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UFO Casebook Magazine 502, Issue date, 03-26-12

Was It a UFO? Businessman Stumped by ‘Flying Disk’ Sighting over Dereham
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:08 PM 3/22/2012

Martin George

Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Or was it something altogether more sinister?

Those were the questions facing a businessman who was left scratching his head after seeing three mysterious grey objects in the sky over Dereham on Monday evening.

The man - who did not want to be named - noticed something amiss when he stepped into the back garden of his home for a cigarette at about 7:40 PM.

The teetotaler described seeing three grey disc-like objects with an orange tinge in formation, slowly moving in a south-west direction.

He said: “At first I thought it was three geese. They were in formation like planes - it was two at the back and one at the front. They started to go a lot quicker and the orange glow was a lot brighter, and two split off to the left and one to the right.

“I mentioned it to my wife. I said ‘I’m not going mad but you will never guess what I’ve just seen.' I don’t know what it was.”

The entrepreneur, who said he has no beliefs about the existence of UFOs, reported his experience on the website uk-ufo.co.uk.

In response, Tony Doyle reported seeing three similar, silent objects in the sky over Little Budworth in Cheshire the previous night.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/derehamsighting.html

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Resident Believes Strange Lights over Sun City were UFO
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:36 PM 3/20/2012

by Herb Jaffe

"Yes, sir. That's correct," said George Ruta, a resident of the senior community.

Are you sure you weren't drinking?

"No. I was asleep, but the noise woke me up," Ruta said. "First it sounded like a plane that was very near. Then it sounded like a car engine that was idling... it really was the kind of sound I never heard before."

Are you sure you weren't dreaming?

"I looked out of my bedroom window, which faces the street, and then I saw two bright shapes, both shining across the street, just beyond those two houses," he said, pointing. "One light was a multicolored sphere. The other was a very bright white circle, with red inside it.

" At that point everything was perfectly quiet. The lights stayed that way for about a minute or so, then they moved quickly in the direction of those power lines along Cheyenne Avenue."

Did you go outside?

"Truthfully, I was too scared when I heard the noise, then saw the lights," he said. "I never saw anything like it before. I honestly believe it was a UFO."

Ruta spoke in a perfectly normal tone as he pointed out the direction of the sound and just where the two "strange-looking lights" appeared. He invited me into his home to see where his bed was situated and how easily he was able to see the lights through the blinds on his bedroom window.

Ruta said he eventually fell back asleep but was awakened again just before 6 a.m. This time, he said he heard the sounds of helicopters.

"There were two of them," he said. "They were small helicopters. It was just before dawn, so I was unable to see any markings on either copter. They came from the same (westerly) direction as the UFO. One of the helicopters hovered just above the same area as the UFO lights, for maybe a minute and a half.

"Then they both flew away, following the same path as the UFO, across Cheyenne Avenue and in that (northerly) direction."

Ruta said he called the Sun City Security Patrol to inquire about the helicopters, but he didn't mention the UFO incident earlier that morning. Security patrol chief Judy Hunt said the official logs for that morning revealed one call concerning the helicopters, at 6:18 a.m., from someone other than Ruta.

There had been no calls to the Security Patrol about UFO sightings. Ruta said he spoke to several of his neighbors to ask if they heard or saw anything abnormal at approximately 2 a.m. Jan. 12.

"One woman told me she thought she heard a strange noise," he said. "I called the police after I saw the UFO lights, and they told me they knew nothing about it. Later, I realized that I had called the North Las Vegas Police. I live here only a short time, and I don't know the area that well."

Ruta explained that he recently inherited his Sun City house after the deaths of his parents.

"I also called MUFON and reported what I saw and heard," he said, referring to the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, a nonprofit, worldwide organization that investigates UFO sightings.

However, another Las Vegas sighting was reported to the UFO Clearinghouse, a similar organization, on Jan. 4. The person who reported the sighting said he and his girlfriend were at a carwash at about 3 p.m. when they "saw a dark tunnel-appearing patch of sky over Las Vegas, around Eastern (Avenue) and Sunset Road. I think this may have been responsible for the phone shutdown... "

One other strange incident occurred the morning of Jan. 12, on the perimeter of Sun City. An elderly couple were killed in a single-auto accident at about 1:45 a.m. According to what witnesses told a Nevada Highway Patrol officer, their car, while exiting the Las Vegas Beltway, struck a concrete barrier just before Cheyenne Avenue. The car was estimated to be traveling in excess of 70 mph.

"That happened just before I heard the UFO and saw those lights," Ruta said. "Maybe that couple was distracted by hearing and seeing the same thing."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/suncity.html

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Resident Sees UFOs Flying Over Marina Hills Community in Laguna Niguel
Brendon Dalrymple
Published: 2:17 PM 3/20/2012

Brendon Dalrymple says he has witnessed a saucer-like object with blue, red and green lights, flying around his backyard numerous times that overlooks the Salt Creek Corridor.

It’s not unusual for Brendon Dalrymple to see what some might refer to as a UFO floating casually near his backyard. He lives in Marina Hills, an area in Laguna Niguel where many strange sightings have been reported over the years.

However, that’s not to say that the California native is a believer of the unexplained, but he’s not a disbeliever either.

“I’m optimistically skeptical,” joked Dalrymple, a 49-year-old attorney. “I’m the type of person that if I do see it, I may or may not believe it. I’ll make that decision myself, but that being said, I have always had a fascination with such things from the time I was a kid.”

A Bird's-Eye View

On a cool, gray March afternoon, Dalrymple is seated in his dining room where large windows adorn an entire wall. His bird's-eye view of the Salt Creek Corridor below and beyond is picturesque, complete with breathtaking green foliage, bright red bougainvillea bushes, and colorful wild flowers dotting the hill tops. The air is damp, and the patio slightly wet after a light mist, but the sun has started to emerge.

Dalrymple has lived in the desert-colored condominium for close to 10 years, and in Laguna Niguel for almost 15. Over the course of time here, he has witnessed a handful of UFO sightings. The first was four years ago, and the most recent occurred last summer.

“When I first saw it, I was standing in my kitchen,” he said. “I always am looking out and I have to admit when I first saw it, I was pretty shocked. I thought it was amazing and being a quizzical person, I ran outside but didn’t know what it was.”

Typically, he sees coyotes and other forms of wildlife while he is seated on his patio, enjoying a cigar and a warm fire.

“On occasion, I see this thing flying around with lights on it. It’s probably three-to- four feet in circumference, it is fairly well lit and it goes back, and forth through the canyon.”

Dalrymple is quick to point out that this particular UFO has never come very close to the neck-high partition glass that surrounds his condominium’s yard.

“I’ve always seen it at night, and it has the sense of being a saucer shape, there are two layers … You can tell that is has lights on top. The lights are very bright like LED lights. It has blue, red and green lights; probably around 20 of them, it is blurred and spinning.”

Man-made or Real Deal

However, since his first sighting four years ago, Dalrymple said he has changed his views about the odd-looking object.

“The more I see it, the more I think that it is a man-driven thing rather than something truly amazing …” he said. “Mostly because it lingers only 3-4 minutes, and it comes out of same area, and goes back to the same area of the canyon.”

Dalrymple may be alone in what he has seen, for he has not heard from his neighbors whether they, too, have witnessed the saucer-like object.

“I did point it out to my wife and she agreed that it’s man-made… she is more skeptical about these things than me,” he said of wife Janice, a property manager.

Possible Extraterrestrial Life

Dalrymple said he has watched various TV shows and read books on the subject, not because he was a “fanatic but because he finds the topic of UFOs interesting.”

“When I boil it down to the number of possibilities for extraterrestrial life in this universe, there probably are other people out there. Maybe they have the technology to come here,” he said.

But in Laguna Niguel?

“Maybe they want to live close to the beach or live near the California Riviera,” Dalrymple laughed.

Another odd experience that he recalled that has also happened while living in Laguna Niguel has to do with a white owl sighting.

Dalrymple was around 25 years old and it happened not far from where he lives now, in Beacon Hill, across the same canyon, he recalled. One evening, he was watching TV with his mother, who was visiting, when they heard a strange noise.

“I heard something rustling in the fireplace cap on the roof… I went out onto the balcony, looked up at the cap, and just as I looked up, an owl came swooping down at me,” he recalled. “It swerved right by me, it was ivory – it was huge, and it scared the crap out of me. But, man it was amazing. Its full wing span in front of me was incredible.”

Dalrymple said years later, he saw a TV show about UFOs and learned about the possible connection between white owls and extraterrestrials.

“Apparently, people see owls when they see these supposed abductions,” he said. “I have a mind that makes a connection with things.”

Another Coincidence

UFOs and owls aside, last year, Dalrymple was watching yet another UFO-style program about a sighting in Alaska made by a Japan Airlines' [JAL] pilot. He reported that he was flying down a corridor from Fairbanks to Anchorage when some kind of UFO began chasing him.

“I thought this was bizarre, and my mind went back to 30 years ago when my own father was flying in that general area, and his plane went missing,” he said. “The plane [a Cessna five-seater] was never found …it’s one of those things that you think of... ”

In terms of Marina Hills, Dalrymple is not the first to see something flying through the air, as Patch wrote about last week. A local witness reported on ufostalker.com that they saw another UFO sighting near George White Elementary School. According to the site, this was the ninth sighting in a number of years.

As summer approaches, Dalrymple said he may or may not see the saucer-like object again, but he’s still keeping an open mind.

“I seem to be looking at the skies a lot differently these days,” he said.

Aren’t we all.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/brendondalrymple.html

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Unusual Flying Object Seen over California
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:54 AM 3/14/2012

Southern California - Tuesday March 13th 2012 - 7:45 PM

My strangest experience yet!

As most of you know I have posted a couple of my experiences on this fine website in the past, and if you know me I usually go outside on a clear evening right after the sun goes down in order to stare at our universe.

And on most occasions I will take a night scope with me in order to get a better view of the heavens.

When I’m outside I will always find moving objects in the heavens, and I know that a few of them are satellites but when I see them fly overhead in all different directions I know that they are NOT all satellites, but must be something else; UFOs are the only answer.

The story tonight is about what I was able to experience at 7:45 this evening and it has changed my life forever!

Night scope in hand I was scanning the heavens for moving objects. In most cases they look just like a star, but moving.

Tonight what I saw was something totally different. In my night scope I was able to barely pick up or view an object that was in the shape of a V, its altitude was at least ten miles, but less than thirty.

Viewing time was forty-five seconds to a minute; flight path SW to NE.

I caught the object in my night scope and it was about ten miles out, and as it continued to fly towards me it still appeared to be some type of V-shaped aircraft, but as soon as it passed directly overhead a part of the V flew off by itself and danced around in the sky two or three seconds and then it rejoined the formation.

Now it’s been about twenty seconds since I first viewed this object and for the next twenty to twenty seconds each object broke from formation and danced around for a few seconds before rejoining formation.

The dancing took place for at least fifteen seconds and maybe more.

Objects were between nine and eleven; they were very faint so I had a difficult time counting and the dancing made counting even more difficult.

When some of the objects left formation, they did so by at least forty or more miles and were able to travel that distance in a second or less.

Now there is no way I would have been able to see these objects without a night scope, it would have been impossible.

Now folks, this is the strangest encounter that I have ever had, and no; they were not geese.

Just a closing now; when they were dancing around some of them were circling each other tonight, that was an amazing night.

Thank you,


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/californiavshape.html

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submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

Objects Moving over Roanoke, Virginia
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:11 AM 3/14/2012

Roanoke, Virginia - 03-14-12

I was on lunch and in my car, and had just finished eating. I thought I would lay back and enjoy the cool air and look at the clear sky and the stars.

I was looking at the stars and thinking how calm the clear sky makes me.

And all of a sudden 9 stars started moving; they began in a triangle shape moved slowly, starting from the westerly direction moving across the sky right over top of me which seemed to be 1500 to 2000 feet above me (not sure; nothing to help judge by).

By this time I'm hanging out my window in complete awe. Around the lights it was darker than the sky and any real stars disappeared as it traveled across the sky.

It made a perfect silhouette of a triangle against the night sky full of stars. No sound at all was made by this object.

As it got over the Wal-Mart roof it turned sideways and then flattened back out.

Then what I could have sworn was a solid object did something really strange; the two back lights at the tips of the rear-end changed places and then went to where the first object did a complete 360 roll still going in the same direction.

Two back lights did the same changing of places, then back to where they began.

Then the object changed direction with a sharp turn to a northeast path. I felt like I was frozen in place and could not move. Fear I guess because I'm not a believer in UFOs; well I wasn't (AM NOW).

I managed to get out of my car and get over to my boss' car who was taking lunch but he was taking a nap, and by the time I woke him up the object was gone.

I was jumping out my skin trying to tell him what I just saw. My heart was beating so fast I could feel it hitting my chest.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/roanokeva031412.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

Archived Case of the Week

1979 - Air Force Captain Jean-Pierre Fartek Spots UFO
Air Force Captain Jean-Pierre Fartek
Published: 11:41 AM 9/14/2010

Dijon, France, 1979

In his chapter for “UFOs,” French Major General Denis Letty reports on the case of Air Force Captain Jean-Pierre Fartek, then a Mirage III pilot, who had seen a UFO in 1979. (Collection J. Fartek)

Captain Fartek’s case was most unusual, because the sighting did not occur while he was flying, but had taken place at his home in a village near Dijon, during the day.

He and his wife witnessed an oscillating object hovering low to the ground, in front of a row of apple trees. General Letty met with them at the location, and wrote this in his notes during the interview:

“The object looked like two reversed saucers pressed against each other, with a precise contour, a gray metal color on the top and dark blue below, with no lights or port-holes.”

The clarity and precision of the shape of the object left no doubt that it was something solid and physical, and Captain Fartek made this drawing. (seen below)

He provided many more details, as Letty describes.

The similarities between the object described by the three Captains -- Guerra, Schultz, and Fartek –- in different countries and in different years, are both suggestive and fascinating. (Collection J. Fartek)

UFO - Fartek Captain Fartek submitted a report to the Air Guard Station at the base, and he was instructed not to talk about what he saw. Letty writes that Fartek, shown at left in a more recent photograph, was very upset by this experience.

“He told me when we met that the sighting called into question his perception of what were then called ‘flying saucers,’ because he had never believed in them,” Letty says in his chapter.

“Now, he acknowledged to me that after seeing this craft he could no longer doubt their existence. Hearing his testimony, I too did not have any more doubt about the reality of the phenomenon.

In fact, taken together, I found the Farteks’ testimony so disturbing that I have been preoccupied by the UFO problem ever since. In 1996, after he became a Major, Commander Fartek was interviewed for the COMETA study which I initiated, and even then, after seventeen years, he was still visibly shaken by what he saw.”

(photo (C) courtesy Bernard Thouanel)

UFO - Fartek Drawing

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/fartek1979.html

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