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UFO Magazine Issue # 347, Issue date, 02-23-09

People Have Different Perspectives When it Comes to UFOs
UFO Depiction
Published: February 16, 2009

Letter to the Editor

My name is Kelley Folsom. I would like to respond to an article written by Robert Paul Reyes, UK Conservative Party Leader David Cameron: I Will Share Info About UFOs regarding David Cameron's statement that if he were to become Prime Minister he would share information about UFOs.

It seems that Robert has taken the position that the topic of UFOs is completely ridiculous and should be disregarded as anything but the desperate imaginings of ignorant people. I'd like to offer a different perspective. He said that it seems to him that there are more UFO reports recently because of the current economic difficulties people are going through and that UFOs are a source of emotional comfort and distraction.

Let me tell you from first hand experience, if I'm in need of emotional comfort, the thought of UFOs showing up in my yard is probably one of the last things that would come to my mind.

Also, he stated that the topic of UFOs is 'nonsense'. Well, I can respect that position coming from someone who has never experienced seeing a UFO or worse. But, unless he was actually there when these other people saw the UFOs, and he saw something different from what these other people were seeing, he really can't be certain that this is all 'nonsense'.

I mean, I certainly would feel very relieved is he's right. But, he can't offer any more proof that there weren't any UFOs really there any more than the reporters can offer proof that there were, unless they have photo or video footage, which still isn't really proof, only evidence.

I think people need to be careful about coming to absolute conclusions on this topic unless they've really examined the evidence. I can tell you from experience, I've spent the last 14 years trying to convince myself that this has all been just my imagination. But, the more I've researched it, there's just no denying that something is going on.

I've had experiences that I've told NO ONE about, only to find several other people's stories, whom I've never met, be just like mine. I have family members who are NOT interested in this phenomena whatsoever, have the same experiences I've had.

I'd give anything to be REALLY convinced that this isn't happening, but I am now really convinced that it is. And what really worries me is that the people who can maybe do something about it are ignoring it because of what it would cost them politically.

Well, what is it going to cost us if we keep sticking our heads in the sand? And for those who are operating under the belief that "they" are here to 'help us', again, I respect your right to your opinion, but I invite you to also really examine the evidence. I believe this issue is of the upmost importance, and I'm relieved to hear that finally there are political leaders who are willing to take the reports seriously.

As our own history has shown, anytime a more advanced civilization has shown up, the less advanced societies generally suffer under oppression. I believe it's time to take this topic out of the category of supernatural and look at it for what it truly is, the preservation of our liberties, our freedoms, and the sovereign leadership of our planet.

Kelley Folsom

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MISIDENTIFICATION: The Rosario, Argentina Beam-Firing UFO
UFO Depiction
By Silvia Perez Simondini

(Posted to the www.visionovni.com.ar website)

As the public is well aware, many people in Rosario were shaken by the sighting of a UFO that engaged in zigzagging, up-and-down movements with intermittent lights as it traveled on the night of January 30 into the morning of the 31st.

Many witnesses reported seeing two or three objects that same night.

Vision Ovni took down the eyewitness reports and began its investigation, accompanied by a series of sightings made in other parts of the world showing observations made in various parts of the world, displaying video images with one, four and five objects producing the same phenomenon visible in the Rosario case.

We commenced our research in Rosario by interviewing witnesses, a detailed task carried out by Elias Kolev; witnesses in the area and outlying regions were surveyed. Meanwhile, Vision Ovni’s website and blog continue to receive videos and accounts of the events. We also received explanations from the parties making the claims. Four working hypotheses were confected out of all this material.

Hypothesis One: Static Aerial Promotion by the Alto Rosario Shopping Center This hypothesis was dismissed after making calls to the Alto Rosario shopping center, whose management denied the existence of any aerial promotion campaign over its facilities. On the other hand, consultations were made with the Fisherton Control Tower, as it is the regulating body that authorizes such displays.

Hypothesis Two: Nocturnal Flights by Light-Equipped kites On this occasion, using information posted by an anonymous user to Vision Ovni’s blog at Clarin, we found the Rosario Vuela organization, which flies these kites. This group is a gathering of friends who are passionate about this hobby. Upon learning of its existence, Andrea Perez Simondini contacted them immediately, addressing an e-mail to Guillermo Percoco, the groups web manager. In its reply, the aforementioned group assumed responsibility for the event. The details are provided below:

Mail from Andrea:

Hello Guillermo:

You have a lovely web page.

As you can see from the subject, I’m a member of the Vision Ovni team and as you can imagine, I’m writing about the sighting on the evening of the 30th-morning of the 31st. As many witnesses have reported that the movement of the reported object resembled that of a kite, and with the authorities at Fisherton reporting that no permit for kite contest or practice had been issued, nor for any aerial publicity, I wanted confirmation from your organization if you did indeed perform maneuvers with the kites, as this is the last source we need to verify.

If this is true, I would like a letter from you confirming your organization’s event to declare the matter closed. If not true, I think it’ll be a long time before we learn the real causes of the event. I wanted to advise you that next week we’ll be holding a press conference due to the number of witnesses to the event and we would like to bring this mystery to an end. It would be a good thing for you to send me photos of your maneuvers so that people will have a record of it.

I’m requesting your authorization to mention your group as being responsible for the episode or not, so that people will be clear about it, one way or another. If it was indeed your group, you mobilized a lot of people and caused us to make expenses that we can’t always cover.

I hope you receive this message in the understanding that while UFO research may be a lark to some, there are others who take it earnestly, in the same way that you engage in your hobby.

I eagerly await your reply.


Andrea Perez Simondini

Vision OVNI

Reply Received:

Hi Andrea, thanks for writing (e-mail cc’d to visionovni@hotmail.com). We were in fact preparing a note for publication on our page, which you can read here: http://www.rosariovuela.com.ar/?p=82

What you call a UFO was INDEED US. It was a light-emitting kite. The report on the page gives you extensive details as to how this was done. I’d like to clarify a few things in this regard:

1) IT WASN’T a prank. It was an activity we engage in regularly and is called nocturnal kite flying. We aren’t’ the only ones doing it; it’s done in many parts of the world (YouTube: kite night led, there are even a few links posted in a comment to your blog)

2) We are NOT an institution or organization. We are simply a group of friends who get together to fly kites, like any other group of friends meeting to play soccer, fly radio-controlled planes, etc. (for this reason we are unable to send you an institutional letter or anything similar)

3) The kites are small, not large like I’ve seen some people say (the one we use is 1 meter wide by one meter tall)

4) It wasn’t any kind of promotional campaign. We do not profit in any way from the groups activities. We don’t charge to have people see, don’t charge admission or to test our kites, or anything like it.

5) The shopping center had absolutely NOTHING to do with it (several radio stations wanted to phone the public relations people to inquire, etc.)

And what’s most important: AT NO TIME DID WE INTEND TO MOCK ANYONE, OR CAUSE FEAR, PANIC, ETC. among people. It wasn’t a joke. It was a field test to corroborate that the 2007 video was indeed a recording of one of our kites. It was done at night for obvious reasons. It was done over the shopping center because we fly at Scalabrini’s and it turned out that the wind was blowing in that direction. It was done twice because we did not find what we were looking for, and because night flying is something we do often in the summer. It just never happened that so many people would see it.

We have photos taken with the rest of the people, but the person who took them still can’t publish them. Therefore they’re not in the article, probably when conditions are back to normal (his electricity still hasn’t been restored).

With regard to your blog’s comment about us being concealed, it is COMPLETELY UNTRUE, as you’ll read in the article. We were in a park, in a well-lit sector, with our families, cars, bags, etc. My apologies for not making a longer reply, but I had a very long night on account of the storm and I’m very tired. However, I want you to know that I’m at your disposal for further replies and/or to show you how it’s done. But I’m listening to your radio show and wanted this to reach you as soon as possible.

As those of us at Vision Ovni tend to say, sometimes humorously and sometimes in earnest, those who seek shall find. As you can see, Rosario Vuela becomes responsible for the episode that caused hundreds of people to pull over in the vicinity of the shopping center.

To Vision Ovni, this case has been closed, but there are still loose ends to deal with:

What caused an optical effect with the beam’s emission-- which according to the parties responsible was attributable to an optical distortion in camera lens – when we have witnesses who saw the beam without optic elements.

The number of objects. Rosario Vuela explains that people saw two objects due to the LED dangling from the bottom of the kid. There are witnesses who report seeing 2 and 3 objects that night.

Reports of the traffic lights suspended in red, rather than intermittent (yellow) at the time of the manifestation have yet to be explained. There are witnesses who state that this indeed happened and from the investigation undertaken by Elias Kolev with Traffic Control, we know that traffic lights should have operated normally that day. The effect on cellphones we attribute to a lack of battery power when the need to photograph or record arose.

Finally this case would explain the beam-emission phenomenon seen in recordings from England, Germany, Russia, Mexico and Costa Rica and the 2007 Rosario event: not on account of the kite soaring, but due to optical defects in the lenses of the cellphones making the recordings.

An agreement was reached with the Rosario Vuela group to perform a field test aimed at recreating the phenomenon observed in the Alto Rosario shopping center under the same conditions, in order to provide a practical demonstration to those who were startled by phenomenon.

Finally, this case was a lesson to all of us. It teaches us how much further we must go to perfect our fieldwork. And to Rosario Vuela too, because I’m certain that they will inform the public during their next field maneuver so that no person will have doubts about the maneuvers, and to people who have been motivated for the first time ever to state their observations in public.

They cannot imagine the importance that this has to those of us who research the UFO phenomenon, as the main component in any case is the witness, and it is for the witnesses, and their commitment to reporting what they saw, the we sought the ultimate possibility and found it, even if no UFO was involved in this event.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU)

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UFO Contactee's Failed Lie Detector Test a "Set-Up"
Romanek's Alien in the Window
February 13, 11:25 AM

by Jeff Peckman, Denver UFO Examiner

The lie detector test "failed" by UFO contactee Stan Romanek was a "set-up", according to a University of Colorado student majoring in business.

The student has informed Coast to Coast AM, which paid for the test, that the lie detector examiner bragged about his tactics to discredit Romanek, during a meeting at a coffee shop with the student.

Romanek’s controversial “alien in the window video” was a primary focus of the questioning. A still photo from the video became a global news and Internet sensation on May 30, 2008 when the video was shown at a press conference in Denver, Colorado.

The media event was organized by the EXTRA Campaign to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission.

The authenticity of the video and still photo have been hotly debated. The announcement by George Noory, of Coast to Coast AM, that Romanek failed the lie detector test, was seen by some as a blow to Romanek's credibility. The controversy continued despite the common knowledge that such tests are unreliable and are not generally accepted as evidence in a court of law.

In an e-mail to Coast to Coast AM, the student said:

“Coast to Coast -- My name is Brent, I go to school at CU Boulder Colorado. A few months back I listened to one of your shows about a guy named Stan Romanek, who you guys had take a lie detector test. Through a friend I was able to meet the person involved in administering the actual test to Stan at a coffee shop.

Fascinated I started asking questions. After an hour or so of talking to this guy I realized it was a total setup. It was apparent that this guy is religious fanatic! The more we talked the more he revealed, Stan never had a chance from the beginning.

This guy told me that he would repeat the same question over and over until he found a questionable response to use. He told me that he wouldn't let them film him just in case and that he had a 'moral obligation to stop the blasphemer', as he put it!

He then told me it took him nine tries before he found one he could use against Stan. By the time I was finished talking to this nut I wanted to hit him, there is no justice in this world!

I truly hope Coast to Coast had nothing to do with this I am contacting the Lie Detector Board to report this guy I am also going to see about putting this in the college newspaper. Either Coast to Coast is the perpetrator of this set up or you guys didn't know.

Either way, someone needs to make this right! I am forwarding this email to others including Stan, if I can find his email address!”

There is no indication that George Noory, of Coast to Coast AM, had any foreknowledge of the personal motivation of the test examiner who was allegedly intent on discrediting Stan Romanek.

If claims of the CU student prove true, it could thrust the Romanek story back into the spotlight of discussions about disclosure of UFOs and visitations to Earth by extraterrestrial intelligent beings. It could also strengthen claims by UK hacker Gary McKinnon of finding UFO photos in NASA files.

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A Different Look at a Life Long Abductee–Less Hollywood, More Reality
UFO Depiction
I have spent a great deal of time talking to and writing the story of a woman who has trusted me to tell her extraordinary life of on going Paranormal experiences. Since early childhood this woman has been taken by other beings as an experiment, some type of project, or for reasons none of us can understand.

She feels that telling her ordeal with her lifelong encounters and extreme experiences will help bring others like her to the forefront.

This woman’s life events are not glamorous or filled with elaborate Aliens of grays and blue who leave her with god-like messages for all to benefit from. This woman’s story is more simple and startling. It is a straightforward account of how her life has been interfered with, without glory or want of attention.

It took me years to convince her to tell her story. I agreed to protect her and her family. I also agreed to tell it as she tells me without fluff or fancy added. I will tell her story one article at a time.

I may not write them in chapter or order, but as she tells her story to me. I think she is extremely interesting and will do my best to bring her world into ours... Lets start at the beginning

The life of Diane-Not Like the Other Kids! The Start of a Paranormal Life

I have been questioned about when I first knew my life was a bit different. I thought about this for a long time. I do not have a smooth linked recall of my childhood. I do know it was not like other childhoods. I will tell you what I can remember.

The earliest event I recall was when I was age three or four. It was a memory of being placed back. That is the best way I can explain it. I was in a small forest. I was gathering pine cones with my mother. I became separated from her. I recall her screaming my name and the sensation of being placed down.

I can remember looking up at a funnel or tunnel, but do not know what I was looking at. I recall my mother lifting me. She was running towards the road screaming for help with me held closely to her. I recall the pounding of her heart and how terrified she was, that is all I recall.

The memories of my life that I am fully aware of began when I was five years old. We moved away from the house where the pine cone forest was located. We were in a new house located in Huntington, New York, on Long Island. I was on a street of new houses filled with lots of children. I was a happy little kid. I played all day, went to kindergarten, and lived the typical life of a five year old, until nighttime.

Bedtime during this time in my life was hell. My parents talked about it being night terrors, and were determined to simply “Wait it out”. I knew it was a far bigger problem, but at age five, all you have is your family to depend on. If they think nothing is wrong, there is little a small child can do, but wait it out!

It would start once the house was silent and my family asleep. I would wake up to bright, neon, ticket tape symbols crossing the border of my room where the ceiling and wall meet. This display would play bright colored letters, numbers and images of toys and childlike interests, bikes, games etc.

After a few minutes the symbols would start. Odd shaped lines and writing which looked very ancient. I did not know what they were or why I was seeing this. This would go on, around all four walls of my room until it changed over to events.

War like scenes, pictures of the earth, frightening things. At this point I would jump out of my bed and go screaming in terror in to my parents room.

I would chalk all of this off to childhood nightmares or night terrors, except for one thing. It went on every single night, until I was seven. The same exact things, the same images, the same exact ordeal night after night.

My parents took me to a doctor. He told them I was fine and just a bright child with an active imagination. I was becoming exhausted from lack of sleep and confused at this bizarre nightly routine. During this time my parents moved. We moved often during those years.

We moved to a beautiful town on the south shore of Long Island on a gorgeous river. I had tons of friends and truly loved my new home. Now in the second grade I was able to express myself a great deal better. A change in my nightly horror was developing as well.

Now, when I went to sleep at night, the interference into my night was less. Now I would only see a few recurring images repeated in my sleep. This was combined with a weekly recurring dream of many people I loved dying, along with a display of world events that later during my life would come to pass.

It was better than before but still very disturbing as my nights continued to be a time of turmoil, exhaustion and screaming for my family during the long terrifying hours of my bedtime.

During the second grade I started to make a strange symbol on the bottom of my work pages in school. I was not aware I was doing it. My teacher called me to her desk one day and asked me about it. I recognized it as one of the symbols I saw at night, and frankly was shocked I was drawing it on my papers. I was told to stop and of course I said I would.

A few weeks later my teacher called my parents to tell them I was still writing this strange symbol on all my school work and would not stop. I did not recall doing it. I was very upset and frightened, as I honestly did not remember placing this mark on my papers.

It continued. I was punished for it in school and at home, but did not know how to make it stop. Thankfully summer came and this symbol situation ended.

The next few years must have been uneventful, as I do not remember much about them. The only thing I can recall is this is when I started to understand if a person was good or evil by one glance. I would tell my mother daily who were the good and bad people around us.

My mother found this odd on one hand, but later I found out she also paid close attention to the warnings of her strange little girl.

I was 10 when things picked up for me paranormal wise. I was older and allowed more freedom. The kids in this river community ran in packs and played along the banks of the river and surrounding beautiful countryside. I would pack a lunch on a summers day and leave in the morning on my bike and not return till dinnertime.

We rowed our small rowboats in the river, we fished, swam, played ball in the fields, and explored the woods. It was a great life. I was just a regular kid having a wonderful time. Except for the time issues and pain problems.

At age ten I started to realize that I would get home at days end much later than I thought. I kept arriving home at dinnertime when I thought it was only 4 or so in the afternoon. I had a watch, which really confused me as often, not always, but a few times a month.

I would head home at 4 pm and arrive home at 6 pm. I kept telling my mother I would start for home at 4 but she would only accuse me of being irresponsible, playing along the river too long and yell at me. I knew I left for home, a 5-minute bike ride home at 4 and not get there till 6. I had no explanation other then the fact I was 10 years old!

Having raised children of my own, I now know the next memory I have of this time in my life was extremely odd. I would notice during the days I got home late, that I would also end up laying on the living room floor, after dinner, crying about the severe pain in my back and legs.

I can recall the pain like it was yesterday. It was just awful. I would beg my mother to do something. She would give me a aspirin and fix me a hot tub to soak in. I would go through this until I was about 12.

My parents told me it was growing pains. I remember asking my best pal George one day how he tolerated those growing pains? He looked at me blankly and said, “what growing pains?”

When I reported this response to my parents they responded by giving me more milk and cheese and making me go to bed earlier.

This summer was a strange summer. It was the summer my river community had a UFO sighting by a group of adults at one of the town’s docks. It was a strange summer and one I often think about as my life unfolded and more mystery was added year by year.

At this point things did settle down for a few years. My memories seemed to be normal, however, the leg and back pain continued with my coming home late until I was 11.

I wonder about those years and wish I understood more of what was happening around and to me. I know my 12th year was calm and rather pain free. I was becoming a young woman and things would soon change on many levels as I entered into a new phase of life.

This also was a turning point for me not only from child to young woman but also a step up with my lifetime involvement with the paranormal. Right now I will leave you with one thought. If your child tells you something is happening, do not disregard them.

If your child claims something to be true do not accuse them of lying until you find the truth. And lastly, if your child is in pain, listen to them and take them to a doctor. Children should not cry in pain, not from growing.

Mostly and foremost if anyone you love, especially a child loses time, do not dismiss him or her. Do all you can to find out what is happening to them during those lost hours. It may be the most important thing you could ever do for that person.

I will continue to write more about this life long abduction case during the next few months. It has been this woman’s lifelong burden to deal with the strange interference of others taking and interrupting her life. This woman has suffered enormously as a result of this ongoing mystery of evasion into her life.

WritingThis is the actual symbol this woman has been driven to copy over and over for nearly 50 years in a compulsion starting when she was a very small child.

She has asked me to include this in my article in hopes someone out there will recognize what it is. If you have seen this before please contact me at chrishollyufo@yahoo.com

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World into the Endless Journey




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Galaxy has 'Billions of Earths'
Planet Depiction
The number of stars points to there being many rocky planets There could be one hundred billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy, a US conference has heard.

Dr Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution of Science said many of these worlds could be inhabited by simple lifeforms. He was speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago.

So far, telescopes have been able to detect just over 300 planets outside our Solar System.

Very few of these would be capable of supporting life, however. Most are gas giants like our Jupiter, and many orbit so close to their parent stars that any microbes would have to survive roasting temperatures.

But, based on the limited numbers of planets found so far, Dr Boss has estimated that each Sun-like star has on average one "Earth-like" planet.

This simple calculation means there would be huge numbers capable of supporting life.

"Not only are they probably habitable but they probably are also going to be inhabited," Dr Boss told BBC News. "But I think that most likely the nearby 'Earths' are going to be inhabited with things which are perhaps more common to what Earth was like three or four billion years ago." That means bacterial lifeforms.

Dr Boss estimates that Nasa's Kepler mission, due for launch in March, should begin finding some of these Earth-like planets within the next few years.

Recent work at Edinburgh University tried to quantify how many intelligent civilisations might be out there. The research suggested there could be thousands of them.

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The Man Who Shot an Alien
UFO Depiction
One harsh November evening in 1961, Paul Miller and three buddies were on the way home after a hunting trip close to Minot, North Dakota. Suddenly, something they described as a “glowing silo” landed on a nearby field.

They first believed that it was an airplane that had crash landed, but they were forced to change their minds when the object suddenly disappeared. But when the four decided to drive away, the object reappeared and two humanoids stepped out of the craft.

Miller, who was struck by panic, shot one of the beings, apparently injuring it. The second being fled. On the way home, Miller and his team had a “blackout” and lost track of three hours. They then decided not to tell the story to anyone.

The next day when Miller arrived to his office (at the Air Force), he was visited by three men wearing black suits. They said that they were from the government and they began asking questions about his encounter and Miller later recalled “that it seemed that they knew everything about me, and they probably already knew my answers”.

Instead it seemed that they were more interested in what clothes Miller had worn at the time of the encounter and the men followed Miller home to take a look at them. The men made such a threatening impression on Miller that he didn't dare to tell his story in years.

Sent by Alexander Gottfridsson


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original source: The Unexplained – An Alien World, Orbs Publishing, London – 1980.1983


(last update, 02-21-09)

See Great Britain UFO sighting reports from our friends at Grantham Today, UFO Sightings

Maryland-Bright Light
02-17-09-My sister was outside in the front of our house and texted me to come outside. When I did, she pointed in the sky to a bright light that was moving very slowly to the right. It also had a blinking light on it.

After we ruled out that it was an airplane or a star or anything of that nature , I called a friend that lived about 15 minutes away and told him to go outside and look at the sky to see if he saw this object in the sky.

He confirmed that he did. After that my sister and I watched it for about 10 minutes, then I went inside to get my camera, when I came back out it was gone. source: www.mufon.com

New Hampshire-White-Grey Object
01-26-09-Driving up Rt 16 passing through Rochester on way to North Conway, my wife was on the phone with her mother, also driving the car. I was in the passenger seat. When around 10 pm, we both noticed a white grey orb like sphere, come over the left side of the top of trees, and heading toward our car, and down to over our roof as if it was going to crash into us. (kind of like if someone was throwing a snow ball at us from over a hill).

My wife screamed to her mom saying "What was that?" While I was looking around to see if I could follow it, but the road was dark and trees on both sides, I don't know where it went or what it was. It came as close to the windshield to see it really good, almost hitting it. source: www.mufon.com

Texas-Dog Bone-Shaped Object
2007-My name is Jeff C. I live in Hamlin, Texas. I am a 21 year veteran of the US Postal Service.

On or about the first week of October 2007, at about 10 PM, I heard and felt a very loud roaring sound. I went out and looked up to see what looked like a dog bone, 2 very bright lights bigger than a star, several hundred yards apart but seemingly connected by a structure traveling extremely fast accompanied by 2 military jets, one to the left and one behind it.

They were the sound makers, the object seemed silent. I watched as it traveled well above the high clouds, and went out of sight in about 2 minutes traveling NW to SE.

I expected a sonic boom, but none came. I thought the speed to be around 1200 mph.

I live about 5 miles out of town so the noise and vibration were easily felt and heard. I have never seen anything like this. The 2 lights were very bright and were rigidly spaced as they traveled so fast and something was around them blocking out sky, like a stereotypical dog bone.

I have related this experience to family, co-workers, and strangers. It was kind of like the first time I saw a real jaguar, it was just there, I didn't know what it was at first. It was a big cat.This thing was a big and fast. source: Jeff C. www.ufocasebook.com

Virginia-Strange Light
02-16-09-I was hanging with friends when suddenly I looked up and saw strange lights in the sky. I screamed UFO! at first kidding around, but then my friend is looking at the same lights and it looked like a disc-shaped object.

It was moving pretty fast for a aircraft and it zig-zagged a lot. It was in the sky for about 5 minutes and disappeared. A lot of aircraft were flying pretty low that night which was unusual because I never see planes really flying my area.

It reappeared about 5 minutes after it disappeared. It then again was zig-zagging around the sky and it disappeared. I was in shock the whole time because I was amazed of what I was seeing. source: www.mufon.com

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