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UFO Casebook Magazine 452, Issue date, 04-11-11

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Traveling UFO Museum Opens in Istanbul
Speaking about the project, Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center Director Haktan Akdogan said it was one of the first of its kind in the world
ഀ Published: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ഀ ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency

ഀ A touring UFO museum designed by the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center opened April 5, at Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall.

The group said it hopes the documents and evidence contained in the exhibit would convince skeptics of the veracity of claims that aliens walk among us.

ഀ ഀ Speaking about the project, Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center Director Haktan Akdogan said it was one of the first of its kind in the world.

“The goal of the project is to introduce a global culture to Turkish people and share information proving that we are not alone in the world by displaying written and visual materials, digital photographs, secret documents, certificate of analysis, video visuals, articles and rejuvenations in the specially designed Touring UFO Museum,” he said, adding that the museum was a social responsibility project in the sense of science and culture.

ഀ ഀ “Mankind’s curiosity and interest in the unknown as well as news and visuals in national and international media about UFOs and extra-terrestrials draw attention to this issue. In this sense, the Touring UFO Museum is expected to attract great interest from the Turkish public as well as from the print and visual media.”

ഀ ഀ Akdogan said the UFO museum truck was specially designed. “The museum and exhibition include all incidents related to UFOs since very early periods of our time, official NASA documents, secret documents, kidnappings, UFO photos and video from Turkey and around the world as well as specially made mockups and models.”

ഀ ഀ The project was launched without any financial support; the Sirius Center used their own resources.

The mobile museum will be set up in front of shopping malls and open for visits. Admission is free while the museum is in Istanbul.

“But there will be a cover price because of the personnel cost when the museum is set up outside cities,” Akdogan said.

ഀ ഀ The project, which was launched in Istanbul, will travel for one year. It will visit many cities, universities and high schools.

ഀ ഀ “The Touring UFO Museum will also be brought to the United States, South America and Europe. Countries like the U.K., New Zealand and Norway have begun to release their secret UFO documents. There is new significant information and data. This is why our goal is to share this info with people.”

ഀ ഀ “The museum truck has 20- to 25-year-old documents,” Akdogan said. “Those who have prejudices about the existence of UFOs will change their mind after visiting this museum.”

ഀ ഀ It will also travel to Caddebostan, Taksim and Sisli before leaving Istanbul for Kocaeli, Bursa, Mersin, Izmir, Ankara, Trabzon, Cesme and Bodrum. It is expected to be visited by 1 million people by the end of the project.

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ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/istanbulmuseum.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=touring-ufo-museum-opens-in-istanbul-2011-04-06ഀ

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Alleged UFO Crash Site at Dreamy Draw Recreation Area
Dreamy Draw, Arizona
ഀ Published: Apr. 7 2011

ഀ ഀ By Niki D'Andrea

ഀ Photos by E. Groves

ഀ Did aliens crash at Dreamy Draw in 1947?

ഀ The next time you hike through the Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, watch out for aliens -- not illegal immigrants, but the extra-terrestrial sort. They may be looking for the space ship some people believe crashed there more than 60 years ago.

ഀ ഀ ഀ Today, Dreamy Draw is a quaint, desert park next to Piestewa Peak, where people ride horses, have picnics, and bird watch. But this area also boasts its own alien lore: that there's a 36-foot UFO buried beneath the Dreamy Draw Dam.

ഀ ഀ ഀ There were reportedly two UFO crashes around Phoenix in 1947, one in Dreamy Draw and one in Cave Creek. In the first story, which appears in Frank Scully's popular 1950 book Behind the Flying Saucers, a UFO crashed in the Dreamy Draw area in October, 1947.

Two men named Silas Newton and "Dr. Gee" told Scully they pulled two alien bodies from the wreckage, and the remains were stored in a freezer until the Army picked them up.ഀ ഀ ഀ The second story's told in Timothy Good's 1987 book Above Top Secret, in a chapter titled "Paradise Valley, 1947."

In this version, the UFO first crashed at Dreamy Draw, then somehow bounced or hopped to Cave Creek.

No wreckage has ever emerged from either site, but conspiracy theorists say that's because the government built the "useless" 455 foot-long Dreamy Draw Dam to cover up the space ship crash.

Dreamy Draw, Arizonaഀ ഀ Neither story really holds up. The supposed UFO crash site investigators from Scully's book, Newton and "Dr. Gee," were exposed as con men. And the Dreamy Draw Dam, allegedly a cover-up for the 1947 crash site, wasn't built until 1973.

Its function really is to prevent flooding to the surrounding neighborhoods during monsoon season.

ഀ ഀ ഀ While it's unlikely that little green men touched down at Dreamy Draw, the park and dam are still worth a visit.

There's plenty to see and do and learn. For example, it's true that the area was once mined heavily for mercury, back before its debilitating effects on the nervous system were known.

The phrase "mad as a hatter" is believed to be derived from the effects of mercury poisoning, which include hallucinations -- like UFO crashes, perhaps.

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/dreamydraw.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/jackalope/2011/04/alleged_ufo_crash_site_at_drea.phpഀ

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Rotorua UFO Mystery - Photograph of Unknown Flying Object
UFO Photo / Craig Baird
ഀ Published: 2nd April 2011

ഀ ഀ Imogen Crispe

ഀ ഀ ഀ Unidentified Flying Object: Craig Baird described what he saw as a really bright light leaving an orange jet stream.

ഀ ഀ Mr Baird took photos of an unidentified flying object on Thursday morning from his Mountain Rd home. His 2-year-old daughter Ashlee saw it first and thought it was a storm.

ഀ ഀ He said whatever it was seemed to take off from somewhere in the Waikite ranges or further away between 6.30am and 6.45am.

ഀ ഀ "We were looking at it for about five minutes going up into the sky, going straight up."

ഀ ഀ Mr Baird said the "thing" seemed to stop and hover for about two minutes when it reached the clouds.

ഀ ഀ "That's what freaked me out the most," he said. He ran to get his camera and got a few shots before it sped off. "It shot off so fast to the right side."

ഀ ഀ He described what he saw as a really bright light leaving an orange jet stream across the sky.

ഀ ഀ "I don't know what it could have been. It couldn't have been a plane and it couldn't have been a meteor - it was going the wrong direction."

ഀ ഀ He doubted it could be something to do with the military, because it was going too fast and seemed to be heading for space.

ഀ ഀ But he was excited to see it.

ഀ ഀ "I thought 'look my first UFO'."

ഀ ഀ Local Tim Klomp also saw something on Thursday morning.

ഀ ഀ He said as he was driving to work along Te Ngae Rd, he saw a strange cloud towards Reporoa at about 7.15am or 7.20am.

ഀ "I saw a cloud that went straight up in the air."ഀ ഀ He thought it could have been a vapour trail.

ഀ ഀ Rotorua Astronomical Society president Ken Blackman had a look at Mr Baird's photos and said he did not know what it could be.

ഀ ഀ "It's very strange, I have no idea."

ഀ ഀ He said he would present the photos at his society's next meeting on Wednesday.

ഀ ഀ Do you think you know what it is Mr Baird photographed? Call Imogen Crispe on (07) 348 6199 ext 57032 or email news@dailypost.co.nz.

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ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/rotoruamystery.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ http://www.rotoruadailypost.co.nz/local/news/rotorua-ufo-mystery/3946775/ഀ

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Sam's Strange Encounter - Could He be Another Abductee?
UFO Depiction
ഀ Published: 9:48 AM 4/5/2011

ഀ written by Chris Holly

ഀ ഀ Image by Ed Fleming

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ One day while working in my office I received a telephone call from a man named Sam.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam was a very nice, well-spoken man who told me he was not great at typing and knew it would take him hours to compile an email to me but wanted to tell me about a few odd events he had encountered.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam and I talked for a long time that day. He told me about the strangeness that had invaded his life since he was a small child.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ When I first started to talk with Sam I thought I was talking to a man in his late 50's. He was quick, up to date on the world and bright. His voice was full of energy and quick to respond to my questions. I was shocked when Sam told me he was 80 years old.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam told me that the odd things in his life began when he was a very young child. He told me that he remembered a very strange being visiting him as a child that fit the general description of a Gray or alien with extremely long fingers.

This being frightened Sam as a young child to the point he remembered the event his entire life. He recalled that he had more than one visit from this strange creature. He also was not clear about what took place when the creature appeared.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Of course this is typical of those who experience encounters with unknown beings however Sam simply did not consider this as an option and remained confused on what took place when he was a child.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ You must understand it was the 1930's when Sam was a little boy. Aliens were not known or discussed at the time. UFOs were not part of society during this part of our history. What terrified him as a little kid was brushed off as silly nightmares or the imagination of a boy who thinks he saw the boogie man.

The truth of the matter now seems to be that little Sam started his long lifetime encounters with the unknown as a small child who simply had to endure the events alone and confused. No one was thinking about or understood the concept of alien visitation or abduction during the 1930's.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam understood that something odd happened to him as a child. He never could figure out what it was until later in his life when he continued to have strange events occur he could not fully explain. This was the time he felt something very odd was at play in his life.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Interestingly enough, as Sam spoke to me on the phone and related the strange encounters of his life he still seemed confused and unable to connect them to the idea he was abducted or encountered unexplained events with strange beings that most likely were alien. He simply seemed confused at the mysterious events of his life.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ The reason Sam called me was due to two events that he knew were UFO encounters.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam lived most of his life in the city areas of Pennsylvania. During the late 60's he moved out to the country area around Valley Forge Park Pennsylvania with his wife and kids.

The family enjoyed the country life. Often at night during the warm months Sam and his wife sat outside on their patio after the kids were in bed to enjoy the wide open country night sky.

UFO Depictionഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ One night in the year 1967 during a clear early summer’s night the couple was sitting on their patio about 11:00 P.M. looking at the bright night sky.

While laying side by side in their lounge chairs Sam noticed a strange, large gray cloud lingering oddly in the night sky. He could not stop looking at it as it obviously did not fit in with the rest of the sky which was clear and bright that night.

He realized that what he was looking at was not actually a cloud. This large gray blob was solid in structure blocking out the night sky behind it. It was a gray opaque cloud shaped object large and hovering on the one side of the night sky.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ As Sam sat looking at this strange object he noticed from the other side of the night sky six bright lights traveling at an extreme speed in formation along the bright clear sky.

He said the objects were cigar shaped, very high and extremely bright in pure light. No blinking or colored lights.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ The six UFO objects kept in formation flying towards the large gray mass. As the formation of objects approached the gray cloud hovering object, the six UFOs flying in formation approached the mass one after the other, disappearing into a gray mist in the large cloud like object.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam does not remember anything after that. He also told me that the time was a blur from when he watched this event take place until he remembers going back in to his house.

It seems Sam cannot recall a few hours of time that passed between seeing these objects and returning to the inside of his home. Sam and his wife lost a few hours of time and have no recall at all what took place during them.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Understanding that he was experiencing things others did not, Sam started to accept the fact his life may have been different from others and the events that he encountered definitely were unexplained and unknown.

UFO Depictionഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Years later Sam and had another experience with a strange object. This time his daughter and wife were both with him.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ He was sitting in his house reading the paper near the front window. Something caught his eye from the window and Sam looked out to see what it was.

A large field was across the street from his house. There above the field about 375 feet from where Sam’s house was located hovered a pure white luminous globe.

Sam called his wife and daughter to come see the strange object. Along with the family dog the three of them stood on their front porch to get a better look at the odd object.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ The family dog immediately began to bark at the object while the family stood and watched the strange brightly lit orb above the field.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ At first the object hovered in the night sky over the field. Slowly it started to float towards them until the object was only about 30 feet above the tree line.

Sam described the light looking like a fluorescent light, round in shape and completely silent.

The object stayed over the field for about two minutes before it began to dim to a smaller orb that now pulsated. The orb started to move in a wobble like movement until it silently wobbled into the distance.

The family stood there watching as the object wobbled away back to the night sky. As they watched the white orb, it simply vanished as if a switch abruptly turned it off.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ The next day Sam spoke to his neighbor about the incident and was told that they too watched the strange light over the field. The neighbor told him others in the area also viewed the strange object.

UFO Depictionഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam never knew what the orb was, but understood it was something unknown that he could not explain.

ഀ He wanted to tell me about these experiences as he knew they were not typical and most likely tied to those who visit our earth yet remain unknown and unexplained.

He admitted he was open to any explanation as he knew the things that happened to him in his life could have many answers all which he felt were still unknown to us at this time.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ At age 80 Sam felt it was time to share these events with others who may also experience similar sightings or share the experience of lost hours and unexplained objects.

Sam knows that the more we educate ourselves the better off we will all be.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ I agree fully with Sam that shared information is extremely important if we are ever going to understand what is visiting us so easily and openly yet constantly staying unknown and under reported and completely ignored by most in our society.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ I am sure many people have witnessed strange things in lonely places that hesitate to come forward due to society’s reaction to things they do not understand.

I often wonder why anyone can question why we do not have more information on the subjects of the paranormal when the first reaction is to ridicule or fluff off the mention of things we do not understand.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam's reports were the kind of sightings I believe fully. Sam did not embellish his report with fictional encounters or things that did not happen in order to try to sweeten the story.

He simply told me what he saw, no more no less. To me these are the reports that will one day bring us answers.

Unfortunately people tend to dress up their sightings or beef up their sighting because most real events are short and simple. Sam told it like it happened and I believe him fully.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Sam is bright and articulate. He was a delight to talk to. He was good enough to send me drawings of his orb experience which I have included with this article.

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ It is obvious that Sam is alert and pays attention to his surroundings. I believe if we all followed Sam's habit of looking at our sky and the things around us we would all see things we do not understand.

So many things lurk around and above us all the time.

Who knows when you will be the next one to find you are looking directly into the eyes of the unknown?

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Copyright © 2011 Chris Holly's Paranormal World


ഀ Email chrishollyufo@yahoo.com

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ Image by Ed Fleming

ഀ http://ufoii.proboards.com/

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ഀ submitted to UFO Casebook

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Disc-shaped UFO Reported Hovering over Floyd, Iowa
ഀ Published: 4:31 PM 4/7/2011

ഀ ഀ Floyd, Iowa - 3/30/2011 00:00

ഀ ഀ Unusual movement of unusually lit craft over Iowa farm field.

ഀ ഀ My friend and I stepped out on the deck to have a smoke when we noticed a strange moving object in the sky.

It had red and green rotating lights as if either the craft was rotating, or the lights were moving around the craft (clockwise motion).

Now I Am aware that all small planes have green and red lights, but the way this thing was moving really threw us off...

I ran inside and woke up my wife. The object appeared to be hovering in one spot, but once in a while would get kind of shifty, as if it were banking hard side to side, and when it would do this it would expose the bottom of what we believed to be either a disc shape or a mushroom-shaped craft.

Either way the bottom was lit up yellowish, about the color of a street light. Around the craft there was a very faint green glow to it.

The craft hovered for about 30 minutes or so and slowly moved away from us.

Both my friend and I are chefs at a local restaurant, and my wife is a waitress, we are by no means experts on aircraft, but I have seen many planes in the night sky and this was not a plane.

Its movements were strange... it moved up and down very quickly with a curvy pattern similar to an "s."

I am sorry that is the best way to describe its movements without being able to show you.

UFO? - I don't know for sure. Airplane - NO.

Either way I was wondering if anyone else saw this. We tried to take pictures, but our camera wasn't able to pick up the lights.

We tried all of our phones with no luck and then we ran inside to grab our camera (Fujifilm FinepixZ5), not the greatest camera but we tried anyway... no luck.

Just at the end of us watching this craft hover above what would have been a farm field, there was what appeared to be a falling star, if that has any relevance.

The time was 12 AM on the dot. the object appeared in the sky slightly southwest of Floyd, IA.

There wasn't a cloud in sky, and just before the craft disappeared there was a thunder-like sound.

ഀ ഀ ഀ

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/floydiowa033011.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ www.nuforc.orgഀ

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Archived Case of the Week

ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ
Photo of UFO Released - Site of 1987, F-14 Crash - San Diego, CA
ഀ Published: 11:17 AM 5/4/2010ഀ

ഀ (Editor's Note: In the video at bottom of article, the UFO is at the top right, and it is zoomed in at about the 1:45 time line.)ഀ

ഀ May 03, 2010 — Photo of a UFO near F-14 crash site, March 21, 1987, in San Diego, California. Photo was recently revealed by a former San Diego resident and reported to Norio Hayakawa http://www.myspace.com/noriohayakawaഀ

ഀ At around 10:30 AM, on March 21, 1987, there was a crash of an F-14 Tomcat fighter in a canyon just north of Scripps Ranch, San Diego, California.ഀ

ഀ The newswires reported that the crash occurred shortly after the jet had taken off from Miramar Naval Air Station.

ഀ Two pilots, after they ejected from the aircraft, said they heard 3 loud explosions as the jet plummeted to the ground.ഀ

ഀ The crash site was about one mile north of Scripps Miramar Ranch, about two miles northeast of Mira Mesa, and about 4 miles northeast of the air base.ഀ

ഀ About 65 firefighters from the San Diego Fire Department and Poway were summoned to the canyon area to battle a two-acre blaze triggered when the jet crashed.

ഀ Firefighters had trouble reaching the site because of the poor access roads through the rugged terrain. The blaze continued for about three hours.ഀ

ഀ A Sheriff Department's helicopter, which had helped in transferring the pilots out of the area to the Naval air base, also aided firefighters by dumping water on hot spots.

ഀ Navy spokesman Lt. Ed Mapers said that "Quite a few people called us and they all said it was strange".

"They said it was quiet and the aircraft was making no noise. It could lead you to believe possibly that the engines shut down".ഀ

ഀ Mr. Lucky Endo, a long-time area resident, said that he did not witness the crash itself nor did he see the crash site because it was on the other side of the hill. But he heard the explosions and soon he witnessed two parachutes coming down.ഀ

ഀ He said that fire broke out but the fire engines may have had difficulty reaching the area.ഀ A helicopter was used initially to put out the fire on the ground, he said. Smoke from the crash was still visible for several hours.

ഀ According to him, the area was completely secured and became off limits to the public by the military, the police and the fire department.ഀ

ഀ What was most interesting was that Mr. Endo states that around 3:30 PM, he began to observe an oval-shaped object hovering on the visible side of the hill, just above the tree lines.

ഀ It hovered in that area for about a minute or so. (photo at top left of article)

ഀ ഀ According to the news reports, the F-14 Tomcat fighter had crashed due to electric malfunctioning.

ഀ Mr. Endo theorizes that the pilots of the jet may have earlier encountered an unidentified craft during the training mission and may even have been chasing the object.

ഀ He believes that the object that appeared around 3:30 PM may have been observing the crash site after the ground fire was put out.

ഀ The Navy never released any final investigation results on this incident.ഀ ഀ

ഀ ഀ

ഀ permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/f14.htmlഀ

ഀ source & references:ഀ

ഀ -from Norio Hayakawaഀ

ഀ http://www.myspace.com/noriohayakawa ഀ

ഀ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un5oCxbLCVM&feature=player_embeddedഀ

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