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UFO Casebook Magazine 497, Issue date, 02-20-12

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President Eisenhower Had Three Secret Meetings with Aliens
UFO Interview
Published: 2:22 PM 2/15/2012

Ex-President met with extra-terrestrials on three separate occasions at New Mexico air base. Eisenhower and FBI officials organized the meetings by sending out 'telepathic messages.'


Former American President Dwight D. Eisenhower had three secret meetings with aliens, a former US government consultant has claimed. The 34th President of the United States met the extraterrestrials at a remote air base in New Mexico in 1954, according to lecturer and author Timothy Good.

The two parties finally met up on three separate occasions at the Holloman Air Force base and there were 'many witnesses.' Conspiracy theorists have circulated increased rumors in recent months that the meeting between the Commander-in-Chief and people from another planet took place.

But the claims from Mr. Good, a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant, are the first to be made publicly by a prominent academic.

Speaking on Frank Skinner's BBC2 current affairs show Opinionated, he said that governments around the world have been in regular contact with aliens for many decades.

'Aliens have made both formal and informal contact with thousands of people throughout the world from all walks of life,' he added.

Asked why the aliens don't go to somebody 'important' like Barack Obama, he said: 'Well, certainly I can tell you that in 1954, President Eisenhower had three encounters, set up meetings with aliens, which took place at certain Air Force bases including Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico.'

Eisenhower, who was president from 1953 to 1961, is known to have had a strong belief in life on other planets.

The former five-star general in the United States Army who commanded the Allied Forces in Europe during the Second World War, was also keen on pushing the U.S. space programme.

His meeting with the cosmic life forms is said to have taken place while officials were told that he was on vacation in Palm Springs, California, in February 1954.

The initial meeting is supposed to have taken place with aliens who were 'Nordic' in appearance, but the agreement was eventually 'signed' with a race called 'Alien Greys.'

Mr. Good added: 'We know that up to 90 per cent of all UFO reports can be explained in conventional terms. However, I would say millions of people worldwide have actually seen the real thing.'

According to classified documents released by the Ministry of Defence in 2010, Winston Churchill may have ordered a UFO sighting to be kept secret.

The UFO was seen over the East Coast of England by an RAF reconnaissance plane returning from a mission in France or Germany towards the end of the war.

Churchill is said to have discussed how to deal with UFO sightings with Eisenhower.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/goodonike.html

source & references:


The Pleiades Enigma - By Leonard Farra
City of Nippur
Published: 12:06 PM 2/15/2012

At the turn of the 20th century, an archaeological team from the University of Pennsylvania was excavating the sanctuary of Sumeria’s chief god Enlil, in the city of Nippur, and after removing accumulated piles of rubble they made a sensational discovery of a vast horde of ancient tablets.

Little did they realise the deeper significance of their find for, although many of the tablets recorded day to day matters, others told an incredible story about events which reputedly occurred in the past. The scribes explained that, in the pre-deluge era, their people were visited by fifty beings, who they called the Annunaki, or Annanage - ‘The Shining Ones,’ and that they were first seen on the summit of a mountain above a place called Kharsag.

The tablets do not say that they were human, but as the Sumerians worshipped them as gods, and regarded them as a heavenly assembly, this, and other traditions linked with them, suggests that they were extraterrestrials who landed on this mountain after arriving from outer space.

Traditions relating to their leaders, under various names, spread to neighbouring countries, such as Babylon and Assyria, and over the years, throughout the Early World.

Hammurapi, who ruled Babylon somewhere between 1900 and 1704 b.c.e, was one of the greatest, and most well known, Babylonian rulers and, commencing from his dynasty onwards, the last month in his country’s calendar, later called Adar, was known as Arakh-Sibuti - the month of the ‘Seven Stars’, or Pleiades.

When this month ended the year, the new one began and, in the renewal rituals which followed, the priests read the Creation text which stated that, after the creation of man, the Annunaki built Babylon’s great temple the Esagali.

Throughout the Early World, people associated their god (or gods) with the Pleiades and these stars played a major role in many early religions. Apart from the Babylonian calendar, those of other people were also regulated by the Pleiades and they were universally linked with periodical renewal.

The Annunaki leaders were claimed to have taught the primitive people agriculture and this seems to be the reason why the Ancients linked these stars with the agricultural cycle and the civilisers of man. The Pleiades were frequently connected with the Creation and some people believed that they came from them and that they will return there when they die.

The Festival of the Dead, when departed souls were thought to return to Earth, was popular in many countries, such as amongst the Celts in Mexico and Peru, and it was celebrated around the 1st of November.

The Celts called it Samain, and it began with the rising of the Pleiades when the gates of the Otherworld were open and when new fires were lit. This festival was later adopted by the Church. It became observed around the Christian World as All Hallows and its now popularly celebrated as Halloween.

The early teachers decided that truth about the visit of the ‘sky-gods’ was too deep for the general public to understand and so they explained it with allegorical stories, and animal symbolism the deeper meaning of which was only taught to initiates.

Over the years, the original meaning of some of the animal symbolism was forgotten and the animals sometimes became objects of worship in themselves. This happened in Ancient Egypt where animal symbols were used to represent astral and religious traditions.

The Annunaki The serpent, a creature linked with the Annunaki, was associated with gods, and goddesses throughout the Early World and serpent worship continued into fairly recent times. In some European countries this custom was suppressed by the Church which proclaimed that various local saints had banned the creature from their lands.

The Ancients also used geometric symbolism in their star-god religion, and a form of concentric circle symbolism, which the Sumerians associated with an Annunaki leader, was carved on the rocks in many parts of the world including amongst the hundreds of mysterious designs in the Nazca Desert in Peru.

Various forms of architecture were used in the Middle Eastern version of the sky-god religion. This includes the structure of the Great Pyramid, in Egypt, which was built using sacred geometry. This famous pyramid was constructed by a local workforce, and not by extraterrestrials, as some suggest, and when it was built, 4,500 years ago, it was an integral part of the Egyptian religion.

Some early peoples added many more gods to their pantheons and so by the time of the Greeks and Romans, there were gods, or goddesses, covering most aspects of life. Some elements of the Middle Eastern sky-god religion, though, were adopted by Greece and Rome and they passed, through time to the Middle Ages where they influenced many legends.

The Mystic religions were also influenced by early Middle Eastern sky-god traditions and their inner secrets were taught to initiates who underwent a long period of training.

Astronomers, and scholars, generally agree that there may be life elsewhere in the Universe and that proof of this would be the greatest event in the history of man. So far as the Ancients are concerned, they all had traditions of the early visit to Earth, by extraterrestrials, thousands of years ago, and many native peoples are still awaiting their return.

Evidence of the star-god religion is all around us, but people have been so conditioned into accepting the established view of the early history of man that they cannot see it even though it’s staring them in the face.

It can be found in ancient religion and legends, mythology, the astronomical alignments of early religious structures, the mystic religions, numerology, early folk customs, star lore, early calendars etc.

Even in today’s world, the titles of certain famous films, and books, and the names of many commercial products, have been influenced by early sky-god traditions which were passed on by our ancestors over the years.

Leonard Farra

If any of you would like to read more about the subject above, see Mr. Farra's book,'The Pleiades Legacy' (The New World), at Blurb.com.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/pleiadesenigma.html

source & references:

submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

by Leonard Farra

Low-flying Helicopter Follows Red Light over Delaware
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:44 PM 2/17/2012

Middleton, Delaware - 02-15-12

I live near the C & D Canal, on the south side, just between Chesapeake City and the Summit Bridge (Rt 896).

Last night, I was working at my desk in my bedroom at around 8 PM, when my mother exclaimed that there was something really strange about the helicopter that just buzzed the house.

Now, we live only a few miles down the road from Summit Aviation, a small local airstrip, and Dover Air Force Base, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and Philadelphia International Airport are all in the region, so planes and helicopters flying over and near the house are not that uncommon.

Heck, on a typical night, I can usually look up into the sky and see blinking lights from at least a dozen airplanes flying somewhere high in the sky. So, I ignored her and kept working.

A few minutes later, the helicopter buzzed the house again, this time, only a couple hundred feet above the house. She ran to the window and told me to look.

At first, as I got up, I listened and thought, "This is a Coast Guard, HH65 Dolphin," but then I listened more closely, and decided the sound wasnt right; it was something else.

The helicopter flew by, and she asked me if I saw the red light in front of the helicopter. I said I didn't see anything. She described that roughly 4 to 8 helicopter-lengths in front of the helicopter, a glowing red light was visible.

Now, we have seen plenty of helicopters, and so we know about the red, green, and white navigation lights they have. But, she insisted that this wasn't one of those lights, and that it was away from the helicopter.

Well, a few minutes later, the helicopter returned in the opposite direction (each time it flew by, it was traveling roughly East or West, then turning around after it flew out of sight a few miles away).

This time it was a bit farther away, about a half-mile behind the house, at the tree-line near the canal. I couldn't see the red light she mentioned, but could definitely identify all the navigation lights on the helicopter. A few minutes later, the helicopter flew past again in the opposite direction.

This time, I did see what she was talking about. As she described, roughly 4-8 helicopter lengths in front of the helicopter, a small, glowing red light was visible. It seemed constant in illumination, size, and intensity.

It was definitely not part of the helicopter; not one of the navigation lights. It was not a spotlight, and no lights were being aimed at the ground (as if the helicopter was looking for something).

The red navigation light on the helicopter was blinking. My first thought was that the red light ahead might be from some sort of Near-Infrared sensor, or LIDAR or something, some instrument on the helicopter that was illuminating the area ahead of the helicopter.

But, this didn't make sense, after I thought some more. It was a cloudless night, so if a laser or some other light were being produced by the helicopter, there is no reason that a ball of red light would be visible at that distance in front of the helicopter, unless it were shining on something solid that was in front of the helicopter.

It was traveling perpendicular to our viewpoint, so it did not seem likely that any laser was being aimed directly at us by the helicopter. Maybe something was producing that light, that was in front of the helicopter?

I didn't know what it was, but I grabbed my camera and headed out to the back patio to see if I could take a picture on the next pass, if the helicopter came back. About 8 minutes later it came past again, but farther away again, near the canal, so I couldn't get a good picture.

I waited outside for another 15 minutes, but the helicopter never returned. It continued off to the East, roughly in the direction of the Summit Bridge.

About 10 minutes after I lost sight of it, I saw a dim white light moving in a non-linear path, miles away near the horizon near the bridge, but after 15 seconds of moving to the left, then a little up, then back right, then up, it vanished.

I noted that it was near the horizon, because the nearby shadows of the treeline were useful in noticing that it wasn't simply moving in a straight line like a plane would.

In total, my mother said it passed back and forth 8 times in the hour. We also could not think of a reason why at this time of night, a helicopter would make so many passes over the house, and some of them very low (less than 500 feet), in such a strange pattern, unless it was expressly following the red light.

We both felt very strange about the sighting. We see airplanes and helicopters all the time, but this was strange, and we had never seen an aircraft apparently following a red light.

The following day (this morning), my mother talked with one of her co-workers, who had also noticed 3 helicopters in the vicinity, at roughly the same time of night, while driving her children home from a child's birthday party.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/middletonde021512.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

Brother/Sister Witness UFO over Meridian, Mississippi
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:08 AM 2/10/2012

Meridian, Mississippi - 12-24-11

My sister and I were coming back from town at 5:33 PM, December 24, 2011 we were just sitting in the car talking.

Every time I’m out at night I always look out for UFOs because I am a strong believer in those types of things.

Then I see an object from afar that doesn’t have the color patterns a normal plane has, so I asked her if it was a UFO and she said, "I don’t know, but keep watching it," so I did.

As we got closer, I kept getting the feeling that it wasn’t a plane. We just basically were riding along with it for maybe 5 minutes.

My sister was driving and trying to watch the object at the same time. So she was swerving in the road and I took my eyes off the craft for 2 seconds to make sure we weren’t going to crash, and it had changed shape; it now had red and white lights along the edge instead of green ones.

As soon as that happened my sister started crying and saying a few curse words, and I felt completely nauseous and scared.

Then the craft picks up speed and turns left, and by this time it was pretty much right above us, but a little more to the left like over this empty field along that road.

It was hovering, and underneath it were three bright, rectangular white lights.

Since it was hovering we drove past it then we quickly turned around on the nearest road and within two minutes the craft was gone.

I have no idea how, since it was hovering when we passed it and the sky was very clear that night.

Then at midnight the next morning I woke up vomiting. Also three nights before witnessing the object I had a dream about witnessing one.

And I would love to know if it was a coincidence or not.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/meridianms122411.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

Unknown Object with 4 Lights Observed over Virginia
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:31 PM 2/14/2012

Charlottesville, Virginia - 02-13-12

I wish I had video of this because I know I am not crazy and I know what a helicopter sounds like and this thing made no noise at all.

I was traveling south on 29 on 2/13/2012 at approx. 9:30 pm; may have been later I wasn’t paying attention to the clock when 4 bright lights caught my attention in the sky.

The airport is less than 1 1/2 miles from where this occurred, so at first I thought it was a helicopter but it didn’t make sense to me. The object was hovering over the power line right of way on the northbound side of 29 about 1/2 mile from Proffit Rd.

I was intrigued so I pulled over into Airport Motors to watch this thing. I rolled my window down to listen, but the only noise I heard was traffic and my engine.

At the distance I was from whatever it was, there was no sound at all.

This thing was just over treetop level; I would guess less than 500 ft. for sure and less than 1500 ft. from me. I did notice it turn and move from its position towards the airport.

I lost sight of it after its turn, I didn’t see the lights anymore and I didn’t witness a high speed acceleration I don’t think.

I looked and just didn’t see it.

I saw a plane traveling south of the position to the front of my truck, just after I lost sight of the object. I can’t tell you what the fuselage was shaped like because the lights were bright and I couldn’t make it out.

I realized it turned because the lights shifted position and moved off. I don’t know what it was maybe you guys can have better luck than me.

If it was a UFO maybe the airport radar caught it, like I said the airport is less than 2 miles from where this happened.

If it was a helicopter it was like nothing I have seen because it made no sound at all.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/charlottesvilleva021312.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

Archived Case of the Week

The 1976 The Tehran, Iran UFO - F-4 Incident
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:27 AM 2/01/2005

An extremely compelling case of an invading UFO occurred in Tehran, Iran in September of 1976. On the 19th, the Air Force of Iran began receiving calls from local citizens reporting an unusual, unidentifiable object in the skies.

The Air Force duty officer called the Assistant Deputy Commnder of Operations informing him of the situation, and asking for guidance in how to handle the situation. He knew there were no planes flying at the time that could account for the strange reports.

At first Yousefit thought the edgy citizens were seeing just stars or the planet Venus, but after even more inquiries, he decided to look for himself.

As he checked out the unknown object, he knew immediately that it was no star. It was much larger and brighter. He made the decision to scramble an F-4 jet from Shahrokhi Air Force Base to get a closer look at the unusual object. The plane left the runway at approximately 1:30 AM to intercept the UFO.

The plane sped toward the large, bright unknown which lay some 70 miles north of them. About half-way there, the plane began to experience communication problems.

Instrumentation was also faulty, so the pilot dropped off course, heading back to Shahrokhi. As the F-4 changed course, instrumentation and communication was suddenly restored.

Had the UFO compromised the plane's functions as it approached, and then allowed them again as the plane dropped from its course?

Another F-4 left the air base, attempting to identify the UFO. As the second jet approached the UFO, they made radar contact. Crew members stated that the size of the radar return was similar to that of a 707 jet. The actual size of the object was impossible to determine visually because of the brilliance of the glowing object.

The jet drew nearer to the UFO.

For a time, the F-4 bridged the distance between itself and the UFO, but even flying above Mach 1, the UFO suddenly shot away from the F-4. This incredible burst of speed was confirmed by the plane's radar and also visually.

The pilot of the F-4 was not able to gain any ground on the UFO, but managed to pace it as they sped through the skies.

The crew of the plane would later say that the UFO had strobing lights arranged rectangularly. The lights alternated from red, blue, green, and orange in color. The plane's crew was astonished to see another, smaller object emerge from the large UFO. The plane and UFO were now flying south of Tehran.

The smaller object made a bee-line to the F-4 moving at incredible speeds.

Fearing for their very lives, the pilot aimed an AIM-9 missie at the approaching object, but just as he did, the weapons control panel went off line, and he lost all communication. The only course of action left was to dive to try to avoid a collision with the approaching UFO or weapon.

The approaching object followed the plane into its dive briefly, but then tailed off, and returned to the larger UFO. All functions were again on line as the UFO left the jet behind.

There was never an explanation for what two F-4 jets chased over the skies of Tehran.

The crew members stated that the UFO moved at incredible speeds and had the ability to disable the plane's instrumentation. This is one of the best documented UFO / Plane chases on record.

(written by B J Booth)

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permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/tehraniran.html

source & references:

Clear Intent, 82-85, Barry Greenwood and Lawrence Fawcett

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