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UFO Casebook Magazine 499, Issue date, 03-05-12

Want to See a UFO? Try North Bergen, NJ
North Hudson Park
Published: 1:02 PM 2/29/2012

By Lisa Rose/The Star-Ledger

North Bergen is a national UFO landmark, thanks to a famous book, "Missing Time, " which chronicles a mysterious night in North Hudson Park, where several witnesses say an alien ship landed.

Right across from the park is an unusual apartment building called the Stonehenge, also known as the "Round House."

NORTH BERGEN — Maybe the Mayans were right. Over the past few months, bloggers around the globe have been buzzing about ominous sounds from above. Some conclude a cloaked spacecraft is prepping for a doomsday attack by year’s end.

The sounds are sweeping the web. With cameras tilted skyward, folks claim to be capturing audible evidence of a ship hovering over the planet. There are viral videos from Kiev, Britain, Canada, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Sweden and both coasts of the United States.

"We do get daytime cases in which people hear something mechanical pass overhead, but they see nothing," says Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, nuforc.org.

"But I don’t believe the videos are a true phenomenon. I think it is a marketing effort associated with a film designed to scare the daylights out of people."

Whether the videos are an elaborate hoax inspired by "Cloverfield" or the real apocalyptic deal, the trend has New Jersey roots. Last May, a YouTube user in North Bergen posted a six-minute video with creepy howling noises under cloudless sky.

It’s not the first report of the unexplained in North Bergen. The city may seem like a humble suburb wedged between Weehawken and Fairview but it is actually the UFO capital of New Jersey.

Forget about the Pine Barrens. Based on an abundance of sightings over the past three decades, the hilly town along the Hudson River is a hub for other worldly mysteries.

The community’s alien mythos dates to a famous 1975 tale of a spacecraft landing in North Hudson County Park, across the street from the Stonehenge, a circular apartment tower built in 1968 by the architecture firm that designed the Empire State Building. Once the tallest edifice in New Jersey, the 35-story complex shines over the park like a beacon for galactic travelers.

During the 1975 "Stonehenge Incident," witnesses in the tower and on the ground described strange lights glowing in the park, now named for boxer James J. Braddock. It was the first case investigated by the late UFO researcher, author and artist Budd Hopkins.

He was compelled to explore the episode after a North Bergen liquor store owner, George O’Barski, told him that he’d seen a saucer land in a grassy field opposite the Stonehenge. O’Barski said a group of diminutive creatures in helmets traipsed down an illuminated ramp to scoop soil samples.

Hopkins penned a 1976 Village Voice piece about the encounter, "Sane Citizen Sees UFO in New Jersey."

"We have the article in our office," says Stonehenge doorman William Schiappa. "I was kind of surprised when I first heard about it, but we have people who have lived here a long time. They have a coffee klatch and sometimes UFOs come up in conversation."

Hopkins put North Bergen on the cosmic map. He followed up his Village Voice article with a pioneering book, "Missing Time: A Documented Study of UFO Abductions."

"I heard about the story," says Philip Pietro, a retired postal worker eating breakfast at the Boulevard Diner in North Bergen. "A few people told me about it at the post office."

Reports of unidentified flying objects around the Stonehenge and the park continue to surface online, along with videos and photos.

Fireballs, blue discs, whirling triangles and wingless planes have all been spotted on starry nights in North Bergen, according to dispatches in the UFO databases, nuforc.org and mufon.com.

"North Hudson Park has been ground zero for UFO sightings for years," says Edward Giunta, the North Bergen tax assessor. "I remember back when the original story came out, the park was filled with news trucks. One of our friends, as a prank, wrapped himself in tinfoil."

Like any other city, North Bergen has a mix of skeptics and believers but most residents, even those born after 1975, are acquainted with the UFO lore.

"Just through word of mouth, people know about it," says Sgt. Alex Guzman of the North Bergen Police Department. "We haven’t received any new reports about the park, but one of our sergeants told me about it. He said that a lot of people from the apartment building called that one night."

Indeed, a retired sergeant, Bose Bozicevic, started carrying a camera with him on patrol after he saw something bright and menacing in the park. Nearly a decade after the initial Stonehenge Incident, he was working the late shift on a summer night, ticketing vehicles. He had an "eerie feeling" and looked up.

"I was mesmerized by the lights," says Bozicevic. "It went really slow over me and I got in my car. I threw my lights on and followed it down Park Avenue. It kind of went sideways and disappeared right around the Stonehenge, which we used to call the ‘Round House.’ I told a buddy of mine and he said, ‘Don’t tell a soul.’ Maybe it was Air Force. I didn’t report it because as far as I was concerned, it wasn’t a criminal incident. No one got hurt."

Davenport estimates that for every UFO missive he’s received, there are another 70,000 undocumented sightings. He says folks want to talk on the phone but are reluctant to provide him with written accounts.

"People say they’re too busy or they don’t want to lose their job at the landfill," says Davenport. "The American people, we like to think of ourselves as rugged individualists, but nothing could be further from the truth from my vantage point. People come up with excuses for why they can’t write their UFO sighting report but to me, it’s just laziness."

Even as increasingly sophisticated telescopes reveal the enormity of the universe, skeptics still ridicule believers, says Charles Ratliff, assistant director of the New Jersey chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. "The ‘giggle factor’ comes into play when someone starts talking about UFO’s," says Ratliff, of Milltown, a retired police captain.

"I remember speaking to a group of individuals at a party indicating that I’d seen something and I became the laughingstock. There are people whose sole purpose is to debunk everything. Maybe they’re skeptics or maybe they’re being paid by the government. It is ludicrous and arrogant on humanity’s part to think this is the only planet where God chose to put intelligent life."

Ratliff adds, "I’m not trying to force anyone to believe anything. I’m not standing on a corner with a placard."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/northbergenufos.html

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Zeta Reticuli and the Betty and Barney Hill UFO Encounter
UFO Depiction

By Ian Brockwell

The alleged UFO encounter by Betty and Barney Hill happened on September 19, 1961, at a time when Sci-Fi films were becoming popular with movie audiences.

However, despite some reports, Betty Hill was not a lifelong "UFO fanatic" (as stated by Paranormal investigator Brian Dunning), although her interest in UFOs certainly increased after this alleged incident.

Whilst Betty`s knowledge of UFOs may have been limited, she was not completely unaware of their possible existence and mentioned that her sister had seen a UFO several years earlier.

Could this and the public interest in flying saucers have had some influence on her experience?

Although some of the details reported by Betty and Barney and their alleged abduction could easily be created by their own imaginations, there are some points that tend to give credibility to the story.

It is perhaps unfortunate that this particular UFO incident gave rise to the most popular joke used by UFO sceptics of all time, namely the use of "anal probes," which is closely followed by "tin foil hats."

I'm never sure which is funnier, the fact that people still find this joke amusing, or the disbelief by sceptics that an alien would not want to probe the human body to discover how we function.

That been said, I did find it strange that Barney appeared to receive "probes" to certain areas of his body, but Betty did not, although some of their details seemed to match, like skin being scraped. Surely, aliens would examine humans in exactly the same way, wouldn't they?

Like many other UFO enthusiasts, I would love to believe Betty and Barney's story, but something in the back of my mind stops me from doing so.

We could ask why this couple would want to make up such an elaborate story, but we could also question why aliens would want to take them into space to carry out these examinations, couldn't they have done this more quickly at the spot of the alleged abduction (which was quite remote)?

Much is made of the Star Map that Betty was instructed to produce in a post hypnotic suggestion and an amateur astronomer, Marjorie Fish, believed (after several years of studying the map) that the "UFO" originated from one of the planets orbiting the double star system of Zeta Reticuli.

This of course is possible, but Betty only produced a map containing a total of 15 stars and considering the number of stars in our galaxy alone, the chances of this matching other star systems could easily be a coincidence.

I realise that many may be upset with my article and perhaps consider me a sceptic, but this is not my intention. Although I have never seen a UFO (or alien), I strongly believe that they exist.

However, I am keen for others to share my belief and that is why I present information in a way that looks at both sides of the argument. If we are seriously interested in convincing sceptics that aliens do exist, we must provide information that is not open to dispute.

We can certainly not rule out the possibility that Betty and Barney were abducted by aliens, but there is very little (if any) evidence to prove it.

This situation is a constant problem with people who claim to have seen UFOs or have been the victims of an abduction, the photos are often fuzzy and the evidence debatable.

But UFO sceptics are extremely hard to convince and would probably deny the presence of aliens even if one knocked on their door!

Sadly, it would take quite a spectacular "alien" event to prove to others what we already know, but such is life.

In the meantime, we must try and resist claiming that every light in the sky is a UFO and concentrate on presenting information that is more difficult to question. Like in most things, quality is often better than quantity.

See the UFO Casebook case file, The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/bettybarneyhillcomments.html

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Will Someone Please Identify the UFO over South Africa
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:48 PM 2/29/2012

Weeks after reports that a South African plane violated Botswana airspace, those expected to have the answers are still scratching their heads.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana (CAAB), the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) and the Directorate of Intelligence (DIS) appear to be making no headway getting their heads around what has apparently struck them like an Unidentified Flying Object.

In this day and age, it is a puzzle why the three organisations cannot figure out what happened when we thought it was safe to assume that our radar systems were sufficiently sophisticated to pick up any unauthorised objects in our airspace.

We say so because radar systems are designed with speeds that aircraft are capable of in mind.

So far, CAAB says their records - radars, presumably - picked up nothing and we assume that the same is true of the BDF and DIS. Was the system faulty?

Or did someone tamper with it in order for the plane to fly in and out, as has been claimed?

Or maybe the system has blind spots? These questions are relevant because if an unauthorised flying machine can enter Botswana airspace without detection by none of the authorities minded for the purpose, we lie naked to the machinations of whomsoever may be inclined to do us ill in the whole wide world.

Needless to say, we cannot afford such laxity in today's world that is full of terrorists looking everywhere for targets. And when a breach has occurred, we cannot afford to behave like clowns of such note that we do not know what happened even weeks later; for nothing invites extremists like a security system that is fundamentally insecure!

For a country like Botswana where critics have been questioning the huge budgetary allocations made in the name of state security, it is a serious indictment that our aviation system is so vulnerable to breaches and is unable to determine what happened even several weeks later.

The BDF has been replaced by DIS as the most preferred consumer of colossal quantities of taxpayers' money, yet both organisations did not even see a blip anywhere when an unauthorised foreign object traversed our skies. In such a state of affairs, enemy aircraft can fly in, hit targets anywhere, photograph their handiwork and fly out without interruption from any of our so-called rapid response forces.

This is the reality after the setting up of DIS was justified by citing potential security threats from beyond our borders. But we should know better than to be so vulnerable because our recent history is one of bombing raids from the air by forces of apartheid South Africa.

Our recent past is also one in which President Ketumile Masire had a close brush with death over Luanda when OK1 was hit because the Angolans allegedly accused Botswana of allowing apartheid South Africa to use its airspace to ferry soldiers and weapons to UNITA forces at a time when the Cold War turned extremely hot in southern Africa.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/ufooversouthafrica.html

source & references:


Brother/Sister Witness Multi-Colored Object over Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:01 PM 2/28/2012

Weatherford, Texas - 02-01-12

My sister and I were out visiting one of her friends that lives in Weatherford, TX. We left her friends at around 1 AM, and proceeded to drive home.

My sister was driving and I was in the passenger seat. We took 730 North towards Azle, TX.

730-N has a lot of little hills that keep you from seeing into the valley over the next hill.

Immediately grabbing both of our attentions was a UFO hovering maybe 50 ft. off the ground and partially over a house about 100 yards away from the road.

The object consisted of three rows of spinning red and blue lights.

The top and bottom lights were bright blue, and were appearing to rotate clockwise at around 200 rpm.

The middle lights were bright red and a lot larger than top and bottom ones, and were rotating at high rpm in the opposite direction from the top and bottom lights.

I could not see the structure of the craft because of the brightness of the lights on the craft.

The object was tilted and spinning like crazy with no wobbling. My sister slowed the car down so we could stare at this thing.

A car passed us as we were slowed down, so I know there were other witnesses to this thing.

We lost sight of this thing after we went through another valley. I am still thoroughly freaked out by the incident and it was over a year ago.

I am angry at my sister for not turning around so we could possibly get a photo of the object.

We were both freaked out and not thinking clearly enough to get a photo or video. We will both be willing to take a lie detector test.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/weatherfordtx020112.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

UFO Sightings Explained in Utah?
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:33 PM 2/29/2012

Reported by: Emerson Lotzia

BOUNTIFUL (ABC 4 News) - On Sunday night Scott Forman was driving home with his family when he spotted some strange lights in the sky over Mueller Park in Bountiful.

Recently, ABC4 has received a number of phone calls and emails about UFOs and Scott may have found an answer as to what these strange light in the sky really are.

Remember THIS? It was a bunch of unexplained lights in the sky near Lehi just over a year ago. Well, this is what Scott saw Sunday night, and at first, he thought for sure it was a UFO.

"Yeah, it's because they're not making much noise and they're not fireworks and they don't look like flares from any kind of aircraft," said Scott Forman.

But the next morning he found what looked like a tissue paper balloon at the neighborhood bus stop. So could that thing really be what people have been guessing about for over a year now?

"Yeah, I think so," said Forman. "With the coloring and the lights and how they behaved what else could it have been?"

How about aliens?

"That's the million dollar question," Forman said. "Sometimes you see stuff and sometimes it's explainable and sometimes it is not."

Don't forget, if you ever see something strange like this, make sure you take a picture or video and sent it to pics@abc4.com

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/utahexplained.html

source & references:


Archived Case of the Week

1952: Navy Aviators Encounter Three Silver, Disc-Shaped UFOs
UFO Depiction
Cosmic Curiosity: Naval History Magazine Reports on August, 1952 Incident

Cosmic Curiosity: by Commander Edward P. Stafford, US Navy (Retired)

Half a century ago, three Navy aviators saw something high above their Greenland base that baffled them.

It was August 1952. I was officer in charge of a detachment of three Navy patrol planes operating out of the new US air base at Thule, in northwest Greenland, some 80 miles from the North Pole.

The primary mission assigned our four engine, World War II Privateers was "ice reconnaissance." That meant flying out over the Kennedy Channel, Smith Sound, Baffin Bay, and the Davis Strait and plotting the location of the pack ice and large bergs.

That data was relayed to the ships that each summer re- supplied the chain of arctic radar stations known as the DEW (distant early warning) line.

Our secondary job, not to interfere with ice reconnaissance, was to support a group of scientists conducting cosmic ray research. About once a week, when weather conditions were right, they sent up a huge, translucent "Skyhook" balloon with a package of sensative photographic plates sus- pended under it.

The balloons would drift downwind at an altitude of 90,000-100,000 feet, where the atmosphere (spun thinner near the poles by the rotation of the earth) was sufficiently attenuated to permit the cosmic rays to make their telltale traces on the photographic plates.

When the plates had been exposed for a few hours, the scientists would send a radio signal to the balloon, exploding a small charge, cutting the plates loose, and returning them to earth under a large, bright red parachute.

Our job was to fly above any overcast, keep the high balloons in sight, and report the landing location of the parachuted plates for recovery by helicopter.

The high-flying gas bags were equipped by low power, low frequency radio transmitters to which we would tune our radio compasses so their needles always pointed toward the balloons.

These were easy flights, always in good weather and always at an altitude safely above the tall, cloud-shrouded bergs and coastel rocks we often had to dodge on ice patrol.

Each of us had two or three of those "milk runs" while deployed to Thule, and we rather enjoyed the change of tactics and routine, as well as the virtuous feeling that we were helping to advance the cause of science.

This is why I was surprised to find one of the other plane commanders as tense and pale on return from a balloon chase as though it had been a hairy combat mission or a close encounter with a berg or a mountaintop.

Lt. John Callahan was a salty, steady professional pilot, so I knew when I saw him walking in from his plane that something serious had happened on that flight.

"What the hell's the matter John?" I asked him. "You look as if you'd just survived a midair!" "Ed, you're not going to be- lieve it. I'm not even sure I do... and I SAW it. And so did O'Flaherty and Merchant. At least most of it. And I don't think they believe it either."

I followed John into the line shack where he wrote up some minor gripes on his airplane, then into our little ready room where we poured ourselves coffees and sat down. John was not acting at all like the Callahan I knew.

Although he was an experienced and highly competent naval aviator, John Callahan's normal manner was outgoing and cheerful, even jovial, with lots of smiles and laughter and banter... even after a low-level hurricane penetration or a long patrol in instru- ment weather. Not this day.

Now he was deadly serious and obviously shaken. The last time I had seen a man like this was in wartime.

Here is John Callahan's story:

He was flying at 10,000 feet in the clear with the balloon in sight high above and the radio compass needle locked on to the balloon's transmitter. Through the one set of binoculars carried in each aircraft, he and his copilot, Lt. (jg) Bill O'Flaherty, occasionally inspected the balloon and its instrument package, trailing beneath like the tail of a kite. Everything looked normal for most of the flight.

Then, on a routine check with the binoculars, John found something very abnormal about the balloon and its payload. He looked for a long time and then passed the glasses to O'Flaherty.

"Take a look at our target," he told the young officer, "and tell me what you see." O'Flaherty looked, lowered the glasses and glanced sharply at John, then looked again. "Well?" "Jesus Christ, John there are three bright silver discs attached to that instrument pod! They weren't there the last time I looked. Where the hell did they come from?"

Callahan took the glasses back and looked again. They were still there exactly as the copilot had described, three shining, saucer-shaped metallic objects clustered on the hanging trail of the balloon just above the black dot of the science package.

On the intercom Callahan called the plane captain to the cock- pit and handed him the binoculars. "Take a look Merchant. What do you think?"

The captain's reacton was the same as the copilot's. "What the hell are they? Where did they come from?"

Callahan took the glasses back and studied the strange objects for several minutes while O'Flaherty maneuvered the Privateer to keep the target in sight. Suddenly Callahan sucked in his breath and held it.

What he was seeing could not be happen- ing. The three objects had detached themselves from the tail of the balloon and formed up into a compact vee.

As Callahan watched incredulously, they executed what looked at that dis tance like a vertical bank to the left and accelerated to a blinding speed that took them out of sight, climbing in about three seconds.

Callahan handed the glasses back to O'Flaherty. "They're gone," he said slowly, "CLIMBING from 90,000 feet. Never saw anything turn so tight or move so fast."

Back in the ready room after the instrument pod had landed and its position had be reported, this was the aspect of the phenomenon that most affected Callahan.

"Jesus, Ed," he told me, "from the angle of the sky those things passed through in the three seconds they were in sight, at that distance, they must have been going tens of thousands of miles an hour. They must have pulled a hundred Gs in that turn. And what the hell climbs out, ACCELERATING from 90,000 feet?"

John sat down that day, while it was still clear in his head, and wrote a full report of the incident. It went through the chain of command to the Office of Naval Intelligence. A report was also made to the Air Force authorities at Thule.

There never has been an explanation, nor even an acknowledgment of the report. The phenomenon exists today only in the memory of John C. Callahan, his copilot, his plane captain, and I, to whom it was told so vividly when it was fresh.

(Commander Stafford is the author of The Big E (1962) and Subchaser (1988) both published by the Naval Institute.)


thanks to Mike Christman

originally published


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