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UFO Casebook Magazine 505, Issue date, 04-16-12

Special Announcement - New UFO Documentary
Published: 12:45 AM 4/13/2012

I am contacting you from a TV company called Renegade Pictures. We are currently producing a documentary for BBC3, which focuses on people who believe in UFOs.

We want to hear from people who think that aliens have visited us on earth, and that possibly the government has been hiding the evidence from the public.

We are offering five people the unique chance to take part in a two week road trip across America, where they will have the chance to explore their views and put them to the test.

BBC3 is a channel aimed at a young demographic, so we are looking for people to take part who are aged between 18 and 35.

I was hoping that you might be able to circulate this information to anyone you think might be interested in the programme? Anyone who wants to get involved can contact us directly for a confidential chat over the phone.

It would be great to have a chat about the programme and find out your thoughts, you can reach me:

Phone - 0207 449 3253

email - saskia.rusher@renegadepictures.co.uk

Many thanks,

Saskia Rusher


Renegade Pictures

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UFOs Filmed from Planes - Recent Videos
UFO Image
Published: 5:09 PM 4/10/2012

Since late February, 2012, there have been no fewer than 7 incidents of UFOs being caught on video from airplanes.

In this video, I have included 5 of the best of these. What do these clips show? Could these be visitors from another world, experimental government vehicles, or down right hoaxes.

Check it out and see what you think?

Clips taken from various sources, all are short with slo-motion additions. These are presented for study and research.

Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is permitted.

Video created by www.ufocasebook.com

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/planesufos.html

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Mid-Columbia, Where UFOs are Born
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:20 PM 4/12/2012

By Dick Moody, Basin Editor

Intrigued by the UFO report published in the Tri-City Herald on April 1? It seems that the Mid-Columbia has been a hotbed of UFO sightings since the 1940s. Project Blue Book looked into some of the sightings.

Looking for UFOs? Yakima Valley's the best place

Mid-Columbians have been looking to the heavens for years and haven't always been able to explain what they see, but they have reported 107 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the eight-county area in the last 20 years.

The U.S. Air Force's "Project Blue Book," a document of 12, 750 reports declassified in 1976 contains 44 reports from Mid-Columbia from 1948 through 1969.

Five of those 44 are listed as "unidentified."

"Project blue Book," discontinued in 1969, was operated solely to determine if UFOs presented a threat to national security. It was determined they did not.

Since the demise of the Air Force study, several private organizations, including Phenomena Research of Seattle, continue to document reports of serial observations.

Your best odds for sighting a UFO is the Yakima Valley.

According to reports filed with Phenomena Research in Seattle and the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book of 1948-1969, the most reports in the Mid-Columbia region have been in the Yakima Valley.

Toppenish leads with 11 reports. Others are Yakima, 10; Buena, 2; and Sawyer, Granger, Union Gap, Outlook, White Swan, Zillah, Selah, Harrah and Prosser, all with 1.

Walla Walla equals Toppenish with 11. Others are Kennewick, 8; Kahlotus, 7; Larson Air Force Base near Moses Lake, Richland and Pasco, all 6; Moses Lake, 5; Soap Lake and Pendleton, both 4; Heppner, Basin City and Othello, each with 3; Benton City, Hanford and Ephrata, each with 2 and Boardman and Royal City, each with 1.

With the assistance of the Phenomena Research staff and microfilm copies of "Project Blue Book' files the most interesting of the reports include these summaries:

YAKIMA (3-22-52) -- A sighting of an unidentified flying object resembling a large ball of fire which would build up and then fade away, of indefinite shape, indefinite size and red in color was made south of Yakima. An Air Defense Command Alert Aircraft was scrambled on a "Pronto Red One" alert and observed the light which "would appear brilliantly for a period of approximately 43 seconds and then fade out," at 22,500 feed and again and 25,000 feet. Project Blue Book analysis -- "Unidentified."

MOSES LAKE (5-1-52) -- Atomic Energy Commission employees at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation reported seeing a silver object with a fairly slow air speed for about 90 seconds at 5:38 a.m. The object did not have wings and made no sound, leaving no trail or exhaust.

Project Blue Book analysis -- "Unidentified."

WALLA WALLA (6-1-52) -- Observation of one small, oval object with a "definite airfoil" but no visible propulsion system, exhaust or contrail made at 1 p.m. by Air Force reserve officer. Sighting lasted seven seconds. The officer served as a rated pilot during 1942-1945. The object moved rapidly from the southeast to the east at an altitude from 10,000 to 15,000 feet and a speed estimated in excess of 1,800 miles per hour.

Project Blue Book analysis -- "Unidentified."

LARSON AFB (1-18-53) -- Located immediately north of Moses Lake, a green disc, the size of a weather balloon, was observed at 3:15 p.m. by 60 military personnel of the 82nd Fighter-Interceptor Squadron until it disappeared. The disc, though appearing like a weather balloon, was traveling opposite to the direction of the wind. An F-94 aircraft was scrambled but a 30-minute search of the area produced negative intercept results. There was no other air traffic in the area at the time.

Project Blue Book analysis -- "Unidentified."

EPHRATA (4/21/67) --Two businessmen and their wives were returning from a night meeting on a Grant County road near Blue Lake when a brilliantly lighted object hovered before them in the roadway. When the object appeared the auto's engine stopped, the auto's lights and radio became inoperable and remained that way until the object left. Several similar reports made to area newspapers during the week.

HARRAH (11/29/75) --Two farmers were plowing just at sunset when brightly lighted objects moved overhead. A they passed over the tractors without making any sound the alternator pins on the instrument panel jumped to full charge and fluctuated until the objects moved away. When the objects were gone the alternator pins returned to normal.

TOPPENISH (1/27/77) -- A 6-year-old boy observed a disc-shaped object near his home and reported seeing humanoid like creatures. Impressions remained in the ground for several day where the youth reported seeing the disc.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/midcolumbia.html

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Citing News of UFO Sightings
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:18 PM 4/12/2012

By Ina Hughs

Though science fiction isn't my genre of choice, I have always been fascinated by UFOs. Real and otherwise.

Having lived for a while in New Mexico, a state with the most fascination and history on the subject of little green men, I'm mildly caught up in the freaky stories people tell, promising they were neither drunk nor do they have a loose screw — and some pretty weird photos that to the imaginative mind defy explanation.

In Florida one misty night years ago, we thought we actually saw one: a disk-like shape hovering over the marsh, with blinking lights, an eerie halo about it. We stood with lines of others, snapping pictures and being glad we had something to tell our grandchildren.

The next morning, we read in the newspaper our UFO had caused quite a ruckus, but we could all rest assured that the Martians weren't in fact coming. It was officially deemed a quirky effect of some Air Force maneuvers taking place nearby.

"Ha!" said one of our fellow tourists on the beach later that morning. "The government is always trying to hide these things."

And I will say, the photos we took didn't show a thing. But then again, it was a cheap, throw-away camera.

Oh well. I really don't stay awake at night worrying about UFOs, and of all the problems and unsolved mysteries loose in the world today, to me at least, UFOs are way down on the list.

Nevertheless, to all you hardcore believers, I have good news.

A mysterious, cylindrical "object" the size of a car has been found in a Siberian forest. Russian space agency officials, according to mainline news reports, say it is made of titanium and is definitely not a fallen satellite or booster. They are calling it "a piece of a UFO."

That piece of news from the Associated Press got me curious enough to go online and see what other sightings have been reported recently.

All I can say is "wow!" If seeing is believing, then we are being invaded. Or at least visited regularly.

Late this March, there were "bright unknown objects recorded in the night sky above King's Lynn in the United Kingdom." In a place called Bawsey Woods, eyewitnesses saw and made videos of over 40 little ships hovering over and descending into the woods. One of those doing the reporting says this "just has to be the greatest UFO show on earth."

No doubt there are sightings being reported as I write, and as you read, these words — but the latest one I could find was, coincidently I am sure, on April Fool's Day. One week ago today. It included daytime footage of an unidentified flying object seen and "verified" by many in the sky above Pic de Bugarach in France.

So. How does one say "Take me to your leader" in French?

© 2012, Knoxville News Sentinel Co.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/citingsufos.html

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Project Silver Bug – The Top Secret Project to Build Flying Saucers
The Avrocar
Published: 9:17 AM 4/6/2012

During the 1940s, and well into the 1950s, the United States Air Force was designing and testing a series of saucer shaped aircraft.

The flying saucers themselves, sometimes called the “Avrocar”, is believed to have been first researched by the Nazis during World War II.

During the war, saucer-shaped, vertical take-off aircraft was clearly being researched by both the Axis and the Allies. However, when World War II ended in 1945, America absorbed many of the German scientists into their own programs.

It was also around this time when programs focused on researching saucer-shaped aircraft went “Black.” One such program was Project Silver Bug.

Saucer-shaped or disc-shaped aircraft was no stranger to the U.S. military. During the 1940’s the U.S. Navy was experimenting with the Vought FX5U flying saucer – better known as the “Flying Flapjack.” Designed by Charles Zimmerman, the Flying Flapjack consisted of a flat, saucer-shaped body and two piston engines that drove propellers.

The aircraft’s entire body was designed to provide lift, allowing the Flying Flapjack to take-off and land at low speeds, but still maintain the capacity to sustain a very high top speed during flight.

It was stated that the Vought FX5U could hover like a helicopter and also sustain speeds estimated at 475 mph, at an altitude of approximately 28,000 feet. However, the drawback of the design was the propellers.

The Navy was more interested in jet propulsion, and so the FX5U project ended in 1947.

Project Silver Bug – Flying Saucer Development is Launched

The next big saucer project would be Project Silver Bug.

A technical document outlining the project is publicly available at the Air Force FOIA website (1). The report, dated February 1955, discusses the Y2 project, which was started by Canadian, John Frost.

Frost’s saucer aircraft contained, what he called, a “radial flow jet engine” that allowed it to take-off and land vertically. The U.S. military was very interested in any aircraft that could take off and land vertically.

This interest stemmed from the military’s growing concern over their runways. As traditional aircraft became larger and carried heavier payloads, runways had become longer, wider, and much thicker in order to compensate. The large, cumbersome runways were not only more expensive and time-consuming to build, but they were also an easy target for enemy bombings.

The U.S. military was hoping that they could solve all of these problems with the “radical” design of a saucer-shaped aircraft.

Project Silver Bug researched and designed two types of Avrocars, according to the posted technical report; a “tail-sitter” and a “flat-riser.” The report explains the difference between the two types:

A flat-riser takes off in the vertical direction in a normal horizontal flight attitude, while the tail sitter takes off vertically from a position which is 90 degrees to a normal level horizontal flight attitude.

Producing Two Types of Flying Saucers

According to the report, the tail-sitter was dismissed early on and the flat-riser, the Y2, had become the main focus of the project.

Since it was a vertical take-off and landing aircraft, it would not require a runway or landing gear. It would also utilize the radial flow turbine engine. The report (2) provides several interesting facts about Project Silver Bug, along with various drawings and schematics of the proposed experimental aircraft.

The report indicates that the military was very interested in the design and the aircraft as a whole, and ordered the research not only to continue but to build a USAF experimental aircraft that utilized the radial flow turbine engine, and that could take off and land vertically.

If the military was so interested in saucer-shaped aircraft, then where are they today? This is where the story becomes hard to follow.

The official story is that the researchers could not solve key problems of the design, such as stability, and so the project allegedly ended in 1961.

The official story also states that the contractor conducting the research, A.V. Roe, went out of business.

However, many theorists contend that this was all just a cover story. Some believe that the program was a huge success, and went deep underground.

Then of course, there are others that contend that the entire program was a farce, created to hide the fact that a UFO was discovered during the 1940s, and was actively being studied by the U.S. government.

The Silver Bug Diagram

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/projectsilverbug.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Eerie Erie, Pennsylvania 1966 UFO and Bigfoot Incident
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:21 PM 1/18/2011

ET Incident that Baffled Witnesses and Police

Original report written in July 13, 2008 by Jill Stefko

Five credible witnesses saw a UFO and one of its passengers on Presque Isle Park. Two women clearly saw a strange being. John Keel, respected paranormalist, investigated.

The summer of 1966 was a strange one for some Erie residents. Eight gave descriptions of the alien beings they saw. People reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky. Something was eerie in Erie, the city of the canal folk song fame.

Erie UFO Sighting

A glowing object landed on Erie’s Presque Isle Park deserted beach during the night of July 31, 1966, a few hundred feet from a car that was bogged down in the sand with five young people in it.

The terrified witnesses, with no escape, watched. After the craft landed, they saw it send strange rays of light into the woods close by.

A tall dark figure slowly moved awkwardly toward the car, adding to their terror. It scratched the vehicle’s roof, then left.

The witnesses reported the incident to the police. During the investigation the next day, large amounts of silicon and some cone-like indentations were found in the sand where the craft had landed.

Presque Isle police vouched for the sincerity of the witnesses who were still very very scared when they reported the event. Many other Erie residents reported seeing bizarre lights or, as some would say, “UFOs,” in the sky that night.

Additional Comments by Paranormal Investigator Rick Fisher, 2010

... There was the incident at Presque Isle, on the shore of Lake Erie. In 1966, four teens were on a beach and their car got stuck in the sand, Fisher recounted. One went to get help. The remaining three saw a strange light in the sky, then a beam of light shining down and the lighted object descending nearby.

Two police officers arrived and the remaining male in the car offered to show the officers where the object landed. The two females stayed in the stuck car. Soon, Fisher related, the girls said a Bigfoot-looking creature approached and clawed at the car.

The girls hit the horn and flashed the lights. The creature ran off and the flying object quickly flew away.

The next morning, police returned and found scratches on the car, three-toed tracks leading to and away from the car and tripod-type impressions in the sand.

Decades later, a man claimed responsibility for what he said was a hoax. As a boy, he had released a hot-air balloon from his backyard in nearby Erie that had floated to the beach that night, he said.

Yet, that doesn't explain the marks in the sand, Fisher said. (Editor's Note:... or the sighting of the creature).

The force needed to create the impressions would have required a weight of 700 to 1,000 pounds, he said.

"I'm not here to tell you that it was a UFO, but I can tell you it was unexplained," said Fisher.

Sometimes people see things, but they don't want to talk about it, he said.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/1966presqueisle.html

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