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  • UFO Magazine Issue # 300, Issue date, 03-31-08

    Mystery: Is This is a UFO Photographed over Wigan?
    UFO Depiction
    It's a grainy image of a light moving steadily across the Hindley sky before abruptly stopping and shooting off. A helicopter, plane... or something out of this world?

    There's no doubt in the mind of the Hindley man who captured this very "weird" moment on his phone camera on Friday, March 14.

    He first noticed the "big ball of light" running right to left across the sky as he was stood having a smoke outside the Wiganer pub.

    The man, who did not want to be named, said: "As it flew over the old folks home and reached the end of the roof line of that building it suddenly changed direction and appeared to go straight up in the sky and away from us at the same time.

    "In a matter of just a few seconds its size had decreased to what you see in the video then it changed direction again to travel right to left again – without transition or arc – again this happened in an instant.

    "At this point my camera on my phone had loaded and I started to take the video showing what you see in the film." He added: "I have no doubt that whatever we saw was, well, weird.

    "It was just a round ball of orange light. Also, any planes flying over this area would travel in a different direction to what we had seen – at almost right angles. No planes travel in the direction that this thing was moving."

    Is it a UFO? Did you see it? Have you seen a UFO over the Wigan skies?

    See UFO spotted in Wigan (video).

    source & references:

    Grantham Journal-Location: Grantham


    Unknown Objects Observed in Belize
    I believe I experienced seeing UFOs 2 weeks ago.

    Attached are a few pictures. I shared it with the local LOVE FM Radio. The bottom lights are street lights. The higher ones are the unidentified objects.

    The pictures were taken between 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm Tuesday 11/3/2008.

    The light source is calculated to be about 14 feet in diameter and about 8000 feet south of Belmopan beyond the Intelco Tower. I have more information I will share soon. I have flown over the area in a military aircraft.



    Belize-Two Objects

    Belize-Map of UFOs

    Belize-Map Information of UFOs

    Belize-Map Information of UFOs

    source and references:

    Submitted by Cadet

    Extremely Large Flying Object Seen in New Mexico, 2006
    New Mexico-09-21-06-My wife and I and a friend of ours were hiking into to some hot springs located a short distance from our house, just outside of Taos, NM. The hike is an easy 1/2 mile hike and it was in the last dregs of twilight on a warm September evening, where there is still enough light to see fairly well. The sun had set maybe 10 -15 minutes before and the sky was clear, with the first few stars starting to appear.

    About 400 yards into the walk we heard a low rumbling sound coming from above and behind us, I looked up and saw the biggest object I have ever seen in the air. It looked like a giant flying metal building, you know the kind they put up on farms all over the midwest. Very unaerodynamic looking indeed, with a pair of short stubby rear-swept wings attached about level with the base of the object and located about mid-fuselage.

    This thing was absolutely enormous and it was hard to get an appreciation for its real size until I noticed that it was making no sound at all and the rumbling was coming from 2 fighter jets escorting this thing. It looked like this UFO was very low at first (maybe 500 ft high), but I think that was an illusion due the object's massive size, on closer examination, the fighter jets looked miniscule flying in formation next to this thing. This object was hundreds of times larger than the fighters escorting it. A F16 fighter jet is 49' 5" long, and I would estimate that the object was at least 20 times longer if not more like 30 times its size, which would give it a length of 1,000 - 1,500 ft or aircraft carrier sized, only wider than an aircraft carrier (The USS Nimitz is 1,092 ft long).

    We stood there speechless watching in fascination as the 3 craft (object and 2 fighter escorts) flew almost directly over us. When it was over, we all turned and looked at each other and someone said "what the heck was that?" I think that the realization that it was obviously a man-made craft kept us from being scared, my reaction was one of fascination and excitement at seeing such a huge object, obviously of human origin flying just above us. I wonder about the technology behind such a device and what the heck is it used for, and how do they keep something so big a secret. We lost sight of the object when it flew over the mountain that we were at the base of.

    The object and its jet escort were traveling in a southeasterly direction. We observed the craft and its escort for about 1-1.5 minutes while they flew almost directly over us. It looked like they were flying so slowly that the fighter jets were struggling to stay in the sky, but on further reflection, I think this also was an illusion due to the enormous size of the object.

    Other things I remember: At the center of the fuselage on the underside, there was a soft white light emitted from rectangular area directly between the wings, about as long as the wing attachment and about 1/2 as wide as the fuselage. The sides were vertical from the bottom of the object straight up, until it met the "roof". The back end of the object was flat and looked like a steel farm building, complete with pointed roof.

    None of us had been drinking at that point and we were not using any other mind-altering substance. We all saw it and remarked upon it and have discussed it many times since. This object was definitely man-made, but is not listed in any catalog of military aircraft that is available to the public. Besides the three of us, I have talked to 2 other people who live relatively near Taos (within 75 miles), that have seen either the same object or something very similar, both of these witnesses also saw fighter jets escorting the object at the time of their encounter as well.

    Unfortunately, we did not have any type of camera with us at the time (last time I ever go hiking without one!). I have provided a drawing of what the object looked like.

    In the 2 years since I have seen the object, I have reflected on what we saw that night and I have wished many times that I had carried a camera with me that night. However, I probably would have been too dumb-struck to actually use it had I had one. I and my hiking partners all feel that this object was man made and some type of secret military aircraft with technology that was far more advanced than anything we have been led to believe is currently available.

    source & references:

    MUFON submitter 9997

    Could UFO-nauts be Our Own Descendants from the Future?
    Depiction of UFO & Plane
    An intriguing idea about UFOs was first given me several years ago by an astronomer with whom I worked. I was very surprised when, upon asking, I discovered that he took UFOs quite seriously. I was even more surprised when he suggested that the UFO-nauts might be our own descendants from the future coming back through time to observe our present-day society.

    In a sense, then, he had actually offered a concrete model of the more abstract ideas of which I have spoken in my last couple of correspondences with you. Explicitly, in this model:

    1. The UFOs are physical objects which lie within laws of Nature that we do not yet understand; and

    2. The UFOs have a psychic contribution from present humanity in that the humanity behind the UFOs are directly descended from us, trained and shaped by us (and our descendants), and so on.

    Let us examine this view in the light of a famous paradox: the grandfather paradox. This well-known paradox says, "If I traveled back into time and shot and killed my grandfather before he had any children, then I could not ever exist, for one of his children would have been one of my parents and that child would never be born.

    And, if I never existed, than I could never have traveled back in time and done the deed. My grandfather would not have been shot and I would eventually would have been born."

    Let us examine this scenario in terms of a simple time line, beginning with grandfather. Grandfather is born, lives and has a family. One of his offspring has the child who will become the fatal time traveler. So far, so good. The time line has progressed forward in a non-spectacular way. Now, the time traveler builds his machine and travels back to his grandfather's time.

    At this point in our history, the traveler's time line must bend and form a loop, joined to the original line at the point of arrival in the past. When the grandfather is shot and killed, the loop is pinched off at the event of the murder and another time line smoothly continues on into the future - a time line in which there is a murdered man who has left behind no offspring.

    The pinched off loop of time becomes isolated and is no longer accessible to historical analysis. It has, in a sense, become like a temporal black hole in which there is a boundary from which no information can ever be retrieved. The whole series of events involving the time traveler are lost from this universe much like the contents of a black hole are forever lost behind the event horizon.

    History will simply record that, on such-and-such a day in such-and-such a year, so-and-so was shot and killed, and the murder was never caught nor even found.

    The record would simply be put into the file of unsolved cases, left for future generations of armchair detectives to speculate about. Perhaps some interesting theories might actually arise from all of this speculation...

    So the grandfather paradox is resolvable if we permit time to have the property of forming a loop which may subsequently be pinched off.

    The notion of time reversal is not strange to modern physicists. In quantum electrodynamics, antiparticles are simply regarded as normal particles traveling backwards in time. Here is a simplest case: An electron traveling forward in time (normal electron) will spontaneously emit a photon (energy burst) traveling forward in time, and recoil along a path that carries it backward in time (anti-electron).

    At a somewhat later time, the photon encounters another electron traveling backward in time (anti-electron) and is absorbed by this electron which then recoils and begins to move forward in time (normal electron). If you follow this argument from the point of view of an observer who can only move forward in time (such as one of us!), the observer will record that an electron and an anti-electron converged, collided, and vanished in a burst of directed energy (photon) that later disintegrated into another electron, anti-electron pair.

    These interactions are actually seen in high energy physics laboratories, and a more detailed explanation (perhaps with pictures) of the little scenario painted above may be found in web articles explaining Feynmann diagrams.

    So, now ask yourself: suppose that your grandchild came discovered the means and back in time to learn, first hand, something about your era (our present).

    After having made the reverse-time journey (in which the time machine and its occupants would be experienced in our universe as a kind of large-scale antimatter object unless properly shielded - no small issue here!), the UFO-nauts observed and even interacted with us in such a way as to avoid the grandfather paradox - i.e., the formation of a closed, pinched-off time loop. They stayed for a while, accumulated data, then returned to their own time.

    History would record that, on such-and-such a day in such-and-such a year, so-and-so saw a UFO that had these-and-those attributes. The UFO remained for a period of time, then vanished again. The record, if sufficiently creditable, would probably be put, along with others, into the file of unsolved UFO cases.

    What about the UFO-nauts themselves? Those who claim to have seem these creatures describe humanoid creatures that resemble us but do not actually appear human (by our present standards - I refer to such accounts as those of the blues and the greys who are beguilingly human and yet non-human at the same time).

    Suppose that the physiological (and neurological?) differences are due to some great event that is yet to come - a plague, perhaps, or a wars with unforeseen types of weapons - and that the reasons for time travel are forced upon the future society for reasons of restoration of the human race. Might such a notion account even for the bizarre abduction scenarios, wherein humans are examined and even sexually manipulated?

    I'll stop here, because I do not know how to validate anything that I have said, except (as always) to say, "Here is an idea that might help us to account for many (if not most) types of UFO events, including abductions, and that must arise from an idea that, at first examination, seems impossible by the standards of present-day science (except for such far reaching concepts as quantum electrodynamics)."

    As always, I submit this for your use as you see fit and solicit any remarks that readers might care to make, pro or con.

    Best regards,


    source & references:

    Submitted to UFO Casebook

    What's it Like... to see a UFO?
    --Photo by Courtesy Photo-Keith Chester has published a print-on-demand, 320-page book, titled “Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII.”

    By Ron Cassie

    News-Post Staff

    This is one in a series of stories that goes behind the scenes to explore the unusual, memorable, quirky things people do -- and go through -- in the courses of their lives.

    Frederick County native Keith Chester is among the 14 percent of Americans, along with former President Jimmy Carter, who told The Associated Press last year that they've seen an Unidentified Flying Object. Now, after four years of research at the military National Archives in College Park, Chester has published a print-on-demand, 320-page book on the subject titled, "Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII." Available through Anomalist Books, the work contains detailed accounts of unconventional sightings by American and British pilots culled from military and government documents, interviews and news stories.

    Marion Lambert remembers the late summer day 42 years ago when her son, Keith, then 9 years old, ran frightened into their house, telling his mother he'd seen a huge, shiny ball in the sky over a nearby tree line.

    "Oh, he was scared to death, petrified," Lambert recounted. "He'd seen it with some of his friends and said it was a large, red circle. They said it hung up above the trees and then it just -- went."

    "It was about 5:30 or 6 p.m. and the sun had already gone down behind me, behind the mountain," said Keith Chester, who now lives in Harford County with his wife, Nancy, and is researching a second book. "It was completely bright, large, round and red. Immediately, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I instantly felt fear."

    Lambert said about six months before her son's sighting, she and her grandmother, Effie Spurrier, had witnessed something similar from their backyard at the base of the Catoctin Mountains in Yellow Springs.

    "There was a very bright light, very high in the sky, the whole mountain was lit up," she said, recalling the mid-1950s through the 1960s when they and neighbors would sit outside in the evening, looking for possible extraterrestrial objects amongst the clouds and stars. "I never did find out what that was. It was hovering over the trees off Bethel Road toward Mountaindale, but certainly wasn't a helicopter, I knew what they looked like."

    Lambert recalled seeing news reports shortly after her son's sighting, with the government explaining that it had been weather balloons that several local citizens spotted in the Frederick area. She didn't buy it.

    "Apparently, there were a bunch of people that saw what my son saw, but weather balloons weren't red," Lambert said.

    The national -- and local -- mystery around UFOs and his own sighting sparked a lifelong interest for Chester. But he didn't give the subject a serious look until he heard secondhand that a former Army colonel secretary turned Frederick high school teacher, was telling students in the late 1980s about a earlier military cover-up around a recovered UFO.

    By 1999, he began researching his book about the sighting of unexplained aerial phenomena by American and British fighter and bomber squadrons during World War II. Sometimes called foo fighters (lead singer Dave Grohl of the rock band by the same name is a UFO aficionado), Chester started chronicling accounts from 1931 until the end of the war.

    Shortly after in 1947, in what would later become the most famous of all UFO incidents, an episode shook up Roswell, N.M., though it didn't reach the public consciousness until decades later.

    Eventually, Chester met a former WWII Army Air Force sargeant turned UFO author and researcher, named Len Stringfield. He told Chester of his sighting flying over the Pacific on the way to Toyko, days after the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Chester said he later found a CIA document, called the Robertson/Durant Report, from 1953 that said while the "foo fighter" sightings were likely misidentified electrical weather phenomenon, such as what's known as St. Elmo's Fire, their exact cause wasn't explainable. This report encouraged Chester to dig deeper.

    Over his four years of research, Chester said he made perhaps 150 trips to the National Archives, pulling thousands of boxes and documents. He said that what makes his work unique is it focuses on the WWII-era that has not been comprehensively chronicled previously. His book cites over 500 references to declassified documents, memorandum, notes, newspaper accounts and interviews.

    "Strange Company" starts with the re-telling of a "100-foot flaming dirigible" in West Virginia from a 1931 New York Times story and a 1932 New Jersey police report of another odd aircraft. Among research from the war, he found a 1944 report from British pilots of a "airship-like," silver, cigar-shaped object. The crew said they could see lights and windows at the bottom of the massive object 2,000 to 3,000 feet away.

    A Feb. 11, 1945, document, classified as secret, from the Air Staff Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force, cited worried crew reports of "flight phenomena" from the 415th Night Fighter Squadron, stressing "that something should be done to get to the root of the matter."

    A March 1945 military document headlined, "BALLS OF FIRE -- RED," said "Bomber Command crews have for some time been reporting similar phenomena." It suggested flak and German Me-262 rockets as "the most likely explanation," but went to say the whole affair remained something of a mystery.

    The issue and reports from U.S. Army Air Force pilots attracted enough attention at the time that in 1945 both Time and Newsweek ran stories of foo fighter sightings, which briefly became a catch-all phrase before terms like "flying saucer" entered the lexicon and the later name, UFO, took hold.

    "There was a great deal of disbelief by those who were not witnesses," said Chester, who has been profiled recently in such disparate publications as UFO magazine and The (Baltimore) Sun. He said crews were often ridiculed by intelligence investigators, some of whom accused the men of drinking on the job. This prevailing attitude, he said, "persuaded airmen to remain quiet."

    Both Stringfield and Harold Auspurger, the commanding officer of the 415th Night Fighter Squadron, were interviewed extensively by Chester. They maintained that what unnerved them during the war wasn't German-made. Later, they came to believe it was something extraterrestrial. Those interviews, his own sighting and his research has convinced Chester.

    "I tried to look at and represent everything I found at face-value," he said. "I certainly can't call all these veterans liars. They were elite, highly-trained observers, and assuming they're telling the truth, I don't think flares, rockets or the moon explain what they said they saw.

    "It suggests something otherworldly," Chester concluded. "There is nothing before, (or) during (WWII) or today that's been invented and behaves in the way the things they described did. I personally would be more surprised to discover we are alone in the universe. It puts us in that realm. But there is no absolute proof, it's still speculation. I tried to lay out the facts for people."

    source & references:



    September 30, 1980 - Australian Cattle Rancher Encounters Bizarre UFO
    Blue Orange/ UFO
    In the early morning of September 30, 1980, near Rosedale, Victoria, an Australian cattle rancher was awoken by the sound of his frightened cattle. When he went outside, he was astonished to see a domed disc-shaped object with orange and blue lights, gliding about ten feet above the ground.

    It rose slightly in the air, hovered briefly above an open 10,000 gallon water tank, and then landed fifty feet away.

    The rancher jumped on his motorbike and sped towards the object, which was making a "whistling" sound. Suddenly an "awful scream" sounded as a black tube extended from the UFO's base.

    With an ear-splitting bang, the strange craft rose into the air. A blast of air knocked the rancher down.

    The sounds ceased as the object slowly moved to a position about 30 feet away and 8 feet above the ground. Hovering briefly, it dropped debris - stones, weeds, cow dung - from underneath it, then flew away, disappearing in the east.

    A ring of black flattened grass 30 feet in diameter marked the place where the disc had landed. When he examined it in the daylight, the witness discovered that all the yellow flowers within the circle had been removed. Only green grass remained. But one a more bizarre note, the water tank was empty, with no evidence of spillage.

    Only the muddy residue at the bottom of the tank was left-and it had been pulled into a two foot high cone shape. The witness was sick with headaches and nausea for more than a week afterward.

    A similar ring was found the following December at Bundalaguah, not far from Rosedale. The water in a nearby reservoir was also mysteriously missing.




    (last update, 03-29-08)

    Illinois-Extremely Bright Lights
    03-07-08-As I was returning home from Chicago traveling along westbound I-80, I noticed an extremely bright light in the sky to the west as I was passing the Village of New Lenox, IL. I thought that it may be an airplane traveling east, which would explain why it did not appear to move. As I continued west, the light kept its brightness, and still did not move from its position. As I crossed the Des Plaines River Bridge in Joliet, I noticed that there were now two extremely bright lights.

    As I drove alongside the West Park area in Joliet, I looked up from my driver's seat at the light source and saw a cross-shaped object silhouetted by the light, and hovering at about 80 feet above the ground. I was traveling at approximately 60 mph, but was able to see this object clearly. It had no similarity to a helicopter. I had my window open, and could hear no sound above the road sound being made by my vehicle. It was definitely not an airplane because of its nearness to the ground, and its absolutely stationary position.

    As I continued west, I saw the second light, also along the south side of the interstate, but nearer the large garbage disposal area. As I drove alongside this light, I again looked up and saw an exact duplicate of the previous cross-shaped object, silently hovering at about the same height above the ground. As I passed, I thought to myself that I had just seen something very odd. I am a professional person that has never witnessed anything out of the ordinary, but this was a very strange observance. source: www.mufon.com

    Indiana-Five Discs
    03-22-08-My girlfriend and I stepped out of her apartment to go to the store at exactly 9:56 PM. Where she lives there is little light pollution. We headed out and walked down the sidewalk. There was a full moon, and I remember I was going to comment on how the night sky would be perfect for telescopes. I had looked up and there I saw 5 whitish discs in a diagonal straight formation. It was a perfect line. They must have been spread apart by 15-20 feet each.

    I don't know how high up they were, but I know they were lower than any plane should be. I could see the under belly of these craft based on the little light in the area that was being reflected off of it. I flipped out and ran around the other side of my girlfriend's car and grabbed her head and pointed her eyes toward the spot where I saw them. At that time they were gone.

    There were no lights and no sound. I was shaking so badly and my palms were sweating. I always have wanted to see something like that but now, I don't want it, I'm scared and I wish there was an explanation... source: www.mufon.com

    New York-Two Large Lights
    03-05-08-Poughquag-About 3:00 AM-I sat up in bed not totally awake and I saw 2 lights-they were round and a little bigger than the moon. The color was a golden light. They were level with each other. There was no sound outside of my bedroom window.

    I laid back down and went to sleep, and the next night I looked out the same window to see if anything was there, but there was nothing but sky. The next morning after the sighting, I had a very sore feeling at the back of my head. My husband was asleep and I didn't think to wake him. Bonnie-source: www.ufocasebook.com Missouri-Low Flying Triangle 03-21-08-I went out by myself to get gas for my car at a near by gas station and decided to drive around for a little while afterward. I turned onto Lindbergh going south from Watson Rd.(Rt. 66) in Sunset Hills. Driving down Lindbergh I noticed some lights really low in the sky to the left of the road. At first I thought it was a helicopter and rolled down my window to listen and see if it was. There was no noise whatsoever.

    It was just gliding slowly across the road. There were three white lights in a triangle on the bottom and around the edge there were all different colored lights strobing in a line around it. It must have been about 40 feet across if not more. I could not distinguish a shape-just the lights. It went directly over my car and was only a couple hundred feet or less above me. I turned right onto a subdivision street to follow it, but it was going north and the street I was on was going west.

    I turned around and got back on Lindbergh going north but it was already really far away and disappeared from sight. Other people must have seen it because it was so ridiculously low. I wasn't scared, I was really excited because I had never seen one before but am interested in the subject. source: www.mufon.com

    Missouri-Low Flying Triangle
    03-21-08-I went out by myself to get gas for my car at a near by gas station and decided to drive around for a little while afterward. I turned onto Lindbergh going south from Watson Rd.(Rt. 66) in Sunset Hills. Driving down Lindbergh I noticed some lights really low in the sky to the left of the road. At first I thought it was a helicopter and rolled down my window to listen and see if it was. There was no noise whatsoever.

    It was just gliding slowly across the road. There were three white lights in a triangle on the bottom and around the edge there were all different colored lights strobing in a line around it. It must have been about 40 feet across if not more. I could not distinguish a shape-just the lights. It went directly over my car and was only a couple hundred feet or less above me. I turned right onto a subdivision street to follow it, but it was going north and the street I was on was going west.

    I turned around and got back on Lindbergh going north but it was already really far away and disappeared from sight. Other people must have seen it because it was so ridiculously low. I wasn't scared, I was really excited because I had never seen one before but am interested in the subject. source: www.mufon.com

    Pennsylvania-Bright Lights near Moon
    01-27-08-During each night of the full moon in January 2008, there was a really bright white light to the left of the full moon. I thought it was a star or planet but research showed no star or planet to be in that area of the sky. It was VERY bright white.

    The first night I saw it, I didn't think much of it and thought it was a very bright star or planet. Then the second night I saw it I glanced up and noticed a red light was swirling around it intermittently. This is what caught my attention. I looked again and sure enough there was a red light along with the bright white light.

    I don't think any stars or planets were in that part of the sky that were that bright. It was REALLY bright-bright white and looked like 10 really bright stars put together. It was there for several nights in a row during the full moon to the left then never seen again after full moon ended. source: www.mufon.com

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