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UFO Casebook Magazine 451, Issue date, 04-04-11

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Does Garden Photograph from Bristol, UK, Show Alien Creature?
ഀ ഀ Preston, UK, Alien
ഀ Published: 12:19 PM 4/1/2011

ഀ Submitted to the UFO Casebook on 04-01-11

ഀ Preston, UK - 03-19-11

ഀ ഀ On Saturday (19/03/11, 2 weeks ago) I was round at a friend's house who lives in Preston, UK. I have agreed to do some garden maintenance for them, put some flower beds in, bird table etc.

It was in the mid afternoon around 2:30 PM that I was out in the back garden making some sketches, taking notes, and suggesting a few ideas to my friend.

I also took a number of photographs for later reference.

ഀ ഀ The weather was cloudy/sunny outbreaks, my Samsung SGH-D900 Digital camera was set to fully automatic, and the photo I send is of the side of the house, it was taken while I was stood back at the far back of the back garden, roughly about 20-25 feet from where the photo starts, the digital zoom was applied, roughly half zoom as far as I can remember.

ഀ ഀ It was only a couple of days ago when I was going through the photos that I spotted on the photo in question what appears to be a small, strange figure moving across the bottom of the garden brick wall.

ഀ ഀ I did not see anything at the time of taking the photograph, and nothing unusual showed up on any of the other photos which might explain the figure.

I have no logical explanation as to why the figure would appear on a random garden photo I took, the only rational explanation that I can think of is that the thing must be some kind of living creature and was moving?

Only trouble is, it does not resemble any kind of animal I have ever seen.

ഀ ഀ I am pretty sure that the object is not a glitch, reflection, lens flare, shadow, etc, as the object looks too well defined as a shape of a figure, as one can clearly see on the close up a head, arms, body, legs, and what clearly looks like a walking figure can be seen.

The object looks like it is close to the brick wall and reflecting daylight, and looks to be behind the sun rays and glare.

ഀ ഀ I showed the photo to my friend whose house it is, he said it is rather interesting, but also rather disturbing at the same time.

ഀ ഀ I am baffled as to what the object is and to why it would show up on a random garden photo I took.

I have decided to contact some experts to see what they make of the figure, and to hopefully have the image looked at.

I include the original file with this letter.

ഀ ഀ Thanks,

ഀ ഀ Frank

ഀ ഀ

Preston, UK, Alien

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ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/prestonalien.htmlഀ

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ഀ Submitted to the UFO Casebookഀ

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Alien Abductions – Genuine? You Decide
ഀ Published: 6:08 AM 4/1/2011

ഀ Posted By Darryl Hatfield

ഀ ഀ The issue of alien abduction can be very complicated as it is very hard to prove whether a person was actually abducted or not.

However, through various accounts from the abductees, issues such as the main forms of the extraterrestrials have been formulated hence strengthening the possibility that alien abductions are real.

ഀ ഀ From the visitations, three main types of these beings have been identified as the Nordics, Reptilians and the Grays. These names have been developed over time as a way to help the victims describe their experiences better and for the public to gain some understanding.

ഀ ഀ The Nordics almost resemble human beings. They have very light or blonde hair and blue eyes. They are considered very beautiful and could even pass as human beings especially when observed from a distance.

These are mostly sighted in European countries.

ഀ ഀ The reptilians are scarier as they resemble lizards or snakes. From abductees’ experiences, this is the most horrendous alien encounter since they treat the captives unfavorably. They also instill fear by use of brute force.

ഀ ഀ The third group is made up of the Grays and they are regarded as the most usual type of alien. They get this name because their skin is gray and full of furrows. This is the type of alien that is generally portrayed in movies.

Their heads are protrusive and they have eyes with no eyelids. According to abductees, the Grays carried out research on them but always following a hierarchical order.

ഀ ഀ People who have experienced an alien abduction have been through several studies in order to prove that they are not insane or that they do not suffer from any issue that distorts reality.

They all passed the tests without problems. However, scientists are still trying to understand why aliens visit people, but one thing is for sure aliens like to abduct young people or people who are not in their forties yet.

ഀ ഀ According to people who have been snatched, they had to stand different tests in the craft. They also state to have lost the idea of time and that when they were returned to their place they had a feeling of not having lived for some time.

ഀ ഀ From the vivid descriptions and the fact that it is very hard for someone to provide evidence that there are no extraterrestrials, one can therefore say that alien abduction is real.

However, the fear created violates various tenets held by the society. This fear of what we know nothing about can lead to the dismissal of those claims prematurely.

ഀ ഀ Get all the details and information about how alien abduction has affected people and the techniques and methods you can use to learn if you have had an encounter.

When you are searching for answers about alien probing you can find them fast and easy today.

ഀ ഀ

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/abductionsgenuine.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://uknewsreporter.co.uk/?p=13380ഀ

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
Jerusalem UFO Video: Case Closed
ഀ Published: 6:27 AM 4/1/2011

ഀ Analysis by Benjamin Radford

ഀ ഀ In January of this year, a series of videos showing what appeared to be a UFO hovering over Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock caused a stir.

As Discovery News space producer Ian O’Neill wrote, "The footage shows the light drop and seemingly hover just above the shrine. After a few moments, and a brief flash of a strobe, the light took off, disappearing into the night sky. Videos have surfaced of the event and have since gone viral on YouTube."

ഀ ഀ Based upon my experience investigating images of UFOs and other "unexplained" phenomena, O'Neill asked for my analysis. I researched both the video and the circumstances surrounding it, and provided a list of reasons why I concluded that the videos were "almost certainly a hoax."

ഀ ഀ ഀ The reaction among UFO believers was swift and dismissive.

O'Neill's column on the topic generated more reader comments than any other at the time, and remains one of the most-commented pieces to date. The post soon made it to CBS News.com, where it generated even more controversy, with nearly 100 posters there commenting on my analysis of the video. Some expressed reservations about the authenticity of the video, but the vast majority dismissed my analysis and claimed that the video was authentic.

ഀ ഀ My skeptical explanations were ridiculed as biased and uninformed. Typical comments included: "Multiple witnesses, different video angles from different nationalities. If it is a hoax, then it would be the best of all hoaxes. I believe it is real..."; "that was the lamest explanation for these videos being a hoax...";

"I am really growing tired of you idiots attempting to debunk UFOs with your casual investigations..."; and "This is a PROPAGANDA article. People realize the truth! I wish this was a hoax. This is the unknown."

ഀ ഀ Others called my analysis "classic uninformed debunking," and stated, "Mr. Radford, if you're going to make assertions without doing your homework, then you show nothing but your ignorance."

Several posters requested a follow-up: “If Ian O'Neill would comment with some follow-up research and/or analysis, then it would help restore any faith some people may have lost in his journalistic ability."

ഀ ഀ I'm not even remotely concerned about O'Neill’s journalistic ability, but I am happy to present the conclusion of an independent follow-up analysis: It's a hoax.

ഀ ഀ A few days ago, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), one of the oldest, largest, and most respected UFO investigation organizations in the world, announced their findings about the Jerusalem UFO.

MUFON, though hardly a hard-line skeptical organization, has a stable of experts they draw upon for analysis.

ഀ ഀ According to a statement, "MUFON's chief Photo and Video Analyst, Mr. Marc Dantonio, stated 'I firmly believe that the UFO was not real, for many reasons...this video and the other Jerusalem UFO Videos are in my opinion hoaxes."

Dantonio cited several reasons for his conclusion, some of them echoing points I made in my analysis published in O'Neill's piece six weeks earlier.

ഀ ഀ ഀ It seems that the skeptical analysis was correct after all: The Jerusalem UFO video was a hoax.

This of course puts many UFO believers in an awkward position -- unless they assume that the world's largest UFO-promoting organization is also part of the effort to cover up evidence for UFOs...

ഀ ഀ

ഀ ഀ
ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/jerusalemclosed.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://news.discovery.com/space/jerusalem-ufo-video-case-closed-110331.htmlഀ

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
The Light of the Valley - An Alien Abduction
ഀ Published: 1:40 PM 3/28/2011

ഀ by Chris Holly

ഀ ഀ ഀ Years ago when I first started to write about the paranormal, I met a very nice man named Peter. Peter lived in Australia and wanted to tell me about a very strange experience he had years before in a remote area of Australia while on a hunting trip with a friend.

ഀ ഀ Peter is what I would consider a man's man. He is a man of the earth. He hunts and is a fisherman. Peter is the kind of man who could survive in the wild if need be and is used to the outdoors and comfortable with his relationship to nature.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Peter is also a straight shooter who tells you how it is without lots of fanfare. He is without question not the type for fanciful stories or a man that seeks attention.

Peter is a strong man who knows his place in this world and is happy with it.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Peter is also a man who had an extreme event and lost time experience that haunts him to this day.

ഀ ഀ ഀ About 30 years ago Peter went hunting in the wilderness of Australia with his friends Frank and Dan. Frank was a good friend of Peters; Dan was a man Peter and Frank worked with.

The three of them decided to go hunting late one night after work. They did this on a regular basis at the time.

The method used for this night hunting is called spotlight hunting. The men go out at night with one man driving a pickup truck, another aiming a big flood or spotlight as the third man did the shooting.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The three men were out in an area between a group of mountains on one side and a huge valley on the other. They were positioned on the side of the mountains with the truck looking over and down into this valley.

Of course at night the only thing clearly visible to them was what they caught on the road with the truck headlights, and of course the areas they were flashing the large spotlight.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The three men were going about the business of spotlight hunting when all of a sudden Peter found he was standing beside the truck he had just been driving.

He does not recall how he transitioned from driving to standing outside next to his truck.

He found himself standing next to his truck looking down into the valley with both of his friends standing next to him on the side of the pickup truck.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Peter and his friends were stunned as they stood next to the truck and looked down into the valley before them.

The entire valley in an instant went from the depth of a very dark night to a fully lit day.ഀ ഀ ഀ The entire valley in an instant became fully lit exactly like daytime. Not by lights or flares not anything mechanical or man-made. The valley became daytime right before their eyes.

They could not figure it out. They knew it was 1:00 A.M. in the morning and that it was a dark night. Everything around them alongside the mountain looking down into the valley should be should be dark as coal.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The three men stood there confused looking around as they tried to reason out why night instantly turned to day. Peter remembers the daylight had a very gentle blue tint to it, but otherwise was simply daytime.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Peter does not recall anything else other than lighting up a cigarette while they looked around at the valley. He thinks he finished his smoke and jumped into the truck to drive back home. Peter and his friends were about two hours out from where they lived in this valley-mountain area. Peter recalls arriving home and going to bed.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The next day Peter saw his friends and they began to question what had happened the night before. Peter asked them if they remembered the strange light in the valley. Both of his friends clearly did recall the valley all bright and lit like daylight.

Peter asked his friends if they recalled the long drive home. They all looked at each other with confused expressions. None of the men could not recall the long drive home or remember which one drove. They could not remember if they stopped for gas or what they talked about.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The three men felt others who lived in the valley's area also must have seen the valley turn to day. The three men watched television and waited for a report on the news however, no report was found.

They bought the daily newspaper yet again nothing was found about the light in the valley.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The men were confused and did not know what to make of the ordeal. They even phoned the local police and asked them if the strange daylight in the valley had been reported. The police responded by asking the men what they were drinking at the time of their hunting excursion!

ഀ ഀ ഀ The three men were left with a mystery and no answers. They also had full lives and families, which they needed to attend to.

The mystery of the valley had to be placed aside for the time being.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Time went on, life happened, jobs changed and Peter lost touch with both of his friends.

ഀ Fast-forward about ten years and we find Peter now living in a different area with different friends. Peter and his wife were invited to a BBQ by one of his buddies at work. While at the party Peter talked to another party guest who just so happened to be a rather well known UFO investigator in the area.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Peter mentioned his odd experience in that valley years ago to the UFO investigator. To Peters absolute shock the UFO investigator told Peter he was aware of that event as years ago one of the men who experienced the event with Peter went to this man and told him all about the event.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Peter felt oddly offended that his friend would do this without informing him. It also made him realize his friend felt that night was as unusual as Peter did.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The UFO expert told Peter he had no other reports of that night other than that of his friend Frank, and now Peter’s version of the event.

The investigator told Peter he did think something very strange did happen to them. The investigator asked Peter if he thought he had been abducted.

He told Peter that could explain the lost memory of how they stopped hunting without recalling doing so and finding they were standing on the side of the truck without any explanation. Peter felt more confused than ever about what took place that night.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Again we fast forward another ten years. Out of the blue Frank called Peter up one day. During the phone call Frank said something about Peter pinching the rabbit he shot that night of the light in the valley. Peter did not understand what his friend was talking about.

Frank told Peter he was going to be in his area the next day. The two men arranged to meet at Peter's home the following day.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The visit was going well when Peter recalled the odd comment his friend had made on the phone. He asked Frank what he meant about "pinching his rabbit."

ഀ Frank looked at Peter and said:

ഀ ഀ "The night of the light years back, don't you remember mate? I shot a rabbit just before the valley went to day. I threw it on the top of the truck, when we started off for home my rabbit was gone. I figured you pinched (took) my rabbit.”

ഀ ഀ Peter looked at his friend stunned and replied:

ഀ ഀ "I did not take you rabbit; I don't even remember you killing one!"

ഀ ഀ ഀ The two men started to then get a bit cranky over this mysterious rabbit. The subject of time somehow came up. Frank was convinced the valley turned to light at exactly 10:30 P.M. Peter swears he also checked his timepiece at that moment and it happened at 1:00 A.M. in the morning.

ഀ ഀ ഀ The men just looked at each other. The truth was that neither one of them could recall the same thing, the same time, or what happened during the hours in question including the ride home.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Stranger yet is that both men had a different memory of which friend was with them and what happened to him after that night. The entire event was turning into a bleak, dark mystery they did not understand.

ഀ ഀ ഀ I talked for a long time with Peter about this event. He admitted to me that this strange night of the unknown light and missing time has haunted him all these years.

Peter told me that no matter when he goes to bed or falls asleep he always fully awakes at 1:00 A.M. each and every night of his life.

He finally arranged his nights to not even try to head to bed until after 1:00 A.M.

ഀ ഀ ഀ It is obvious Peter and his friends had an encounter that night with the unknown. I think it may have been possible that Peter and his friends were subjected to an unknown abduction that filled the hours of lost time the men cannot account for.

I also think it best for them that what took place remains lost to their memory.

Anything that can turn a huge valley from night to day, take hours away from you and erase the experience from your conscious thoughts is best left alone.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Talking to Peter I found him to be a logical man who realizes he had an encounter of total strangeness. Peter has become far more careful where he goes and what he does since this event took place.

He told me he does all he can to protect his family from this type of encounter as well. Peter does take time to look at his surroundings and to provide a safe environment for those he loves.

For Pete, hunting at night alone in the wild is definitely a thing of the past.

ഀ ഀ ഀ I believe Peter's story without hesitation, and hope those who take reckless risks in lonely places think twice after reading this story. Who knows what lurks beyond the valley light?

ഀ ഀ ഀ Copyright © 2008-2011 Chris Holly's Paranormal World

ഀ ഀ http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

ഀ ഀ ഀ email chrishollyufo@yahoo.com

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/lightofthevalley.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ Submitted to UFO Casebook

ഀ http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/ഀ

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
Is Quedgeley, England, a UFO Hotspot?
ഀ Published: Saturday, March 26, 2011, 20:18

ഀ By Emma Roberts

ഀ ഀ A lot of strange sights have been spotted in the sky above Quedgeley, could this be because our community is below a UFO flight path or is there a more reasonable explanation?

Witnesses have claimed to see a variety of unidentified objects flying around Quedgeley for many years.

A range of descriptions have been given by eye witnesses including cigar shaped objects, orange diamond shaped craft and floating orbs that have all been described as unidentifiable.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Unidentified flying object is defined as any unusual object or phenomenon in the sky whose cause cannot be identified by the observer. The main theory for these sightings are alien space ships but there are many other theories including balloons, aircraft, Chinese lanterns, clouds and meteors.

Some sightings are also recorded as hoaxes. UFOs have been investigated and spotted world wide including the area that you live in.ഀ

ഀ Quedgeley scarily had a number of sightings reported across the whole of 2009 which could have been a sign of a large amount of extra terrestrial activity in the area at the time.

23rd May 2009, a 65 year old gentleman witnessed a UFO in Quedgeley for approximately 2 minutes, he even tried to film the spectacle but the object apparently wouldn’t show up on film.

He describes the object as being completely silent and an orange diamond shape. It also seemed to be hovering.

ഀ ഀ Just a few months earlier on the 23rd of March 2009, another UFO was spotted above Quedgeley at approximately 10.10 pm by a woman in her friend's back garden.

Describing them as two faint grey floating orbs that were 2 inches apart she was amazed that they seemed to always stay the exact same distance apart before doing a loop and crossing each others paths and disappearing completely into the night sky.

ഀ ഀ Later that year on November 30th 2009, a different unidentified flying object was witnessed by a woman driving home through Quedgeley.

Initially she had thought that it was a plane that was about to crash as it was flying so low but then she noticed that the object was cigar shaped with two permanent bright white lights with a flashing light in the middle on the back.

It also seemed to be flying at a forty five degree angle and didn’t seem to be moving very fast.

ഀ ഀ Natasha Phillips, 20, from Church Drive Quedgeley says:

“I have only recently moved to Quedgeley and was getting some washing in from the line one evening when I noticed a flashing light in the sky, I didn’t really think anything of it I just assumed it was a plane, but then it suddenly started shooting erratically all over the sky. No plane I have ever seen has been able to dart that quickly around. I definitely think that Quedgeley could have some UFO activity.”

ഀ ഀ So are you a believer in the extraterrestrial or is it just a Quedgeley Urban Legend?

The evidence that there is something unidentifiable in the sky above our local community is undeniable yet some people just will not believe it until they see it for themselves.

So next time you go out in the dark just take a couple of seconds to look up to the night sky and see what you can see.

ഀ ഀ

ഀ ഀ
ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/quedgeleyhotspot.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://www.quedgeleypeople.co.uk/local-people/Quedgeley-U-F-O-hotspot/story-10882393-detail/story.htmlഀ

ഀ ഀ

Archived Case of the Week

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
1986 Japanese Airline 1628 Encounters UFOഀ
Depiction of Sighting
ഀ November 17, 1986 Over Northeastern Alaska

ഀ It was just a routine flight. Well, not exactly routine... It was a special Japan Air Lines 747 cargo flight to carry a load of French wine from Paris to Tokyo.

The flight plan would carry flight 1628 from Paris to Reykjavik, Iceland, across the North Atlantic and Greenland, then across Canada to Anchorage, Alaska, and finally across the Pacific to Tokyo. ഀ

ഀ The crew consisted of veteran Captain Kenju Terauchi, co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji, and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuba. ഀ

ഀ On November 16, 1986, laden with wine, JAL1628 took off from Paris and flew the first leg of the trip, to Reykjavik. The next day, they continued, flying over Greenland and then across northern Canada without event.

ഀ ഀ Just after they crossed into Alaska, at 5:09 PM local time, Anchorage Air Traffic Control contacted them on the radio to report initial radar contact. The Anchorage flight controller asked them to turn 15 degrees to the left and head for a point known as Talkeetna on a heading of 215 degrees. They were at 35,000 feet and traveling at a ground speed of about 600 mph. ഀ

ഀ At about 5:11 PM local time, Captain Terauchi noticed the lights of some sort of aircraft about 2000 feet below and 30 degrees to the left front of them. He decided that the aircraft was probably an American jet fighter from nearby Eielson or Elmendorf Air Force Bases patrolling Alaskan airspace, so he ignored them at first.

However, after a few minutes, he noticed that the lights were keeping pace with his own aircraft, which would be an unusual thing for patrolling jets to do.

ഀ ഀ It was about seven or so minutes since we began paying attention to the lights (when), most unexpectedly, two spaceships stopped in front of our face, shooting off lights. The inside cockpit shined brightly and I felt warm in the face. ഀ

ഀ Terauchi said that it was his impression that the two objects he had seen below them minutes before had suddenly jumped in from of him. The craft, one above the other, kept pace with the 747 for several minutes, moving in unison with an odd rocking motion.

After about seven minutes, they changed to a side-by-side arrangement.

Terauchi said that the "amber and whitish" lights were like flames coming out of multiple rocket exhaust ports arranged in two rectangular rows on the craft. He felt that they fired in a particular sequence to stabilize the craft, much like the small maneuvering thrusters on the Space Shuttle.

He also reported seeing sparks like a fire when using gasoline or carbon fuel.

ഀ ഀ Co-pilot Tamefuji described the lights as "Christmas assorted" lights with a "salmon" color. He said: I remember red or orange, and white landing light, just like a landing light. And weak green, ah, blinking. He also described the lights as pulsating slowly. They became stronger, became weaker., became stronger, became weaker, different from strobe lights.

The lights were "swinging" in unison as if there were "very good formation flight... close" of two aircraft side by side.

He described the appearance of the lights as similar to seeing "night flight head-on traffic," where it is only possible to see the lights on an approaching aircraft and "we cannot see the total shape."

He said, I'm sure I saw something. It was clear enough to make me believe that there was an oncoming aircraft. ഀ

ഀ Flight engineer Tsukuba, who sat behind the copilot, did not have as good a view of the lights. He first saw them "through the L1 window at the 11 o'clock position," and he saw "clusters of lights undulating."

These clusters were "made of two parts... shaped like windows of an airplane."

He emphasized that "the lights in front of us were different from town lights."

He described the colors as white or amber.

ഀ ഀ Tamefuji decided to call Anchorage Air Traffic Control, and for the next thirty minutes the 747 and AARTCC were in constant contact regarding the UFO. ഀ

ഀ During this time, Captain Terauchi asked Tskububa to hand him a camera so that he could attempt to take a photograph of the lights. However, Terauchi was unfamiliar with the camera and could not get it to operate. Tsukuba also could not get his camera to operate due to problems with the auto-focus and finally gave up trying to take a photo. ഀ

ഀ At this point they began experiencing some radio interference and were asked by Anchorage to change frequencies. Terauchi later said that Anchorage kept asking him about clouds in the immediate area:

They asked us several times if there were clouds near our altitude. We saw thin and spotty clouds near the mountain below us, no clouds in mid-to-upper air, and the air current was steady.

ഀ ഀ Soon after the exchanges about clouds, the objects flew off to the left. Terauchi said later: "There was a pale white flat light in the direction where the ships flew away, moving in a line along with us, in the same direction and same speed and at the same altitude as we were."

ഀ ഀ Terauchi decided to see whether they could see anything on the 747's own radar:

ഀ ഀ "I thought it would be impossible to find anything on an aircraft radar if a large ground radar did not show anything, but I judged the distance of the object visually and it was not very far. ഀ

ഀ "I set the digital weather radar distance to 20 (nautical) miles, radar angle to horizon (i.e., no depression angle). There it was on the screen. A large green and round object had appeared at 7 or 8 miles (13 km to 15 km) away, where the direction of the object was.

" We reported to Anchorage center that our radar caught the object within 7 or 8 miles in the 10 o'clock position. We asked them if they could catch it on ground radar, but it did not seem they could catch it at all."ഀ

ഀ At 5:25:45, after spending two minutes looking, the military radar at Elmendorf Regional Operational Control Center also picked up something. The ROCC radar controller reported back to the AARTCC that he was getting some "surge primary return." By this he meant an occasional radar echo unaccompanied by a transponder signal.

ഀ ഀ As the 747 neared Fairbanks:

ഀ ഀ "The lights (of the city) were extremely bright to eyes that were used to the dark. (The cockpit lights had been turned off to eliminate window reflections of internal lights.) We were just above the bright city lights and we checked the pale white light behind us.

" Alas! There was a silhouette of a gigantic spaceship.

"We must run away quickly! Anchorage Center."

The JAL1628 is requesting a change of course to right 45 degrees." It felt like a long time before we received permission." ഀ

ഀ Just after the plane turned to the right, the AARTCC controller called the Fairbanks Approach Radar controller to find out whether or not the short-range radar had a target near the JAL. The approach radar reported no target other than JAL1628.

ഀ ഀ The plane came out of the turn and flew toward Talkeetna at an altitude of 31,000 ft, with the object still following. ഀ

ഀ At about 5:40, a United Airlines passenger jet took off from Anchorage and headed north to Fairbanks. The AARTCC controller decided to ask the UA pilot to try to see the object that was following the JAL flight.

The UA pilot said he would look when he got closer. The controller asked the JAL flight to stay at 31,000 ft, and the UA flight to stay at 29,000 ft. He then directed the UA flight to turn some more so that the planes would pass within five miles of one another.

ഀ ഀ As the United Airlines jet got closer, the UFO apparently dropped behind, allowing the JAL plane to get far ahead. The United pilot asked the AARTCC to have the JAL pilot flash the headlights on the JAL aircraft so he could locate the plane.

At 5:49:45 the JAL pilot did that. At this point the planes were about 25 miles apart. ഀ

ഀ When the planes were about 12 miles apart, the UA plane reported seeing the JAL plane and nothing else. But by this time the UFO had apparently disappeared, not being seen by JAL1628, either.

ഀ ഀ At about 5:51, the AARTCC requested that a military TOTEM flight in the area also fly toward the JAL plane for a look. During the next several minutes TOTEM viewed the JAL plane, but couldn't see any other traffic. JAL1628 proceeded to Anchorage and landed at 6:20 PM. ഀ

ഀ The FAA conducted an investigation of the incident, and did not issue its final report until March 5.

CSICOP's (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) Phil Klass issued a premature statement on January 22 claiming that the UFOs were the planets Jupiter and Mars - an impossible solution because the UFO was seen in a part of the sky opposite the position of these planets and because the UFOs moved from positions one above the other to side by side.

CSICOP later issued a second explanation that the UFO was light reflecting off of clouds of ice crystals - also unlikely because the sky was clear at the reported altitude of the UFO. The FAA attributed the radar images received by ground radar to a "split radar return from the JAL Boeing 747."ഀ

ഀ Loy Lawhon

ഀ Also See UFO Casebook's 1986 - JAL 1628 Pilot's Story Surfaces

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