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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 553, Issue date, 03-18-13

Unknown Object Photographed over Jaimaica, Queens, NY
Published: 12:36 PM 3/16/2013

Jaimaica, Queens, New York - March 16,2013 / 12:00 am

I usually stay up late and I was in bed on my phone, so then I look at the shades of my window and I see some strange lights pass by.

They looked strange because I’ve never see lights so big fly close to my window. So I put my finger through the shade to see what it was and I saw this black triangular object about 20 ft. in the air flying near my house in circles.

The object had four ights that were white and some of the lights changed to red and flashed. One light was in the middle and the other lights were on the corners.

What was strange about this UFO though was that it made a humming sound and kept flying around in circles near my house.

I took two photos and was able to get a little video footage this was very strange. It kept flying around for at least 10 minutes.

It couldn’t have been a plane because planes do not fly that low or go in circles and are not triangular shaped with a light in the middle and it couldn’t have been a helicopter either.

I’ve heard of UFOs and spaceships but I never thought in my lifetime I would actually see one.

Jaimaica, Queens, New York - March 16,2013 Jaimaica, Queens, New York - March 16,2013

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Tweed Man Baffled by Suspected UFO in Snapshots
Rick Whitley with his daughter Ella-Rose at their south tweed home. Photo: Blainey Woodham / Daily News
Blainey Woodham
Published: 4:02 PM 3/15/2013

Troy Kippen

Rick Whitley with his daughter Ella-Rose at their south tweed home. Photo: Blainey Woodham / Daily News Blainey Woodham.

SOMETHING that could not be explained was spotted over Tweed Heads South last week. Tweed Heads South resident Rick Whitley was taking some photos of sun rays bursting through clouds when he captured something unusual.

Mr. Whitley noticed two dark objects in one of his photographs. They appeared close together in the distance and were snapped over Tweed Heads South.

"I didn't notice it when I took the photo," Mr. Whitley explained.

"It was only just after when I was looking at the photo that I noticed it."

Mr. Whitley said while he was always a skeptic of UFOs, he couldn't explain the objects in his photo.

"I have never seen them before so I'm not a believer.

"I thought it might have been birds."

He later dismissed that theory, realizing that they would have to be very large birds to be able to be seen that far away in the distance.

A shot taken of the same scene only a few minutes earlier did not have the mysterious objects in it.

"I was excited to show the family and mates at work," he said.

"About 70% of the people are convinced.

"One fella at work is into that sort of thing and he was impressed."

Springbrook Mountain Extraterrestrial Response Force is an organization looking to make contact with extraterrestrial life and has a keen interest in UFO sightings.

According to the organization’s website, Springbrook Mountain, close to the border of Queensland and NSW, is one of Australia's No.1 destinations for UFO sightings and alien encounters.

"There were no reports of a UFO sighting reported to us last Sunday," a spokeswoman for the group said yesterday.

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Strange Sounds Lead to Light Beams from Sky in Kentucky
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:25 PM 3/15/2013

Kentucky - 02-26-13

My friend and I went over into a cow field to UFO hunt because we kept hearing strange humming and buzzing noises coming from the direction of the farm.

We were standing about 200 feet from one another and first I could hear his end of the Cobra walky-talky start screaming this ungodly scream and getting rusty sounding worse; than static and then mine started doing the same thing.

Then all at once a beam of light shown around me and it was warm; my whole body was white. I looked at my friend scared, and he was looking at me shocked and then the same thing happened to him.

We could not pinpoint where this beam of light was coming from. It shown from the top of us but we could not see and object or anything coming from the sky, so we took off running because we heard cows mooing like they were scared to death.

To this day we still don’t know what it was, where the beam of light came from, or where the humming and buzzing was coming from.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/kentucky022613.html

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Alien Octagon-shaped Object Frightens Mother and Son in Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:06 PM 3/14/2013

Milano, Texas - 12-20-12

An octagon shaped, bright grayish ship in sky, was seen near Cameron Texas on highway 36. It was blinking, fast and scary.

I must preface, I’m somewhat nervous to have to explain something of this nature. Never in a million years would I have thought it remotely possible in reality.

Last night my son and I were driving on Hwy 36 around 11:30 on our way to my mother’s house in Copperas Cove, TX.

In the distance we noticed a very bright flashing light. My first thought was that it could be a plane, helicopter or a signal tower with unusually bright lights.

We continued to watch it when suddenly it was RIGHT ABOVE our SUV! There are few words that will effectively relay to anyone that wasn't there just how large and utterly surreal looking this thing was.

It was shaped like an octagon with flashing lights on all sides. It looked like a building floating in the sky.

It had depth/structure to it that’s hard to put into context. I was in shocked and as a mother I became fearful this thing could be a potential threat considering how close it was. So I stepped on the gas to get away from it.

I was driving way over the speed limit and not looking back when it occurred to us to take a picture or video. My son was in the back filming what was left of it at that point.

Both my son and I were just floored by what was happening. I'm extremely disappointed we didn't think soon and capture the object in solid form.

When we first saw the object it was about 400 meters above us, close enough for us to realize its enormous size, hexagonal shape, and its grey/concrete color.

By the time my son had pulled out a camera and moved to the back of the vehicle to film, it appeared to have distanced itself substantially from us, at least a few miles away.

Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/milanooctagon122012.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Incident at A5 Road, November 8, 1966

UFO Depiction

Military Documents Verify Amazing UFO Encounter

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have posted to the Phenomena website a whole range of reports, interviews and official documents that I collected during my years as a UFO investigator in the UK and that I had not previously highlighted or published.

I recently received an email from a guy who had read the material on the site and he asked me what I considered to be the strangest official UFO related document that I had ever found in the British Government's archives.

I really didn't have to give this much thought: I knew instantly what my answer would be.

Without doubt the most unusual report (in my opinion, at least) I ever came across at the National Archive (formerly the Public Record Office) at Kew, England, surfaced in 1999.

It concerns an incident that dated from 1966 and that originated with the British Royal Air Force's Provost and Security Services – an elite arm of the RAF that until 1998 had its headquarters at a British RAF base named Rudloe Manor, and that has for many years been the alleged central hub for classified, official UFO investigations.

In a painstakingly-detailed report, one Corporal R.A. Rickwood of the P&SS Special Investigation Section, related to his superiors the facts:

On 10th November 1966 a telephone message was received from Flight Lieutenant Williams, RAF Shawbury, reporting that a Mrs. Foulkes of [Address of the witness] Shrewsbury, had complained that his daughter had been frightened by an object in the sky whilst she had been driving along the A5 road near Great Ness at 2355 hours on 8th November 1966.

This object had emitted brilliant lights and radiation beams. On arriving home her daughter had been in a distressed condition and she had discovered marks on the car, which she considered were burn marks.

On 14th November 1966, Miss Diane Foulkes, aged 22 years, a typist employed in Shrewsbury was seen at her home in the presence of her parents. She stated that she had received a letter dated 11th November 1966 from RAF Shawbury signed by a Flight Lieutenant Penny informing her that no service aircraft had been flying in that area at the time of the incident.

She was now satisfied that the incident was in no way connected with the Royal Air Force or the Armed Forces.

She then went on to relate her experiences connected with this enquiry. There had been two similar incidents. The first occurred two years ago in November 1964, when she had been driving from Shrewsbury to her home along the A5 road.

This was at about 0200 hours as she neared the Montford Bridge over the River Severn. Approximately midway between Shrewsbury and Great Ness a brightly lit circular object appeared in the sky above her car.

She had been frightened and had accelerated along the road. The object had kept pace with her remaining at the same height until she arrived home.

She had told her mother and father who also watched the object.

She described the object as an especially bright light in the sky which remained stationary due west from their home for about half an hour. It had then rapidly diminished in size and they assumed it had accelerated away from them. No sound was heard from the object.

The light was yellow in colour and became red as it diminished.

The second incident occurred on the 8th November 1966 at 2355 hours and again whilst she was returning from Shrewsbury on the same road.

The object had again appeared at Montford Bridge but this time it was much lower in the sky and on the north side of the road.

On this occasion she could see rays of light shooting from the object which had again appeared to keep station with her car until she arrived home. At one time during the journey the object travelled near her and the rays seemed to come towards the right hand side of her car.

She felt a bump against that side as if they had struck it. At this moment she felt as if she had received an electric shock and had felt a severe pain in her neck.

The left-hand side headlight of the car also went out. This made her extremely frightened. When she got home she felt very ill and had complained to her parents.

The object again remained stationary in the sky north of her home and had not been seen by her parents. They had noticed it for a short time before going inside her home.

There had been no sign of the object on the following morning.

Miss Foulkes' parents confirmed seeing an object in the sky on both occasions as described by their daughter and agreed with her descriptions of these.

Miss Foulkes further stated that she believed that the objects could be associated with a Mr Griffin who lived in the area and who is reputed to have made contact with these objects and actually entered one and met one of the occupants.

He is also alleged to make his contacts with them at Montford Bridge.

The local civil police had no information or reports of sightings of objects in the sky. There is no evidence to associate the incidents complained of with the Royal Air Force and the complainant Miss Foulkes is now satisfied that the incidents are unexplainable and are in no way connected with the Armed Forces.

In essence, that is the file. It is clear from examining its contents that the witness had reported some stunning experiences: "the rays of shooting light" that enveloped her car; the electric shock-like pain that surged through her neck as the vehicle was bathed in the beam of light; the loss of power from the car's headlights (something that is reported time and again in UFO encounters); and the potentially-worrying fact that the experience had left the witness "very ill."

Perhaps the most significant factor, however, was the reference of the Provost and Security Services to a man in the near vicinity that had reputedly "made contact with these objects and actually entered one and met the occupants."

Prior to the 1970s, very little exposure was given to so-called alien abduction incidents; however, many of the factors present in the P&SS report lead me to believe that something very strange indeed had taken place in the Great Ness area of Shrewsbury in 1966, and that that "something" was very possibly connected with abduction-like encounters.

Oddly, despite the fact that the official file on this case was declassified more than half a decade ago -and the document at issue has been examined by a number of UFO researchers - it seems that little or no attempt has been made to resolve the case.

Perhaps now with its contents highlighted here, someone will take a fresh look at the case and attempt to resolve the question of what really happened nearly 40 years ago at Montford Bridge.

By: Nick Redfern

Phenomena US Editor in Chief


Phenomena Magazine


REF: National Archive File Reference: AIR 2/17984. Crown copyright exists.


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