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UFO Casebook Magazine 449, Issue date, 03-21-11

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ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
3 Children Experience 'Creature' Sighting and Missing Time - Michigan - 1962
ഀ Published: 3:57 PM 3/18/2011

ഀ ഀ It was a beautiful Saturday in 1962, about 3 weeks into July, and I was greatly enjoying my summer vacation from school.

My Mom’s side of the family had been planning a ‘mini’ reunion on this day since around Christmas time, and we were hosting it at our home northwest of Detroit.

Shortly after noon some of my aunts and uncles (my mom had 12 brothers and sisters) began arriving early to help set everything up for the ‘big meal’ at 2:30.

With them were 2 of my cousins: “Sonny” (age 9, same as me), and his younger brother “Chuck” (age 7).

ഀ ഀ I showed them a few things I had gotten for my birthday, and we played for probably an hour or so. When my cousins found out that we wouldn’t be eating until 2:30, they asked if we could go out to the pasture and play.

Since it was just the other side of our back property line, we got permission and headed out there.

ഀ ഀ We picked some green apples from the trees in my backyard to feed to the horses and, hoping they had been turned out that day, we walked about 100 yards out to the back fence line.

It was a large pasture, approximately ¼ mile across and ½ mile long, so when we reached it, we climbed up on the fence and looked for the horses. Disappointed that there were none out at that time, we decided to play in the field.

ഀ ഀ The horses managed to keep the grass cropped pretty short, but there were some patches of tall weeds they wouldn’t eat (which we promptly dubbed “Tangle-weeds”) that were hard to walk through, because they wrapped around your feet and legs.

I don’t know who came up with the idea, but we all decided it would be great fun to see who could run the fastest, and farthest, through this one especially long patch of the stuff.

We didn’t make it very far before falling, and we all burst out laughing at one another.

ഀ ഀ We were having a blast, running, falling down, getting back up and running again. All the while, we were laughing uncontrollably.

Sonny was the smart one, having fallen in line directly behind me, he was letting me “break trail” for him, following the path I was making through the weeds!

I quickly lost sight of Chuck because most of the weeds were taller than he was, and being only 7, he was falling behind.

ഀ ഀ I remember pushing myself as far as I could go, then falling in a heap among the weeds. Sonny ran past me, (nearly OVER me), and only made it a few more steps before he too fell.

We were still laughing as I struggled up to a kneeling position, and looked in his direction.

As I wiped the sweat from my forehead with the back of my hand, looking right at Sonny’s still-laughing face, I froze as I suddenly noticed ‘something’ behind his left shoulder! Actually, TWO ‘somethings.’

ഀ ഀ There, screened through the overgrown weeds, were two, large, blacker-than-black, teardrop shaped things!

“MY GOD!” I realized, “THEY’RE EYES!”

As I straightened my arm from my forehead to point them out to Sonny, I noticed I was shaking uncontrollably!

Sonny just stared at me as if I had lost my mind. I opened my mouth to warn him, but nothing would come out!

It was less than 3 feet behind him, crouched down with its bone-thin arms crossed in front of it, its hands hidden behind the tops of its shoulders.

ഀ ഀ It was facing me squarely, and staring into my eyes, no, into my SOUL!

When Sonny began turning his head to look, another pair of those eyes quickly leaned out from behind the first pair, just to the right of them. That’s when I first noticed the oversized shape of their bald heads.

My only thought then was to get AWAY! I was using every ounce of strength I had, but could NOT get to my feet!

The first (closest) being began rising from its bent-over position, still staring directly into my eyes, and then... Nothingness!

ഀ ഀ The next thing I recall was running as fast as I could toward my house because I felt like the devil himself was right behind me! I realized that I was over halfway home, but couldn’t remember actually covering that distance at all.

When I reached the fence, I half climbed and half jumped over it, and stumbled on the other side, falling in the yard.

As I got up, I could see Sonny and Chuck about 30 feet away off to my left, both running toward the house. I regained my footing and started running again.

ഀ ഀ I was the last of us three to arrive, and my cousins were screaming to their parents that there were ‘monsters’ out in the field!

Several other aunts and uncles gathered around, and actually began laughing at the story we were telling. Their father, however, was convinced that something had happened to frighten us.

Someone, one of the grown-ups, suggested that instead of listening to us babbling on about ‘monsters,’ we should be separated, tell our stories to different people, and all draw what we claimed to have seen.

When we were finished drawing, the grown-ups compared each one to the other two, thinking that this would put an end to all the ‘crazy talk’.

ഀ ഀ All three drawings were VERY similar, showing a very thin creature with extremely large eyes and head. Mine was different in that it had no hands, and when questioned about this aspect, I replied that I had not seen the hands, as far as I could remember.

The other kid’s drawings had longer-than-normal, very thin fingers, but Chuck’s had only three, and Sonny’s had four fingers and a thumb.

ഀ ഀ The adults talked amongst themselves, and at one point, I was afraid there was going to be a fistfight! I heard several loud comments about “My kid’s not a liar,” and “Who would we call?”

Then they came back to where we (the kids) had been told to sit. We were instructed not to talk about what happened to anyone else, even if it ‘really’ happened, because someone would come and take us away if we did.

The thought of being taken away by the authorities was almost as frightening as what had occurred in the pasture, so we promised, (crossed our hearts and hoped to die).

My Mom looked pleased, and asked us if we wanted anything to eat, because she had saved some leftovers from the meal we had missed. None of us were hungry, though.

ഀ ഀ My body suddenly stiffened, and the coldest chill ran through me that I had ever felt, as I realized that we had missed the ‘big meal.’ We had been in the pasture for nearly THREE HOURS!

ഀ ഀ The three of us spoke about the ‘pasture things’ between ourselves several times over the course of the next couple of years or so, then only once after that.

We spoke about the ‘monsters,’ or the ‘creatures,’ and ‘where did all that time go?’ but never ONCE did the subject of ‘aliens’ or ‘UFOs’ come up in those discussions.

After all, we hadn’t seen any spaceships, and the ‘creatures’ didn’t wear any clothes that we could remember, so the connection just wasn’t there.

ഀ ഀ Years later, when I heard about the Betty and Barney Hill incident (long after the fact), I began to think maybe the two events were similar.

Actually, I think I knew for sure that they were, but was still too frightened to admit it.

This all happened nearly forty-nine years ago, and right now, today, right here, on UFO Casebook, I can and do FINALLY ADMIT IT!

ഀ ഀ (Authors note: I would just like to thank Mr. B.J. Booth for the opportunity to get this out in the open at last).

ഀ ഀ

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/michigan62aliens.htmlഀ

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ഀ Submitted to UFO Casebook

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
UFO - or Something More Down to Earth?
ഀ Published: Friday 18 March 2011 04:56

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ THEY say the truth is out there, and after a close encounter with a UFO on his way home from work, one Cupar man is hoping they’re right.

ഀ ഀ ഀ William Simpson (42) is at a loss to explain the bright lights he saw in the sky above St Michaels as he drove through the village last Thursday evening.

ഀ ഀ He’s hoping clued-up locals or another driver will be able to account for what he describes as the strangest experience of his life.

ഀ ഀ Mr Simpson said: “I was driving back from Dundee to Cupar at about 9.15pm last Thursday.

ഀ ഀ “As I approached the turn-off for Balmullo at the St Michaels Inn, I saw an articulated lorry all lit up in a field on the right hand side.

ഀ ഀ “I looked up at the sky and saw two bright white lights like car headlights on full beam, with two red lights at the side.”

ഀ ഀ He went on: “The sky was so black that all I could really see were the lights.

ഀ ഀ “There was no noise — it was very quiet.

ഀ ഀ “They were up about the height of two tower blocks of flats and the white lights looked circular.

ഀ ഀ “It was definitely very strange — I’ve never experienced anything like that in my 42 years.

ഀ ഀ “I thought, ‘Was that real? Did I see that or was I dreaming?’”

ഀ ഀ An answer to the mystery could come from nearby RAF Leuchars, while Mr Simpson says he initially believed amusements were being set up in the field.

ഀ ഀ A spokesman for Fife Police said the force had received no reports of UFO sightings above St Michaels, but Mr Simpson believes other motorists must have seen the object.

ഀ ഀ He said: “There were about seven or eight cars in front of me, and they all slowed down to about 10 or 15 miles per hour as we approached St Michaels.

ഀ ഀ “They must all have been looking at the sky.

ഀ ഀ “I should have pulled over to have a closer look, but it was only about a mile down the road that it really sunk in.”

ഀ ഀ The Ministry of Defence (MoD) department which dealt with UFO sightings closed in 2009 as part of a money-saving exercise.

ഀ ഀ Reports are now no longer investigated by the MoD, which had looked into 12,000 cases since the department was set up in 1950.

ഀ ഀ Anyone who thinks they can explain Mr Simpson’s close encounter should email heraldnews@fifetoday.co.uk

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/dundeecuparsighting.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://www.fifetoday.co.uk/news/local-headlines/ufo_or_something_more_down_to_earth_1_1520344ഀ

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
Close Encounters in Iceland - 1960s Onward
ഀ Published: 6:51 PM 3/14/2011

ഀ ഀ When I was a child, I had many strange experiences, and felt, after stumbling across your website, that I should share them with you, as I´d like to hear from people with similar experiences.

ഀ ഀ When very young, just newly born, I was told my head followed someone/something around the room.

When I was able to talk, I would mention a lady.

I was clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient.

After seeing the "uglier" part of spirit, I prayed I could not see them, and the gift regressed a few years.

ഀ ഀ However, my family and I, frequently saw strange objects which we could not identify (hence why I´ll call them UFOs).

I would sometimes wake up with my underware inside out or my t-shirt inside out, or my pajamas; knowing full well that they had been put on the right way before going to bed.

- My mother shunned this (but I could see she was concerned).

ഀ ഀ My brother had a lamp, which was a ceramic owl, with a bulb inside, so it lit up. I used to like it, but suddenly one day I took a considerable dislike to it, and did for many years.

ഀ ഀ Later I started hearing a voice, and at first, it appeared to be coming from a picture of a humped bridge.

I later realized, that the picture was a "focal point".

The person I was speaking to, called himself GLEN. We frequently conversed in English (This was in Iceland, and I was brought up bi-lingual), and one day, he said he would have to go and cease speaking to me.

My mum called me for dinner, and I asked him if he could wait while I finished dinner.

After dinner, we said our good-byes, and I never heard from him again.

ഀ ഀ I later started developing chronic nose bleeds, and also migraines. I went to see an ear, nose and throat specialist, who found a foreign object lodged in one of my nostrils.

The CE1s decreased amazingly enough. Migraines got worse, and I was given propranolol hydrochloride, to combat it, and after a couple of years, they regressed to one a year.

ഀ ഀ A couple of years later, we saw a TV movie called INTRUDERS, which scared us, as it mentioned "nose bleeds" etc.

ഀ ഀ Years later, I became a member of MUFON, and then saw pictures of IDENTICAL implants as had been removed from my nostrils 15+ years previously.

ഀ ഀ I later (1990s) read a book by Dr. ALEX MACK, where he described some of the marks found on victims, some were sketched some were not.

One such marking he described sent chills down my spine. He mentioned FIVE DOTS. Nothing more.

When I was around eight years old, (almost 30 years before the book was written) I awoke with a excruciating pain in my left knee cap.

It was red, warm to the touch, and had five dots on it, in the formation like the number five on a die. I couldn´t bare to have anything touch my knee cap, including clothing.

Lucky for me, this was on a weekend or school holiday, so I didn´t have to have time off from school. It took a week to clear up.

ഀ ഀ Another thing from my childhood, was that my brother one day, started drawing pictures of ALIENS, these were what are now called grays.

No pictures of grays had ever appeared in Iceland at that time (this was in the 1960s).

According to my brother, they wore an insignia on their left breast which was akin to a square and compass (as that of the Free Masons?).

When I saw the drawing, I responded with: "MzFzDzBz," I don´t know why, that day I had started with this habit which continued for about a month or so.

My brother asked me, why I had done that, I said I don´t know, that it was a habit I had started.

"Oh!" he said: "It's just that, that is how they speak".

"Oh!" I responded: "I didn´t know that."

Some 20 years later, I bought an audio book on UFOs.

There was a story about men who had gone fishing in Pascagoula in 1973, and they had apparently reported that the creatures made "buzzing sounds".

ഀ ഀ Recently, a movie was released called THE FOURTH KIND, it describes the people seeing owls and finding them ominous, and almost afraid of them.

ഀ ഀ I have no recollection of any abduction, but I find it strange how many of these FACTS, which I´ve seen and read about LONG AFTER THE FACT, seem to fit.

ഀ ഀ Mr. Sigurjón Helgi Kristjánsson

ഀ ഀ

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/icelandencounters.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ Submitted to UFO Casebook

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
Tulsa's 1965 UFO Still Unidentified
UFO Depiction
ഀ Published: 3/11/2011 2:22 AM

ഀ ഀ By MICHAEL SMITH World Scene Writer

ഀ ഀ The 1965 image was one of the first color photographs. Tulsa World file. In this photo taken in 1985, Alan Smith displays a copy of the photograph he took of a UFO over Tulsa on the night of Aug. 2, 1965.

ഀ ഀ The alien-invasion movie "Battle: Los Angeles" opens in Tulsa theaters on Friday, inspired by real events that took place during World War II.

On Feb. 25, 1942, a series of unidentified flying objects were seen in the sky above the Los Angeles-area coastline, according to news accounts. Air raid sirens sounded, a blackout was ordered and military forces fired 1,400 anti-aircraft shells at the objects, thought to be Japanese planes.

ഀ ഀ No further evidence of the UFOs was found, and the mystery remains to this day.

ഀ ഀ The following is a look at what is arguably the most famous UFO sighting in Tulsa's history. It happened in 1965.

ഀ ഀ The image that Alan Smith captured when he aimed his Boy Scout camera up toward the sky still meets all of the standard qualifications: What he saw that night remains unidentified; it was flying; and whatever it was, it was an object.

ഀ ഀ Writers of UFO journals and books in the past, as well as UFOlogists on multiple websites today, believe "the Tulsa photograph" to be among the first photographs of a UFO that was taken in color and at night, if not the first.

ഀ ഀ After Smith's photo ran in multiple publications - including Life magazine in 1966 - a congressional committee urged the Air Force to investigate.

ഀ ഀ "Based upon the information furnished, we can neither confirm nor deny the identification of an unidentified flying object," the Air Force reported after analyzing the photo and negative, according to a Tulsa World story.

ഀ ഀ "It made a sort of pulsating, whining sound. The lights seemed to get brighter, then turn dimmer," Smith said of his UFO sighting at the time that the then-14-year-old Tulsa paperboy took his photo, in August 1965, from the back yard of his west Tulsa home in the Carbondale area.

ഀ ഀ "The strange object," as he described it, was "solid red, then it turned white, and went out of sight." Looking at the round image, with three distinctly different colors lit up with black bands between them, the UFO looks something like the 1980s electronic game Simon, but with three buttons rather than four.

ഀ ഀ "I didn't see a 'flying saucer,' or 'little green men.' I saw a UFO," Smith said in a 1985 interview with the Tulsa World, 20 years after his famous photo was taken.

ഀ ഀ On the night of Aug. 1, 1965, he saw a giant light flying through the sky, making what he described as a humming sound.

ഀ ഀ The next night he went outside with his family and his camera.

ഀ ഀ He clicked the shutter three times while his family watched, only to have the film developed and find no prints, Smith told the World. But he examined the negatives and found one with a speck in the corner that was enlarged and printed. It was his UFO.

ഀ ഀ "The image was clear and vivid, about the size of a dime on a 5-by-7 print," Smith said at the time.

ഀ ഀ After showing the picture to friends, an Oklahoma City newspaper learned of the photo and offered to publish Smith's UFO.

ഀ ഀ Reprint fees eventually earned him enough to pay three semesters of tuition at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah and at the University of Tulsa, Smith said in 1985.

ഀ ഀ He also said, 20 years removed from taking the photo, that his only serious consideration was that he took a picture of some type of experimental aircraft.

ഀ ഀ "The fact it's from this planet has more certainty for me than anything else," Smith said.

ഀ ഀ Attempts to contact Alan Smith today, more than 45 years after his photo was taken, were unsuccessful - not that alien-abduction theorists should read anything into that fact.

ഀ ഀ michael.smith@tulsaworld.com By MICHAEL SMITH World Scene Writer

ഀ ഀ

UFO - Tulsa, OK, 1965

ഀ ഀ

ഀ ഀ

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/tulsaphoto1965.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://www.tulsaworld.com/scene/article.aspx?subjectid=268&articleid=20110311_282_D1_CUTLIN174559&allcom=1ഀ

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
The Era of 2012
ഀ Published: 2:06 PM 3/12/2011

ഀ by Chris Holly

ഀ Recently I wrote an article concerning the 'Era of 2012.’ In the article I warned that we were heading towards hard times due to cycles due and events ahead that would bring us world disasters.

ഀ ഀ I tried hard to warn whoever I could to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

ഀ ഀ Unfortunately the very things I wrote about started to unfold in front of us. The world is in upheaval with tough economic times, war and now world catastrophes.

ഀ ഀ What happened in Japan is heartbreaking and devastating. Things are unfolding that we knew were due to happen. Our worst fears seem to be our reality.

Knowing we are in cycles that may continue us on this road makes it clear we all need to understand and prepare to whatever ability we have for what may be ahead.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Today, the day after the Japan disaster, I received emails questioning me why I wrote that article just before this devastating earthquake and tsunami. I was accused of all types of things that simply reflect the fear people have of the reality of what may soon be hard times for us all.

ഀ ഀ For many years I have felt we were sitting on the cusp of horrific times, but had no idea at all when or where the events would occur. I knew our planet was long overdue to shift its crust as well as blow its volcanoes.

It is the way of this world. These things have happened before and will without question happen again.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ This past summer I spent time interviewing five people who I believe endured lost time abduction events. I call them 'Real Time Abductions.' I refer to them this way as the people all were fully awake going about their regular routines when they found they were facing something unknown and were taken.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ The people all recall parts of the start of the event and their return with much or all of the time they were taken removed from their memory. This group of people has all had more than one experience.

The people in this group all recall some things, but most of their experiences are not remembered. The one thing that all of them do have is a certain way of thinking that they feel has been altered due to their abductions.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ During my time with the abductee group last summer we discussed many different subjects. One of the subjects we talked about was the fear of the year 2012... What was said during those conversations did prompt me to write my article concerning the Era of 2012.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ The five abductees told me they all had strong feelings which they felt may have been impressed upon them during their lost time and abduction events that we were now fully in an era of many great earth changes.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ They thought it was a good time for me to write about the natural and ongoing events that were due to continue or occur over the next years to come. They suggested I try to warn people how important being prepared can be.

They feel that chances of survival can be as simple as preparing for disaster so you and your loved ones can wait out the time needed for help to arrive.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ I listened to what the group told me and did write the warnings they gave to me in that article. I had no idea a major disaster was about to occur.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ The abductees also agreed that we were on our own and not to anticipate a mother ship arriving to help or stop the inevitable. The earth is going to do what the earth is going to do. The sun is going to do what the sun is going to do; the moon is going to do what the moon is going to do as well as the solar system, galaxy - in fact the entire universe.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ We are simply the parasites riding this one particular blue globe. We certainly had no problems living our lives so far off the grace of this planet. We now are going to have to learn to hold on and ride out the rough times as well. Bad things are going to happen to humanity. That is just the way it is.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ I once asked the group of abductees the question everyone asks constantly about those who visit this planet. I asked why they think the visiting species take some of us do not openly communicate with us. The combined opinion was one and the same.

It also is the opinion of Stanton Friedman. When asked why he felt aliens do not talk to us, Stanton Friedman said “For the same reason I do not talk to the squirrels in my backyard!”

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ I know this is not what the human race wants to hear. I realize that human beings feel they are somehow special and of great importance. I think the truth is that we are simply low level life forms far less advanced and really not all that interesting.

We are used and discarded exactly as we use mice or rats. I do not know about you but I rarely can give a great deal of time or effort concerned about the workings of a nest of mice.

I do admit I feed the squirrels who live on my property, however, I do agree with Stanton Friedman that looking for the answers to our planets problems is wishful thinking and a waste of your good time. The fact is aliens are just not that in to us!

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ For now to those who feel my article and the recent disastrous events on this planet is timed in a suspicious manner, please understand I am only the messenger of what many already know.

We are in the era of hard times globally. I call this the 'Era of 2012,' due to the fear that date carries to so many people. I should call it the 'Era of from Here On'... however, no one would know what I was talking about.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Please understand what has happened in Japan may happen again in your area of the world. All I ask for your sake and those you love is to try to prepare to the best of your ability for what will eventually come.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ We have had the best of times - we will have the worst of times. All we can do is understand these are our times and we have to accept and realize if prepared we just may survive. I also strongly feel you need to look to your neighbors not the skies for help.

ഀ ഀ http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

ഀ Copyright © 2008-2011 Chris Holly's Paranormal World

ഀ ഀ Email - chrishollyufo@yahoo.com

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ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/eraof2012.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ Submitted to UFO Casebook

ഀ http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/ഀ

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Archived Case of the Week

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
Pitlochry UFO Case - The Missing Photographs
UFO Depiction
ഀ Published: 2:54 PM 3/16/2011

ഀ ഀ Posted on March 15, 2011 by admin

ഀ ഀ While most reports of flying saucers are quickly dismissed by defence chiefs, the previously classified papers show the sighting, which took place near Pitlochry in 1990, was taken extremely seriously.

A former MoD official who investigated the case told Scotland on Sunday that despite strenuous efforts they could find no earthly explanation for the craft.

Witnesses reported seeing a large, diamond-shaped object hanging in the air next to a RAF Harrier above the A9 at Calvine, north of Pitlochry, on August 4, 1990.

The UFO is said to have hovered for about 10 minutes before zooming skywards at high speed and disappearing from view.

The apparent close encounter of the Caledonian kind was photographed by members of the public whose images appear to show a blurry, diamond-shaped craft next to a jet.

Fearing the pictures would spark significant media interest, the MoD decided to bring it to the attention of the Government.

A Whitehall official wrote in a memo: “Such stories are not normally drawn to the attention of ministers. “On this occasion, however, the MoD has been provided with six photographic negatives of an alleged UFO… and has been asked for comments almost certainly for inclusion in a forthcoming story.”

The memo suggested the media should be told that “no definite conclusion had been reached regarding the large diamond-shaped object”.

It has also emerged the MoD went on to commission a series of line drawings of the object the following year.

ഀ More info from old UFO Casebook article:

ഀ The photographs have been misplaced, lost, or hidden, and have never surfaced.

ഀ The MOD's UFO Project had also been sent a number of intriguing photos and videos of UFOs, and had the means to have the images enhanced and analysed by various technical specialists.

Some intriguing images had arrived via the Scottish Daily Record in 1990, and a poster-sized photograph had been produced from one of the negatives and pinned to my (?) office wall by one of my predecessors.

The photograph had been taken in daylight and showed a vast, diamond-shaped UFO, metallic silver in colour, apparently hovering low over the Scottish countryside.

The photograph was removed in 1994 by the then head of the division, who had convinced himself that the picture showed a secret prototype aircraft codenamed Aurora - a hypersonic replacement for the SR-71 Blackbird that the US Government denied existed.

A question was asked in Parliament in 1996 about the location of this photograph, and the matter has subsequently been raised in a Freedom of Information Act request. Unfortunately, the photograph had disappeared, and could not be located.

ഀ ഀ

ഀ ഀ

ഀ ഀ

ഀ ഀ ഀ

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/pitlochryphotograph.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://atomic811.com/2011/03/15/pitlochry-ufo-case/ഀ

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