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Italy: Air Force Head Says UFOs Possibly ET Craft
UFO Depiction

Italy: Air Force Head concedes UFOs possibly ET craft

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

Italians are increasingly asking the question as to what is going on in their skies. Last year more UFO sightings were recorded in Italy than any year prior and this is catching the attention of the media.

The Vatican has recently warmed up to the idea of life on other planets which begs the question as to whether Rome knows more about the topic than they are giving away.

Now an Air Force chief is conceding that aliens might be behind UFO incidents.

In the last few weeks a number of high profile media outlets ran stories on UFOs. ‘055 News ‘noted that the Italian Air Force has recorded 38 sightings of UFOs since 2001. In 2008 alone three sightings of interest were seen by the Air Force or picked up on their radars.

The first and perhaps the most interesting occurred on March 2 in the evening where ‘A spherical object, coloured white and glowing with a red halo was seen flying at around 200m above ground over Teresina’.

The second sighting dates to July 28 when numerous people in Riccione including members of the Air Force saw a irregular object change shape, ‘Twirl in on itself’ and then disappear.

The third sighting recorded by the Air Force occurred on August 21 when citizens of Riccone again saw a mysterious object in the sky-this time a glowing red sphere.

Roberto Di Giorgio, head of general security for the Italian Air force commented to Italian media outlets that all 38 cases recorded by the Air Force are ones that have no immediate explanation.

He stressed ‘We cannot rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence (in relation to these sightings)’ although noted also that ‘We cannot prove that ETs are behind these sightings’.

The media reports mentioned other incidents that occurred last year:

- On September 27 the pilot of an airliner saw and reported a white spherical UFO crossing the sky to his west.

- A civil airline flying from Catania to Naples on October 15 noticed a black object following it leaving a grey trail. This event was seen by some on the ground.

- A white spherical object was seen on November 16 both from the ground and by pilots of an Airliner. It flew to the side of the plane and then turned and vanished.

Many Ufologists are now counting down the years, months or days until governments of the world come clean and tell their countrymen what they know about UFOs.

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Three Spherical Objects Videotaped over Olsztyn, Poland
One of the witness photos
SOBOTA, 21 LUTY 2009 10:08

On the 30th of January 2009 around 5 pm. Mr. Marcin K. walked along the crowded pavement of the Pieniezny Street located in the center of Olsztyn (northern Poland). Suddenly he noticed 3 spheres of light in the sky above the building on the opposite side of the street.

At first he thought that objects making the triangle formation were motionless, but later he noticed that they were moving slowly at the same direction maintaining the same distance from each other.

After few seconds one of the objects started to fade as the “triangle” began to “rotate” to the right. Additionally, witness had an impression that spheres were rotating fast around their own axis. He assumed they are about 50-70 meters above him. He grabbed his cell-phone and stared to film this unusual phenomenon.

The whole observation lasted 4 or 5 minutes. At the end the second sphere started to fade and finally also the last one disappeared. During the sighting the witness changed his point of observation. Just before its disappearance, the last object started to make strange figures, changing its directions. Then it stopped and moved again.

The witness assumed the size of the objects as a 1/4 - 1/5 of the size of the Moon. They had a bright white color with a reddish glow. They were very distinct on a late afternoon sky. According to his opinion, the spheres possessed their own source of light. There were no sounds coming from the orbs.

A significant element of the observation was that only the witness focused his attention on the objects despite the fact that the street was quite crowded.

After finishing filming witness felt some kind of dissatisfaction that he could not make a better documentation of the phenomenon.

The incident was covered by local media. The news was aired by TVP Olsztyn. Journalists asked various scientists (astronomers, meteorologists) and army officials about the phenomena but they could not provide any rational explanation of the sighting.

Anyway, recently lots of reports of similar characteristics appeared. Silent bright spheres were also seen in Lodz, Czestochowa and Wrzosowa etc. In most of the cases such an aerial phenomena were explained as caused by so called “Chinese lanterns.” Therefore according to our opinion, there is a strong possibility that Mr. Marcin witnessed another appearance.

The original report compiled by B. Zabielski (e-mail: z_bogus@wp.pl ) and M. Szczepanik – Masurian UFO Group

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Ancient Astronauts, Ancient Travelers
Egyptian Pyramids
ERICH VON DANIKEN’S book Chariots of the Gods? has many followers who believe it is the most convincing text supporting the idea of alien travellers instigating Mankind’s traditions.

He claims that the first UFOs ever to visit the Earth landed in prehistoric times, and the aliens that alighted were really the beings responsible for our ancient ancestors’ intelligence. Such a theory encompasses countless tales of ancient, now lost, races.

The legends of Lemuria, Atlantis and Nazca all have elements that encourage intergalactic relationships, and Daniken’s daring suggestions have spurred countless similar theories linking our history with visits from ancient astronauts.

Daniken was born on 14th April 1935 in Zofingen, Switzerland. At school he was fascinated by ancient holy writings, but it was during his time managing a Swiss hotel that he wrote his first and most famous book, Chariots of the Gods?.

The book looked at evidence to support a theory that prehistoric Man did not have the abilities to create his own civilisations.

Daniken stated that ancient astronauts had arrived on the planet and introduced our ancestors’ culture, traditions and intelligence. By carefully choosing data from religious, historical, scientific, biological, mythical and even some downright fictional sources, Daniken created a compelling argument.

But many other experts have since had to question his assertions. He claimed that the Ark of the Covenant was made as a large electric capacitor, when in fact its design is utterly impractical.

Famously, he stated that the fabled Nazca lines are runways for alien spacecraft, but did not consider the other options: for example, that they might have something to do with native Nazcan culture. He introduced impossible equations and even fictional ‘facts’. One example of Daniken’s evidence was pottery said to date from Biblical times.

The ancient pots had pictures of UFOs painted in their sides, but a television documentary team found the potter who created the artefacts. When Daniken was confronted with proof of his fraud, he replied that it was allowed because some people will irrationally refuse to believe an argument unless they see tangible evidence.

Since then, rival or complementary theories about similar subjects have appeared. Another controversial notion was written by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert in their 1994 book The Orion Mystery. The idea is termed ‘The Orion Theory’, and is solely connected with the belief that the Ancient Egyptians are descended from alien visitors.

Gilbert and Bauval realised that the three pyramids at Giza correlate exactly with the three belt stars of Orion. Subsequent study using the theory has apparently discovered other ancient structures in areas of Egypt that correspond to points of the Orion constellation.

The Orion Theory suggests that the alien visitors originated from a planet in the Orion constellation. The Egyptians worshipped the god Osiris, who had ‘Sha’ as its cosmic representation. The Sha constellation is what we call Orion. Gilbert and Bauval also studied the strange shafts found in the pyramids which they said were directed towards the right area of the heavens for the dead pharaohs’ souls to ascend back from whence they came.

Modern scholars have pointed out that the Earth’s position and view of the heavens would have been drastically different in ancient history, and suspicious manipulation of time frames has been used to make sure some related theories are seen as plausible. In reality, this has undermined the integrity of the whole subject.

The forefather of all these types of ideas, Daniken himself, has little reason to be bitter about other people’s doubts. Chariots of the Gods? became an instant bestseller in the United States and across the world.

Since then, he has written nearly 30 books and sold 60 million copies of his work. He enjoys a life of travel, lecturing across the world and appearing on television programmes talking abut his theories. He is responsible for inspiring a major science-fiction television series entitled Chariots of the Gods, and in the summer of 2003 he opened his very own Mysteries of the World theme park.

Perhaps the mystery in this story is nothing to do with aliens and ancient civilisations, but with how one man created an enormous industry and following based on a theory with dubious foundations?

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How to Protect Yourself During an Alien Encounter
UFO Depiction
written by Chris Holly

I have talked to many Abductees and lost time people over the past year. I have found common threads that clearly occur in both lost time and abduction cases.

When I started to find myself repeating similar factors in the reported encounters of those I interviewed, I thought I could sew these similar threads together to form a list of what to do and not do to protect others from becoming the victims of these mysterious encounters with the unknown.

The first thing that comes to light with each case is the fact that those taken or who are victims of lost time events are always alone or with one other person. Most often the person is alone. I have taken reports of couples that reported lost time experiences. I am sure there are reports of groups or families who have had both abduction and or lost time encounters but I have only had experience with interviewing singular abductions and lost time events.

I have found the people who have suffered these experiences to have the main factor of their experiences based around periods of time they were alone. The next factor that repeats itself in these cases is that the people are often taken at dusk or at night.

I did interview people who were in dark woods or sunset fields. I do not find many taken during the light of day. The people who reported these experiences also have told me that the surrounding that they were taken from always were situated in an area that other people could not easily view due to it being in an isolated landscape such as a field or wooded park or deserted beach.

Others have reported Abductions in dark alleyways between buildings or structures that separate the victims from being seen by the ongoing business of routine living. A victim may be working in a large super store with hundreds of cars parked in front of the building with the store packed with shoppers, however, the back of the building may be dark and isolated from the view of others.

This would be the perfect scenario for an abduction to take place. Of course most seem to occur while the people are in open lonely areas at night but there have been cases of people being taken from dark spots in the middle of populated areas.

Driving while on deserted or lonely roads affords a favorable opportunity for those who take us. These are easy places to remove and replace those who are abducted for obvious reasons. I find many lost time reports occur while the victim is traveling alone at night on roads less populated with a regular flow of traffic.

It can be a side road running along side a heavily traveled highway. As long as it is dark, lonely, and easily accessed, it is a perfect spot to pick up a lonesome human driving alone. Not only is it easy to abduct them, it is a good place to return them without an audience or interference.

I recently went to the small town where I live to pick up a few last minute items at the market in town. My town is very New England like in design. It is a small little village with one Main street which has remained the same for the last hundred or so years. My town is located on the north shore coast of Long Island facing the Long Island Sound, which separates us from Connecticut.

Located at the end of my town facing the Long Island Sound and Connecticut, is the town’s harbor, dock, and park. By the time sunset hits in winter this part of town becomes deserted and lost in the dark night that blends easily into the dark water of the harbor.

It is a surround of dark blue with bright stars overhead and gentle waves slapping against the bulkhead of the deserted dock. I like this time of day in town and often will drive down to the harbor to stand and look out to the open water and star lit sky as night drifts in across our small town.

I picked up my goods from the small market on Main Street, and decided to drive down to the end of town to take in the approaching night before heading home. A hand full of people where standing around the main dock of the harbor walking their dogs and checking ropes on docked boats.

I wanted to have that special look of the open sea before I headed back home. I drove my car to the end of the harbor parking lot and got out of my car.

I walked out to the end of the last dock in the harbor park that jets directly out to the harbor opening to the Long Island Sound. I was standing there taking in the beauty of the water and the sky when I noticed one very bright very round orb light heading towards the town. It was coming in off the water at a rapid rate of speed.

I knew at once it was not an airplane or helicopter. The speed was incredible and the orb changed direction twice over the sound without reducing its speed. I did not miss a beat, not one beat. I turn and ran at full speed to my car. I did not turn around; I did not care what it was. I ran to my car with every bit of speed I could muster. I started my car and took off with my foot pressed to the metal forcing that vehicle to fly as fast as it could back to the main dock.

I stopped once where the few people were gathered who remained at the water's edge and yelled to them something odd was at the end of the dock and for them to get out of there and return to town.

I did exactly what was needed to protect myself from a potentially dangerous situation. It took me many years to train myself to remain focused in the grips of an unknown experience. Years ago I would have hesitated and watched that odd light to see if it really was something unusual. Years ago I may think locking myself in my car would be enough to protect me in case it was something unknown heading my way. Years ago I may have used my cell phone to call the town’s police and waited for them to arrive. But now after interviewing all I have about abductions and lost time, I know better.

There are certain things we all need to keep in the back of our minds during these times of ongoing reports of sightings, abduction and lost time events. First they are happening all over the world all of the time. Second they are not experiences you want to endure and should be looked at as things you should protect yourself from. The unknown is exactly that things we do not understand or know, and things we need to handle with care and suspicion.

The first way to protect yourself is to stay away from isolated areas, especially at dust or dark times of day. Do not linger in dark lonely areas; try to stay in eyesight of others. If forced to work in dangerous areas do it quickly, and try to bring or turn on lights if possible.

The key to overall protection in these situations is the same as all safety rules. Do not allow yourself to be found alone in dark lonely areas. This also applies to driving. Try not to drive alone on dark roads that are not near or traveled by constant traffic. Most all abductions and lost time events occur while the people are on that one lonely dark stretch of road. If possible keep your travel route along the populated roadways.

UFO Depiction If you think you have sighted a strange craft, immediately call others to view it with you. Safety is in numbers as well as credence you actually did witness a sighting. Never stand alone or out in the open when viewing something unknown. You are risking your safety and those around you.

Retreat to safety, find as many people as possible, lock yourself into what ever structure you have to escape to and light up the area as bright as possible. Call the police, and your neighbors. Try to draw as many people as possible to your location.

If you need to yell for help remember, yell "Fire," and not UFO, or you may be ignored or deserted by the other people around you. Whatever you do, never willingly go towards the object or stand dumbfounded at the sight of the unknown before you. In times of events of the unknown you must first and foremost control your emotions and focus on what you need to do to survive the event unharmed.

If you do encounter a lost time event or feel you have been abducted do not panic. The fact is you will most likely be returned and not recall what happened, or where you have been taken. You may feel ill or have markings or bruises on your body. You may suffer burn type areas on your arms, legs, or abdomen.

You may feel drugged and sick to your stomach for a few days, but mainly you will recover and survive. If you are able to see a doctor, you may want to be checked and have your regular blood tests done.

You may suffer dreams of unknown origin and repeat these nightmares for years ahead. You may have many symptoms ranging from a slight pain in your head to extreme reports of internal damage.

The most important thing for you to remember is that you are not alone. Many others walking this earth have experienced abduction and or lost time events. You may want to join a support group like F.T.T.O.U.F.O where others who have had similar experiences join to discuss and help one another. You may also want to be careful of those who want to exploit you for their gain or have you hypnotized to recall your encounter.

I would strongly suggest you stay away from all those ideas and people. Find others who have gone through the same events. I do believe unless you have experienced certain things you cannot understand them.

Trying to explain childbirth to a man is like trying to explain the terror and violation of abduction to those who have not been abducted. You can get the idea across but one can never truly understand the raging terror or the pain of forced violation by creatures that are not human unless they have experienced it.

I write this article with a hopeful heart that the public with start to seriously recognize the fact that the unknown has become far wider known now due to the access of the Internet, digital cameras, and video ability of the masses across the world.

I think it nearly impossible, if not ridiculous, to try to remain a cold closed skeptic to the idea of many things going on around, above and below us that we simply do not understand.

I think laughing it off or simply closing our minds to things we do not understand ignorant and extremely dangerous. Please consider the things I have written about today and keep them in the back of your mind for your safety and that of your loved ones.

The reports of Abduction, sightings and lost time are on the rise. To think these things are just going to go away because you do not want to deal with them just will not work any more. The best thing you can do is think about some of the things we have talked about in articles like this one. If one day you find you are smack in the middle of an unknown event try to keep calm. Try to focus on the best course of action to first and foremost protect your self and those around you. Once you have people around you, positioned yourself in a safe environment and called for help, then try to photograph, video and make notes of everything you see and hear.

Most of all, know what you see or experience may be the most incredible experience of your life. Know you are not alone, and know this knowledge will in time expand your view of life and mankind.

Seeing what others tell you do not exist is an enormous life-changing event. If you do experience such an adventure do it with safety and under your terms and control.

Remember people, there are many unknowns out there and somewhere, someday, we may all experience a paranormal walk down an unknown road! Keep looking up and always pay attention to your surroundings. Who knows what lurks beyond the next dark highway?

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World into the Endless Journey http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

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Strange UFO Experience and Was Mothman in Nebraska?
UFO Depiction
February 19, 11:26 PM

by Patricia Ress, Omaha Paranormal Examiner

Nebraska has had its share of strange UFO experiences, but one of the strangest I have heard is the encounter of Herbert Schirmer, a police Sargent from Ashland, NE who on December 3, 1976 saw a blurred white object come out of something he thought was a truck which had blinking red lights.

The object communicated telepathically with Schirmer and told him not to draw his gun. It was only when he noticed that he had lost several hours of time and suffered from headaches and a red welt on his neck that he went to seek help from Dr,. Leo Sprinkle, a UFO investigator from the University of Wyoming who hypnotized him to help him recall what happened.

Schirmer recalled seeing a metallic disc 8 ft off the ground and sitting on legs with a walkway surround its perimeter. The beings he encountered were described as friendly and had bases on Venus. They had apparently drawn energy from the power lines around Ashland.

Oddly enough, Dr. Sprinkle believed that Schirmer believed what he said and was being honest. But the town residents and Schirmer's own wife were not so kind or understanding.

Although he was later promoted to police chief, his credibility had been damaged and a few months later he resigned.

Schirmer recalled that the aliens had a mysterious ensignia on their tight-fitting uniforms. Later it was determined that the ensignia was very similar to the one used by the Trilateral Commission! Coincidence?

And then there is the story of Nebraska's own 'Mothman' experience. As most of us know, Mothman was a creature seen in the vacinity of Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the mid-1960s. He was described as a hominid with huge bat wings with a large wingspan and with glaring red eyes that left his experiencers with a feeling of fear and dread and the feeling that they had seen something terribly evil.

But Nebraska beat them to it-maybe. In the fall of 1956, John Hanks saw a winged hominid flying 15 feet above the ground with shiny aluminum wings and a control panel across its chest.

It was later described as having a leathery face with demonic features that left the experiencers paralyzed and feeling as if they had seen something demonic or evil!

The similarities beg the question: Was this the same creature?

In case you feel there is too much distance between West Virginia and Nebraska, consider this: Mothman was also spotted recently in Tennessee! Obviously, he gets around!

Also see the UFO Casebook case file: The Abduction of Herbert Schirmer

Also see the UFO Casebook case file: The Mothman Legend

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Pasadena, California Helicopter Crew Encounter UFO in 1972
UFO Depiction
10-15-1972-California-My date and times are approximate. I was assigned as a Police Helicopter Observer with the Pasadena Police Department and flying night patrol.

The pilot was Pat Spafford. In the northeast area of Pasadena, very close to the foothills, we observed what appeared to be a Military Sikorsky helicopter hovering very low over a residential area.

The helicopter was turning its landing light off and on. As we got closer, it gained elevation and started heading westbound. Being curious we started to follow it. We were approximately at 1,000 ft. AGL.

The military helicopter then appeared to lose altitude quickly as if it was going into auto rotation.

Then about 300 meters past it, we saw what first appeared to be a large object looking like bunch of big balloons tied together. The object was going at our exact airspeed, which was about 60 mph. The object was round and appeared to be rotating.

I saw no lights on it. Pat began yelling over the intercom that he was seeing a UFO. I immediately shut off our running lights so I could activate our "night star" search light. The running lights were shut off because there would be too many amps going through the system with all the lights on and pop a breaker.

Shutting off the running lights to power up the searchlight was S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure)

Pat questioned what I was doing, and when I told him I was going to "light it up", he said, "No," and turned the running lights back on. We had a short argument about doing this or not, but he got the final word because he was the pilot.

We watched the object for a few minutes and it flew abeam us going west. We then noticed that there was some fog coming in the L. A. basin, which was a signal for us to fly back to Bracket Field in Pomona, where we hangared the helicopter so as not to get caught in the fog.

As we approached the west end of the city near the Rose Bowl, this object gained speed and in just a few seconds accelerated towards the L. A. skyline and disappeared out of sight. The speed it went was faster than supersonic. We were both amazed at how fast it accelerated.

We came back to the hangar and immediately started making calls. Pat called LAX to see if they had any such object on their radar. He got a "negative" from them. I called JPL in Pasadena to see if they had any kind of experiment going on and they said no.

I was taken back by the response I got from them because the person I spoke to sounded like this was an everyday occurrence. We both wrote an incident report and turned it in. I kept this to myself until one day, about 2 weeks later, the Police Chief saw me in the hallway and yelled, "Hey Al, did you see any more giant Frisbees?"

Since that time I have told this story to people but never made a big deal about it. I also never found out if anyone forwarded that report or investigated it further. I left the PD in 1979 to join the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Dept.

Just thought I would tell this story to someone who would enjoy hearing it. Pat Spaffor passed away some time ago, but I'm sure there are plenty of people that will remember that story from the old days.

I have attached a picture of myself with Pat Spafford taken around the time this happened. This photo was out of the Pasadena Star News on February 13, 1972.

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MUFON Submitter 15633


(last update, 02-28-09)

See Great Britain UFO sighting reports from our friends at Grantham Today, UFO Sightings

California-3 Bright, Red Lights
02-24-2009 at 1:15am, the skies were clear with no clouds in the way, I saw 3 bright red lights in the shape of a triangle in the eastern sky of El Cajon, East County of San Diego.

Seemed to be moving in a West or Northwestern direction, slowly, but was clearly moving, Started as a equilateral triangle, but looked like it was turning, and then the triangle began to get tighter at the bottom, then return to a more equal triangle.

After about ten minutes of watching this, the lights began to flicker out, one at a time, starting with the top or the triangle, then the right bottom, then finally the left bottom.

My brother is the one who first saw it, he called me on his cell, he was on the 8 freeway heading east, when he called to tell me to go outside and check it out.

I witnessed the lights , as well as my mom and my dad. I'm a 30 year old Security Guard, and have never seen anything like it. I'm still shocked and amazed at the same time. source: www.mufon.com

California-Unknown Object Seen Three Times
02-23-09-This is third time I have seen this. Can someone explain to me what it was? I was looking at it toward the north from south. It was brighter than a star.

Was not a plane or helicopter. Just sitting between the trees. Later I came back to look and it was gone.

Could someone help me with this object? It's not the space station, it's too low. Planes were passing right by it. Nobody has helped me with this sighting. I know my aircraft really well.

This was not your normal airplane or helicopter. Everytime I see it, it's in a different position. I want an email back on this sighting. If anyone else has seen this object please post, because it's interesting. source: www.mufon.com

Texas-Object Larger than Star
02-23-09-On Monday my 9 yr. old daughter and I were in the car driving home when she told me to look at the light... it's aUFO! I parked the car and got out.

It was an extremely bright light in the west that was not moving and much larger than a star or airplane light. Eventually, it went farther west, and was harder to see from my front yard.

My next door neighbor said she saw it on Wednesday Feb. 20 and Saturday Feb. 21. It was as bright as a stadium light but bigger and alone in the sky. It would occasionally get brighter and dimmer. source: www.mufon.com

Canada-Silver Disc Seen
2002-Lac des Plages, Quebec, Canada. It was noon, sunny with a blue sky. My wife and I, along with my mother and father were touring on a pontoon, when my father saw a silver disc in the sky.

It was near the mountains, and about 1,000 feet altitude, and made no sound. It say still for about a minute, then began to move to the other side of the mountain. It moved shakily, like it was affected by electromagnetism.

It did this a couple of times, then reversed itself, and took off to space in about one second. I knew then we were not alone. source: www.ufocasebook.com

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