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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 601, Issue date, 02-24-14

Farrakhan Begs for Big UFO Reveal: 'President Barack Obama... Open Up Area 51'
Minister Louis Farrakhan
Published: 4:55 AM 2/22/2014

Billy Hallowell

During the final installment of his year-long sermon series “Time and What Must Be Done,” The Minister Louis Farrakhan called on President Barack Obama to “open up Area 51,” a government location known for sparking conspiracy theories surrounding aliens and UFO landings.

“President Barack Obama, call the scientists. Open up Area 51 to the scientists to the world, because you America are the leader that Allah God has raised and made you powerful that he might make himself known through you,” Farrakhan said.

“And if America calls the scientists of the earth to such place, they will respond.”

The Nation of Islam leader said that calling “the scientists” to the location would “show them the sign of the presence of God to right the wrongs of the earth and heal it.”

Louis Farrakhan speaks to a group of students from Macon County high schools and Tuskegee University at the Tuskegee campus in Tuskegee, Ala. on Friday March 22, 2013. Farrakhan's visit is part of his ongoing series of speeches at historically black universities. He spoke last April at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville. Credit: AP

Farrakhan maintained that Obama would place the “shadow government” — a coalition that is purportedly “controlled by the global elite” and has seemingly veiled Area 51 and UFOs in secrecy — in danger of being exposed if he complies.

The faith leader believes that this secretive government force has hidden the presence of UFOs from American presidents and the public alike for decades. This includes The Mother Wheel, a massive spaceship that he believes remains in orbit and will eventually rescue Nation of Islam adherents from earth.

“The scientists all over the earth will know, especially through the clarity of our voice and what they see that God is present and that we whom they have destroyed would not have this knowledge if it did not come from the highest of sources,” Farrakhan continued.

“We believe our words that we have shared on the presence of the Wheel could help the president and America to avert Allah’s warning of chastisement and destruction if America does not bow down.”

Farrakhan said that this “shadow government,” which his outlet, Final Call, recently described in detail, could lead to the destruction of America if the truth is contained. So by opening up Area 51, he seemingly believes that this chaos can be averted.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/farrakhan-says-open-area-51.html

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Reader Captures Triangle Shaped Object in Oklahoma
Published: 5:03 AM 2/22/2014

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The attached is a picture I took of my house on 2/20/14 between 5:30-6:00 pm. I live in northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I was taking the picture of damage to my roof and when I downloaded it from my cell phone I noticed the object in the picture.

I took several pictures before and after this one and the object was not in those.

I just wanted your opinion of what I'm seeing in the picture. It was clear and sunny yesterday and I did not hear any unusual noise like airplanes etc, nor did I smell anything.

Like I said, I was focusing on the damage of my roof and didn't even notice the object while I was taking the picture.

Camera - Samsung SGH-T399


(click on image for full size)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/oklahoma-city-tri-photo.html

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submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

Bright UFO Reported over Ontario, Canada
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:22 AM 2/17/2014

Ontario, Canada - 02-15-14

Lying in my bed I looked up to the window. I noticed a slow moving very bright object that was not there 30 minutes prior when I last looked out.

I texted my brother right away to confirm whether this could be a UFO. He called me and we tracked it together over the phone.

He lives in Halton Hills and could see it from there too in the distance and we confirmed the same movements. He had friends with him who also confirmed seeing it.

It alternated between hovering then moved left, right and zigzagged between the two, but always going towards the west (other than the stationary hovering portions).

I noticed it at 11:30 in lying position, within another 30 minutes I had to get up from bed to see it as it kept moving towards the west.

It’s now 12:45 and I can still see it, although it will soon be above my house and it will not be visible until (and if) it moves far enough west I can see it from another window in my house.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/bright-ufo-spotted-ontario-canada.html

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graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

25 Years Ago, Tourists Descended on Tiny Alabama Town
UFO Alabama
Published: 5:21 AM 2/20/2014

Kelly Kazek | kkazek@al.com

“FYFFE, Alabama – The prospect of seeing a UFO lured more than 4,000 people to this town of 1,300 in northeast Alabama Friday night, but for all the hoopla no unidentified flying objects were sighted. Visibility was difficult because of clouds and light rain.

Fyffe got on the UFO circuit Feb. 10, when a woman reported seeing a strange light in the sky and the police later reported seeing a large lighted object passing silently over them. Numerous other sightings have been reported since then.” – New York Times, March 6, 1989

Twenty-five years ago last week, the tiny DeKalb County town of Fyffe, Ala., became the center of national attention.

On Friday, Feb. 11, 1989, the first call was made to the Fyffe Police Department. A woman reported seeing a strange object in the sky. By the end of Feb. 12, more than 50 residents had reported seeing the strange objects, including the town’s police chief and his assistant.

The object was described by a witness as hovering “at an angle from 1 o’clock to 7 o'clock with bright lights at the top and bottom. The curvature was outlined in green with "a real bright light in the center.”

Fyffe Police Chief Charles “Junior” Garmany and Assistant Police Chief Fred Works responded to the initial call and soon saw something in the sky.

Garmany and Works were driving along DeKalb County Road 43 but stopped and stepped out of the car when they saw an object in the sky that was “bigger than a jumbo jet” and silent. They described it as metallic and triangular shaped.

According to DeKalbLandmarks.org, Works told a reporter: “The object came on over and got straight overhead. It was big, wide and appeared to be a wide triangular shape. We kept waiting to hear the sound. We kept looking at each other and saying, ‘Where's the sound?’ We never heard anything.”

What I saw the first time was like nothing I ever saw before. It was not a helicopter, it was not a plane. Not a sound.

Garmany added: “What I saw the first time was like nothing I ever saw before. It was not a helicopter, it was not a plane. Not a sound.”

A week later, Works told the Associated Press: “I’m not saying what I saw was a flying saucer but what really got to me was the lack of sound.”

Other law officers who reported seeing something strange in the sky included a Crossville Police officer, the Geraldine Police chief and a state trooper, AP reported.

Over the next few days as many as 4,000 tourists and more than 100 news organizations converged on Fyffe. After a witness described the craft as banana shaped, an entrepreneur began selling T-shirts with a banana-shaped object on the front with the words: “I Survived the Fyffe UFO.”

For a while, residents of Fyffe enjoyed the notoriety but soon the tourists and jokes grew tiresome, as The Tuscaloosa News reported Feb. 17, 1989, under the headline “Fyffe police chief, aide tired of UFO jokes.”

Works said in the article: “I walked into the grill the other day for lunch and there sat a reporter. I never even got to eat. I came on back to the office and there sat reporters from a TV station. Right now, I’m two wreck reports behind.”

After a few years, however, the town realized the lure of its history and began hosting the Fyffe UFO Days Festival each August, featuring hot air balloons, arts and crafts, games, a street dance, live entertainment and more.

Junior Garmany went on to run the Shop and Go store in Fyffe and later ran unsuccessfully for the Town Council. Garmany died Oct. 24, 2013, at the age of 64. The flag at Fyffe Town Hall flew at half-mast in his honor, according to the town’s Facebook page.

Other sightings in Alabama

Fyffe is not the only Alabama town with a history of UFO sightings. Sightings were especially plentiful in the 1970s.

To this day, Alabamians are reporting seeing strange craft in the sky. Alabama ranked 15th in the U.S. in 2013 in the number of sightings, according to the Mutual UFO Network.

Tinfoil Alien Falkville 1973

In 1973, another police chief in a small north Alabama town took a photo of what he thought was an alien being.

That October, Falkville Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw responded to a call from a woman who was “excited” as she reported seeing something strange. Greenhaw responded and came upon a 6-foot tall metallic creature with an antenna on its head.

“It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together... he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass-different angles give different lighting. I don't believe it was aluminum foil… It was running faster than any human I ever saw.”

Greenhaw was ridiculed and lost his job. Many people believed someone had played a prank on the chief. However, the photo he snapped of the creature that night can be seen in books on alien life.

Moundville 1976

An anonymous witness told The Tuscaloosa News what he saw in October 1976: “The thing dropped out of the sky like a rock/ Just when I thought I was about to be crushed, it pulled up just short... I looked up again and a light as bright as the sun blinded me.”

Hayden Mountain 1977

In 1977, Mr. and Mrs. Terry White were driving toward their Blount County home with their children in the car when they spotted a 65-foot-long craft. Terry told The Tuscaloosa News: “It had something coming out of the bottom of the object. It looked like pads. They were half the width of the object.”

Tuscaloosa 1977

A local teenager, Stewart Lewis, told The Tuscaloosa News: “What I saw then was beyond imagination. It was kind of a triangular shaped It object with the shape of a pool rack. It had a deep yellow glow…it seemed like it was thrown out of an explosion. It was tumbling but it was moving slowly on a line.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/ufos-in-alabama.html

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Falkville graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

Archived Case of the Week

1973 - The Alabama Tinfoil Alien
 Alabama Tin Foil Alien
Published: 2002

Aliens come in all shapes and sizes, from the little green men of Kelly, Kentucky, to the 10-foot-tall giants of Voronezh, Russia. There has always been discussion about the close encounters of the third kind aliens.

Some of these seem to be living, breathing beings, and yet some appear to have characteristics of a robot. One theory readily accepted by investigators is that many of the UFO sightings are of "scout" ships who take exploratory journeys to our planets surface, while a mother ship hovers somewhere out of sight.

Many propose that these scout ships are occupied by a robotic, mechanical being. These would be expendable in carrying out experimentation on unwilling humans, and also on our flora and animal kingdom.

Many of the earlier stories of alien sightings are "sensationalized," to say the least. But sticking to my own rule of evaluating each case on its own merits, one report which seems to have some merit occurred in Falkville, Alabama, on October 17, 1973.

This case is unique in some respects, most notably the alien seems to have attributes of both of the above descriptions: a robot looking creature with the running gait of our most talented athletes.

This strange account began when Falkville, Alabama police chief Jeff Greenhaw (that is correct, there is no s after the n), received a phone call from an excited lady who said that she had witnessed a "spaceship" land in an open field not far the town proper.

Greenhaw took off like a shot, taking along his trusty Polaroid camera. Dark had fallen several hours earlier, and the police chief was armed for anything. It would be about 10:00 P.M. when he made it to the location of the alleged landing.

After a cursory look around, he found no trace of a spaceship. As Greenhaw continued his search of the area, he was taken aback by the sight of an alien-like creature standing just off the side of the road.

The being appeared to be wrapped in aluminum foil as it began to walk toward Greenhaw.

"It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together... he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass; different angles give different lighting. I don't believe it was aluminum foil."

The tinfoil alien's movements were very "mechanical" like. An antenna was attached to his head. Though in shock, he managed to snap off four pictures of the odd looking alien. When he flicked on his headlights the alien was obviously frightened, as it began to make its escape.

Tinfoil Alien Greenhaw immediately took off in his truck in pursuit, but because of the rough terrain of the field, he was only able to manage 35 MPH. The robotic movements of the alien were now in high gear and it raced across the open field.

Greenhaw could not keep up, and the tinfoil being escaped into the night.

"He was running faster than any human I ever saw," he stated.

Although Greenhaw was exhilarated by the strange encounter, he would soon regret the whole affair. He was mocked and ridiculed by many of the town folk, and he received threatening phone calls.

A string of bad luck began to affect his life also. Whether related to his report or not, his house burned down, and his wife left him.

Approximately a month after the incident, the town council fired him. So much for the theory that reports of many UFO encounters are made by individuals who are looking for notoriety or financial gain.

Greenhaw would eventually regain some semblance of a normal life, but he would always regret the night he met the tin foil alien.

(written by B J Booth, 2002)

source: www.nicap.org


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