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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 604, Issue date, 03-17-14

NASA's Unexplained Files': Apollo 16 Mystery
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:05 PM 3/15/2014

The 10th manned mission in the US Apollo space program was supposed to be a seemingly textbook one. However, the astronauts' return to Earth failed to truly mark the end of Apollo 16.

The Science Channel took a look back at the mystery that took decades to solve.

Before returning to Earth, the crew retrieved film canisters from cameras outside the spacecraft. When the film was processed back on Earth, the images suggest Apollo 16 may not have been alone in space.

One of the images revealed an unidentified object with a strong resemblance to a Hollywood-esque flying saucer. Many wondered: how was it that the camera caught a glimpse of this 'flying anomaly,' but the astronauts did not?

One theory that surfaced was that the object was an image of Earth, as seen from the moon. That was debunked, however, when it was determined that the Earth wouldn't have been in that position from the moon's viewpoint.

The mystery remained unsolved for more than three decades.

Using new technology in image analysis, which enabled NASA scientists to boost the image resolution, another object is revealed. A strap appears to connect the flying saucer to the command module.

So what was it? A floodlight for the astronauts' spacewalks. Just like any other work site, astronauts needed light when working in the dark.

After 32 years, a very bright light was shed on this extraterrestrial mystery.

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American Family Still Haunted by Military Aircraft Disappearance
Judy Gibson Jackson (in Alabama USA) of her Mother, Dad, and her sisters Carolyn and Janice before he was lost
Published: 1:35 PM 3/15/2014


HORRIFIC memories came flooding back for Judy Gibson Jackson on learning that another aircraft had gone missing.

As the rest of the world grappled to comprehend how a Boeing 777 commercial airliner carrying 239 passengers and crew on a routine flight could simply “vanish,” Mrs Jackson thought of the plane her own father had been on when it too disappeared without a trace in 1950.

The plane, a Douglas C-54D, was transporting 36 servicemen and civilians from Alaska to Montana.

Not unlike the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight, radio contact was lost two hours into the flight. Yet more than 60 years later and after one of the largest search missions ever conducted over American soil, the fate of USAF Flight 2469 and its 44 passengers and crew remains a mystery.

There were even suggestions of UFO involvement by officials based at the Anchorage air force base from where it had departed.

One official on duty in a control tower had reported a UFO hovering over a hangar “emitting a green light” a week before the disappearance, while another claimed to have seen “three orange cigar-shaped” UFOs flying in tandem above the base two days after the plane vanished.

Mrs Jackson’s mother Bessie died just two years ago, never knowing what happened to her husband, US Sergeant Clarence Gibson, who was 35 when the plane went missing.

Sgt Gibson left behind two daughters, Mrs Jackson’s elder sisters, and his pregnant wife. “He was her first love and she always said before she died, she wanted to know what happened,” Mrs Jackson said.

“She was always afraid he was alive when the plane went down, and that he froze to death. She could never understand how a plane could just disappear. It was just gone. They declared him dead, but I don’t think she ever accepted it. She never really got over it.”

The disappearance of Flight 2469 on January 26, 1950, still remains one of aviation’s most intriguing mysteries. Mrs Jackson, 63, who never met her father, having been born after his disappearance, has begun to lobby the Obama administration to resume the search.

She empathises with the families of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. “My mother didn’t have that closure, and I know what it did to her,” she said. “They’ll be going through a range of emotions, from hope, to sadness to frustration. Not knowing tears your heart out.”

As aviation authorities yesterday expanded the search area for flight MH370, new theories as to what may have happened emerged, with talk of hijackers flying the plane off course for many hours among the possibilities being considered.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/american-family-still-haunted.html

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'UFO' in Knights Colours
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:57 PM 3/15/2014


A ‘red and blue’ UFO very similar to the one filmed over Belmont late last year has been seen by a couple from Cameron Park.

Murray Wadsworth said he was watering his front lawn about 8.15 on Tuesday night when he saw 'a shooting star' moving from north to south in the westerly sky.

'It was overhead like a fast shooting star and then it started to curve back up into the sky and turned blue and then red and blue again,' Mr Wadsworth said.

'It sort of danced around, up and down, and then it went below the trees and I lost sight of it.'

Mr Wadsworth said he was watching the object for long enough to call his wife out to see it as well, but neither took a photograph.

In November last year the Newcastle Herald reported on similar sightings at Belmont, looking west over Lake Macquarie.

One sighting in September was caught on video, in which a moving blue light is clearly visible, while those watching describe it as having changed colour from red.

Sceptics dismissed those sightings as a toy helicopter with bright LED lights and Mr Wadsworth said his wife had a similar reaction.

'My wife said it must have been a toy helicopter or something like that but it was too high, too fast and too bright,' Mr Wadsworth said. 'No toy could move like that.

'There has to be a rational explanation, I’m a total sceptic, but whatever that was, it was too fast to have been an aeroplane.'

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/ufo-knights-colors.html

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Multiple UFOs Move in Skies above Greeley, Colorado
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:15 AM 3/13/2014

Greeley, Colorado - 03-12-14

All of this started at about 7:00 PM to after 10:00 PM. 3/12/14 on the border of CO and WY, at Chalk Bluffs.

I was stargazing with my wife and first noticed a bright light on the southern horizon that split into two lights.

For over three hours we watched lights of varying intensity come into the area from the southeast to the south. None of them landed. Some seemed like they were combining.

At one point there were five in a row, then three of them repositioned into a triangle shape. Some would grow very bright, then dim out or fade away entirely.

When aircraft would come into the area, they would all fade out. After aircraft left, they would turn back on.

Hard to say how many me and my wife saw. If each time would one appear it was new craft, then we saw dozens. I am certain many of them were the same craft, however.

I feel as though we probably saw a dozen different ones, however, the most that were visible at once were five, but it looked as though a sixth very dim one was there as well. I was able to see them through both a telescope, and binoculars.

Most of them were bright orb shapes, one appeared to be a diamond. Even as we left for the evening, one was still on the horizon cycling between dim and intense. It was more intense than anything else in the sky except the moon.

They did not have aircraft lights, and they did not blink. At multiple times during this, we could hear a very strange pulse or thump. It was off and on and was varying in loudness.

Hard to tell where it was coming from. Not sure if it came from the objects because they were a few miles away at least. I would like also to state that I was able to keep one right in my telescope for maybe around five minutes.

Anyone who has ever used a telescope can agree that when looking at a star or planet, you have to track it slowly due to the rotation of the earth.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/multiple-ufos-greeley-colorado.html

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Archived Case of the Week

The 1973 Kilburn Abduction
UFO Depiction
Published: 8:13 AM 3/10/2014

Location: Near Frederick Maryland - Date: 1973 Time: 02:00 a.m.

Richard Kilburn was returning home along a remote road when he suddenly experienced a memory lapse.

He only had fragmented memories of an event. Under hypnosis he recalled seeing two lights descend from the sky and land nearby, his vehicle suddenly veered off the road and stopped.

He got out of the vehicle and heard a sound, he then saw four or five humanoids coming over a nearby fence and approach him.

The beings were very short and thin, hairless with large heads shaped like inverted teardrops, large black walnut shaped eyes, small noses, slit mouths, no ears and white putty like skin.

They had long tube like fingers and wore black tight fitting suits and gloves and were clumsy when they moved.

One that seemed to be the leader gave directions by gestures while another being began digging a hole. The witness was seized by a clamp like device and taken to a luminous white egg shaped craft sitting on a platform of girders and making a humming sound.

He was escorted up a tube like ramp into the object and entered a luminous white domed room and next found himself on a table wearing only a diaper like cloth.

A device came down from the ceiling and a needle like device ran along his back. He was then given an extensive physical examination by several of the beings, with different devices.

He later lost consciousness and found himself driving home in his vehicle.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2014/kilburn-abduction-1973.html

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Thomas E. Bullard, UFO Abductions

The Measure of a Mystery

Albert Rosales


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