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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 549, Issue date, 02-18-13

Black UFO Videotaped over Stuttgart, Germany
UFO Image
Published: 4:39 PM 2/13/2013

Originally published on Feb 12, 2013 by mUSA (Editor's Note: Here we have another video that lacks information. There are a few things we can deduce, however.

The object in question is a black, disc-shaped object that is seen just below a dark cloud cover. At first, the object is slowly descending.

Finally, toward the end of the video, the object takes up speed and disappears into the cloud cover. Check it out and be sure to leave any comments you have.)

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1986 - Airport Security Reports UFO
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:57 PM 2/12/2013

Westhampton, NY - 10-12-86

I was working security for the airport on a midnight to 8 am shift. I was parked in the company jeep with an authorized dog with me, behind a chain link fence on plane parking/storage area just west of the flight line.

My dog alerted to some incoming air traffic, by a low growl and his hackles went up BIG TIME.

I heard what sounded like an aircraft of some sort, but like nothing I have ever heard before, and realized a big black shadow whose silhouette looked exactly like a B2 Stealth from underneath approached at just above large tree top level, which I would estimate about 35-40 feet above my vehicle.

This "craft" hovered over my vehicle for approximately 30 to 60 seconds (hard to remember exactly as I was shocked) and then continued to the west and if it continued in a straight path, it would have been towards NY City.

A word about nighttime aircraft traffic at Gabreski airport: There are two sides to this airport. To the south was the 106th NY Air Guard Base, where my then husband and several other military personnel worked.

That side of the base was strictly Air Guard and there were C130 planes and other smaller planes on the tarmac and in hangars there.

I know what a C130 sounds like, and I have been inside one as well. I have watched them take off and run maneuvers and also land.

This craft I saw was NOT a C130 or similar plane. To the North was the public airport meaning privately owned non-military operated planes were kept, flown from and to, the public side of Gabreski airport.

Part of my job was to take down the tail number of the plane when it lands and to observe the goings on of the occupants. This was done to deter drug activity/delivery/drops and if necessary the local law enforcement was summoned.

The air traffic control tower was closed after 10 pm. It was common policy for any planes landing at night to click their radio mike 10 times in succession to activate the blue landing lights for safety.

This craft I observed did not activate any lights, nor did it attempt to land, another thing of note is that Grumman was not far away, it was one town north located in Calverton, NY (Near Riverhead, NY).

It would not have been unusual, I would think, for them to perform test runs on newly built craft, especially at night where it would not interfere with day air traffic or ops.

It has been so long now that I don't recall directly notifying the on-duty Security Police of the NY Air Guard, but I did tell my then-husband about it and he relayed the info to other Security Police.

I had not heard any other sightings related to this incident via the news on TV or the newspapers, or word of mouth. I have been in law enforcement ever since then right up until my retirement from Law Enforcement last August and I have never seen anything like this.

The only thing that makes any sense to me is it was a High Security secretive mission on a prototype craft because I never saw one again.

I do not know if it was manned, or a drone, but I do know I did NOT see any lights from a cockpit. The only lights I saw were some very large, dimmed red almost a soft lighting that was constant from the underside of each wing.

This light seemed to just emit a soft glow and did not light up the ground in any way.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/westhamptonny101286.html

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graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

Incredible UFO Event over Melbourne, Australia
Photo: Craig Sillitoe
Published: 2:25 PM 2/13/2013

Melbourne, Australia - 04-06-66

Students and teachers of Westall High School in suburban Melbourne watched in amazement as two disc-shaped objects, each about the size of a car, descended from the sky and landed in an open field adjacent to the school.

One of the witnesses, science teacher, Andrew Greenwood, described the objects in a newspaper report as being silvery-green and disc-shaped.

While some accounts of this event state that there was one craft, Australian UFO researcher, Bill Chalker’s investigation concluded that there were actually two craft involved.

After watching the strange, disc-shaped objects descend, students and teachers excitedly ran from the school and across the oval for a closer look, with several students actually approaching the craft in the field after climbing over a fence.

Then, around 20 minutes after they had descended from the sky, the UFOs took off at great speed. One headed west, the other appeared to orbit a small plane before shooting off to the south.

Patches of burnt ground were found at the claimed landing site. In all, over 200 students and teachers of Westall High School witnessed the event making this one of Australia’s most compelling UFO sightings.

In an interesting footnote to the Westall UFO mystery, an interview with one of the witnesses, Joy Tighe, who recounted the event to a Channel 9 news reporter, was, according to the network, later removed from the station’s archive and never returned.

Naturally, there has been much written about the Westall UFO case, you can find out more at UFO Landing at Grange Reserve, 1966.

There is also a documentary you can view Westall 1966: A Suburban UFO Mystery. And Bill Chalker’s The Oz Files includes his interview with one of the many witnesses to the event, and also describes an earlier encounter with a similar object in the same area.


Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/westfall1966.html

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Airships of 1909 Southeast Australia
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:45 AM 2/10/2013

During the winter of 1909, much of southeast Australia was abuzz with reports of mysterious lights flying through the skies, leaving witnesses baffled as to what they were and from where they had come.

Some thought them planets; others thought them lanterns attached to kites, while one witness thought they might be “Japanese airships.”

Following sightings of similar mysterious lights in the skies above New Zealand, reports soon appeared in newspapers across Australia of similar unknown lights observed in the heavens. One such sighting, by a reliable witness it must be said, appeared in Broken Hill’s The Barrier Miner on 9 August 1909.

The Rev. B. Cozens, of the Port Melbourne Seamen’s Mission, tells an interesting story regarding the mysterious lights which appeared in the air over the Dandenong Ranges on Saturday night.

“Going outside at 10 o’clock, he saw, half a mile up in the air, two revolving lights moving over the ranges. They slowed down, dipped, and rose up again, then changed from white to red and to blue."

Mr. Cozens called his wife and three neighbors. They all watched the lights until midnight, by which time one had almost moved out of sight over the ranges.

Again at 2 o’clock Mr. Cozens saw the second one, which almost crossed the ranges. Five more appeared in the distance, moving in the direction taken by the other two.

The following day, another report of strange lights appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald. “A good deal of excitement was occasioned tonight by the appearance of a mysterious light or an illuminated body to the southeast of the town [of Moss Vale]. Quite a number of people gathered in the main street, and speculation was rife as to the meaning of the strange illumination.

"Above the large light some large body was distinctly visible, as the rays of light were reflected upon its surface.”

Soon, these strange lights were seen in the skies across the Southern Highlands of New South Wales as well as much further afield. For example, on 19 August, The Mercury reported that:

“Goulburn has had a week’s display, during which the light has, according to report, been observed to move ‘up and down and sideways,’ and once gave a pyrotechnic exhibition, several stars falling about it.”

The flight capabilities of those mysterious “airships” of 1909, according to accounts, certainly appeared to defy what was possible back in those early days of manned flight.


Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/airshipsaustralia.html

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Archived Case of the Week

The UFO that Came from Space
Published: 11:48 AM 2/5/2013

Okay kids, without further ado (whatever that means) here is newly declassified info that we went through hell and high water to get on the famous Helfin UFO photos from 1965.

Pay attention because we’re going to move pretty fast.

The Lowdown: Aug. 3, 1965. Rex Heflin, at that time an Orange County highway inspector was at work one day in his county rig when at 12:37 p.m. he says he sees a kind of “hat shaped” thing flying in the freaking air in Santa Anna, California. Ain’t no plane, he says to himself.

The thing was hovering right above the road right in front of him, he says so he grabs his trusty Polaroid camera (you kids who don’t know anything about film cameras will have to look that one up) that he used during his normal work routine to take photos of highway obstructions, road kills, hot babes hitchhiking, whatever, and snaps three photographs of the “metallic-appearing object” and a fourth photo of a black "smoke ring" he says was left behind by the UFO after it sped away at high speed.

One of the snapshots was published by the Santa Ana Register newspaper on September 20 of that year and then the whole story went major viral (for that era) when the newswire services picked up the story and fed it national.

Here is where it gets interesting (we think).

The Air Force issues a statement saying the photos are a hoax.

But a UFO investigating group called NICAP did this super heavy duty investigation into the case (both Heflin and the newspaper cooperated fully in the investigation) which included, among many things, a detailed background check on Heflin – to make sure he wasn’t a goofball – and a computer photo analysis study done by Robert Nathan at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who worked with first-generation prints and copy negatives made by the newspaper.

That analysis of the photo prints and negs showed that there was some kind of light beam emanating from the underside of the UFO. The analysis also ruled out that the object was something that was dangling in the air from a string or wire. Years later though some people claimed to have a found a "string like object" in the photos but in 1993 a MUFON photo analyst re-examined all the data and the photos from their initial investigation and rejected the string theory (they said it was an “artifact” generated by the photos being copied and recopied so many times).


Then it gets even weirder. Somebody, according to NICAP eventually tries to tamper with evidence and “manipulate information.”

The copy negatives of his famous photos were at some point obtained from Heflin “under false pretenses” by some guys pretending to be from the North American Air Defense Command.

The Air Force said whoever those guys were; they were not from the Air Force.

Uh-oh. The infamous Men in Black?

Anyway, after all these years the conclusion of all the UFO investigators is the case is a very credible, thoroughly investigated case and it meets all the criteria for evidence of a legit UFO -- which means it is simply a legit “unidentified flying object” so we’re back to where we were when Heflin took the photos in 1965. No more, no less.

Heflin photo

Above - Rex Heflin photographed a craft crossing Myford Road.

Heflin photo

Above - Heflin takes another Polaroid picture out of the window of his work truck.

Heflin photo

Above - This is a closeup of a portion of the frame; it shows what Heflin said were trails of black particulate matter behind the moving craft.

Heflin photo

Above - Heflin gets out of his truck and photographs a ring of black smoke left in the wake of the craft.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/thatcamefromspace.html

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