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Diamond-Shaped Object Seen / Videotaped in Carlsbad, CA
Video Frame Grab
Published: 10:47 AM 4/8/2010

Carlsbad, California - 04-06-10 - Two Separate Reports

First Report with Video

(See video at bottom of report)

In the evening of 4/6/10 at about 8:45 PM, I was in the kitchen of my home in Carlsbad chatting with my brother. I had just spent the entire day visiting Legoland with out of town relatives.

It was a very beautiful, warm day that day, so the night sky was very clear and we decided to draw the blinds open, and slide open the patio door to let some fresh night air in.

We were just enjoying our beautiful open view of Carlsbad from our backyard which faces Palomar Airport. It is quite commonplace to see planes landing and taking off, even at that time of night.

At about 8:45 PM, my brother and I were standing in front of the kitchen window, which also faces the backyard. My brother suddenly asks me if I've ever seen a UFO.

I thought it was a bit strange of him to ask because we were chatting about a whole different topic at the time. As he was asking me this, I saw him gazing out towards the kitchen window, and so I looked out the same way.

What I saw were 2 diamond-shaped objects very brightly lit, a very golden yellow color.

My first thought was they were 2 airplanes in a holding pattern waiting to land at Palomar Airport.

I initially dismissed my brother's sighting of the 2 objects as airplanes and I quickly looked away. However, I quickly looked back since he was still staring out there all this time, and I took an even closer look to see that the objects did NOT look like planes after all.

In fact, in addition to not really looking like airplanes, they were quite large in comparison to the real airplanes in the air at the same time. They were just suspended in air and not really moving anywhere at all. This I found very strange.

As my brother and I were coming to realize that we were actually looking at a UFO, the objects instantly disappeared from view!

Then, about 15-20 seconds after that, they reappeared again, but this time as 4 diamond-shaped objects with the same brilliant glow and golden yellow color. This time they were in formation, sort of like a parallelogram (slanted square formation).

By this time, I called out to my husband who was in our bedroom and also to my daughter who was in another room, to come outside to the backyard to view this strangely beautiful sight.

So all of us were standing outside my back lawn viewing this light show which was out of this world, nothing like any of us has ever seen. I felt a bit scared, very excited and in awe, all at the same time.

I did not want to keep my eyes away from the light formation in the sky, for fear it would disappear once again.

This UFO light show went on for about 2 minutes. The objects did not move anywhere, again they were merely suspended in the sky, glowing and staying in their slanted square formation.

I still don't even know exactly how far away they were from us. I believe one of the "diamond" shaped objects faded a bit and then appeared again brightly during this time frame.

At the end of the light show, the lights simply "turned off" and we no longer could see the objects. It was as if someone had just turned off the light switch. They had literally disappeared!

I captured only one picture shot of the 4 diamond-shaped objects on my IPhone camera, but not at a good close up view.

My brother however did capture about 30 seconds of it on video with his camera.

Unfortunately, it also was not a close up view.

I'm looking forward to another light show again soon! It sure would be nice to know what exactly we were looking at!

Second Report

I arrived home from work at approximately 8:45 PM, and had started to change clothing and shoes when at approximately 8:50 PM, I heard my wife and her brother speaking quite loudly about what they were seeing in the sky. I quickly went into my backyard and clearly saw what they were talking about.

My home is located in Carlsbad, CA and our backyard has a clear, unrestricted view from southwest to northeast. I was startled at first, then settled down and basically enjoyed the view. Here is what I saw:

Initially there were 4 objects, very bright in the low sky. Judging the distance was difficult, but my assumption was that these objects were north/northwest in the direction of Camp Pendleton.

The objects were extremely bright, mostly "gold" or "bright amber" in color. The objects were stacked two over two and seemed to be in a pretty tight formation, but there definitely appeared to be some spacing between them.

The objects seemed to be moving very slowly or hardly at all - it may have been that they seemed to be moving only because of the brightness of the light.

After about two minutes, two of the four objects "disappeared" and the other two remained. The shape of each of the items seemed to be cone-like, or maybe to be more precise they were condensed versions of a "bell."

The remaining items stayed in place for a short time and then they also disappeared in a flash.

One of the things that I found striking was the fact that there was a good deal of air traffic at this time from the very nearby Palomar Airport. A number of small planes stayed in the air while I was observing these golden objects.

Rather than continuing to land as would normally be the case, it appeared that pilots were staying in the air.

In addition, I could see several helicopters also hovering. This is highly unusual, since Palomar is a very small airport and gets a minimum of takeoffs and landings.

My wife, brother-in-law, stepdaughter, and myself spent the next hour or so talking about what we had seen and to a large extent we all had pretty much the same reactions and observations.

At first I must admit I was somewhat scared, but overall that feeling subsided and turned to curiosity. I would have run inside the house to get a camera, but didn't want to miss a moment of this awesome sight.

I have always had a very, very skeptical view of the notion of UFOs and the people who report their existence, but after this experience I might be changed forever on the topic.

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How to Communicate with Space Aliens
Published: 9:35 AM 4/2/2010

Years ago, several radio signals containing information about the Earth and the human race were sent into deep space. Astronomers hope that someone, or something, will pick them up on the other side of the Universe, and realize that they are not alone.

But, while contacting aliens would arguably be the most important thing in the history of mankind, there are some enormous challenges ahead, such as for instance finding a common language, and also subjects of common interest for discussion.

In the hypothetical situation that humans do receive a message from ET, one of the most fundamental decisions would be on what to write back. That, assuming we can decipher its contents first. That is to say, we may understand that a piece of data is of extraterrestrial origin due to its origin and path, but we may have difficulties in understanding what message it codes. The same may work both ways.

All messages we send to space, even if already recovered by other intelligent beings, may pose the same problems to them as their messages would pose to us.

All the signals we send are deemed to be very intuitive by the Earth's scientists. But they are constrained by the fact that they are humans and cannot think outside the box completely. The same limitation would apply to extraterrestrials as well. “The challenge of constructing any interstellar message is trying to anticipate what you and your recipient have in common.

One thing we can guarantee is they won't be native speakers of English or Swahili or Chinese. It's very reasonable to think that we will know there's an extraterrestrial out there, that we will have a message that is distinctly artificial, but that we won't be able to decipher it,” Douglas Vakoch says.

The expert is the director of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute Interstellar Message Composition division. As such, he has contemplated this question many times over.

The expert believes that one of the best starting points would be to use mathematical and scientific formulas, as these are bound to be Universal. It's highly doubtful that an ET civilization would reach the point of development where they are capable of interstellar communications, or traveling, but have yet to discover the basic principles of mathematics.

“We have a lot of problems as a species that we're struggling with. We're not sure if we're even going to survive as a species on our planet. I think a more informative message would be actually to talk about some of the challenges we face because I think that's one of the defining characteristics of our civilization,” Space quotes Vakoch as saying of what we should write when responding to messages from outer space.

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Close Encounter in the Woods - 1979 UFO Mystery Investigated Again

Ron Halliday in the clearing at Dechmont Woods
Published: 8:29 AM 4/4/2010

by Diane Maclean

On a chilly day last month, UFOlogist Ron Halliday and spiritualist medium Gary Gray left their car by the M8 in Livingston, West Lothian, and trudged up Dechmont Law.

They were following in the footsteps of forestry worker Robert, or Bob, Taylor, who, in November 1979, maintained he saw an alien spacecraft in a clearing within the forest nearby.

Halliday and Gray were there to try and pick up psychic remnants from the encounter and work out just what happened that lonely November morning.

The Dechmont Woods Encounter, as it became known, remains of interest because of the reliability of the witness testimony, and also because it was the first suspected UFO case ever to be investigated by police.

Taylor was checking up on some saplings in the forest that day, when he arrived at a small clearing. There he says he saw a circular object, six meters in diameter, hovering above the forest floor.

It was metallic and semi-transparent, and as he watched two smaller spheres detached themselves from the main object and floated towards him. He felt something grabbing his legs as the two spheres took hold of him and began to drag him closer to the “mother ship”.

An acrid stench hissed out from the spheres and Taylor began to choke. As he was dragged closer he lost consciousness.

He awoke 20 minutes later. The clearing was now empty. Unable to talk, and covered in scratches, he dragged himself to his car and managed to drive home where his wife, disturbed by his condition, called the police.

They visited the scene, convinced that Taylor had been assaulted by someone unknown, and found heavy indentations on the floor of the clearing.

Having carefully checked the rest of the crime scene, they declared themselves “completely baffled”. They took away his trousers for forensic analysis, but could not determine what had made the holes in them, or what had attacked Taylor.

Taylor Examining Ground Marks Both Halliday and Gray re-traced the forestry worker’s journey in the hope of picking up something from the site that might give them clues about what had happened.

As they drew closer to the clearing, overgrown and less open than it had been in 1979, Gray began to suffer chest pains and heavy breathing.

This, he says, was him beginning to pick up Taylor’s vibrations, experiencing through him the emphysema that eventually killed Taylor many years after the event.

Then Gray was drawn to a mound, where he says he felt the full impact of what Taylor had experienced that day. It began with static and vibrations. “My feet were stuck to the ground and the pain in my legs was tremendous,” says Gray. The pain, Halliday later told him, was right where Taylor had been pinned and grabbed by the two spheres.

Frozen in place, Gray let Taylor’s vibrations take him over.

“I have never experienced the fear of God like that before,” he says. “Never in any of my haunting or poltergeist experiences. It was an energy that I have never experienced before.”

Halliday found the visit to the site fascinating. Although not psychic himself, he grew up around a grandmother who was “forever seeing ghosts round the house”. He had previously met Taylor and was struck by the man’s demeanour. “He never changed his story. He thought it was an amazing experience, but he didn’t dwell on it.

“Bob seemed to see something out of this world. Where it came from, a craft from miles and miles away or from another dimension, who knows?”

Halliday believes that whatever happened at Dechmont Law, it was centered around the mound. It is here, he says, that the energy emanated and which attracted whatever it was to the clearing.

Gray can’t add much more, having felt Taylor’s fear, but not seeing what he saw. However, he is in no doubt that it is a place of interest. “There is something different to the energy here,” he explains. “It is from a different dimension, not from this world or the next.”

Neither Halliday nor Gray can say what happened in 1979. But they are both convinced of one thing. “Whatever happened here,” says Gray, “it has happened before and after. It is very much a live place of interest to something.”

See the UFO Casebook case file, The Dechmont Woods Encounter.

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The Riddle of the Flying Square
Janet Walkey
Published: 10:28 AM 4/8/2010

A UFO group is hoping people can help shed light on two unsolved cases in Preston.

The Lancashire Anomalous Phenomena Investigation Society (LAPIS) is inviting newcomers to attend its conference next month, and is particularly keen to hear from people with tales of unexplained activity.

Mystery sightings include reports of a structured craft hovering low over the railway line in Fulwood, Preston, in August which bathed a man's garden in a bright white light for several minutes before disappearing.

In a case from September, two witnesses in the Moor Park area were stunned to see a huge blackish, grey craft which appeared square in shape just a few feet over their house late one evening. After hovering for a few seconds the craft moved off to the east, making very little noise.

The LAPIS team has spent months looking into possible explanations but has so far drawn a blank.

Janet Walkey, group events organiser, said: "At the moment they are unidentified. We have not managed to find any mundane explanation for them.

"Both these cases are still under investigation and if you have seen something similar we would like to hear from you."

The group is gearing up to hold its annual conference which will host speakers from across the country.

Alan Murdie visited the Colombian jungle in a bid to discover the truth about an object which crashed there in 1968.

Large chunks of metal were seen falling to earth and were retrieved by Colombia's security forces and were eventually taken away by US military personnel, never to be seen again.

Philip Mantle, UFO researcher, will talk about his recently updated book Without Consent which features accounts of UFO abductions in the UK.

Larry Warren was a member of the US Air Force Security Police stationed at a twin USAF base in Suffolk during December 1980 and is arguably the most important witness to the Rendlesham Forest Incident, which has been dubbed "Britain's Roswell".

Finally Paul Vella, an independent forensic computer expert witness by trade who also runs a Bigfoot website, has been researching the question: 'Are alien reports influenced by the exploits of US presidents?'

Janet added: "We are very keen to encourage newcomers to the subject to come to the conference.

"If you are interested in UFOs attending a conference is a great way to get involved and to learn more.

"Maybe you have had a sighting yourself that you would like to discuss or maybe you are interested in hearing from those at the forefront of research into the subject.

"Either way you will be sure to thoroughly enjoy yourself."

The conference takes place at YMCA, St Albans Road, St Annes, on May 22 and tickets cost £15.00.

They are available online at www.lapisufo.com or by phoning Janet on 01253 890601.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/flyingsquare.html

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Hamilton Woman Frightened by Alien Abduction
Published: 12:32 PM 4/2/2010

Hamilton Paranormal Examiner - by Martha Jette

Twenty-three-year-old, Trinity, of Hamilton, Ontario was frightened out of her wits when aliens entered her Bold Street bedroom about one year ago.

“The time was 4:30 a.m. and I was tossing and turning,” she said noting that she shared the apartment with her boyfriend, Matt.

“I went to turn to Matt to hug his back. Then my whole body arched up – more of my back – and it felt like I went into some type of shock,” she said adding: “no words can really describe this. “Everything around me was black and at the end of my feet is the only thing I could see… but whatever was there, they were really skinny, all in black and moving super, super fast.”

Trinity said the creatures she saw appeared to wear something on their heads.

“It looked like headphones but they had a thing that reached to their mouth to speak in,” she explained. “Also, I couldn’t see the left side of my body. I could see my right arm and hand (but) the problem with that was my pointing finger and thumb were stuck together and I could not free them…”

She noted at that point, she felt extremely weak. She tried to scream for Matt but it only came out as a whisper.

I said, "Matt, Matt," twice.

She can’t remember what happened next but when she awoke, it was 5:30 a.m. An hour was missing. Missing time is a major indicator of an alien abduction. When she awoke, Trinity said she did not feel tired but was “so worried at what just happened.”

Although she tried to explain the abduction to Matt, she said he didn’t really understand what she went through. In fact, she knows that unless someone has experienced the same thing, it’s highly unlikely that they will.

“I think I am a long shot away from people believing me,” she said, "but I’m okay with that.”

In fact, for someone who has been abducted by visitors from beyond Earth, she’s remarkably calm and takes it all in stride because she’s aware that it’s not the first strange thing that’s happened in her life and likely won’t be the last.

As a young girl growing up in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Trinity recalled a strange incident that occurred one night.

”I was sleeping with my mom on the same bed when I fell over the side slightly and the whole room went a pitch white. I looked down the hallway and there was a pair of worker boots walking towards me. I quickly jumped back unto the bed and held my mother tightly. I was scared and no it wasn't a dream.”

At 10 years old, she had another odd experience. On a cool summer night at about 10 p.m., she and her father were sitting out on the balcony of their first-floor Hamilton, Ontario apartment.

”It was a quiet and slightly chilly night (and) then out of nowhere, this fusion of three balls came around the corner of my left side and it was seriously three or four feet away from us.”

Trinity said the balls that looked like orbs, made no sound.

“The colors where amazing,” she said adding that they were blue, red and orange with some green.

“It was definitely circling power through the balls, and all three balls were attached to one another.”

While her father stayed outside to watch the colorful display, Trinity went inside to get her mother. However by the time she returned, the balls were gone. Her father said the strange orbs “flew up in the sky.”

Interestingly, a recent story I wrote about Miriam Delicado, who was also abducted, included similar experiences with orbs that she called probes that the aliens sent out from their ship. It appears that the aliens keep an eye on those they abduct in this way.

Trinity, who was raised as a Christian, has conducted some research into UFOs and aliens, and notes that: “the Bible speaks of how aliens are demons of the sky and that they have taught mankind the secrets of the earth.”

Although most people are terrified by the thought of future abductions, Trinity said she believes she can handle it, if and when it occurs.

“I'm a pretty strong person mentally when it comes to ghost, aliens, demons, UFOs. I'm not scared by the events in my life. However, I really do feel for those whose life it has destroyed.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/hamiltonabduction.html

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Archived File

1987 - Alaska - Two UFO/Plane Encounters
Published: 4:12 PM 4/5/2010

Alaska - Two UFO/Plane Encounters

On January 30, 1987, a US Air Force KC-135 was flying from Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska, to Eielson AFB near Fairbanks.

The crew of the KC-135 reported a large, silent, disc-shaped UFO at about 20,000 feet altitude. At this time, Anchorage radar control showed nothing unusual.

In a moment, radar control asked the pilot of the plane if they still had the unknown object in sight. The frightened pilot replied yes, and added that the UFO was only 40 feet from the plane.

The cockpit recording referenced the JAL - 1628 incident, which had occurred only a month earlier.

About 1/2 hour later, Anchorage Control Tower relayed a message from the FAA, informing the pilot to contact them upon landing. The FAA wanted a full report on the UFO seen by the crew.

The very next day, on January 31, another similar sighting would occur over Alaskan skies. Alaska Airline's Flight 53 reported enormous, disc-like objects.

These UFOs, according to the pilot's report, were "tracking" Flight 53. The Control Tower operator related to the pilot that they did not show anything unusual on their radar.

The pilot of Flight 53 was very concerned, stating that the UFO was moving at a mile/per/second, which would be about 3,600 m/p/h.

The pilot also stated that the UFO had almost immediately disappeared after flying under Flight 53.

Neither of the two encounters were adequately explained by any conventional flying objects, or atmospheric anomalies, and remain a mystery.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/alaska1987.html

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History Channel

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