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CIA Concludes Study of UFOs Futile - Who'd Trust Findings?
Published: 6:06 AM 3/28/2010

By Erik Lacitis, Seattle Times staff reporter

A 17-page report available on the CIA's Web site acknowledges the futility of investigating UFOs by the government agency.

It's a 17-page report available on the CIA's Web site that acknowledges the futility of investigating UFOs by the government agency.

It concludes, "Like the JFK assassination conspiracy theories, the UFO issue probably will not go away soon, no matter what the Agency does or says.

"The belief that we are not alone in the universe is too emotionally appealing and the distrust of our government is too pervasive to make the issue amenable to traditional scientific studies of rational explanation and evidence."

Still, "CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90," makes for fascinating reading.

It was published in 2007 by Gerald K. Hines, the historian for the National Reconnaissance Office.

If you haven't heard of the NRO, it says it "designs, builds and operates the nation's reconnaissance satellites" and is staffed by Department of Defense and CIA employees. It lists its "vision" as "Vigilance from Above."

In the 17 pages, Hines has put together what reads as an objective, thorough history of the CIA and UFOs.

Not that anything the CIA says — well researched as it may be by a historian — will change many minds. As Hines says in his report, "an extraordinary 95 percent of all Americans" have heard of UFOs, and "57 percent believe they are real. Former U.S. Presidents Carter and Reagan claim to have seen a UFO."

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Cross-like Object Seen over Stow, Ohio
Published: 10:34 AM 4/1/2010

Ohio - 03-31-10

At approximately 8:05 PM EST, I was traveling westbound in my car on Fishcreek Road in Stow, Ohio. I then observed the object in the sky to the Northwest, above a McDonald's restaurant.

At first glance, I thought the object was someone on a motorized paraglider. Upon further viewing, it was NOT a paraglider.

The object appeared to look like a star or cross, and had a mass of something at the junction of where the vertical and horizontal parts met.

The object did not appear to be powered and was simply floating northbound.

The object did not have any lights or other shiny parts. I was too far away from the object to detect if it made any sound.

I am unsure of its elevation, but it was well above the tree tops.

After turning right onto Darrow Rd (Rt. 91) I still observed the object moving at a modest speed. I turned left into a McDonalds parking lot, circled the building, then got back onto Darrow Rd. to give chase (traveling northbound).

I had the object in sight until I turned left onto Terex Rd. I traveled approximately 1/4 mile on Terex Rd. and then made a U-turn heading back towards Darrow Rd.

At that point I could no longer see the object. My last view of the object was at the intersection of Darrow Rd. and Terex Road.

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Do Aliens and UFOs Exist?
Published: 9:22 AM 3/27/2010

by Patty Brown

Throughout history, people have talked of ‘Aliens’ and ‘UFOs’ (unidentified flying objects), but do they exist? Etchings have been found on walls in caves of human shapes but with the strange shaped head and eyes.

Up till today, those who say they have seen ‘aliens’ all give similar descriptions.

There are hundreds of people all over the world who claim to have seen UFOs, either in flight or hovering over them. Have these people actually seen them or are they just trying to cause a stir, see their names in the papers perhaps.

Man has built ships to fly billions of miles into the unknown, designed suits and breathing equipment to help protect them whilst out there in the universe, so why not aliens? Why should it be that we humans are the only living creatures, able to fly about exploring other planets?

How do we know there have not been ‘aliens’ here on earth long before we came into being?

There are those of us who do not believe there is any thing else living out there in the great unknown, but why? There have been various forms of proof found from long before our time.

The etchings for one, resembles many of the descriptions given from said sightings of the public and it has been said that theories claim the Egyptian hieroglyphics have hidden messages regarding the presence of ‘aliens’

There have been many films depicting ‘aliens’ in different forms, colors and skin types, but nothing really matches what have been supposedly seen and photographed.

Many believe that the painting called ‘The Baptism of Christ’ depicts a disk shaped object in the sky, thus feeding the minds of those who believe that ’aliens’ do exist. We know there are planets out there in far off galaxies that can support life, so why not alien beings?

In July 1947, near Corona, New Mexico, after a hot and humid afternoon, a huge thunderstorm filled the night sky which was nothing for sheep rancher Mac Brazel. He was used to the sounds of thunder, lightening and wind, but this night he heard a sound that worried him an extremely loud noise like a crash. Thinking no more of it, he retired for the night, sleeping through the rest of the storm.

This was to be the beginning of his story that would continue till this day. The following day, Brazel went off to check his land for any damage only to find strange looking debris in a field. He picked some of the unusual looking materials to his neighbor who urged him to report his find.

After reporting his find to the Roswell N M authorities, he is then questioned by the local radio reporter Frank Joyce who also reports the find to Roswell Army Air Force Base.

On July 8th, a statement was released to the press confirming the Air Force had in its possession a ‘Flying Disc’. Later the statement was changed and the disk was then changed to a weather balloon.

All the debris was removed and taken to Air Force Headquarters in Ft. Worth, Texas, and later changed for weather balloon material.

Back at Roswell, a funeral home was contacted and 4 child sized hermetically sealed coffins were ordered. A nurse was called to assist in an ‘alien autopsy’ and is sworn to secrecy, but this was too much for her and she confided in the mortician and draws him a sketch of what she saw. She is later ‘transferred’ but is never seen again.

The news of the flying disc makes headline news world wide with Brazel regretting the day he found the debris. It is said that a number of people have seen the UFO wreckage and alien bodies.

The wreckage and alien bodies are stored at Roswell temporarily before being flown to Wright-Patterson field in Ohio.

The debate regarding do aliens exist or not will continue until there is hardcore evidence to prove their existence. May right now there are beings out there in the universe trying to find life on other planets just like us, but until we prove one way or another, the question still stands… are aliens real or not?

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UFO Researcher - "I Was Followed Home by a UFO."
Published: 01 April 2010

'I was followed home by a UFO'

A UFO researcher says a mystery object followed him home through the night sky.

Pat Regan, who set up the North West UFO Research project, left his son's home in Aveling Drive, Banks, West Lancashire, at around 11:30 pm on Friday after a family meal.

He said: "I was traveling alone and had just passed the Plough Hotel near Banks as I made my way along the coastal road."

He spotted a pale orange/white light and slowed his car down to watch the strange object as it seemed to hover motionless.

He said: "My first consideration was that this must have been one of the ubiquitous Chinese lanterns that are so popular these days.

However, as I picked up speed and kept glancing out of my right side window, I noticed that the object rose in altitude and seemed to be keeping pace with my car. It was as if it was following me but keeping its distance."

Pat said the UFO continued to travel above the righthand side of his car as he got closer to his home, on Brook Road, Ainsdale.

He said: "This meant that the object had been traveling parallel to my course in a North to South direction for a distance of around seven to eight miles.

"Realising that lanterns are flimsy things, as soon as I got home I walked into the street to check the wind direction.

"It was quite calm but as I was walking back to my door a strong gust hit me in the face – from the South West. If what I witnessed was a lantern it had hovered, and then travelled some eight miles at good speed against the prevailing wind.

"I also checked weather reports which indicated that the winds for that weekend were coming in the opposite direction to that travelled by the UFO. Chinese lanterns cannot achieve feats such as riding into the wind."

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UFO Sighting Reported over Rendlesham Forest
Published: 3/30/2010 3:00 PM

UFO forest mystery

SUFFOLK: It is the site of Britain's most famous close encounter with strange lights still often seen floating in the night sky.

And if the latest reports are anything to go by Rendlesham Forest, near Woodbridge, continues to be a beacon for the weird and wonderful.

The Evening Star was contacted over the weekend by a reader whose granddaughter witnessed some strange goings on above tree tops.

“She and a couple of friends were in the car in Friday Street at Rendlesham and saw a UFO, they followed it for a short distance and it went into the forest before shooting up and disappearing,” she said.

“There was also a man in a car whose dogs were going mad, the three of them were quite scared at what they saw.”

The cause of the light remains a mystery.

Suffolk police have confirmed that they had no reports of any sightings over the weekend.

Last year The Evening Star was inundated with readers' reports of strange lights in the skies and fears over extra-terrestrial beings buzzing over our communities.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) investigated nine sightings of UFOs in Suffolk in 2009 - including reports of lights over Ipswich, a large black ball moving at 200mph over Bury St Edmunds, very bright white lights over Trimley St Mary, and fast moving orbs and “sparkler-like” craft over west Suffolk.

However, the MOD has now closed its UFO unit after more than 50 years of investigating alleged sightings.

Sightings have become so regular that The Evening Star has a special Stargate Suffolk section on its website in a bid to keep everyone up to date with all the stories of alien craft and mystery lights.

Britain's most famous extra terrestrial encounter is claimed to have happened in Rendlesham Forest on December 27, 1980 when strange lights were reported by American airmen at USAF Woodbridge.

The cause of the lights has never been fully explained and the claim has fuelled decades of speculation, with the area around the site said to be a portal or gateway for aliens visiting earth.

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UFO Lands in Cherry Creek, NY - 1965
Drawing of Cherry Creek UFO
Published: 3:43 PM 1/1/2007

Cherry Creek, New York, August 19, 1965

A curious landing report, in New York state on Aug. 19, 1965, has been thoroughly checked by NICAP, state police, and a five-man AF team. This sighting, which occurred on the William Butcher dairy farm near Cherry Creek, N.Y., involved three members of the Butcher family and a fourth witness. Here is their report:

At 8:20 PM, Harold Butcher, 16, was operating a milking machine in a dairy barn housing 17 cows. A portable radio on the wall was turned to a newscast, when a sudden static-like interference drowned it out.

Then the tractor which ran the milking machine abruptly stopped. A moment later, a Holstein bull secured outside began to bellow and pull at a steel bar to which it was chained.

Young Butcher ran to a window and saw a large elliptical object near the ground, a fourth of a mile away. A reddish vapor could be seen underneath, and he heard a steady beep-beep sound. The UFO was on the ground only a few seconds, then it shot straight up, disappearing in low clouds.

When the other witnesses came out, after Harold Butcher phoned the house, they noticed a strange odor, also a greenish glow in the clouds where the UFO had vanished. Meantime, it was found that the bull had bent the steel bar in his efforts to get loose.

Half an hour later, when the strange craft reappeared, circling the area, Mrs. Butcher called the State police. Two troopers investigated, notified the AF. Next day, Capt. James Dorsey, Operations Officer, 4621st AF Group, arrived with four AF technicians.

When they examined the ground, an odd, purplish liquid substance was discovered at several places. Small unexplained marks, two inches wide and two inches apart, also were found, along with patches of singed grass and foliage.

After the AF team left, NICAP member Jeffrey Gow obtained samples of the purplish substance and singed foliage, and samples were studied by the Kawecki Chemical Co., whose president is a NICAP adviser.

Spectrographic analysis showed the main elements of the liquid to be aluminum, iron and silicon. Some phosphorous was found in the weed samples, which the analyst said might cause a phosphate smell, explaining the odor.

On the night following the Cherry Creek incident, State Trooper Richard Ward, a few miles from this area, watched an object with eight circular lights in line flying twice as fast as a jet. It emitted a faint, unfamiliar, purring sound.

Dr. Fred C. Fair and John Maxwell, of NICAP New York Subcommittee No. 2, carefully checked the Cherry Creek site and questioned the witnesses.

On the basis of present evidence, they believe the report is genuine. Dr. Fair has confirmed that two state troopers who investigated also seem to be convinced.

Animal Reaction Feature:

A 3-year-old Holstein bull was secured to a steel bar outside of a dairy barn containing 17 cows. About 8:20 PM, Harold Butcher, 16, was operating the milking machine when the radio had static-like interference and the tractor motor running the milking machine cut off.

The bull made a noise “like I have never heard come from an animal before.”

Harold looked out the window at the bull, which was trying to get lose, and he saw an elliptical object nearing the ground with a “beep-beep” sound about a quarter of a mile away (1320 feet). After hovering briefly on or near the ground, the object shot up into low clouds.

As the object rose, the noise pitch increased to a level approximating a sonic boom. The cows produced only one can of milk that evening rather than the normal 2 ½ cans. Later examination of the bar to which the bull was secured found it bent.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:

The object was metallic-looking, football shaped, and estimated to be 50 feet long and 20 feet thick. A reddish vapor was emitted from the bottom area and when the object rose, the red vapor shot toward the ground and bounced back toward the object.

The clouds had a greenish glow where the object had vanished.

At 9 PM, the object was seen again by several people at the farm. It now had a glowing yellow vapor trail.

The clouds still appeared to have a green glow. State police were called and investigated and the Air Force investigated. This incident involved EM effects. A tractor motor shut down, the barn radio and house radio had static-like interference, but a telephone between the barn and house apparently worked.

Physical traces included an odor, ground marks, a purple liquid, and grass bent over and singed.

Physiological effects included Harold and his younger sister having upset stomachs, and the cows giving less than normal amounts of milk.

The U.F.O. Investigator (NICAP), Vol. III, No. 4, August-September 1965, page 7:

Landing Probed by NICAP, AF


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Preliminary Report - UFOI

Account from Strange Effects From UFOs

Account from UFO Evidence II - Hall

MISC-PBB1 624 - 640 - Dan Wilson

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