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UFO Casebook Magazine 498, Issue date, 02-27-12

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MUFON State Director Recalls UFO Sighting
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:16 AM 2/25/2012

By Timberly Moore

It was a clear summer night in 1972 when 27-year-old University of Memphis Alumni Eddie Middleton took his girlfriend to his East Memphis backyard to view a meteor shower and saw something more astonishing — a UFO.

Middleton, now 66 and Tennessee state director of Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network, said he saw a luminous disc zip through the sky like a shooting star.

"It was going really fast then it stopped and turned a bright orange color," he said. "When the color faded, it was a gray disc. I looked at it through my binoculars and handed it to my girlfriend. She saw it and then it vanished."

Ten years later, after seeing the documentary "Strange Harvest," Middleton joined MUFON and became an UFO investigator.

He said MUFON is a special team that responds to UFO reports within the first 48 hours of sighting.

"We collect evidence," he said. "We take testimony from credible witnesses like police officers and collect burned grass, radar readings and radiation."

Middleton, along with Alabama assistant director of MUFON, Richard Hoffman, recently spoke about their experiences.

Hoffman, a defense contractor with Army Materiel Command, a company that provides military supplies to the US Army, said he has talked to several military personnel who have seen UFOs.

"There have been Air Force pilots who have taken videos of planes flying right in front of them and as soon as they land, it is taken from them and they're told not to talk about it because it is classified," he said. Middleton said reports have increased over the years because the "taboo" topic has become more discussed by the media.

"Commercial air pilots wouldn't report sightings at first because they were afraid they would get grounded," said Middleton, a philosophy professor at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

He said his UFO experience has sparked interest in his students.

"It has philosophical implications that maybe we aren't the highest life forms in the universe," he said. "I can't understand why people wouldn't be curious about this. It is absolutely real."

With no firsthand sightings and limited physical evidence, Hoffman said he does not believe in parts of the UFO legends.

"3.7 million people have claimed they have been abducted by UFOs in bedrooms, but I have never seen an UFO floating in my bedroom window," Hoffman said. "We are not talking about a UFO event; we are talking about a psychological event."

Middleton said he believes gray aliens, named for their skin color, are the most hostile of the species and do abduct humans for testing.

"People have committed suicide because they couldn't cope with that type of intrusion into their lives," Middleton said. "I think they have a right to experiment on us just like we say we have the right to experiment on animals because we are the superior beings."

"I have never seen a UFO, but I have seen missing wheat, roots and all, 70 feet in diameter in fields and puffed wheat from the heat of the spaceship being that close to the earth," Hoffman said.

Hoffman said he does not believe every sighting report he gets.

"A UFO is not a UFO until it has been investigated because it's too easy to Photoshop pictures these days," he said.

Middleton, on the other hand, said he thinks that testimony from a person should, in most cases, be enough to classify it as a true sighting.

"I think if a credible witness is enough to convict someone in a court of law, that should be enough proof that they are real," he said.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/mufonalabama.html

source & references:


Fisherman in Maine Sees UFO over Lake
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:36 PM 2/23/2012

Sebago, Maine - 06-25-11

I was fly fishing for summer bass one night at my favorite spot. I fish here often. There is one small, unoccupied cabin on the pond.

An undeveloped old logging access road cuts through a very steep mountain side. There is swamp that turns into a valley, and more mountains a mile or two in the distance to the west.

There is on occasion a house light about a mile or more away on a mountain top that is visible on nights without fog and a radio tower about half that distance with multiple red and hot white lights that blink regularly, to the southwest.

It was a very clear and quiet night, but again, it is always quiet. It was between the hours of 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM. It was so clear that the moon illuminated the earth around me - I didn’t need my headlamp.

The pond is so remote you cannot hear or see any car traffic/lights from this spot. Air traffic is not regular, but not uncommon.

I was paddling across the pond to the side away from the road, traveling northwest when I saw in my peripheral vision, from the North a light in the sky. I stopped paddling to take a look.

The light was bright round-orb like, hot blue and white - star like - about four times as bright as Polaris.

It almost looked like an electric fire; incredibly hot colored pulsating light, not in frequency, but in the color.

It had no trail indicating its flight path. It appeared from the north, over the trees on the horizon.

It seemed high in the sky, similar to that of a high flying military plane. It made a sweeping arc southward. It appeared to be slowing as it moved across the sky.

It was almost at the peak of the dome that it came to an abrupt stop. This thing was still moving at considerable speed, then bam! it just stopped.

I was looking right up at it; head cocked back wondering "How the hell did that stop? it looks like it hit a wall in the sky."

It stayed there for a second, maybe two and vanished. It just wasn’t there. This took about a half minute, maybe less. No sound, it was just gone.

I was awe struck, sitting in my little canoe looking up at the sky. When I went home,, about 45 minutes later, the gravity of what I could’ve seen really hit me. I felt anxious and I was afraid. I don’t know what I saw.

I just know I saw something and that is what was most frightening to me: no explanation.

I don’t drink when I fish, and I am very responsible and consider myself a safe and reasonable human being.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/sebagome062511.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

Morphing UFO Anomalies and Orb Anomalies
Anomalies 2
Published: 7:18 AM 2/25/2012

Morphing UFO Anomalies and Orb Anomalies as Planetary SOS Outcries Prevail As Massive Die Offs Continue

Written by Naomi Semeniuk

In the pre-dawn era of December 21, 2012, there are many transitional worldwide occurrences that are leaving their historical imprints on our time line.

The very capable and reporting dynamo dynamic at HLN Jane Velez- Mitchell, always has segments on animal cruelty awareness reporting and is always reporting the latest outrages of planetary SOS stories taking their death toll on all animal species who’re suffering and dying as a result of man’s toxic execution style imprint on the environment which is affecting them in a lethal manner.

Jane Velez- Mitchell is one of the few environmental and animal rights advocate cable TV anchors out there that make environmental and animal abuse outrages part of her message to the world through her must see every day HLN program on cable TV “Issues With Jane Velez- Mitchell."

She is always informing the public about environmental man-made tragedies and massive animal die-offs and one she focused on her program recently is the massive die-offs of the many dolphins that have been beaching themselves that looks like a suicide, but they’re dying in masses in Cape Cod, Massachusetts while the dolphin rescuers try desperately to save them.

, Ms. Mitchell gets to the close-ups and the contributing possible causes of the death blows that are multiplying day by day on the planet’s animal species.

There was a very important audio interview that Ms. Mitchell had with Ric O'Barry of the award winning documentary “The Cove” about the horrific, grisly, bloody slaughter of dolphins for meat in Japan.

Jane’s issue was the death and beaching of the dolphins in Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Surely there’s a planetary SOS cry in this tragedy. On Jane’s program on issues, Mr. O'Barry gave very intelligent and very plausible causes for these dolphin tragedies that it’s the increasing toxic mercury levels that are killing the dolphins.

Samples of the water should have been taken already and tested on the site where the dolphins beached themselves and died. Mercury levels should be tested. One dolphin survived and the rest did not.

The levels of mercury like Mr. O'Barry mentioned are so toxic that perhaps this could be a contributing factor in the death of the dolphins. A follow up story on the dolphin deaths should be forthcoming as mercury levels hit an all-time toxic level high in the oceans.

The hand of man plays a toxic role every time. The oceans are becoming watery graves for these wonderful mammals. There are cocktails of death in the oceans dumped by man and the special interest corporations.

Whales have suffered the same fate at the hand of man because of the disregard of international laws banning whale hunting, but Japan for many years has been a violator of laws that protect whales but instead Japan whale hunters have turned the oceans of the world a bloody red with whale blood being the innocent blood sacrifice of man’s greed for the whale meat industry.

No one should be eating it because its mercury content is detrimental to human health. “Sea Shepherd” has fought back and this organization has protected whales for a long time now and has saved many from the slaughter of the harpoon weapons from the Japanese whale hunters which kills them slowly subjecting the whales to a prolonged unspeakably atrociously painful death taking two hours to die in many cases.

The world’s oceans are now becoming a toxic dump fill. The Pacific Ocean for example, is surely toxic and unfit for any life form to exist there after the Fukushima catastrophe, but this ongoing catastrophe of mercury levels rising in the world’s oceans is taking its toll on life on the planet; period.

You can see all disasters morphing into other disasters and assaulting life on earth. What’s humanity morphing into in the pre-dawn of December 21, 2012 and 2013 and so forth? The decimation of dolphins and others is so severe that no life in the oceans of the world will be able to exist.

If the mercury levels which are also making humans sick can kill dolphins who are oceanic icons of higher intelligence, beauty and therapeutic ability, then where on earth can these marine mammals and all life-worthy mammals live and survive? No ocean on earth will be habitable for them at this rate. Dolphins are getting a death sentence. Jane will stay on this story because it’s important to all of life and because Jane knows how to choose the stories that count and make headlines.

Another example of decimating dolphins is the endless butchery of these remarkable stunning creatures by men in Denmark who prove their masculinity by killing dolphins for fun. This is man’s endless amoral orgy against nature and its beautiful creatures.

These are the unforgivable crimes of man against nature and its species. This surely should be outlawed and Denmark is a violator of dolphins with this horrific blood ritual that proves manliness by butchering a dolphin to death.

This blood soaked ritual should be worthy of punishment and condemned by nations around the world because the way they butcher the dolphins who should be icons of preservation and salvation from every nation on earth is characteristic of human butchery. Hefty penalties and even jail sentences should be imposed.

Is this what they call legalized barbarism? What kind of uncivilized culture would allow these barbarous acts?

If the mercury doesn’t kill them or if a nation like Japan doesn’t butcher them to death, then all of these killing rituals will decimate these lovely mammals that all nations should want to save. Ms. Mitchell is an advocate for marine mammals and all suffering animals on the planet.

When she reports these crushing life negating stories, her pain and concern calls for everyone to get involved in finding answers and advocating justice for the victims.

If Ghandi was alive today speaking for the dolphins and all endangered and man abused animal species, he would also be denounced for his views and assassinated all over again. We have a society where MONSANTO rules and rules to put agent orange and harmful chemicals in our food.

The slaughter of our natural healthy food is also a form of slaughtering the masses along with the animals. There was also a massive die-off of birds in Fukushima which is never discussed, and this decimation of massive bird kills is cause for alarm. The radiation from Fukushima killed the birds and will continue killing.

The debris from the Fukushima multiple disasters are coming our way and there isn’t one agenda to stop it. It’s on a free fall for other disasters to metastasize in our territory here at home and more life killing extinction markers to grieve and stress over with not one brilliant solution on anyone’s strategy.

Kudos to the Jane Velez-Mitchell’s of the world who take a stand to save what’s left of abused and endangered animal species always sending that humanistic message to her audience and to anyone who will listen and take action.

Millions of fish have also been found dead in Norway. Something very massively deadly is happening all over. The oceans will be uninhabitable very soon and this is also a planetary SOS a great many people in the one percent are oblivious to and also apathetic to.

No one can purify the oceans now as they get more and more lethal to life. Jane is a vegan like so many of us are and so many of the population should be for their own healthcare SOS issues.

Veganism is a form of respect for all life forms and planetary growth without slaughter or violence against other life forms that shouldn’t be on our plates or in our bodies.

Jane’s tips on healthy smoothies and healthy tasty eating habits are just what our addicted nation should be into and isn’t into. Organic and vegan is the way to go and Jane exemplifies that to her audience.

Kudos to her trenchant promethean reporting of these topics and also her reports on the egregious criminal cruelties of factory farming and her incisive reporting on the ban on pig gestation crates. Jane is also telling the leadership of America that activists on the right side of the current SOS planetary outcries to save the species and to save ourselves from ourselves serves TV broadcasting news that hits at the core of America’s consciousness that must respond responsibly and fast because it’s already too late for many species and many parts of the environment on earth.

No other TV cable news anchor has reported the lethal effects of hydrofracking like Mitchell has, and the only other exception would be Gary Null from the Progressive Radio Network, who’s also been researching hydrofracking like the superb scholar he is, and both Jane and Gary are paladin crusaders for earth justice giving hydrofracking a thumbs down for very justifiable righteous reasons.

Jane and Gary Null are lifeline code breaker town criers and whistle blowers magnificently going to war on the side of the planet and its life forms, and at the same time educating their audience as much as possible with truths others conceal from the public.

Morphing into the pre-dawn of December 21, 2012, are the ever ubiquitous anomalies that trigger our imagination just like the parallel worlds and other dimensions that Michio Kaku talks about in “The Universe” series and other series on cable.

Orbs have been capturing our imaginations for so long now and have also been seen before crop circles form, but more and more anomalous orbs have been grabbing the attention and consciousness of star gazers and Ufology researchers as well as private UFO investigators.

Case in point, which is most curious, occurred in Virginia. A couple were witnesses to something quite numinous and spiritually life changing in its awesomeness on December 11, 2011, when an armada of glowing chevrons morphed into spheres.

There were 50 or more of these spheres morphing. I have never heard of a case where the eye witnesses of these spheres began to pray, but pray they did. This was a reaction that was very intriguing. The couple was praying the “Our Father” prayer as the swarming spheres hovered over them. It’s a life altering defining moment indeed.

Anomalies They thought at first that it was birds, but they were not birds. That’s newspeak for covering up the facts when news reports report them to be birds putting cover-ups and just putting a dark veil over these stories so that the public won’t know the truth.

The eyewitnesses saw chevron shapes glowing and morphing into spheres and as they got closer to each other they increased in numbers. We’re talking here about swarms of these objects and the second fleet also entered their view and then united with the first group.

What a chilling and strange sight that must have been; certainly worthy of news reporting without the hoopla of other mundane stories we’re getting so much of. These stories must be told in the media with straight faces and not with the obligatory facetiousness and disdainful mocking you see from some TV anchors.

When we have an Arizona US Airway flight from Illinois on July 21, 2010, and a silvery object flying in tandem with an air liner and eyewitnesses seeing these amazing sights. It’s a sight that witnesses will be talking about, but as they’re so many stories of invasions of orbs or objects in the sky moving in sync with planes one has to think about what thoughts might be going through the minds of the passengers.

Can these orbs which are obviously intelligent life forms of some kind, bring an airliner plane down? Or can they prevent an oncoming tragedy? None of these orbs have ever brought a plane down. What capabilities do they have? What’s their purpose and what’s the connected message to the viewers? The silvery object moved in a straight line and it moved fast and intentionally; obviously intelligently controlled.

It moved to the right side of the plane and to the rear end of the plane as well. What’s a pilot to say to the passengers when everyone in the plane sees these intelligently controlled objects moving all around a plane?

The eyewitness saw no rivets or seams in it. It can cause panic in the plane because it’s an unknown or it can have a non-emotional effect as well puzzling the heck out of the witnesses. In any case it’s a memorable event to the viewers. The object was the size of an SUV.

In March 9, 2010, an eyewitness saw an orb following the plane. The witness was from Lakeway, Texas, and viewed an orb following the plane and as it flew away from the plane and was joined with another orb. As reported by the witnesses the two orbs flew in formation as if in some kind of ritual ceremony. But for what purpose? Is there a silent dialogue between the orbs which no earthling code breaker can decipher?

It would be interesting if Leslie Kean, who wrote a must read book entitled “UFOs, Pilots and Government Officials Go On Record” would arrange another 2007 Washington DC Press News Conference of pilots and witnesses of orbs and silvery objects while flying in planes. The pilots would continue to speak up and give their professional repartee and info on the latest of this phenomena in the skies all over the world.

Why, pray tell, are so many of these orbs coming from the UFOs?

In the case of a Pennsylvania witness, lights falling from the sky and vanishing is another phenomena.

On December 11, 2011, a couple was driving only to see an anomaly of a white, bright object that just fell from the sky then a second object but of a different color was seen also falling from the sky.

The second light fell in a diagonal form instead of straight down, and both just vanished. Another witness was parking the car and saw lights falling behind the car. These incidents also happened in November 2011 when the witness was on line for a video game and saw across the highway in Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, right above the car dealership, lights falling from the sky and disappearing.

What that is all about is also an unknown anomaly. Do orbs die? How are they created? By whom? Are they ET investigative devices? They seem to have a consciousness of their own.

This is something that UFO trace expert Ted Philips also investigates very well with his many years of expertise on trace evidence of which there’s plenty of. However, none of the witnesses followed or investigated any trace evidence that the disappearing lights left on the ground if that’s what they did.

The invasion of triangles is countless and rising and so is the invasion of orbs on our planet. The complexity of these sightings and side effects if any, on the witnesses should also be noted.

In Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, in February 22, 2011, two sets of three lights in the form of a triangle were viewed by a couple of witnesses. The father of one of the witnesses had seen orbs in the woods which appeared on his property. The orbs would appear and disappear. Norad reported no aircraft at the time of the sighting.

When orbs appear on certain properties, what significance does it hold if any to the property owners and the viewers? They all seem to be under intelligent control. Do orbs also appear in nuclear plant areas and in hydrofracking areas? Is it an environmentally oriented sighting saying something significant about the pollution and poisoning of the soil, the land and the undeniable dangers of nuclear plants?

The orb and triangle invasion seems to be everywhere in the world and they’re not going away. Last March 7, 2011, in Macks Creek, Camden County, Missouri, there was a spectacular sighting in its scope and its quantity of lights. The viewer saw three lights in a triangle, but two lights were flashing in sequence at the same time.

The three lights started to dance all over the sky for several minutes and as an airplane flew nearby, the three lights turned off. So we know that the phenomenon can turn off or on at random.

At that point the sky was totally black before the spectacular occurrence manifested, which was when a row of 50 lights which lit up side by side and hailed its skyward spectacle to the viewers. The lights were stationary.

As is so characteristic with most of these cases, there was no sound heard. The lights would light up and dissipate. No military craft were present. These lights were at tree level and only a small plane flew over the original three lights.

The lights went dark when the small plane flew over, and then lit up when the plane flew away. The viewers looked closer and walked over to the lights as the lights flew below the trees and they zigzagged around the area.

The 50 lights descended from the clouds, and they watched until all 50 lights ascended into the clouds. Surely this was a landmark sighting because the mystery lights had a life of their own and when their descension and ascension were seen by the witnesses.

There are a myriad of sightings every day around the globe, and the one in March 18, 2011, in Pima County, Arizona, is also no exception because this one was a triangle craft which appeared next to the moon and moon lights was reflected off of the object.

The object was seen in a blurry distorted image like a mirage. The viewer described that orbs were along the outside of the triangle similar to lights gleaming in a swimming pool. The triangular object passed the moon and as it did this, everything vanished. Not a sound was heard.

The viewer was with the National Guard where the Tucson International Airport is located, and very familiar with the maneuverings and flight patterns of fighter jets and planes and their sounds. The viewer stated that if it hadn’t been for the moon, the witness would not have seen the object.

The witness compared the speed of the object to our ANG F-16s at full after-burner when they take off. The fuzzy edges and mirage-like qualities and wavy distorted images with the orbs gave the witness a feeling of looking through water.

The witnesses are looking through a phenomenon of a glass darkly, whose mysteries grip the minds and lives of the viewers. Are these magnetic fields that cause the mirage-like images? It’s reminiscent of the Belgium sightings where some of the triangles had a fuzzy mirage-like appearance around the edges.

Anomalies The website www.richplanet.net, which Richard Hall is in charge of in England, is one of great importance such as the animal pathology field unit is which is the website www.apfu.com, operated by Phil Hoyle, prominent animal mutilation researcher and UFO researcher. I’ve mentioned my friend from Britain Phil Hoyle before, and his significant website before in a previous article I’ve written for www.ufocasebook.com.

Mr. Hoyle I feel, is the one who’s destined to be the ultimate code breaker of the animal mutilation mysteries that have been occurring for eons now and not only do I also feel very strongly that he’s got the capability and will power, but at the moment Mr. Hoyle has some health issues which have procrastinated and set back his important work, but as tenacious as he is, he’s told me that once these health issues are resolved, his mission to catch the faces and the identity of the animal mutilators and all of the wide gap of information missing about the animal mutilations cases will be documented evidence for history.

Hopefully, he will get back on track health wise with this important mission finding exploration that will give us answers about the true nature and revelation of the perpetrators of animal mutilations and the world will be better because of it.

I must also mention the great work of David Cayton, who’s worked with Mr. Hoyle and Mr. Hall.

They are titans in the field of solving the animal mutilation horrors that have left no definite answers about the perpetrators. They certainly know many details on every animal mutilation case.

In the pre-dawn of December 21, 2012, we’re still seeing animal mutilation horrors and Linda Moulton Howe, a titan in her field, is convinced that extraterrestrials are committing these horrors, but who are they and why are they doing this?

She is convinced that the ETS are committing these vile acts because the ranchers believe that this isn’t anything human.

Where are the surgically excised organs of tens of thousands of mutilated animals going to and for what? Why hasn’t any technology traced the path of the beam technology that’s been mentioned by Ms. Howe in following the path of where they go?

The beam technology that she has written about is very significant because the technology is used because witnesses have seen the pre-mutilated animals beamed onto an aircraft or a UFO, and witnesses have also seen the dead, mutilated animal thrown on the ground from an aircraft within the beam technology.

Dr. Richard Boylan, another prominent UFO researcher, differs passionately and has always said that the mutilators are humans; humans leaving no footprints or human DNA behind with these grisly acts. Dr. Boylan is of the opinion that the mutilators want the public to panic, thinking that it's non-humans, the extraterrestrial intelligences out there, who are committing these gruesome acts of violence so that the public will not accept ETS on earth so that the mindset will rise against the ETS. If human, then the technology has to be out of this world so as to not leave any human DNA anywhere ever.

The horse mutilations are another long litany of animal mutilations horrifying the animal owners and horse ranchers ad nauseam. They have alarmed and shaken up UFO watchers and the UFO community in general because of the UFOs that somehow seem to connect before the animal mutilations occur.

It’s been going on a very long time since Snippy, the first reported mutilated horse in 1967. The Sussex, England horse mutilation which Mr. Hall has on his website www.richplanet.net, is noteworthy and quite hideous in its violence and death blow assault to the horse.

Horse mutilations continue to grab our need to have this resolved because the culprits are getting away again and again. Time is running out.

Horse mutilations are rising. The same characteristics exist with no blood, no human footprints and surgical excisions of organs. The Sussex horse was two years old and the rectum was precisely cored as in so many animal mutilation cases, and its precise surgical work every time. I plan to get the "SILENT KILLERS," which is a DVD about animal mutilation mysteries, which is on Richard Hall’s website. The Sussex mutilated horse had a gaping cut on the left side removed and like so many cases of animal mutilations, was very healthy before his horrifying demise. The gonads were also removed.

The photo of the Sussex horse mutilation on Mr. Hall’s website is one of great pain and great loss and sorrow. No animal deserves to end up this way.

Noteworthy is also the section that Linda Moulton Howe has on her website on the death of five beautiful, healthy horses in Southwestern UK and Wales, who were mysteriously and savagely mutilated and not one owner saw or witnessed anything, which is the usual lingering bewilderment about these deliberate unknowns in every animal mutilation case.

The story is provocative as only Linda Moulton Howe can report it. Equally disturbing is the fact that the police didn’t want these mutilations known to the public or on Facebook. Why is that? Do they know something the public has no right to know? Were they threatened in some way, and if so, by whom?

These mutilated murdered animal case perpetrators must come to justice and we deserve to know everything. Why is it taking more than forty years to find the mutilators? Are the animals tranquilized and mutilated after they die as I have heard? I’ll place my faith in Phil Hoyle and his team of unrelenting animal mutilator truth seekers and die-hard researchers going beyond research to catch the mutilators with evidence.

Read the other, more recent horse mutilation story and interview with Linda Moulton Howe and Tanya Ingram on Linda's website. The final solution and the final unraveling of this enigma must end these strange and disturbing animal massacres with incredible disturbing anomalies that trigger a commitment to retaliate these horrific killings.

It’s troubling enough that horse slaughter is a painful reality in Canada and Mexico at the hands of greedy monstrous horse killers. President Obama has signed a bill to reinstate horse slaughter in our own country. People in America don’t need to eat horse meat, Mr. President! Horse slaughter auctions also occur and that can end as mighty New York City activists and NY Senator Tony Avella and NY Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal fight for horse justice here in New York.

Two horses died unnecessarily on the set of the HBO series “Luck,” and that human error and gross misjudgment for the safety and lives of the horses were at play. Why does such a series have to continue to air after it’s been tainted with two unnecessary horse tragedies?

The horses could have been saved had it not been for the criminal negligence of humans. Lawsuits must follow here. I now have learned from Gary Null that magnetic pulse therapy can be used on horses with severe leg fractures. Why wasn’t anyone informed about this and why did they play Russian Roulette with the horses in the first place?

But with horse and animal mutilation, no rancher or animal owner has been able to defend their animals with weapons when mutilators appear to kill their animals leaving a trail of anger and helplessness behind. Who are the ranchers and animal owners of anomalous mutilated animals going to sue?

There has been no law suit as a result of an anomalous animal mutilation as far as I know. Where are the findings of the Humane Society that was investigating the Colorado cattle mutilations? Man’s inhumanity to animals and dominion over animals has always been very atrocious, nefarious and very cold, callous and calculating.

Finally but not least, if the UFO found in the Baltic Sea is a definite UFO is another open pathway to perhaps more USOs, unidentified submerged objects. What it is will be found at the bottom of many of the world’s oceans. The former UFO Hunters program discussed this topic at length on the History Channel when it was still on the air.

The object found in the Baltic Sea has been described as something out of "Star Wars." They are two, round-shaped discs of a 195 foot diameter that were discovered by Peter Lindberg. Side scan sonar was used and the size of it is too big to have fallen from a ship. The recovery of these objects is surely a must and the objects should not be left abandoned at sea.

If the Disclosure Petition 11 - The Rockefeller Initiative of Stephen Basset from Paradigm Research Group, can bring a magnetic pulse awakening to the world, then being the courageous UFO disclosure lobbyist that he surely is, will present to the world on February 23, 2012, the petition for UFO Disclosure to the world and the White House as the definite, undeniable reality that it is.

The portals will be opened and topics such as alien bases underground and underwater should become a cosmic awakening to the world if a positive result will follow the petition, but we have no way of knowing that yet. Surely the topic of underwater alien bases would have been a topic that the late Laurence Rockefeller of the Rockefeller Initiative would have been very interested in. He was also interested in the non, man-made crop circles.

This petition will also lead to pressure from the present administration to come clean with the world on this topic, and I know that the tenacious Mr. Bassett isn’t going to give up as he shouldn’t no matter who’s in the White House. We need more billionaire tycoons like Rockefeller to fund these important cosmic conundrums so that scientific scholarship without the nasty hidden agendas will be forth coming for the masses as facts.

Mr. Basset is also signaling an alarm system of saying you must look into this and educate yourselves about the Rockefeller Initiative which is a fact that no one in the White House can deny. Explorers and investigators always put themselves in the line of fire as Mr. Basset and others are willing to do. Denial is futile.

Alien bases underneath the oceans would also be discovered and those whose world view doesn’t include alien bases underneath the oceans would be in a shaken, traumatic state, but in step with an extraordinary reality.

With the poisoning and contamination of the world’s oceans, wouldn’t higher benevolent life respecting extraterrestrial intelligences who are in those alien bases underneath the world’s oceans be quite concerned about the devaluation and mass killing of life in the oceans of the world?

Wouldn’t they be concerned about the death choking effects of Fukushima and the chemicals and contaminants man has polluted the oceans with, and wouldn’t it take a toll on those alien bases in the oceans? Man is decimating the oceans.

Extraterrestrials in those underwater alien bases would also be in grave danger. We’ll have dead extraterrestrials in the oceans floating along with the masses of dead fish and ocean life forms killed by man in the world’s oceans.











permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/anomalies.html

source & references:

submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

by Naomi Semeniuk

Husband/Wife Encounter UFO on Oregon Freeway
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:04 AM 2/25/2012

Salem, Oregon - 02-08-12

My wife and I were driving south to Salem, Oregon and we were about 15 miles out from Salem when we observed the object on the opposite side of freeway Interstate 5.

It was moving northward at approximately 50-60 mph (traffic was about 70 mph so object appeared to be slightly slower).

It changed direction suddenly to the left towards the south bound lanes and came right over our car, about 30-50 feet up at the most. I was passenger with my wife driving.

I turned in my seat to watch it fly right over the semi-truck behind us. I had a totally clear and unobstructed view of a tear-drop shaped object, in other words, it was smaller in the back than in the front.

My wife thought the front was shaped like a mushroom... maybe, because it was larger than back end.

There were no lights and no markings, but there was some sort of darker rail-shaped apparatus hanging underneath it. For that reason I told my wife I believed it to be some sort of traffic control drone aircraft taking photos.

It changed directions once behind us, veering to right, then to the left and again each way.

Whatever it was it was really flying, not drifting.

Actually I'd have to say it was one of the sleekest beautiful aircraft I have ever seen. In the very beginning of his incident I do remember thinking it looked like a small blimp-balloon used by car dealerships and tethered to a small line on the ground and may have been momentarily stationary at that time.

I just couldn't tell because it all happened in the course of 2-3 minutes and it moved along, crossing over us quickly as I mentioned above.

I would really like someone to tell us what we saw if it is a known aircraft or not.

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Reconsidering Extraterrestrial Visitation
UFO Depiction

By Marc S. Callis

The modern UFO phenomenon began in the 1940s. Yet despite decades of evidence, and the fact that opinion polls (such as Gallup) have consistently shown that the majority of people believe that flying saucers are real, this phenomenon has yet to be seriously and systematically investigated by the academic and scientific mainstream.

Why? In large part, it has to do with the hypothesis that unexplained UFO sightings represent encounters with artificial, intelligently-controlled craft of non-terrestrial origin. Extraordinary evidence, such as an alien body or an intact craft, has yet to be made publicly available; many claim that such evidence is indispensable to justify any serious investigation at all into this issue, as claims that Earth has been visited by a non-terrestrial intelligence are inherently extraordinary.

But while perhaps intuitively correct, this notion crumbles in the face of logical reasoning and facts.

Naturally, this begs the question, “If the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth is not an inherently extraordinary claim, then what is?” An example soon comes to mind. Bigfoot sightings typically occur in the northwestern United States of America.

Whether or not Bigfoot exists (and let me be “clear” that I do not intend to argue for or against the existence of Bigfoot in this op-ed), what matters here is that in the case of Bigfoot, there does in fact exist a clear frame of reference justifying a standard of proof far higher than would normally be required for a phenomenon new to science.

The region as a whole is highly populated, includes major urban areas, and enjoys a modern, fully-developed infrastructure of roads, airports, hiking trails, etc that allow people more or less free access to even the remotest parts of the region. Large numbers of scientists and experienced outdoorsmen have operated throughout the region for more than a century, and in that time have achieved intimate familiarity with the area’s fauna, large and small.

As such, one has at least some reasonable basis to claim that, if Bigfoot exists, its existence would probably have been confirmed by now. The notion of Bigfoot as an extraordinary claim requiring extraordinary evidence stems from a frame of reference firmly based in sound logic and relevant facts.

However, no comparable frame of reference exists for UFOs. Far from having an intimate, century-long understanding of other solar systems (even in our own part of the galaxy), we in fact know virtually nothing about them. According to the “Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia” maintained by Jean Schneider of the CNRS-LUTH Paris Observatory, as of the writing of this essay only 460 extrasolar planets have been discovered—most of them gas giants like Jupiter, and none of them similar to our own.

We do not even know where the Earth-like planets are or how many of them there are, let alone how many of them have intelligent life—or even life at all. Figuring out how many planets contain intelligent beings of sufficient technological sophistication to perform interstellar travel is barely (if at all) even on the radar screen yet. As such, the prevailing assumption—that interstellar travel is extremely rare or even non-existent (in our corner of the galaxy at least) —is made with no basis whatsoever in observable fact.

As such, the notion that reports of objects appearing to be intelligently controlled craft of non-terrestrial origin must be subjected to extremely high standards of evidence similarly lacks basis in fact.

Despite the extraordinary things our astronomers have accomplished in recent decades, even the nearer reaches of deep space remain a near-total mystery. We’ve yet to even detect other Earth-like planets, let alone acquire the degree of detailed knowledge about such planets that would justify current demands that abnormally high standards of evidence be met before science entertains the possibility of extraterrestrials visiting Earth

Given our current frame of reference, there is simply no logical reason to hold reports appearing to be of non-terrestrial craft to any higher standards of evidence than is customary for other previously unknown phenomena encountered by science. Granted, the possibility of interstellar travel is difficult for many to comprehend.

But cell phones, the Internet—even such now-antiquated technologies as radio and the film projector—would have perplexed even the most advanced scholars of the ancient or medieval world. And yet, we think of all those things as commonplace today.

Given human history, it does not take a great deal of imagination to hypothesize the existence elsewhere of technology far beyond our current understanding.

If we are to hold those UFO reports apparently caused by sightings of unknown craft of probable non-terrestrial origin to the abnormally high standards of evidence currently deemed acceptable, we must do so based on a solid, logical frame of reference derived from facts, and not from vague, poorly thought-out, and emotionally-derived notions that aliens and interstellar travel are somehow “wacky” or “out-there.”

Even the most rudimentary survey of human history compels any thinking person to accept the potential for technology based on principles that we do not at the moment comprehend, and be open-minded about the possibility that maybe, just maybe others have solved advanced technological riddles before we have.

Otherwise, we shall be no wiser than the Aztecs, who thought the Spaniards were gods due simply to their technological head start on things like ship design and metallic weaponry, or those (at the time) eminent scholars at the turn of the last century, who loudly proclaimed from the heights of academic authority that powered flight simply could not be done.

Marc S. Callis ’05 is an independent writer from Jupiter, Fl.

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Archived Case of the Week

Close-up Sighting of Structured Metallic UFO in Santa Clarita Valley, CA-1979
UFO Drawing Date: July, 13, 1979

Sighting Location: Santa Clarita Valley, California, United States

Summary: Close up sighting of extraterrestial craft by wife and I.

Date Reported: 5/1/2005

Sighting Time: 09:00

Day/Night: Nighttime

No. of Witnesses: 2

Duration: 45 seconds

No. of Object(s): Single

Urban or Rural: rural

Size of Object(s): 75-100 feet in diameter Distance to Object(s) & Altitude: 50-75 feet

Shape of Object(s): disk

Color of Object(s): silver/white metallic

Full Description & Details

It was one warm summer Friday around 10:00 PM in the evening in California's Santa Clarita Valley. I was brushing the swimming pool with a long pole and attached brush so that the kids could swim the following day. The pole requires you reach up to push down. I was standing on a high platform next to and overlooking the pool and about 4 feet over the rest of the pool area.

As I reached to upper end of pole, I saw a craft approaching the house from about 1-2 blocks away and from the west and heading south east.

I knew right away that it was not a helicopter or plane. It seemed flatter and wider and with lights in a circumference of the main frontal area. I ran towards the house and called my family to see it. Only my wife came out. By that time it was directly over our house and pool.

It was approximately 75 - 100 feet above us.

We stood along side of the pool deck. It made no sound whatsoever, and it was at a complete stopped over us for about 40 seconds. The only motion was a slight wobble and when it moved and tilted downwards at an angle. I took this as some form of acknowledgment.

During the entire time, we were frozen in disbelief. It is a strange sensation knowing that what you are seeing is not supposed and very foreign. It was like seeing a Greyhound Bus floating over your house!

The craft was about 75-100 feet in diameter. It had small porthole and lights around it in the upper dome section, it was solid, metallic and shiny. There was a dome in the upper section attached to the body with no visible separation, as if it were molded as one solid craft.

The under section was concave towards the center and had two rectangular shapes along side each other and the length of the concave under-section.

The rectangular shapes were about 7-10 feet in width and as along as the craft's concave underside center. I also noticed ski-like devices on the front and on each side of the front leading edge window.

What caught my attention was that the devices were not in the center or the "center of gravity" for the craft's length and design but very forward.

The skis were S-shaped with the top of the S facing forward but a design I could not replicate.

Upon the craft leaning in a downward motion we could see a window or cockpit-like glass that was situated in the underside, it was on the front lower edge of the round craft.

The rectangular window was approximately 4 feet in height and possibly 12-15 feet in length. There was a glow of soft orange and blue lights from the inside but we could not see anyone or any controls.

It remained at a forward and downward angle for about 10 seconds. We both had the sensation of being watched. As it was angled, I noticed that light was emanating from the upper section that was not facing the swimming pool lights.

Thus, it seemed to generate light through skin of the craft as the lights that first attracted me faced forward and were much lower than the upper section of the craft.

My wife and I did not say anything to each other during the experience but she kept saying "Oh, my God," over and over again.

The craft then left slowly at 30-40 MPH. I jumped on a wall around our property to continue seeing for at least 7 miles. I instructed my wife not to discuss it, to draw what she saw and then we would compare drawings.

They matched, although mine had more detail and accuracy.

My background includes Group Propulsion Systems and later as an executive with several major computer companies. What we saw was close, real, solid, and a beautiful designed craft.

I know from my aeronautical engineering background that mankind has no such technology

Eyewitness-ED TOWERS

Witness Background

Certified in Group Propulsion Systems, Studied Aeronautical engineering, degree in business management. Executive in computer companies, cofounder of international management consulting company serving large European companies, real estate investor. Retired.

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Eyewitness-ED TOWERS

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