle up and away. I only saw this once.

Second case probably 1-2 years after the first one- I used to have video on it also but it's in storage. It was around 1-2 am in the morning on a Friday night. I was watching TV and noticed out the window located behind our TV a red light (globe looking). I at first thought about a flare/fireworks, but it didn't die out, it stayed in the air.

It was aloft long enough for me to get up and look out the window and then go get my video camera. When I went outside I recorded the lights for a while. It was in the air with another 1 or 2 globes for 5-15 minutes. I was in the military USMC R, was in the first Gulf War, and a Member of the SC ANG - Apache unit in Columbia, SC.

It looked like a red parachute flare, but it did something different, it went up a 10-15 feet and then down. It looked to be the size of a 2-6 foot diameter 2-4 miles away. It was hard to judge it because I could not judge it against any object to compare in size. Me and my wife watched it until they faded away.

I have no idea as to what or where they went. I have never seen it again. What make this an even stranger case was the following evening a extra quite helicopter, without any lights, flew over our home and to the area where we saw the lights. It turned on a search light for a while, 5-10 minutes, turned it off, and flew back over our home and away.

2 strange things about this helicopter, no lights and very / very quite. I was not a Huey / Blackhawk / Apache /, it was a type that I could not make out by noise alone. It seemed to sound similar to the Eurocopters I've heard on TV. Very quite to the point that I could not hear it until it was about 300-500 feet away.

I never heard anyone else talk about any strange sightings in SC, or around where I live. These things may or may not have been UFOs, but since I always look up and out into the sky to see I can make out anything strange. Billy, source: www.ufocasebook.com

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