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UFO Casebook Magazine 501, Issue date, 03-19-12

Faster than a Speeding Bullet...
UFO Image
Published: 11:04 AM 3/17/2012

By Billy Cox

For decades, UFO researchers have bemoaned the lack of same-event footage from multiple angles. Now, from the bowels of the Careful What You Wish For Dep’t., it appears as if that moment is about to arrive. It’s hard to know what to say. Because there’s nothing out there quite like this.

Although former Chilean air force general Ricardo Bermudez brought the footage to the International UFO Congress in Arizona last month, the U.S. media missed the show (of course), which left reliable independent investigative journalist Leslie Kean to post the video and analysis.

What’s mildly encouraging here is that the Huffington Post decided to file Kean’s report in its Science forum instead of under the pejorative Weird Science heading usually reserved for such truck. Maybe they’re finally getting it.

But what are we supposed to make of it? Kean worked closely with CEFAA, Chile’s official UFO research office, now directed by Bermudez. CEFAA claims it has seven videos of three separate military flybys over El Bosque Air Base outside Santiago on Nov. 5, 2010. Kean has reviewed only one — this one — which is reportedly the best.

About all you can do is marvel over the action, not only at the apparent technology, but at the audacity of the theatrics.

The bogey has the classic configuration, disc-shaped, dome on top, right out of the 1950s playbook. It appears to be metallic and solid. It criss-crosses in front of the formation before it arrives, it darts in around them, it trails the planes, it races from jet altitude all the way down to the deck in the blink of an eye, like a yo-yo.

In short, this thing zips along at speeds so fast and sick it was discovered by accident. This leaves us with myriad possibilities. The most obvious is that this — well, let’s just call it what it looks like, OK — this flying saucer is mocking us.

If this is real, it’s a command performance and it makes us look stupid. Another possibility: The sequence is inviting us to dig deeper. How often does this happen? How much footage of UFOs might we already have stockpiled without even knowing it because the damned things just move too fast?

Anybody want to spend a lifetime reviewing frame-by-frame air shows? One thing the historical data tells us, these things aren’t intimidated by our weapons systems.

What we see here may, indeed, be the clearest sequence; CEFAA’s multi-disciplinary team has vouched for it. Quality aside, we need to see the rest. Debunkers will blame birds, CGI, plasma or whatever, no matter what.

True skeptics will rightfully demand more. Because this is potentially explosive material, the type of stuff that can work its way into mainstream peer-review journals, assuming there are open-minded bodies out there with the stomach for it. Proceed with caution, but by all means, proceed. The El Bosque footage could be a game-changer. And rest assured, if that happens, you’ll hear about it from South America or Europe first.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/speedingbullet.html

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UFO Evidence of the Calvine Incident Was Covered Up By the Mod
Nick Pope
Published: 10:44 AM 3/14/2012

UFO investigator Nick Pope, who formerly ran the Ministry of Defence’s project on the subject, has insisted that “compelling” evidence of extraterrestrials is out there, but has been covered up by the government.

He told BBC Radio Scotland Show, Tales of the Unexplained, he insists that the best picture of a UFO he ever saw was that of a “diamond-shaped metallic craft” suspended in the sky over the village of Calvine in Perthshire.

The highland incident, which occurred near Pitlochry, was spotted by two men, who reportedly saw the 25 metre craft hover for 10 minutes before charging up into the heavens at great speed. Not before the onlookers managed to obtain a colour photograph however, which was sent to the Ministry of Defence.

Military planes were visible in the background and seemed to be escorting “or even chasing” the UFO, Pope told BBC Radio Scotland.

After experts told Pope that they believed the photo was genuine, the UFO expert, who worked at the Ministry of Defence from 1991 to 1994, blew up the mysterious picture and pasted it on the wall in his office.

However, the picture was taken down by the head of his division, recalls Pope, and it was suggested to him that putting up such pictures was inappropriate. The mystery photo then never reappeared, even when the MoD declassified and released the files in later years.

“I suspect that certain people thought that this was some secret prototype aircraft, next-generation stealth that maybe nobody should be seeing.” he told BBC Radio Scotland.

It’s not the first time that Scotland has been a target for UFOs. In 2010, it was revealed that authorities in Bonnybridge, Scotland repeatedly wrote to Downing Street due to the high levels of sightings in the area.

One of the most high profile UFO encounters that occurred in a remote part of Scotland is to be made into a movie released this year. It tells the story of Garry Wood and Colin Wright, who claim they were abducted along the Edinburgh to Ayr Road.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/coverupmod.html

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UFO Seen from Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty
Published: 10:16 AM 3/15/2012

New York, NY - 03-07-12

Shape: Disk - Duration: 20 minutes

Two UFO sightings while looking at and from the Statue Of Liberty.

My 3-year-old couldn’t sleep, I was showing him what the Statue of Liberty was. We were looking at Presidential Dollars and he asked if the picture on the reverse was God, I said no, and tried to explain what it was.

Then it hit me I could show him a picture. After a couple of links, I stumbled upon http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/statueofliberty/?cam=liberty_torch.

I found it amazing that you can view NY through a live feed from Liberty’s Torch.

After I started panning around at approx. 11:15 PM, I noticed a floating light above the city. I had caught it while it was on the left hand side of the panoramic view.

The light was white, solid and rectangular. The length of the light eliminated any possibility of an aircraft.

I’ve never seen anything in that shape so clearly and uniform. I had to capture what I was seeing and remembered that I downloaded a plugin where you can capture screen shots.

I’d yet to use it, but thought this would be the perfect time. My first attempt at taking the screen capture got screwed up from lack of use.

And by the time I made it back to the web site and back to the live feed looking out the torch into NY, the light had moved a considerable distance, and now was 3/4 the way across the panoramic screen and much further away.

Now its 11:20 PM, but this time I was able to capture the light with a screen capture. You can still make out the odd shape of the light and still have a pretty good view when zooming in.

But the next thing I saw is really amazing! When looking directly at the Statue of Liberty in full frontal view, a long object can easily be seen with multiple, colored lights just off the right side of Lady Liberty and extending all the way out of the shot.

The placement of the object can’t be horizon lights or anything like that.

And I just checked the live cameras during the day to double check, and nothing is visible. And the great thing is I was able to take two pictures of the object.

If I was to guess what I was looking at, I’d say it was a large oval, but flattened-shaped fly saucer and I was seeing the side that was closest to me, and when you zoom in on the picture it does appear to confirm these thoughts.

I’ve got multiple pictures that allow you to zoom in and can send them to whomever, I hope they come out right when I post this.

(Editor's Note: The photographs mentioned in this article are not available.)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/nysol070712.html

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submitted to www.nuforc.org

Vibrating Gold-Yellow UFO Seen over Monticello, New York
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:09 PM 3/17/2012

Monticello, NY - 03-12-12

Shape: Oval - Duration: 1 1/2 minutes

Object was gold-yellow, with possible lights on the left, object shaking and vibrating.

I stopped at a gas station to make a phone call, my car was facing towards the woods. I made my phone call to a friend.

We were talking about corned beef and cabbage, and then I felt a force coming at me as if it was pushing me back in my seat... and there was a light; as if coming out of a cloud.

It was a gold yellow light coming straight at me. I'm looking at it trying to figure out what it is, and I tell the person on the phone "There's a yellow light coming at me, there's a yellow light coming at me."

At a distance it stopped and it looked as if it was vibrating or shaking side to side. It then stopped vibrating... it stayed there and I was just staring at it.

Then it came closer to me, stopped and then started vibrating/shaking again. Then the vibrating stopped and I could see that it was real round. It hovered approximately 1000 feet right in front of me, coming from the west.

I am staring at it and it seemed to me that it was staring back, I felt an energy. I'm confused, so I tell the person on the phone "I feel it looking at me and I'm just looking at it and I can't do anything."

My friend says, "I think it's a UFO, get out of the car and take a picture."

At that point the oval yellow object is slowly moving over my car and across the road. I physically got out of my car to take the picture with my cell phone, it had sped up, but I was still able to get a picture.

The object then went higher into the sky, stopped, then lowered straight down over some trees, I could see the UFO clearly (the yellow light), stayed there for a while, a couple seconds, then went down as if it was landing and disappeared.

This is not a hoax and I mean every word I just said. Don't think I'm crazy, I am not crazy.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/monticellony031212.html

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Disc-shaped Light Seen over Cottonwood, Arizona
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:13 PM 3/2/2012

Cottonwood, Arizona - 11-23-11

I was going to bed after family day I believe it was Thanksgiving, my sister was staying over.

I laid down and something through the window caught my eye. I watched it for a while, I was stunned.

It was very close, and it was disc-shaped with very bright lights. It seemed to be rotating, but it could have been the light sequence.

The colors of the lights are very bright and seemed to have no pattern, but alternating between color and white. I saw my sister heading to the bathroom and called her in to see it. She watched with me a while.

I went and got my video camera; it is an older Sony version. I began taping it through the window.

My sister said, "weird, I do not hear any sound."

I too could hear nothing. We went out on the back porch to see if we could hear anything or get a better view. I expected it to be gone.

It remained in the sky for hours. I taped a lot and then I was starting to get freaked out. I felt weird looking at it. It moved slightly from time to time; first straight up, then back down very fast with no sound at all.

My son told me he saw it a month or so later on the other side of our house. He videotaped it on his cell phone.

My sister was up this last weekend and we saw it again. We were in my Jacuzzi and after going into the house we came back and it was gone.

My husband and brother-in-law also saw it.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/cottonwoodaz2008.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

Archived Case of the Week

2011 - Video of Flying Object over Connecticut
UFO Image
Published: 12:36 PM 3/14/2012

Winsted, Connecticut - January, 2011 - 8:00 PM

As shoppers were coming out of stores and restaurants in Winsted, Connecticut, several onlookers spotted something in the sky.

A glowing, oval-shaped object was clearly seen in the night skies. Several of the shoppers grabbed their cell phones and began filming the unknown craft which emanated a bluish hue.

Witnesses stated that no sound was heard coming from the object. Some witnesses claimed that the UFO would appear, disappear, and then reappear in a slightly different area of the sky.

Part of this video was hosted on the History Channel; the rest came from individual posters.

Compiled and edited by www.ufocasebook.com

Visit the UFO Casebook channel on Youtube.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/videoct2011.html

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