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UFO Magazine Issue # 350, Issue date, 03-16-09

Abduction, Woman Dead in Ghana, West Africa-2008
UFO Depiction
I've been living in Ghana, West Africa for 18 years, I'm originally from Serbia. My girlfriend and I were spending a weekend at my beach house on March 3, 2008. We got there at noon, spent the whole day, and later decided to spend the night, since we knew darkness was coming and I hate driving when it's dark.

We decided to stay up the whole night. At 1 AM, I felt a need to take a walk on the beach, and I told my girlfriend to go to bed. It was 1:23 AM. I was walking for a couple of minutes slapping my feet on the water. The next thing I know, I'm feeling pains all over my body... I'm confused... my vision is blurry... I'm trying to find out what happened.

Did I just collapse, or is it my mind playing tricks? Suddenly, I start feeling someone touching me all over my body. I was trying to see the person, but my vision was blurry, and my eyes hurt as hell. The more I try to force myself to see, the more the pain in my eyes increased.

The only sound I could hear was a loud whistle. I remember trying to move my arms but it's like my brain was not connected to my body. I was totally paralyzed with blurry vision and sharp pains all over my body.

All of a sudden I realize that I'm back on the beach feeling almost normal. I was lying on the sand. I tried to get up but I felt like both legs were having muscle pulls. I couldn't get up. I could see clearly and hear clearly now, but my legs won't move.

I looked at the time on my wrist watch. It was 4 AM. After a couple of minutes I started to gain control of my legs, and I did my best to reach my house and I found my wife sleeping. I tried to wake her up but she wouldn't wake up. I realized she wasn't breathing. I didn't know what to do.

took her cell phone and called the police. They got to my place an hour later. I was downstairs in the living room the whole time waiting for the police. I didn't want to touch or move the mody till they arrived.

Finally when they came, they didn't ask me any questions, they just put handcuffs on me and put me in the vehicle. I saw them drag my girlfriend's body out by the legs like she was a dead animal. I don't even want to think of how they brought her down the stairs.

They packed us up and took me to the police station where I wasn't asked any questions. I was just brutalized and torched by any member of the police station who felt like beating someone.

I was screaming my lungs out, "It wasn't me!"

After no court proceedings, I am now serving a life sentence in jail. Down here in Africa nobody believes in such things as alien abductions and UFOs... they just believe in gods and spirits. So even if they see an alien they probably think it's some kind of demon or god.

My only access to the outside world is the Internet. Other than that, I have no means of communication. Even the Internet is 98% restricted most of the time. I know I am going to die here, but the only thing I want to prove, or for someone to prove to the world is that aliens actually exist, and I am a real victim of an alien abduction.

I really don't know what happened to my girlfriend that night I found her dead, but I found out that no one on the outside is working on that case.

Please write back.

Name withheld

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Close Encounters of the Cameron, TX Kind; Woman Recalls Night with UFO
Penny Horelica of Cameron demonstrates the maneuvers made by the UFO she saw in 1975. (Shirley Williams/Telegram)CAMERON
by Jeanne Williams | Cameron Writer

Published: March 9, 2009

People told stories about encounters with unexplained, slow-moving, glowing objects in the night sky over Stephenville last January.

There were reports of an unidentified amber-lighted aircraft that buzzed President Bush’s Crawford ranch last summer. Those and the 34 aerial anomalies witnessed in Texas skies last month and reported to UFO-trackers at MUFON are merely déją vu to Cameron’s Penny Mowdy Horelica.

In the early spring of 1975, Mrs. Horelica, then a C.H. Yoe High School senior, said she was returning home in her 1964 black Ford Mustang from an after-school job at the Safeway Supermarket when, five miles outside of Cameron on FM 1600, she spotted a glowing object in the sky that resembled a bright motorcycle light floating on the horizon.

As the object maneuvered directly toward her, floating around like no conventional aircraft moves, her first thoughts were that it was a weather balloon or “something Air Force,” she said.

Just before she approached the Little River Bridge, the object closed in and chased her down FM 1600 until it rendezvoused with her vehicle, hovering atop the Mustang and floating back and forth as the scared teenager floor-boarded her car toward home, she said.

As the craft got closer, it changed in appearance from an iridescent motorcycle light to a moon-sized, then a sun-sized sphere, and, close-up, matched the dimensions of Cameron fire station’s rear parking lot.

“I was so scared I couldn’t get away from it,” Mrs. Horelica said.

The car interior was illuminated by the craft that produced a low hum. The radio was jammed to static, and the car’s headlights went out.

Blinded by the light, she said she kept driving on instinct, with the object hovering overhead. She arrived at her grandmother’s house scared out of her wits.

She stopped the vehicle, jumped out and raced to the front porch, where she met her grandmother, pointing out frantically the huge, lighted object that by then floated over a field in front of the house. Her grandmother called neighbors who also witnessed the glowing craft. The aircraft hovered less than a minute before a fireball exploded and it vanished into darkness.

“We never saw anything like that again,” Mrs. Horelica said.

The adventure continued the next day at school where history and science classes were devoted to her UFO experience, which had been reported on a local radio station after she reported the sighting to the Cameron Police Department.

Mrs. Horelica consented to a live interview on the radio, and her experience was reported in two weekly newspapers.

Penny Mowdy became famous for a while as the Yoe High teenager who had seen a UFO.

“I got a lot of flack,” she said. “But it wasn’t that bad because I wasn’t the only one that had seen it. Kids and some people were like, ‘What were you drinking?’ and stuff like that.”

Teasing did get so intense by some skeptics at school that she cried. The drive home after her 10 p.m. shift ended was a frightening experience for a while, and she kept searching the dark sky for a lighted object. To date, she has never again seen a UFO, but fear lingers.

“I had trouble with it,” she said of the sighting.

The terror she experienced the night she was chased by a glowing and humming UFO doesn’t haunt on a day-to-day basis, but it surfaces when she drives at night in a lonely area or sees an aerial light of an airplane or helicopter, or a bright star.

As a teenager, she had no interest in science fiction, UFO sightings or the extraterrestrial, preferring dancing, parties, handicrafts, fashion, friends, movie stars, and listening to classic country singers such as Hank Williams, Johnny Horton and Marty Robbins.

After high school graduation, she got a job as Cameron police dispatcher, and married Henry Horelica, who today is the Cameron fire chief.

The Horelicas raised their family in the fire station. Today, this busy mother, grandmother and fire department ladies auxiliary volunteer checks UFO reports, watches programs on sightings, and there is déją vu when newsreels show people describing “something similar to what I saw,” she said.

Mrs. Horelica said she is not sure how the UFO sighting was investigated by law enforcement. Records on the sighting could not be found at the Cameron Police Department. Officials said the reports probably were destroyed after sustaining severe water damaged from a leaky roof.

Milam County Sheriff David Greene said if a sighting is reported, investigators would take a statement and contact aeronautical authorities after first contacting Fort Hood.

MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, headquartered in Morrison, Colo., established in 1969 by Seguin resident Walt Andrus, recorded a UFO sighting in Texas in 1975, said Alejandro Rojas, MUFON’s director of public education and media relations. That was the year of Mrs. Horelica’s sighting.

While Mrs. Horelica saw a round lighted object, the witness of another sighting observed a cylindrical formation of red lights descending from the sky. Lights turned white then scattered and disappeared, Rojas said.

Additionally, in the mid-1970s during the summer, a woman and her cousin were traveling east on FM 2861 from Highway 16 north of Comanche when they saw “a huge formation of red lights in a cylindrical shape heading toward the ground. The lights were very wide in the middle of the shape but not on each end. As it got very close to the ground, the red lights turned bright white, scattered and disappeared,” Rojas said.

MUFON, one of three groups in the UFO Research Coalition, sees a rise in the number of reported UFO sightings in recent years. In January, MUFON recorded 549 reports, with 34 of those from Texas.

“However, it is hard to say whether that is due to the public knowing more about us and how to reach us, or whether there are more sightings,” Rojas said. “For instance, we received a lot of media coverage during the Stephenville, Texas, sightings last year, and our number of sightings nationwide increased, we believe due to people being aware that they can report their sightings to us. People can go to our site to report sightings, and to view the reports that have been made.”

UFOINFO, another tracking organization on the Web, reported a UFO sighting in Milam County on Jan. 6, 2005, identical to a “brilliant object caught on film” at Kaufman County.

A Milam County resident who was not identified reported a good-sized rounded type of object with a silver sheen that was trailed by a long blue-white flame and trail of smoke. A year earlier, she and her husband saw three silver, round objects traveling the same path.

Mrs. Horelica describes her incident as “a very different experience, but it is one that I don’t care to have happen again. We will never know in our lifetimes what it was.”

There was no question in Cameron that Mrs. Horelica had seen a strange object, said her husband, Henry. Since then, others have related UFO sightings in Milam County.

“She was real scared,” said Horelica, who has seen “lights in the sky that are stationary, and then they go, too quick to be an airplane. The world is just a pinpoint in the universe. Who is to say there is not anything else out there?”

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Will Detection by Extraterrestrial Life be a Threat to Earth?
UFO Depiction
March 09, 2009 by Luke McKinney

Mankind has always been driven by contradictory drives. The relentless curiosity that pushes us forward and is directly responsible for our progress from caves to cities. The fear of change that tells us "hang on, these caves/cities are really nice, we don't want to risk losing them."

There isn't any greater potential threat to the status quo than the discovery of extraterrestrial life, which is why some people would prefer we didn't try.

There has been some outrage recently over attempts to contact intelligent aliens, where instead of hiding in the corner and listening real hard some astronomers beamed intense directional messages up up and away. Critics decried these actions as dangerous, though their fears reveal more about us than any eventual ETs.

They assume that they would be similar to humanity, so their first response to finding a more primitive culture would be to exploit the hell out of it. While such a fate might be pleasingly ironic (for anyone who isn't human, at least), others contend that any species that can make the journey here has advanced to a point where their goals are rather higher-minded than "Shoot us".

Dr Alexander Zaitzev, of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics at the Russian Academy of Sciences, doesn't think much of these worries either way. A proponent of METI (Messaging to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), in a recent paper he shows that the odds of one of the METI messages being detected is a millionth of that due to powerful radar pulses regularly used in astronomical investigation.

Though whether writing a paper saying "This METI thing we're doing has only a tiny chance of working" is overall a good idea remains to be seen. An important point is that METI represents an intentional will to make contact, rather than the accidental alien interception of some random radiation from Earth - the difference between saying "Hello!" and just being a suspicious strange noise late at night.

Most of the objections to contacting aliens are weak under close examination. We can't suddenly decide to hide after fifty years of pumping electromagnetic radiation into space without rhyme or reason - in fact, we'd better hope that an advanced civilization doesn't catch an episode of "American Idol" and just vaporize us outright. Suddenly keeping quiet would be like a drunk boyfriend carefully taking off his shoes after knocking over a bookshelf on his way to the bedroom.

Then there's the assumption that aliens would have the same kind of technology we do - despite the extremely obvious fact that our technology can't actually get to other planets. Any attempt to mask radio emissions will likely look like cavemen closing their eyes to hide from satellite imaging.

The simple fact is that certain people have always opposed progress while other, better people have driven it. "Experts" decried boiled water as unhealthy compared the vital stuff straight from the river, cursed antibiotics as a temporary placebo, and confidently declared that computers were nothing but expensive toys.

As an intelligent species we must make every effort to contact anyone or thing we can - and if you don't like it, there are some lovely caves you can move back to. Posted by Luke McKinney

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Researcher Suggests Ancient Writings and Structures may Indicate Visit(s) by ET
UFO Depiction
Researcher Suggests that Ancient Writings and Structures may Indicate Visit(s) by Extraterrestrials

Richard Vadim, a retired research scientist, has demonstrated that the description of The New Jerusalem found in the Bible could actually be that of an immense space ship which once visited Earth.

Not the typical UFO or “flying saucer,” this ship is bi-pyramidal in shape and over 600 kilometers on a side.

Mr. Vadim also contends that a shuttle-craft from the spaceship (actually the pyramid-shaped tip of the main vessel) may have been the inspiration for the Egyptian and Aztec pyramids, among others.

He also points out that many of man’s symbols used throughout history may have derived from this same source. One modern example of such a symbol is the image that resides on the back of the U.S. dollar bill.

This image, as well as a dimensioned sketch of this spacecraft and an artist’s rendition of the ship and the pyramidal shuttle craft, can be found at www.rvadim.com.

Mr. Vadim’s newly published novel, The Coming, Return of the Yahweh, incorporates the space vehicle into a plausible story of a second coming and man’s interaction with the alien beings within.

site URL: www.rvadim.com

You can advertise your UFO-related product on our weekly magazine, check for pricing.

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Argentina: UFO over Playa Garipe
UFO Depiction
Monday, March 09, 2009

Date of Event: 02.24.09

A local resident claimed seeing strange lights in the sky, and after giving the matter much thought, decided to alert the press to his sighting. Marcelo Clavero, bakery owner, happened to have a camera with him when the event occured.

What really drew his attention were the very powerful haloes of light made by this object in the sky in two separate instances. At approximately 22:30 hours on Sunday, February 24, he was fishing in the company of his wife, son and brother, who were able to witness the event and capture it on a digital camera.

Marcelo remarked that they were fishing at Playa Casino and since the fish were not biting¯, they decided to go to Playa Garipe, north of Madryn, to try their luck. They made all their preparations to accomodate their fishing lines and when they were about to cast them into the sea, Marcelo saw an intense light in the company of his brother and son.

The three spectators agreed at first that it was an airplane, as the halo turned on and off, resembling the lights of an aircraft. Later, the flying object covered a certain distance in the sky before returning to its original position. Clavero remarked that the event was of no great importance to those present.

When they were behind their pickup truck, in the process of cooking a barbecue, the same powerful beam of light appeared, and at that moment Marcelo Clavero believed that it could be some kind of flying object. He asked his wife to take a photo of the powerful light with the family camera, without hoping that the image would be captured by the camera.

Marcelo showed El Diario the two photos taken on that occasion without any kind of zoom or closeup. The photographic records show Marcels back (in one photo) looking at the sky, and brilliant spot in question.

He showed that when that bright spot is held close to the observers gaze (sic) it transforms into a sort of disk that stands out over the stars that can also be seen in the photo.

It is possible to see green, blue and red colors in the alleged object.

Somewhat surprised, the baker remarked that this is the first time that he had seen lights and movements of this kind in the sky, adding I've seen planes crossing the sky at night, in fact, when fishing at night, seeing airplanes is a common sight.

Whenever he's engaged in night fishing, he surveys the area's beaches, and has never seen anything in the southern skies that drew his attention.

Marcelo remarked that while talking to another local businessman who also goes fishing at night, he had seen exactly the same kind of movement and bright light at the same beach,¯ but rather than see it over the ocean, as happened to Clavero and company, the man was able to see it over the countryside.

In closing, the baker stated that he does not know exactly what he saw in the night skies on February 24, but the bright light and its movements, corroborated by the four persons present, he does not think it is a known aircraft.

On the contrary, he believes that the flying object was unidentified, and even checked airspace records for that day and time.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.)

posted by Inexplicata at 7:32 AM

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Diario Unico de Madryn



Fostoria, Ohio, late October, 1977, Close Encounter with a Train
UFO Depiction
by Francis Ridge

Twice a day the C&O railroad sent a trainload of 35 to 40 empty box cars north out of Columbus, Ohio, to pick up processed food at the Fostoria Distribution Company warehouse 3 to 3 1/2 miles north of Fostoria, Ohio.

The warehouse is located on the north side of Jones Road, and east of three main line tracks. U.S. Route 23 is located over 200 yards to the west of and parallel to the tracks. A church sits on the east side of Route 23. In order for the train to move the box car load into the warehouse, the front part of the train must operate from the eastern most main line track.

In addition to the engineer in the train cab, a conductor is needed to work along side the cars to uncouple the empties and couple up the full cars for the return trip to Columbus. A breakman works at the end of the train inside the warehouse. All communicate by walkie-talkie type radios.

On this night, possibly the 21st of October, the engineer who we shall call Howard J. Albert, was sitting in his locomotive cab on the main line track. It was cold and clear. Several box cars had been cut loose and were parked to the south of the switch track to the warehouse. The engine was coupled up to the rest of the cars which were being moved into position within the warehouse.

At about 3:20 AM, Howard saw what looked to be a shooting star to the west; it curved down out of the northwest. He was sitting in his cab facing southbound. The first box car blocked his view in this direction.

The light came down in the field toward Route 23 between him and the church. Slowly, at about the speed of a walking man, it came toward him across the field. It was approximately 16 feet off the ground and stopped on the other side of the tracks between four and five box car lengths away - 180 to 270 feet.

Howard picked up his radio and called out to his conductor who was about seven or eight car lengths down the track, "Donald... come up to the engine." Donald replied by radio and asked what was happening. Howard answered, "Hey, we got a g- d— UFO up here."

By this time the UFO had moved to within two car lengths of the track.

The object was "birthday cake" or disk shaped, about 90 feet in diameter, and 45 feet high. It was brightly lit, with banks of nine vertical "tubes" separated by a dark void space that reflected no light. Short horizonal tubes ran over the top and bottom of these voids.

The bottom of the disk could be seen; it appeared like ceramic and was "the color of a common kind of knife sharpening stone... gray with a trace of lavender." No windows, ladders, antenna, or markings of any sort were observed. There was no sound associated with the disk.

The disk was slightly tilted and rotating counter clockwise. Both Howard and Donald used their railroad stop watches twice to time the speed of rotation. The speed was 9 rpm. They could not say what was used as a reference point for the timing, but are sure their estimate was accurate.

The object glowed yellow. Electric-like energy arcs ran around the disk in a clockwise direction. They were blue in color. As the arc touched the tubes, the tubes lit up. When the center of the tubes were touched, the ends lit up. When the ends of the tubes were touched by the arcs, the centers lit up

At one point the tower operator In Fostoria, hearing radio conversation between the three men, called and asked, "Hey, Howard, you got a UFO out there?" Howard replied, "Yes, Merv, we got a UFO up here. He's damn close."

Merv then asked, "Do you want the cops up there?" The reply was, "Nol They can't drive up to where we're at. And if they do get here, they'll probably shoot at It. It isn't hurting anybody. We're playing games with it."

Howard turned on his train cab headlight for a two count and then turned It off. The object lit up very bright for a similar period of time and then dimmed down. Howard turned his light up twice and then turned it off again. The object reacted in kind and then dimmed down.

Testing his engine, a General Motors Model 3900, he increased the output to 1500 amps. The engine worked. The object did not respond. The walkie-talkies worked, as did the base radio on the train.

After about 22 minutes, the object started spinning faster and faster and got as bright as it had earlier when it responded to Howard's head light signals. Suddenly, without a sound, it took off up and to the northwest until it looked like a yellow star. That is how they last saw it when they returned to work.

When the object was close across the tracks something told them that they should stay on the train and not cross the tracks. They also seemed to know that if they blew the train whistle the object would leave. Howard thought that the object's occupants were observing their engine, a relatively uncommon model, and in turn were allowing them to observe their craft.

The conductor heard the radio description of the object, but only got up to the engine in time to see it as a yellow star-like object high in the northwest sky.


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(last update, 03-14-09)

See Great Britain UFO sighting reports from our friends at Grantham Today, UFO Sightings

Iowa-Large, White Light
03-04-09-I went outside to drive to work, looked up at the sky and saw a large, bright, white light that did not blink, moving quickly and silently through the sky. I lost sight of the object when it moved behind a tree and disappeared.

We are not sure what it was. It was too big and bright to be a satellite like we see through our telescope. It was very visible with the naked eye, it seemed to gradually move faster and faster, until it was gone. source: www.mufon.com

Minnesota-Lights at Tree Top Level
03-08-09-At 5:35 am I took my dogs outside. As I stood on my sidewalk I noticed a light patch in the clouds in the east-northeast sky. It was overcast and no stars or the moon were visible. My first thought was that it was a star shining through a thin patch of clouds, but then I quickly noticed it was rotating clockwise in a rather tight circle.

One rotation took approximately 5-6 seconds. The object or light was about tree top height. It seemed to be over my driveway. There was no noticeable "beam" to discern if it was shining from above or below the clouds.

I watched it for a few minutes outside but got spooked and cold so went inside. I watched it from a window and it continued to rotate in an even circle at an even pace. It never went higher or lower. I watched it for about 10 more minutes until it just vanished. source: www.mufon.com

Tennessee-Large, White Object
03-07-09-I had just gotten home and was walking into my house. I was looking up at the moon in the sky. It was still day light with the sun shining. After I noticed the big moon in the sky, I noticed a white jet fly under the right side of the moon leaving chemtrails when I noticed a large very white object flying perpendicular to the line of the jet.

I couldn't tell if it was two objects or one with a dark area in the middle of it. It was higher in the sky and appeared to fly over the top of the jet and was going at such a faster speed that I couldn't help but notice it.

It flew in a straight line and continued until I gave it up since I didn't have any way to record it. I knew that since I couldn't record it all I could do was watch it. source: www.mufon.com

Virginia-Large Triangle Object
03-07-09- I was on my farm in the Comers Rock section of Elk Creek, VA. I looked toward the flat ridge area of the Jefferson National Forest. Hovering over the ridge line was an extremely large triangle shaped craft. It had a total of seven lights, two on each side at the rear were light blue as was the one in the front. The two behind the front were distinctly orange. This craft was completely silent.

The object turned toward my direction and came across the valley. Using landmarks the object came as close as 1/4 of a mile from my location. It hovered again for about fifteen seconds and then shot off to the North towards the town of Speedwell at a speed that can best be described as instant and was gone.

At its closest point to me, I could feel a heavy feeling like if you walked from air conditioning outside to a very hot and humid day. I have held a job that was in the air defense industry. I am very well trained at identifying flying objects. This was not an airplane, nor did it have a jet or propeller engine. The turn that it made when it shot off would have torn the wings from any man made aircraft that we know of. source: www.mufon.com

2004-Canada-White Light Descends, Hovers
Brechin, Ontario-This happened in November, 2004, at approximately 10:20 PM. I can still remember all the details. I was in a hot tub, & there was a lot of air traffic that night. I watched an aircraft flying at approximately 10,000 ft. from the northwest, heading southeast.

About 2000 ft. below the plane a white light appeared. It came down at approximately a 45 degree angle. It did not pick up speed as it decended. It stopped about 500 ft. above the ground, over the top of our garage. It stayed there.

I thought it might be a helicopter, but there was no sound of rotor blades. There were bright, white lights covering the bottom of the craft, something similar to car headlights. I couldn't tell whether the light was hitting the ground. The craft was about 40ft. long by 20ft. wide in triangle shape, and a dark color-silver gray.

I watched it for about 5 minutes with it staying in the same place without making a sound, & not moving. There were no red identification lights on the craft. Then when I called & pointed to the craft, to get my wife's attention, who was sitting across from me, it took evasive action. It dove at a steep angle towards the ground, behind the garage, but it did not come out the other side of the garage, it simply disappeared.

For it to do that, it would have to be able to hear me, when I spoke to my wife. I phoned the Canadian Government, and they told me to phone an airport and report the sighting. I never phoned. Wayne H. source: www.ufocasebook.com

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