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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 550, Issue date, 02-25-13

'The Canadian' Will No Longer Report on UFOs
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:19 AM 2/23/2013

UFO readers, seeking independent coverage of UFO and alien sightings report, will not be able to rely any further on The Canadian, unless UFO readers demonstrate social responsibility.

Research takes financial resources, and it seems most UFO readers cannot even spare $1.00 toward the kind of articles that they seek, and love to read. Until The Canadian reaches its $5,000 financial goal, there will be no further UFO related coverage.

Avid UFO readers have denied the support needed that The Canadian requires for continuing its UFO and alien sightings coverage. As it is a non - profit organization the onus of supporting the organization was on the UFO enthusiasts and readers.

UFO enthusiasts from across the planet have read and enjoyed the UFO related articles published by The Canadian on a regular basis.

They have even commented on these articles and shared them on social networking sites. However, The Canadian has not been able to receive any help from these readers in terms of needed donation support.

By not supporting The Canadian financially, they have forced it to stop its research in the field of UFOs and alien sightings.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/nocanadianreports.html

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UFO Reported over Arlington, Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:27 AM 2/23/2013

Arlington, Texas - 02-21-13 I saw one very bright, very vivid object maneuvering like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Best approximation is that it was 1000-2000 feet off the ground, though could be as much as a mile.

This approximation is based on scrutiny against fixed ground objects as well as my inability to focus on any sharp edges of the object.

Size of the object from my perspective, if height estimations are correct, is at least as big as a large commercial airliner. I was driving alone when I first saw it, but there were other cars on the road.

I saw at least one person slow down almost to a stop to look at it, but they did not stop, so I cannot speak for them.

As I was traveling east, the object came into view from my left (north) and accelerated to my right (south). I have never seen an object like this in the sky before, so I had no idea what it was. It was a definite acceleration from left to right.

It was nothing like I’ve ever seen an airplane do, and I have been traveling right next to DFW airport for work for many years.

It decelerated even more quickly and hovered to my right for many tens of seconds. I parked my car and got out. Though I was moving about a bit in excitement, I could tell it was spending some time in its position in a stationary hold, and would also "bob" a bit as well.

Then it started moving back toward the north. It didn’t follow a perfectly horizontal trajectory. It seemed to bob up and down ever so slightly as it traveled north.

It exhibited a few other small momentary stops, starts, and non-linear movements, though I do not remember them precisely.

When it got back to approximately the same location as where I first saw it (from left to right and back, I’d say the span equaled about 90 to 100 degrees in my best estimation, with an elevation of approximately 70 to 80-degrees off the horizon), it again very quickly decelerated and stopped.

It hovered there for what seemed to be more tens of seconds, and then quickly ascended vertically. It stopped again and then descended vertically below the tree line. I ran back to my car to try to find it again, but could not.

I have video as well. It is not extremely high quality, but I made sure to rest my phone against a light pole to minimize camera shake and did my best to align the focus point with the object. Unfortunately, in my excitement, I did not pay attention to the orientation of my phone, so the original videos are upside-down.

I have two clips of the object (about five minutes total).

The object was a very vivid configuration of red and blue lights. It was blue (almost violet) in the middle, with red affects surrounding the blue. It appeared to change angles as I watched it, but it seemed to be a somewhat flat disc configuration with the blue in the middle.

The colors did not pulse, nor did they seem to change in wavelength. They were much, much larger than any of the blue and red beacon lights I’ve ever seen on an airplane.

The lights seemed to fill the span of the object with very little space between them. It also did not make any sound that I could hear.

I do not rule out the possibility of my estimations of its elevations being incorrect and it being a police drone, but it is VERY difficult for me to believe that is the case due to its quite apparent size given my very careful (as well as I could) approximation of its elevation.

It would have to be one huge drone that moved very, very quickly.

Given the sizes of drones I’ve seen, it would have to be much, much lower in the sky than this object appeared to be as big as it was from my point of view.

I was very excited when I saw the object. I hear people talk about "UFOs" a lot and am quite fascinated with the phenomenon myself, but I have never actually seen anything that made me think something extraordinary was happening.

I have a very specific list of criteria I require before I’ll believe something is truly a "UFO" and not something mundane. This object passed muster by a long shot.

Its erratic and extremely unusual flight characteristics were undeniable, as were its supposed speeds and accelerate/decelerate capabilities from my perspective. I was very excited during the experience and still am.

I would be happy to share the video files. They are quite large and are upside-down though. I will attempt to compress them and rotate them, but will also happily share the unedited originals if required/helpful.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/arlingtontx022113.html

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graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

Motorists Spot Missile-shaped Object Moving Toward Las Vegas
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:38 AM 2/23/2013

Las Vegas, Nevada - 02-17-13

I was driving southwest on I-15 approaching Las Vegas, I was maybe 15 miles from the strip, with car full of people.

Both I and the (adult) individual in the passenger seat noticed a glowing missile-shaped object moving towards the city at great speed, far faster than a plane.

It seemed to almost go into the city, but it’s hard to tell... may have simply been lost in the lights and passed it.

That said, we both commented we were bracing for an explosion from the city ahead of us.

I don’t know if it was a UFO or what, but it didn’t move or otherwise resemble anything I’d be aware of.

The closest thing I could think of would be a large missile, but I didn’t see any explosion. And of course, missiles don’t glow.

I don’t particularly think its alien in origin - it’s probably a drone being tested or some such - but I just don’t know.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/lasvegasnevada021713.html

source & references:


graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

Silent, Metallic Cigar-shaped Object Observed in Colorado
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:21 PM 2/20/2013

Pagosa Springs, Colorado - 02-18-13

I just got in my car and was traveling west when I noticed a bright, metallic object in the sky. I looked at the clock right away and saw that it said 3:02 pm Mountain Time.

I watched the object for a few seconds, then lost it in the sun. I drove back a bit to see if I could see it from where I first saw it, but had not luck so I drove forward again and spotted it again further west.

I only watched it for a few more seconds and then it was gone. The object was traveling southwest when I first noticed it.

As I said, it was metallic in color and reflected the sun. From where I saw it, it appeared to be cigar/ pencil shape. I do not know how far off it was, but if I was to hold a silver pen up to my face that would be about what I saw.

I have tried to contact the local airport and have not gotten hold of anyone. I have also called the sheriff’s office and no one else had reported anything at the time.

The object was just below the sun. Later in the day I watched a prop plane and a jet take off. They both made sound even after I could not see them anymore. This object made no sound.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/pagosaspringsco021813.html

source & references:


graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

Archived Case of the Week

1952, Peru: Customs Inspector Films Large UFO
UFO over Peru, 1952
Peru, 4:30 PM 7/19/52. Report Summary:

At about 16:30 on the afternoon of 19 July 1952, the attention of Customs Inspector, Sr. Domingo Troncoso, then with the Peruvian Customs Office at Puerto Maldonado on the jungle frontier with Bolivia, was called to a very strange cigar-shaped flying object over the river area.

The big dirigible-shaped craft was flying horizontally and fairly low in the sky, passing from right to left from the observer's position. It was leaving a dense trail of thick smoke, vapor, or substance of some kind on its wake. The thick, whitish substance appeared to be emitted from the aft end of the object in flight.

That this object was a real, structured, physical machine may be seen from its reflection in the waters of the Madre de Dios River underneath it. It can be clearly seen to be well above the broad-leaved jungle trees along the bank of the river in the foreground of the picture.

The object was estimated to be over a hundred feet long. Sr. Troncoso obtained a camera and was able to get one good photograph of the cigar-shaped object.

The following was submitted by Colonel McHenry Hamilton, Jr., USAF, American Air Attache, Lima, Peru.

Aside from some comments by the preparing officer, the report consisted of a translation of a newspaper article in a Lima daily.

A "luminous disc" was supposed to have sped over the Puerto Maldonado area of Peru near the Bolivian border at 4:50 p.m. on July 19th [1951], and among those who claimed to have witnessed the passage was a Peruvian school teacher who took a picture of the UFO, an object that was spewing an impressive wake of smoke. A newspaper account read in part:

"The colour of the head or nucleus of this disc was an intense orange. The direction was south to north, was visible from 1 to 2 minutes, leaving a thick vaporous trail which floated for more than 15 minutes. The altitude was more or less 2500 to 3000 feet. It was seen in broad daylight. During its passage, the Peruvian Corporation of the Amazon radio went dead and wasn't able to transmit or receive any signals."

"The Peruvian Minister of Education later held discussions with American Embassy officials about the UFO report. The school teacher's photograph and an article about the discussion with the Americans was published in the August 15th issue of the Lima newspaper El Comercio.

"The American Intelligence report on the case seems to be incomplete because there is an unexplained reference to more than one photograph. Colonel Hamilton was informed by Peruvian authorities that some falsification had occurred involving "three different photographs taken by three different persons."

In a letter dated August 10, 1957, Mr. Moseley gave NICAP the following account of the incident:

In Lima I met Senior Pedro Bardi, who is an agricultural engineer. On July 19, 1952, while on a farm in the Madre de Dios section of Peru, he and others saw a saucer. It was about 4.30 p.m. and they were talking to Lima by radio.

Suddenly, according to Bardi, the radio went dead. They looked out the window and saw a round object going by at high speed. (The witnesses included Pedro Arellano, owner of the farm). The object had passed; it was at an estimated 100 meters altitude and was a little smaller than a DC-3, according to Bardi. It made a buzzing sound as it went by.

The object's speed, Moseley explains, was determined by a report that it was seen four minutes later near Porto Maldonado, 120 kilometers distant. This speed was computed at 1117 miles per hour.

The photograph was secured from a customs administrator named Domingo Troncosco, who said he had taken it as the object flew near the port. Though the photo shows a cigar-shaped object instead of the round shape Bardi described, this could possibly have been due to an elongated effect caused by speed.

"It seems obvious to me, Moseley told NICAP, that the photo is genuine."

"Incidentally, I strongly doubt if this particular saucer was anything but earth-made."

"The object traveled from left to right at about airplane speed. When the trail settled to ground it turned out to be a mass of thin fibrous threads."


UFO over Peru, 1952


1. UFO Photographs Around the World Vol.2 (A.Roberts/W.Stevens... 1985), thanks to Victor J.Kean

2. Loren Gross's UFOs, a history, the 1951 booklet pages 34 and 35, courtesy Anders Liljegren


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