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Las Vegas - Line of Orbs Seen
Published: 11:20 AM 4/9/2010

Las Vegas, Nevada - 04-07-10


Las Vegas - Line of Orbs Seen

Witness Statement:

I was called outside by my son and his friend, the witness stated. I saw a straight line of orbs in the sky. It split and separated into three different triangles.

I then called my husband outside and he witnessed them moving across the sky.

I told my son to grab the camera to see if I could take a picture before it disappeared. My spouse took the photos and wished he could have zoomed in more. I felt amazed.

I only heard of these things happening on TV. I searched the web for a site to report it and here I am.

Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON CMS.

Las Vegas, Nevada - 04-07-10

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Video: UFOs in Taxco, Guerrero
Published: 10:17 AM 4/16/2010

Video from Héctor García Avilés

Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

Aviles stated: "I am a serious person, I am interested in the UFO phenomenon."

From web site of www.analuisacid.com

Letters from Hector Garcia

The first letter he sent me dated 18 September 2009.

"Hi, I would like to inform you that I am aware of Taxco, Guerrero, and I have a lot of time filming there unidentified objects. I have much footage, and I would like you to see the material and give me your point of view. I have a lot of stuff really very good."

We exchanged some more messages, highlighting one where informed that in addition to areas in the hills "has also recorded light beings walking.


The interesting thing is that now Hector has uploaded videos to YouTube, with good quality, and he used an old camera (as he calls it).

What strikes me is one that shows a luminous object on the hill of Chacualco, dated March 3, 2010.

The video intrigued me, so I wrote him asking for further details. He replied:

"Hey lady, greetings. The video was recorded on when I was looking at the sky at about the height of the church of Santa Prisca, when suddenly I saw coming a few balloons. Then I went to the hills, and saw the object you see in the video. "It was recorded with a Sony 8mm camera. I have more evidence from these areas and especially at very low altitude."

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UFO Skeptics Film Strange Objects in the Powys Night Sky
UFO Photograph
Published: 10:44 AM 4/16/2010

Published by: Richard Jones

THERE were two UFO sightings above Machyn-lleth last month.

Following last week’s article about UFOs in Powys being responsible for bizarre animal death, two people from the Machynlleth area contacted the County Times to inform us of possible sightings from outer space.

The first, John Pritchard, describes seeing “orange light which then changed to a purple colour”, while the second, Kathleen Walls, says she and her husband saw an object “big in body all lit up with two lights either side of it.”

And a UFO sceptic from Machynlleth has been left questioning whether such things do exist after filming unexplained orange lights in the sky.

John Pritchard spotted the lights flying above Machynlleth at approximately 8.10pm on March 12, and quickly dashed for his video camera to recorded the “strange” activity.

The County Times hopes to get a copy of the video on its website – www.countytimes.co.uk – as quickly as possible.

“The lights were moving quite slowly at first, then they sped up and zig-zagged away. It was very strange,” explained Mr Pritchard.

“At first I thought it must be an aeroplane but it definitely was not because when I enlarged my recording on the television I could see an orange circular light which then changed to a purple colour.

“I am a bit sceptical when it comes to things like UFOs and aliens, but I would be interested in finding out what exactly I did film,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, a couple from Pennal spotted an “unexplained object” flying through the night sky last month.

Kathleen Walls and her husband, from Pennal, near Machynlleth, spotted the object on March 8 and took these photographs (see above) of them flying through the sky.

Kathleen said: “My husband spotted the unexplained object first, he was watching it from his armchair in the living room and thought it was a new space satellite.

“He got up to go outside for a closer look and called me out – what we saw was a bright light miles away so he went in for his binoculars and I got my camera.

“We thought it was a big star at first and I had a job keeping it in the lens because it was jumping all over the shop.

“The next thing it was over the house in a matter of seconds, it was big in body all lit up with two lights either side of it.”

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Vatican Official Declares Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real
Published: 9:34 AM 4/16/2010

Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a theologian member of the Vatican Curia (governing body), and an insider close to the Pope, has gone on Italian national television five times, including recent months, to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon.

Balducci provided an analysis of extraterrestrials that he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church's understanding of theology. Monsignor Balducci emphasizes that extraterrestrial encounters "are NOT demonic, they are NOT due to psychological impairment, they are NOT a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully."

Since Monsignor Balducci is a demonology expert and consultant to the Vatican , and since the Catholic Church has historically demonized many new phenomena that were poorly understood, his stating that the Church does not censure these encounters is all the more remarkable.

Balducci revealed to a visiting American professional that the Vatican is closely following this phenomenon quietly. My informant originally surmised that the Vatican is receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Nunciatures (embassies) in various countries.

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Multiple, Unknown Lights Seen over Pennsylvania
Published: 10:09 AM 4/4/2010

Pennsylvania - 04-03-10

I was standing on the steps of my back porch when I saw these five-seven lights moving very fast. The color was kind of orange at first.

That must have been because they came through the low, scattered cloud cover and the lights from town shining up hindered the glow. Whatever they were, they were moving very fast.

They were not in formation until they started to get out of the viewing area that I could see.

They then formed a V-formation, but all I could see was just three of them when they formed up. The objects were going due north on the east side of Clarion, again they were moving very fast.

I just cannot believe what I saw. This is the second time I have seen lights in the skies over Clarion, PA.

I'm 60 years old and lived in the country all my life and looked at the stars and airplanes at night and haven't seen anything.

In the last six months this is the second time. What on God's earth is going on?

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Submitted through www.mufon.com

Archived File

1995 - The American West UFO Sighting
Sighting Depiction

A west bound America West B-757 airliner encountered a UFO with flashing lights along its length on May 25, 1995. The passenger jet was flying over the panhandle of Texas when it observed the unknown object. Thanks be to investigator Walter N. Webb, of the UFO Research Coalition for his thorough investigation of the case.

Webb was able to get copies of the FAA voice tapes of chatter between the plane and ground. He also interviewed the crew and air traffic controllers.

The plane was designated as America West Flight 564, and was at 39,000 feet near Bovina, Texas, when First Officer John J. Waller and a flight attendant observed a row of white lights which flashed from left to right.

The lights were below their flying altitude.

Waller immediately made radio contact with the Albuquerque FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center during the observation. Nothing could be found that should be flying in that space at that time.

The B-757 continued its course, and the lights began to fall behind it. A group of dark thunderclouds formed, and enabled the UFO to be seen as a cigar-shaped object as its lights illuminated the back drop of the thunder clouds.

Waller and his co-pilot estimated the object's length at 300-400 feet.

The object was not visible on FAA radar, but one of the controllers contacted the North American Air Defense Command, and was told that NORAD was tracking an unidentified object. But, this object later turned out to be a small plane with a non-functioning transponder.

The next day, the controller made another check with NORAD, and he was told that they had indeed tracked another unknown target the night before that was at first stationary, but then accelerated and stopped again very rapidly.

These quick darts were estimated at somewhere between 1,000 and 1,400 mph.

When reports of the incident began to be leaked, Webb began to investigate. In addition to interviewing the airliner's crew, he also obtained the tapes of the conversation between FAA air traffic controllers and their contacts during the sighting.

He was able to make drawings of the UFO. He also filed Freedom of Information Act requests, and searched military installations to see if any activity that night could account for the sighting.

There was nothing that could explain the sighting of America West Flight 564, and until another explanation can be found for the unusual object, we can assume that a UFO was seen that night.

This is a transcription of the communication between the crew of the America West flight and the Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control center. It also includes several conversations between the Albuquerque ARTC and other locations, including NORAD, that were contacted in an effort try to identify the object.

There are three terms used in the following conversations that there are no explanations for: TIEBAND, BIGFOOT, and HIGH-BALLS.

The term 'tieband' is spelled phonetically, but any help with them would be appreciated. The recordings of the ARTC communications obviously include conversations with other aircraft and locations that do not pertain to the object reported by the America West flight.

Continue with America West 564 transcripts.

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