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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 552, Issue date, 03-11-13

Canadian Government Discontinues UFO Investigations
Chris Rutkowski
Published: 1:14 AM 3/9/2013

By Scott Sutherland | Geekquinox

Have you ever seen a UFO? If you have, did you report it to the government? Well, according to a new report from CBC News, if you did that now, they wouldn't be interested.

Although government agencies such as the RCMP, Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence used to make some effort to investigate UFO reports, documents obtained under the Access to Information Act show that these reports are now being handed off to civilian volunteer investigators, like writer and UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski.

Since 1989, Rutkowski has been publishing the Canadian UFO Survey, and has been maintaining the Ufology Research blog since 2005. He uses these resources to report on the sightings he receives and his investigations.

According to the CBC News story, Rutkowski said there were 980 UFO sightings reported in 2011, and were likely going to be more once the numbers from 2012 were tallied.

“We do notice that for January, February, we are actually quite high in terms of numbers, so probably we’re going to be close to a record once again for 2012,” he said.

Most UFO sightings can be easily explained as meteors, flares, and even floating lanterns, but there are still many that cannot. Rutkowski investigates all the reports he receives, but so much information comes his way that it's difficult to keep up.

To date, he has only been able to look into those reports received up until February 2012. Rutkowski and other Canadian 'ufologists' say that if the number of sightings continue to increase, the federal government will have to start paying attention again.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/canadanomore.html

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Sighting Turns Out To Be Sailboat Lights
Published: 1:20 AM 3/9/2013

Les Miserables star thought he'd caught extra-terrestrial activity. Well, this is awkward... An expert has claimed that Russell Crowe's alleged UFO sighting was nothing more than lights from a sailboat.

The actor had left his camera taking constant photos of the view from his office window in the hope of seeing fruit bats, and was apparently astonished to later see what appeared to be a UFO in the sky.

However, there is in fact a harbour between the camera and the gardens that are visible in the background; and Phil Poling from ParaBreakdown now says that a small sailboat with a high mast must have passed.

Due to the slow shutter speed, it's barely recognisable - and Russell's theory was also helped by the fact that, due to his choice of lense, the gardens look a lot closer than they in fact were; making the lights from the boat even harder to identify.

Russell has appeared to challenge the new theory, writing on Twitter: "re UFO? It can't be a yacht, would have to be travelling 80kmph (50mph) to cover that distance in 4.5 seconds (sic)."

He has also insisted that his original photo was not manipulated.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/justasailboat.html

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Fascination with UFOs Began at Young Age for Greensburg Man
Stan Gordon
Published: 2:30 AM 3/9/2013

Mark Hofmann | Daily Courier

Stan Gordon of Greensburg started his fascination with UFOs when he 16 years old and when the famous UFO incident in Kecksburg occurred.

On Dec. 9, 1965, multiple witnesses saw a brilliant-looking object move across the sky and land in nearby woods where witnesses described seeing a large, metallic acorn-looking object stuck in the ground.

Gordon went to the area the next day and started asking around, and he started hearing stories and collecting information about the incident days, weeks, months and years later.

“I can talk days and days about Kecksburg,” Gordon said to a packed room of fans at the Scottdale Public Library. “It was a fascinating evening.”

From the Kecksburg incident, Gordon went on to start the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group, was a Pennsylvania state director for the Mutual UFO Network and was the keynote speaker for various UFO and Bigfoot conventions, conferences and festivals across the country.

Although he's researched the unexplained for nearly 50 years, Gordon said he has never saw a UFO or Bigfoot but has spoken with credible people who have seen unusual things.

Of all those years, Gordon said the year 1973 had the last big wave of UFO sightings and the largest outbreak of Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania.

“Those were amazing cases,” Gordon said. “1973 was an amazing time to live through.”

Incidents and accounts from those who lived it lead Gordon to write the book “Silent Invasion,” published in 2010.

One of the stories was of a man shaving in his bathroom when he smelled the odor of what was described as rotten cucumbers. When he looked out of his window, he saw a pair a glowing red eyes. The window was eight feet off the ground.

Around the same time, a few boys in the wooded area reported seeing a tall, hairy creature with long arms and a long stride.

Gordon was able to find a footprint 13 inches long, eight inches wide and with three toes and made a cast of it.

“That was the beginning of a series of events that went on in 1974,” Gordon said.

His book explored cases that suggest that there may be more to Bigfoot than being just a flesh-and-blood primate.

Gordon said there have been reports of UFOs and Bigfoots seen at the same time and place, vanishing Bigfoot, UFO landings and car pursuits and more.

Gordon said there are those who research Bigfoot that don't want to entertain the idea of it being related to UFOs and those researching UFOs feel the same way about being related to Bigfoot, but Gordon has kept an open mind about that and all things.

“There are things going on out there that we don't have the answers for,” he said.

For more information on Gordon, his research, his books and DVD, visit his website at www.stangordon.info. To report a sighting on his 24-hour hotline, call 724-838-7768 or e-mail at paufo@comcast.net.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/stangordon.html

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White Light on Unique Object Seen over Richmond, Virginia
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:57 AM 3/9/2013

Richmond, Virginia - 03-01-13

I dropped my husband off at the Richmond Airport and was returning home. I just left the airport, I was on Richmond Airport Connector Rd. heading back to I-895 when I saw what I thought was airplane light to my right.

It was too early in the morning for a plane to be flying, but I thought that maybe it was a plane returning to the airport after being serviced.

As I continued to watch the plane, I know that the object was not heading for the airport so I figured that it was a private jet servicing one of the companies in the area.

As I watched the object, it stopped and a light was shining down brightly. So now I figured that the object must be police and they were looking for something.

As I came up on the object, now on my right side, I noticed that it was an object that I had never seen. It was hovering over the trees but there was no sound and the trees did not move.

The object was round as a cylinder; the inside was hollow except for two cylinders that went thru the middle.

Halfway thru these two cylinders split and made a "V" shape.

I was near the object for about a minute, and then the object took off to the northeast.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/virginiacylinder.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1984 - Italy - The Isidoro Ferri Encounter
Sketch by the investigator
Published: 3:56 PM 2/2/2007

October 9, 1984, Polcanto, Firenze, Italy

On October 9, or 29, 1984, at 03:30 AM, Isidoro Ferri, a doorman at the Villa la Radicchia, in Polcanto, close to Florence, Italy, was normally sleeping with his son and other relatives in his bedroom when he was awakened by a strong light on his face.

Initially, he did not understand the origin of the light, then, in a few moments, he saw that it came from an individual of humanoid appearance at a distance of approximately 40 meters, apparently on a nearby hill, who had some sort of powerful flashlight or beacon on the head.

It is not specified whether Ferri was still in bed in the house, outside, or at the window at that time.

Ferri first thought it was a poacher, but suddenly he changed his mind, as the figure disappeared in a fog or in a blur, or gave place, to a dark horizontal line, under which three flames went down towards the ground.

Other summaries indicate it was some sort of luminous cupola looking like "fire", which searched the area with beams of light, replaced suddenly after a few minutes, and an enormous blinding white light that started to approach, illuminating the entire area as in full daylight.

Some sources say the witness tried to approach the window, but he remained paralyzed before he arrived there, until the light seemed sucked back. One source indicates he was paralyzed by fear.

A red sphere then appeared, which had an intermittent light that hurt the witness' eyes, and he had red and irritated eyes for several days. This glowing red sphere is said to have disappeared behind the hills in the direction of Vaglia.

The dog, who slept outside, had not barked. He showed an abnormal behavior by refusing any food for several days and by staying inside its doghouse during the two next weeks, without barking after passers-by.

In the surroundings, three circular holes of 10 centimeters diameter and 3 centimeters depth forming an irregular triangle of 2 meters of side approximately, were discovered, where the grass seemed to have undergone a pressure, but no radioactivity was detected.

An investigation report into this case was written by Pier Luigi Sani. A newspaper recalls that the witness appeared in one TV interview with the Ministry of Defense, and policemen and other people insisted his testimony was in good faith; some source say that other people saw a red light in the sky that night.

The author indicates that the most complete investigation report into this case is that of Pier Luigi Sani.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/ferriencounter.html

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