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UFO Magazine Issue # 351, Issue date, 03-23-09

Ringed Object Photographed over California
California-03-20-09-I went out to walk the dog... coming back towards the house I looked up and saw two very bright ring-shaped objects. The reason it caught my attention so closely is that it is a very overcast night - not a star to be seen in the sky. I was immediately amazed as I have never seen anything like this before.

I started yelling for my boyfriend to come out. He came out and saw what I was seeing and told me to go in for the camera/video camera. I ran in and got both... trying to take footage and capture pics at the same time.

I got maybe 2 minutes of video footage and nothing showed up on there - which I could tell right away because I could see nothing through the view finder.

I took 2 pictures from the digital camera. We watched the objects literally dancing through the sky. At one point one of the objects dropped down below the tree line from view, and then bounded back up towards the other object. The objects were very bright in color... at some points bright white, blue and turning red. Unbelievable!

The pictures do not do what we saw any justice at all. We blew them up as much as we could and still it did not accurately show what we saw... but I am glad we have something to show for it.

California-03-20-09 California-03-20-09

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Terry Waite backs McKinnon
Gary McKinnon
By John Leyden

Former Beirut hostage Terry Waite has spoken out against attempts to extradite self-confessed Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon to face a US trial.

Waite, who since his release in 1991 has become a human rights and police campaigner, argues that the US military should thank McKinnon for exposing security holes in its systems.

McKinnon's recent diagnosis of Aspberger's syndrome ought to prompt a decision by US authorities to drop the prosecution against McKinnon.

McKinnon claims he was only looking for suppressed information about anti-gravity propulsion systems and other UFO technology he reckons is being held from the public when he broke into US military systems.

He admits hacking but denies doing any damage, against US claims that he was the "biggest military hacker of all time".

Waite said McKinnon's behaviour was "hardly that of a serious spy" and described his motives as "pretty harmless" adding "The Pentagon ought to thank him for exposing the vulnerability of their systems," the Press Association reports.

The former Church of England envoy urged common sense in the handling of the case, while emphasising that he supports law enforcement efforts to "track down and stop illegal activity" on the web, the BBC adds.

Terry Waite A judicial review on whether the Home Secretary was right to allow extradition proceedings against Gary McKinnon to proceed despite his health problems has been scheduled for 9 and 10 June.

The hearing has become McKinnon's best hope of avoiding a US trial after failed appeals that went all the way to the House of Lords last year, and a more recent decision by UK prosecutors not to put McKinnon on trial on this side of the Atlantic.

McKinnon's long-running campaign against extradition has gained celebrity support over recent months. Alongside Waite other eminent sorts who have come out in support of McKinnon include the UK Government's independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, Lord Carlile of Berriew, former Police frontman Sting and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

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1956 UFO in South Africa Filmed by Air Force-Still Unexplained
KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
By Adriana Stuijt

Published 03-14-09

This photograph of a UFO was taken on July 17, 1956, above Rosetta in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa by the wife of an Air force officer. It has never been explained.

Twenty three lights moved steadily in the night-sky of Witbank, South Africa on Friday March 6 2009 -- and scores of residents in nearby Middelburg also saw them. They called in the police, who filmed the odd formation of lights on their cellphones.

Mrs Hetta Malan of Middelburg was one of the many Middelburg, South Africa, residents who spotted the formation that Friday-night. It was moving steadily towards the nearby mining town of Witbank, she told the Afrikaans-language newspaper Beeld.

And police inspectors Chris Gatzonis and Awie Labuschagne of the Middelburg police station even filmed the lights, alas the images on their cellphones were poor. The footage, shown on the Beeld newspaper website, can be seen here.

"We were on active duty and driving across the bridge at Aerorand in Middelburg. First we saw five orange lights, moving in formation going in the direction towards Witbank. Later only two were left. Then the clouds moved in front of them and we lost sight of them,' said Chris Gatzonis. This was the first time the lights were spotted.

And last weekend, the two police officers saw similar lights again -- this time they counted a pattern in formation of 23 lights, coming back from Witbank.

Many UFOs in South Africa

South Africa has had numerous UFO sightings over the years. - and many were seen by skilled observers.

One of the most famous incidents occurred on September 17, 1965 by police constables John Locken and Koos de Klerk, who were were patrolling on the Pretoria-Bronkhorstspruit road, shortly after midnight - not very far away from the latest sighting in Middelburg last weekend.

On September 17, 1965, these two patrolmen were shocked when their van's headlights illuminated an unusual object on the road ahead of them. Right in the middle of the highway sat a disc-shaped UFO.

Copper Colored Disc:

The patrolmen estimated the diameter of the object at about 30 feet, and it was of a copper color. Within a moment, the disc-shaped object began to rise up from the road, shooting flames from below through double tubes of what the patrolmen thought were engines.

Flames on the Asphalt:

The two men reported their sighting, and in part of the report, Constable Locken said: 'Its lift-off was quicker than anything I have ever seen." The men also reported that the flames were three feet tall above the road, and the great heat from the exhaust kept the asphalt afire for a time after the object had flown away.

Road Caved In:

After the asphalt had cooled, the road was blocked off and the area of the sighting more closely examined by a large group of policemen. It was found that part of the road had actually caved in under the heavy weight of the UFO. There was a burned area of about 6 feet in diameter, which would indicate the approximate size of the engine ports.

The official governmental investigation was done by Lt. Col. J.B. Brits, District Commandant of Pretoria North police station at the time.

Highly Secret Nature:

After the investigation was completed, Lt. Col Brits was interviewed by a Pretoria newspaper. He was quoted in the paper as stating: "... the case of the UFO landing was considered as being of a highly secret nature and an inquiry is being conducted in top circles." Case Remains Unsolved:

There were trace element samples taken from the area of the landing, and sent for scientific analysis to the police forensic laboratories in Pretoria -- but the results of these tests were never released to the public. It is quite obvious that something very unusual landed in South Africa, left landing traces, and was seen by two reliable witnesses.

Unfortunately, it is quite certain that no further details will be released, and the mystery of what exactly landed in South Africa on September 17, 1965, will remain unsolved.

A photograph of an overflying UFO was also taken by the wife of an Air Force Officer, a couple of high standing in the community, in KwaZulu-Natal. Many other incidents were also reported in the Karoo desert north of Cape Town over a period of at least twenty years.

Heidelberg in 1967

Andre Jordaan of Pretoria writes that he has actually seen UFOS in broad daylight, at the opening of the Higher Volks School in Heidelberg in South Africa in 1967, together with more than 1,000 pupils."We saw these strange objects carrying out incredible high-speed manouvers which we still cannot emulate today,' he said.

And because we all saw it together it could not have been hallucinations. Two weeks later, my mother told me about seeing a similar craft early in the morning from very close up while it flew across the defence force military camp where we lived.

"Only after she told me, did I tell her what all the pupils had seen two weeks earlier - so she could not have been influenced by our earlier experience. If I hadn't experienced this myself, I would probably be quite sceptical about such events. I feel privileged that I witnessed this event.'"

Conspiracy theories abound:

And some people say UFO's were experimental oscillation designs from nazi Germany by an Austrian forester called Viktor Schauberger, who worked on the so-called "Repulsine' project. see

One thing everybody does however agree on: nobody knows what these mysterious lights and machines really are.

What are they?

Unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, are merely the popular term for any aerial phenomenon whose cause cannot be easily or immediately determined, says Wikipedia.

"Both military and civilian research show that a significant majority of UFO sightings are identified after further investigation, either explicitly or indirectly through the presence of clear and simple explanatory factors,

The United States Air Force, which coined the term in 1952, initially defined UFOs as those objects which remain unidentified after scrutiny by expert investigators, though the term UFO is often used more generally to describe any sighting unidentifiable to the reporting observer(s).

Popular culture frequently takes the term UFO as a synonym for alien spacecraft. Some investigators now prefer to use the broader term Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (or UAP), to avoid the confusion and speculative associations that have become attached to UFOs.

Only a small percentage are hoaxes

"Studies have established that only a small percentage of reported UFOs are actual hoaxes, while the majority are observations of some real but conventional object - most commonly aircraft, balloons, or astronomical objects such as meteors or bright planets - which have been misidentified by the observer as anomalies.'

A small percentage of reported sightings (usually 5%-20%) are classified as unidentified flying objects in the strictest sense. The first reports and official investigations of UFOs began during World War II with sightings of so-called foo fighters by Allied airplane crews, There were widespread sightings of European "ghost rockets" in 1946.

UFO reports became more common after the first widely publicized US sighting - reported by private pilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947 - which gave rise to the popular terms "flying saucer" and "flying disc".

Since then, millions of people believe that they have seen UFOs, and tens of thousands of such reports have been catalogued.

Although various conspiracy theories and pseudosciences revolve around UFO sightings, no support for non-natural explanations of UFOs has emerged from within mainstream science.

1956, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa-commonly called 'The Drakensberg photos'

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original photograph © South African Air Force




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Lost Time Events and Embedded Objects – An Abductee's Burden
Graphic Depiction
Recently I received a phone call from a woman I wrote an article about a few months ago called ‘ Unexplained Events of Abduction and Lost Time- Long Island, New York’. She told me she had been away for a while living in another state while her husband finished a work project.

Now back in New York she wanted me to me know about the incident that took place while she was away. Before I go into her most current experience let me explain what happened to her years ago.

This woman was teaching a night course at a local college in Farmingdale New York during the late 1980”s. Her class ended around 9 PM each night. She would leave the college campus and drive home the exact same way each night. It would take her about 10 minutes to arrive home. She followed this routine without deviation arriving home by about 9:15 PM.

One night, while following her regular routine something went wrong. She recalls the entire night up to the point she was midway on her drive home. She remembers starting for home in her car and getting to the point where she was about to take one of her last turns towards home along a rather deserted stretch of road. Her memory fails her from this point on.

Her husband started to become concerned as he waited for her that night. 10 PM; then 10:30 PM came and went without any sign of his wife returning home. At this point he followed the path his wife took home each night from the college. She was nowhere to be found... Concerned he returned home. He decided to wait another hour before calling the police.

The woman told me that the next thing she recalls about that night is waking up slumped over in her car. She found herself lying across her front seat, groggy and disoriented. When she sat up and looked around she had no idea where she was. She knew it was a deserted parking lot of some kind but did not recognize it.

She started her car and drove out of the lot and followed the roads until she found a main road. When she started to drive she found signs that told her she was in Far Rockaway, close to New York City, about an hour and a half away from her home. She had never been to Far Rockaway before and had to drive around until she found a highway she knew to drive back towards her hometown on Long Island.

This woman told me she arrived home about midnight terrified and confused. She told her husband what had happened. She then began to vomit and feel faint. Her husband helped her to bed and noticed she had a bright red rash on her arm. She fell into bed and went into a deep sleep.

The next day she woke up feeling ill and shaken. Her stomach hurt, her head hurt and she was frightened. Her husband searched the car and found what looked like something had sandpapered the back trunk section of the cars paint... He also thought the car had a very sour chemical smell inside.

The woman has no recall of what happened to her that night. She knows she did nothing but try to drive home and that something interfered with her journey. To this day she has no idea what happened to her or her car that night. I found her to be a very intelligent rational woman and cannot offer her an explanation other than it fits into many other stories I have heard concerning lost time in our area.

The woman told me that within a few days of her lost time event she developed a lump on her hand. She could move it around and thought it was a bite that was going to dissolve away as bites do.

The swelling did go away and she did not give it much more thought. Over the years she would have moments when her hand would hurt a little and she was able to feel what seemed to be a little hard ball under the skin in her hand. It did not bother her much so she just forgot about it most of the time.

While away with her husband the woman’s hand started to swell and hurt. She finally went to a doctor to see what was going on and what that little hard ball was that floated around under her skin in her hand.

Her doctor did not seem to know what it could be and ordered X-rays of her hand. The X-rays showed a small round object lodged in her hand. The doctor thought it best he remove the object.

When the object was removed from her hand it was a small odd shaped white thing that did not look like the calcium deposit the doctor had anticipated. He examined the object for a long time and confessed to this woman he never had seen anything like it before and did not know what it was...

The woman was glad it was removed and did not want thing to do with it and left it there to be discarded. Upon returning home she realized she should have taken the embedded object with her and called the doctors office. They claimed she was too late as they had already sent the object out to be tested for the ordinary tests that are done on growths.

The woman requested the object be saved and was told they would contact the lab. Of course the tests came back about a week later that the object was not malignant however the lab did not keep the specimen and it was long discarded. The woman realized she had made a terrible mistake but was very glad to be rid of the strange object.

I could only listen and feel frustrated at what was lost. If the object had been kept for proper inspection perhaps we could have made a break through as to what these objects are made of and what their purpose may be.

Shortly after communicating with this woman about the object in her hand I received an email from a reader telling me of a similar event.

He described his ordeal in an email to me as follows:

It was 46 years ago when I was a little boy. My family moved to Levittown, Pennsylvania. I was about 4 going on 5 years old at the time.

One day I was playing in the front yard in an April blossom tree that was right outside my kitchen window. My mother was inside cooking or cleaning. While I was sitting in the tree a bright vision appeared to me. Frightened by the vision I was immediately felt comforted because I thought my vision was of Jesus. The vision told me not to be afraid.

My vision was bright white surrounded by a gold glow with what looked like angels around the Jesus figure.

Frightened again by the Angels my vision comforted me and told me nothing bad would ever happen to me... I recall I asked many questions- many of which I have forgotten.

I will always remember him telling me to be kind and good to others. He told me that is how I would be able to be with him and his Father in Heaven. I also remember asking him if I will ever see him again, sadly for me, he said the next time I would see him would be with his Father in Heaven. That experience always made me believe that Jesus did exist.

After my vision ended I came down from the tree and went inside to tell my mom what had happened.

When I went inside my mom was angry and distraught. She was worried sick. She had been looking for me for more than an hour as she had told me not to leave the front yard.

I told her that wasn't possible because I was in the tree in front of the house, not more than 15 feet away. She insisted that she called me and did not see me in the tree. I know I never heard her call me. I told her I was in the tree and told her about the vision.

Last year around July 2008 I found reports of UFO sightings in the Levittown Bucks County area. One in particular that I saw on a television show {forget which one} was of a UFO that dropped some type of element on a tree in Levittown. I looked up the address on the Internet and found it was less than a mile from where my encounter took place.

Looking back now I have come to think I may have been implanted with a foreign object that day years ago in that apple tree. I am disabled and have a bad back and bad ankles. Several years ago I was having problems with my ankles twisting and I was falling down a lot.

Embedded Objects I had my ankles x-rayed and my right knee. When I went to get my report the x-ray technician asked me if I was ever shot on my right side... I told him no!

He then told me that there was a bullet or something metallic on my right side. I never even ever owned a gun and certainly don't remember being shot by one.

The x-rays were taken at the Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Last year I retrieved them and they do show a foreign object {small white oblong shaped} in the back of my right knee. I brought the X-rays to my Primary Care Physician. An Intern was on duty that was not interested in my object at all and dismissed the object as maybe calcium build up but I remember the X-ray technician insisting it was a metal object.

I am beginning to think that my lost time experience and bright light vision may have been when that implant was placed into me I was 5 years old.

I don't know if this is related but around the time of the Grand opening of Resorts International Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey in 1978 I witnessed a UFO in Philadelphia.

It was a ball of light that turned colors faster than my mind could register. It streaked from west to east at a very low attitude and was actually reported in the paper the next day as landing or crashing in the Atlantic Ocean two miles off of Resorts International Casino. I am beginning to think all these events are not just coincidences.

This reader realized he encountered strange events in his life and knew that they could all be related to that odd event in his apple tree when he was a little boy.

It would have been wonderful to have both objects that were removed from this woman and this man who suffered lost time events.

I find it very interesting that both people later had strange objects removed from their bodies. I have read other reports very much like these where confusing events of lost time end with the removal of odd objects or constant nose bleeds occurring to the people involved.

I find it ridiculous to feel that all these people are suffering from confusion and delusion when they have had solid evidence removed which obviously was embedded during their lost time event. If this ever happens to you or someone you know please insist the object be kept and demand to have it sent to a reliable lab to find out exactly what it is made of and what function it may being used for.

It could mean a discovery that could turn the world into knowing beings instead of those being taken by the unknown!

Along with reports of objects being removed from those who have experienced lost time events I have noticed that most if not all of the people I have talked to and interviewed seem to have developed serious health problems.

I have listed and realized that many of the health problems fall into the category of systemic and have to wonder if the experiences that took place while they were under going their lost time encounters involve what took place during those events?

In fact I am now realizing that there seems to be a definite link between health and Alien/ UFO encounters with many who have had what is considered a close encounter. This realization and personal experience is why I always caution the public to heed my advice and be very careful when finding they are experiencing a sighting or Alien event.

It is always best to try to surround yourself with others if possible when dealing with the unknown. Try to protect yourself with other people, lights and shelter whenever possible. It is best to try to avoid close contact with other life forms to ensure your own protection. Remember it is the unknown and we can never risk our safety when dealing with that which we do not understand.

There are many unknowns out there so always pay attention to your surroundings, and always keep looking up!

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World into the Endless Journey

@ http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/



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Silver Disc-Shaped Object in Texas, 1992
Grandparent's House
Texas-07-17-1992-One evening my mom, myself and my best friend were in the driveway of my grandparent's home. We were enjoying the nice weather and looking up at the stars. If you look at the first picture, imagine the three of us facing away from the house and looking toward the field.

As we had our heads tilted slightly toward the sky to stargaze, a bizarre object came into view from behind.

Naturally, we tilted our heads back further and further to get a better view of what was above us. A smooth, silver, disc-shaped object that was approximately 4 times the size of my grandparent's house was slowly moving over our heads.

It was only about 20 feet above the house (which is 2-story) and made absolutely no sound at all. The three of us were in complete awe of this magnificent sight. The craft was so smooth that it appeared to be made of an almost fluid-like metal.

Completely lining the edge all the way around the disc were the most beautiful white lights. It was a shade of white that I have never seen in my entire life, and to this day I still cannot explain the incredible luminescence of the lights.

As bright as the lights were, one would expect to be temporarily blinded, but we didn’t need to shield our eyes at all. The craft hovered silently over us and slowly made its way across the street.

Field where disc was seen Once it reached the field that you see in the second picture, it stopped completely and just sat for a moment. All of a sudden the large ship shot straight into the air with lightning speed and separated into three pieces going in three different directions.

For nearly 15 years after that (until my next and subsequent encounters) I had never experienced anything in my life that allowed me to feel so at peace... so complete... so safe... so loved.

There wasn’t a single part of me that was scared that night, as many people imagine they would be in a situation like that. I suppose it’s just something that nobody could ever truly fathom unless they experience it for themselves.

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MUFON Submitter 15839

Unexplained UFO Sightings from 15 Years Ago
UFO Depiction
March 12, 2009 - 8:31 AM

WEST MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - 911 dispatchers take all kinds of calls, but on this very day, March 12, 15 years ago, dozens flooded in that were just plain strange.

See the UFO Casebook case file, 1994 Sightings in Michigan.

"Yeah, have you heard anything about these lights that are flickering up in the air?" asked one person on a 911 dispatch tape. "They look like a string of Christmas lights that go way up in the sky."

"Uh you might want someone to have somebody take a look, it's a different, I've never seen anything like it," said another person in another call.

"Alright this call isn't really an emergency, we're just calling about the UFO in the sky. They're out there. They ain't airplanes."

All along the lake shore, people reported strange lights in the sky.

The most reports came from Holland where people say they saw flashes of red, blue, white and green attached to cylindrical objects.

"I wasn't really a believer. I mean, I believe there could have been something out there. When I stepped out here on the patio Tuesday night it made me a strong believer." said Troy Prince in an interview shortly after the incident.

The National Weather Service picked up the objects on its radar. The operator in charge said three triangular "blips" were coming up, hovering over the Holland area. They traveled 20 miles in just 10 seconds.

Later the National Weather Service downplayed the possibility of UFO's. The dozens of people who saw the strange lights never got a logical explanation.

Now this fall the History Channel is taking up the story. It's running a segment on the Ottawa County sightings during the "UFO Hunters" program.

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1980-Parkland Region, Manitoba, Canada-Men in Black Abduction
UFO Depiction
July/August-1980-It was the early 80's and the summer was hot. I was almost 14 years old and enjoying time away from school. I was at the lake for a week with my family.

It was too hot for me to stay in the trailer so I had a 4 man tent set up about ten yards away from the trailer. It was during my week long stay that I had a strange and frightening encounter with men in black (MIBs).

It was around 11 PM, and I was too hot to sleep, so I had not even attempted to.The night was calm and the stars were out. It was all very nice and peaceful, and the scent was sweet from all the flowers and other plants.

I decided to go for a walk and try to cool off a little bit, so I left the campsite and started down a dirt road that was behind a row of cabins that were along the lake shore.

There were very few up at the lake. It was the middle of the week, and unless on holidays no one was around. I continued walking toward town but still was by the lake.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a black car pulled up beside me. I didn't even hear its approach as it startled me, and made me jump away. The car was large and black with tinted windows. It appeared to be between a '65 and '70's Cadillac Coupe deVille.

Two men suddenly got out from the passenger side doors. They were dressed in black. They had black suits, shoes, ties, hats, and even black sunglasses, though it was night out. They had white shirts on too which allowed me to see that their appearance was not right. Their skin was almost light blue and odd looking.

The two men (if they were) started straight for me which shocked me even more. They were rather quick and seemed to be on me in an instant. Each had ahold of my arms as they tried to force me towards the car that sat there with the back door open.

I began to struggle when I quickly realized what was taking place. I was being forced into a car in the middle of the night by strangers. They had me up to the car now and I struggled even harder and put my feet out to push myself away from the open door.

The struggle lasted maybe a minute or two. Finally they overpowered me and my fighting to get free, and got me into the back seat of the car.

I was now sitting in between two of the MIBs. I could not see out the side windows, only in front where the dirt road was. The driver looked back and for a few seconds it seemed as though the three of them were having a onversation except they never spoke a word at all. The driver nodded once and then the car began to move.

I was still being held by my arms with them at my sides. The MIB on my right reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a syringe that was larger then any I had ever seen. I would today compare its size to syringes that are used on large animals.

The syringe contained a golden liquid. I could see it very clear being where I was. I then realized that it was meant for me. That is when I began to struggle some more.

The MIBs did not have to fight me long till I was totally overpowered by them. The MIB on my right took the syringe and injected the contents into me. Everything quickly went black, as I lost consciousness.

I don't know how long I was out for, but I did regain consciousness for a short time. I thought to myself, "Oh, I am still in the car," as I could see a road. But it was not right-what I was seeing did not make sense to me.

What I could see was a road curving along as we "flew over it." I was about two to three hundred feet above the road. I could see large rocks on the shoreline, but it was not my lake that I was seeing. It appeared to be a large body of water such as the ocean, as the waves were of fair size as they crashed on the large rocks.

I tried to make it make sense, but could not, as I lost consciousness again. I found myself asleep in my tent in the morning, but not feeling right. It was almost like a daze for that day.

It still would take years till it all came together. I figured out they were greys that had taken me, and made themselves appear as MIBs. I still cannot explain all of what happened that night, butI do know that a man in my hometown had the same type of experience with what may have been the same MIBs almost 30 years before my encounter. His occurred in 1953.


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(last update, 03-21-09)

See Great Britain UFO sighting reports from our friends at Grantham Today, UFO Sightings

Utah-Three Star-Like Objects
03-12-09-I spotted 3 star-like objects, starting at 8:09 PM. It was like a star moving across the sky. The color was amber to orange. I saw it coming from the north. It was moving slowly south then it stopped. It remained hovering there until about 8:40 PM.

It was fairly high up. Then I saw it taking off near where it had hovered, it was dimly lit while hovering. It lit up and looked like a star as it was moving north, where it disappeared from view. The 2nd one I spotted, again looked like a star as it was moving from the south and it was low and west of me. It stopped, and I lost where it was because of the trees in the backyard. I didn't see it fly away.

The 3rd one I saw coming from the east, and after it got to about 12:00 over me it curved northwest. It went that direction and way down on the horizon where it appeared to come down considerably in altitude. Then it sped up and stopped, and then headed back my way again on an angle upwards and stopped. source: www.mufon.com

Utah-2-Star-Like Objects
03-14-09-Once again my husband and I were in the hot tub looking at stars. We were facing south, there were some overcast clouds, and we noticed what looked like 2 stars that made eyes, with a cloud nose, and cloud mouth. We were laughing that it looked like a face.

It was a perfect face. Then all of a sudden, the right eye of our face started moving from southwest to east. It was perfectly round, and not very far away from us. An approaching for landing 747 jet passed under it (we are in the path for the airport), and we think that's why it started moving east.

It was under the cloud cover as we watched it move into a cloud and lost it. It was not out in space at all. It was sitting there in our face. We see this stuff all the time. I have reported several of these sightings. source: www.mufon.com

Australia-Star-Like Object
03-16-09-Last night at about 9:45 PM, I was playing Counter Strike and decided it was time for a smoke. I stepped out the front, walked over to the cars and stood in between them on the driveway, because it was a bit chilly.

I was looking around the sky and noticed a star 'moving'. At first I thought it was a satellite, which to me is something nice to see as well... but it started changing course, rapidly. At one point the light was coming straight for me and at this point I started stepping back (tripping over a car) and sort of hid behind the brick wall of the house, but never taking my eyes off this object.

The light dimmed and appeared to face away from me, then crept across the sky turning a red colour and disappearing. I should also note that when the light looked like it was facing me, it had two blue lights on the front I suppose.

The object appeared to be VERY far up. Higher that a jet or any plane. And a plane has never acted like what I have described. source: www.mufon.com

Canada-Non-Blinking Object
03-15-09-Ontario-I was outside having a smoke, it's quite dark and I can see a few blinking plane lights at different points in the sky. I look straight up and notice a non-blinking light seemingly much higher up that the tiny plane lights, and it was much brighter than plane lights.

I watched it in fascination for several minutes, and then it seemed to slow down and a much smaller light intersected light #1's path.

Light #1 passed over the horizon, and I found light #2 and watched it go in the opposite direction. While doing so, a third light passed near #2. While this is going on, light #2 and #3 are getting harder to see (going up into outer space?), until finally they are no longer visible. They did not pass over the horizon like #1.

They seemed to be going at climbing angles into space. Very exciting to see. We see these from time to time here. I never have my camera when I need it. source: www.mufon.com

Canada-Several Sightings
1970+-I've seen 5 different UFOs so far, two of them close enough to see they were spacecraft. The first was in 1970, my brothers and sisters and our babysitter saw a flying disk come very close to the back of our house.

The next was in 1988 when my brother Shane and I were walking to our parent's house in February, we saw a light that looked like a star that was wiggling in the south. Then it shot at great speed to the left and stopped. About 1500 K or so, then to the right and left, and zig-zagged over the northern horizon.

The following fall in October, Shane and I and two friends saw two of the same things fly by. In 1990 my brother Trent, two friends and I, saw a very large spacecraft fly by at close range and stop, change direction, and take off, very slowly at first, but the farther it got, the faster it went, until it was gone.

This large spaceship was 600+ feet wide from the back as it was leaving, we followed it in a car and it went past a TV tower at close range, the tower is 900 feet tall and the ship was very close to compare it to.

It was too close and too big to see the whole thing as we were right under it at first. When we saw it stop and turn, we noticed it was leaving, so we got in my friend's car and followed it. I live on Prince Edward Island, Canada. This is where I saw these things. source: www.ufocasebook.com

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