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UFO Magazine Issue # 355, Issue date, 04-20-09

New York Police Officer Submits UFO Photos Taken from Squad Car in 2002
Taken from Police squad car, New York, 2002
Published by the UFO Casebook: 10:32 AM 4/16/2009

I am a Police Officer here in NY. I was working one afternoon, 03/17/02, on a church crossing when I saw this thing hovering in the air.

My department had just had MobileVision cameras installed in our patrol cars (the ones that capture all the chases on TV) and I was able to zoom in at 128 X Magnification to see what it was.

I filmed it for about three minutes, moving the patrol car three times to get a better shot. I can't tell you what it is, and everyone I show this to is surprised by what's on the tape (now on cd).

One day I was watching a UFO show on cable and saw the same thing I have on tape. I am placing a couple of pics (4) taken from my tape, made from the patrol car, here below.

The numbers on top are the tape counter, the unit # I was in (#24), the date, and the time.

Hope you can tell me that this was just a balloon or something. Just be advised that during the original taping, I saw a second one of these (also seen on tape further away)...


New York, 2002 New York, 2002
New York, 2002 New York, 2002

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Unknown Object Observed over New Zealand
UFO Depiction
Published by the UFO Casebook: 12:45 PM 4/16/2009

New Zealand-04-13-09-I was outside having a cigarette as I had also just let my cat out who was acting up (this is very strange for her to do that as she is a very mellow animal).

I happened to notice what I took to be a very bright star at around 45 degrees to the western horizon. I did not think much of this at first until it moved, the light was displaying a flickering pattern with the naked eye that seemed to be greenish red.

Now for one, stars don't move and yes, they do flicker but not to this degree. I went inside and got my high power binoculars and tripod stand. Through these I was able to see what I first thought to be a star was in fact a flat, cigar- shaped object, flashing blue, green, white, and red, in that order.

The object remained fixed in this position for 5 minutes, during which time I called my flat mate to see what she thought of the object through the binoculars. I then observed the object move off to the northwest gaining height. It is at this point it just simply vanished. The whole observation time was exactly 15 minutes.

I know this is not a spectacular report, but interesting nonetheless. I have ruled out what normal things it could be.

1. Star: stars do not move, and do not display this light pattern or look cigar-shaped.

2. Fixed wing aircraft: Fixed wing aircraft do not hover, and do not display this light pattern.

3. Helicopter: These do not hover in one spot for 15 minutes. Also the light pattern is wrong. On top of this, it was a still, clear night and no wind with an air temp of 8 degrees. (Christchurch is a very small city, and at 12 PM on a Monday night it becomes very still).

There are also very few helicopters that operate out of the Christchurch airport, and they have a very distinct sound that can you can hear for miles (the airport is less than 5 kilometers from where I live and to the north of the object.

4. Balloons/Blimps: There are no Blimps here in New Zealand, and hot air balloons are not allowed to fly at night over the city.

Above all normal aircraft do not just simply vanish as this craft did. Other strange effects to add to this are some odd electrical effects shortly before I went out for a cigarette. The lights in the house flicked twice, as well as the radio producing static.

The power here can get a little odd at times due to all the substations in and around the city sending power to the North Island, and we get power spikes on and off so I put it down to that at first but now I am not so sure.

Sorry I do not have a photo of the object as I did not have my cam at home as it was at work.

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UFO Sightings in Kent on the Increase, says MoD
UFO Depiction
POSTED: 12/04/2009 12:00:00

Reports of bright lights and mysterious hovering objects suggest Kent’s skies may be host to more than just the birds.

Information released by the Ministry of Defence shows there have been 56 recorded sightings of UFOs over the county in the last decade, with 10 last year alone.

Examples include a report of a huge disc-shaped object “approximately 20 times the size of an aeroplane” that was spotted flying above Rainham, and a bright orange upside-down light bulb shape hovering near Ashford.

Other recorded sightings last year were not so detailed, with some members of the public notifying the MoD of UFOs without providing dates, times, locations or descriptions.

Gerald Webb, 46, from Meopham, near Gravesend, spotted something strange in the sky above his home late last month.

He did not report his sighting to the MoD and said he would not be surprised if the number of people who had seen UFOs in Kent was actually a great deal higher than official figures suggest.

Mr Webb said: “I live at the top of a valley where there are no street lights and no houses, so on a cloudless night you can see the sky very clearly.

“On this night I was looking out the patio window and I could see three orangey-red orbs flying in formation.

“There was no noise at all and I thought ‘Oh blimey, what am I seeing?’. It was like something out of a Steven Spielberg film.

“I went to the local pub to see if anybody else had seen it but they thought I had been smoking something. I think that’s why more people don’t report these types of things, because others look at you as if you’re a crank.

“I later went on the internet and found that a couple of other people had seen the same as what I had, and one of them was from Beckenham. There must have been lots of other people who saw it too.”

The number of UFO sightings throughout the UK has risen dramatically over the last few years, from 97 in 2006 to 285 last year.

The figure of 10 in Kent was also the highest in 10 years.

Nick Pope, the MoD’s former UFO project head, told the BBC the very fact the ministry was now publishing its files on sightings was generating interest in the phenomena.

He added: “UFOs are a subject that almost everyone has an opinion on.

“It is one of those great subjects which if you mention it down the pub, someone will claim to have seen one, another will claim it’s all a big Government cover-up and someone else will say it’s all a load of rubbish.”

Nineteen files covering sightings between 1986 and 1992 were made available to view for the first time last October.

They included a mysterious near-miss between a UFO and a passenger jet in the skies above Lydd.

According to a report of the 1991 incident, the captain of the Alitalia airliner shouted to his co-pilot in surprise as a brown missile-shaped object shot past them overhead.

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UFOs, Aliens, and the Paranormal - A Trip into Confusion and the Dark Ages
UFO Depiction
written by Chris Holly

I have been surfing the Internet reading different sites, visiting different chat rooms and looking at assorted blogs. It is interesting to read all the different views, reports, and information that can be found on the Internet concerning the paranormal.

As I wandered around all the assorted paranormal areas on the Internet, I could not help notice the overall confusion and muddy mess that seems to penetrate so many subjects categorized as paranormal.

I find people that claim they have had an alien encounter twist it into an angel, spiritual, or ghost event. Some end up being wrapped with shadow people as well as UFOs being vehicles of demons and on and on. I think we have lost our central focus on these subjects and have let it become a huge, messy bowl of confusion.

This lack of focus and loss of control of what subject consists of what subject matter has only increased the ability of those with skeptical views or those who ridicule and laugh at all things paranormal more power. This leaves those who seriously try to investigate these subjects alone and fighting a tidal wave against truth or fact.

In short we have become our own worst enemies and keep ourselves locked in the Dark Ages concerning everything considered paranormal.

I find this problem goes hand in hand with a bigger problem of the paranormal being that of fantasy being thrown into and forced onto the stage with the people who have had real sightings, encounters and experiences.

This is a huge problem as those who use this subject matter for needs of attention or self-agendas are choking the path of knowledge and progress on all the unknown subjects. This selfish use of the paranormal has caused years of roadblocks for those who are determined to find and learn the truth.

I know there are many people out there who have had incredible experiences who could give us all increased knowledge and information on UFOs, Aliens Abductions, and all subjects connected with the paranormal. These people hold back due to the souring of the subject by those who destroy the credibility of it with their selfish agendas of fantasy and fiction used for attention or personal gain.

It is obvious we do not need the government to hide the truth of these matters from us as we destroy all credible gain by the constant corrosion of those who fill the area of the paranormal with enough nonsense to keep those who could bring the information we seek silent and hidden.

Who wants to come forward to tell of an encounter with an Alien when you have people making claims for attention that keep the media and public laughing and amused. If you are someone who had an actual life changing event happen to you it is very likely you will distance your self and your family from the circus like atmosphere that has surrounded this subject for far too long.

We have placed our selves in a very dangerous situation by allowing these subjects to become over run with fakes and attention seeking people while losing the foot hold on the truth by way of the cloud of fantasy these wrong doers have placed over these subjects.

Trying to find reliable information, actual events and understanding what is really going on out there has become a task most simply give up on due to all the trash and false data thrown at us on at a constant rate.

Once we thought the government was sending out people to muddy the waters so those who truly were enduring incredible encounters would stay silent. I think we took the ball away from the government and willingly ran with it using these subjects to our own self-fish needs.

Those seeking attention, friendship, fame, money or a new career all jumped on this bandwagon and drove our chance of discovery and advancement in understanding all these unknown areas - directly into the ground.

We did this to ourselves and we need to own it and stop blaming the government. We feel more comfortable living in the dark with the paranormal and we keep our selves blind and happy. It is the old saying ‘what you don't know won't hurt you’ way of thinking. However in this case it isn't true. Knowing what to do if you come face to face with an encounter of the unknown may mean the difference of life of death. Still we laugh and laugh.

Not only did we set it up so the media and society in large laugh at these subjects, we allowed our governments to simply walk away while we walked our selves into the Dark and seem to insist on staying here. I wonder what the aliens think of our silly civilization. Sort of fits the expression you can drag a horse to water but cannot force it to drink. They can fly right over our heads and take us at will – yet we just refuse to look up or deal with it!

On top of all of this comes the added misery of combining everything unknown into one huge bowl of messy stew.

I was listening to a man in a chat room that I think did have a real encounter with beings that were not human who took him and abused him in a lost time event. After years of talking to people you develop a skill and sense to who has had real experiences and who have not.

For many reasons I thought the man who was trying to talk about his encounter was telling the truth. I wanted to hear him speak but as commonly found in chat rooms the others in the room just would not have it.

Those attention-seeking parasites that use this area to fulfill their private needs just kept interrupting the man, and one upping him as he tried to tell of his ordeal. He soon gave up and left the chat room while the bag of wind who insisted on telling her fake little story made sure no one else was going to report something better than her ridiculous tale.

I was heartbroken that he had to be subjected to even more abuse by a place he thought he may find a understanding ear. This behavior is common in our devastated area of the paranormal.

I noticed in this paranormal chat room, as in many others like it , were discussing aliens as angels and shadow people as aliens and dreams or physic events as aliens. I have listened to this for years and must say find it extremely confusing.

I think that Aliens are beings that do not come from this planet but come from another planet in our universe. I think shadow people may be dimensional beings slipping back and forth between dimensions but do not link them to UFO's although I may be wrong.

I just do not immediately lump them with Aliens. I think spiritual beings are not Aliens and most likely are spiritual beings to the Aliens too. I think lost or stuck energy are most likely ghosts. I do not think ghosts are Aliens. I think psychic ability is a sense we could all develop if we tried or practiced. I do not think that gift is always an Alien involvement. I think we tend to lump all things into one ball and it just does not work that way.

Since the universe seems to be infinite it is likely there are many different types of life forms out there making an assortment of Aliens who may visit this planet very possible.

Look at the different races on this planet. Can you imagine the amount of different species that may have developed out in the cosmos besides our human species I do not think it is possible to grasp what truly exists out there.

I think that is why we need to clean up our approach to these subjects and start demanding a far more rational accepting attitude of the paranormal with the removal of the frauds and want to be fools who have destroyed our understanding of these things and allowed our governments to walk away while we turned it into a huge joke.

When it comes to UFOs and other life forms we are living in the dark. This is dangerous as without question these are the subjects that will be a huge part of our tomorrows.

Yes- the Dark Ages is where we presently find our selves with the very subjects we desperately need to understand. Strangely we prefer the dark and dangerous approach rather then the curious and enlightened one when it comes to that in science we do not understand. Lets face it laugh all you want, other life forms in the universe are simply science we are yet to understand.

We may be too ignorant at this point in history to grasp the science, skill and technology to become an active part of the universe and other life forms but that does not mean the rest of the cosmos hasn't advanced past us.

I think it is as obvious as a frying pan to the face that others visit us and we - well we laugh at it all while we try desperately to reach the planets in our own solar system. Heck we cannot even think past, much less get past, our own galaxy- much less travel throughout space.

It is sort of sad to realize that we cannot understand the science of space yet. However, we think we are so superior we can just laugh it all off as we remain small little simple critters who live in the Dark Ages concerning all of this- and we seem to like it that way.

Someday we may figure it all out. We may be able to understand what an Alien is and what it isn't. We may even figure out how to stop killing each other or how to live without greed and hate destroying us over and over. For now I would settle for the small step of standing up to the fantasy destroyers so we could bring some seriousness to these serious subjects and not think every single thing that is paranormal is a big joke.

We also have to learn to understand sometimes a UFO is a UFO, a ghost is a ghost and an angel is an angel as well as a Alien is a Alien and not a angel or ghost! However as it stands we will never know as for most it is just one big joke. Figuring out the truth to these subjects just seems to be far too much for the human condition to handle.

All I can say is pay attention people these mysteries are going to become more and more prevalent and you may be the next to deal with a real paranormal event. I deeply hope someday for all our sakes we will all take this far more seriously. I do promise you this.

If you find yourself face to face with an encounter of the unknown - I promise you most likely will NOT be laughing. Far better for you to have some knowledge or reference rather than a bunch of snappy insults at hand that you threw at others who could have helped you out during your own encounter. The Dark Ages- they never were a good idea.

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World- http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/



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Witness Reveals 1970's Sighting in New York
Eyewitness Drawing
New York, c. 1977 Although I can't even tell you exactly what year it was, I believe that I have witnessed one of the most amazing sightings in history!

My Mom was driving about to pull into our driveway when a neighbor stopped us yelling "Susan, get out of the car, you gotta see this!"

We pulled over in the street next to our driveway and unbelievably there was a flying saucer hovering right over another neighbor's house. It was low enough and light enough with the snow covered ground to dismiss this for anything but an actual UFO probably from another world.

I concede that there are many possibilities including a time travel ship or a craft from deep under water or a possible military experiment but my gut tells me VISITORS!

There was no sound at all and it stayed in one spot for about 15 minutes barely moving. My Mom told me to get my father to get a camera or video but he was watching something on TV and thought I was making it up. (Unforgivable!) so tragically we got nothing except our memories.

The craft zipped about a quarter mile south and hovered there for a while (still very visible). After a while the craft started slowly moving back towards me until it stopped and hovered over our next door neighbor's yard.

When it appeared to start descending, I ran and hid behind my couch not wanting to meet the "whatevers". There's of course more details and more witnesses to this event but I'm not big into typing so, if anyone wishes to interview me, give me a polygraph or anything else, I'm happy to do anything that might help me shed some light on what we might've seen.

For over 30 years I've been relatively silent about this and it's been haunting me so I've made a video and photo simulation to help me see once again what's been puzzling me for most of my life.

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Police Encounter Triangle UFO, Memphis, Tennessee-1977
UFO Depiction

written by Bob Pratt

A UFO that hovered over a golf course in Memphis, Tennessee was truly enormous, say two police officers who stood almost underneath it.

“It was about as long as a football field and fifty to seventy-five yards wide," said Patrolman Troy Todd. He and his partner, Patrolman Jerry Jeter, were definitely impressed.

"It was three hundred to five hundred meters above us and we could see the whole belly of the craft," Jeter said.

The two were members of the police department’s Tactical Squad, men who are specially chosen for their coolness, intelligence and special skills with weapons. Three other members of the squad saw a similar object earlier in the evening but at a greater distance.

“I believe what I saw was an unidentified flying object and I believe it was some aircraft not of this earth,” said Todd, then twenty-nine.

The two men reported seeing the object hovering over a municipal golf course in the southern part of Memphis about three thirty in the morning of May 17, 1977. They got out of their unmarked police van and watched the object for two or three minutes.

As members of the Tactical Squad, they carried special weapons with them. Jeter took a rifle with a telescopic sight out of its case to get a better look at the craft. He said that as soon as he shouldered the rifle and pointed it at the object to look at it through the scope, the object shot off across the horizon in an instant.

It was an awesome sight and marked the end of a strange night for Todd, Jeter and three other officers.

Four and a half hours earlier, three other members of the Tactical Squad – Patrolmen John Birdsong, Michael Davidson and Forrest Bartlett – saw a triangular-shaped object lit up like "a Christmas tree” as it flew over a police substation in the northern part of the city.


Birdsong was going off duty at the time and the other two were just going on duty. The three said nothing to anybody at the time about their sighting.

However, later in the night when Jeter radioed the central dis­patcher and said he and Todd had sighted a UFO, Davidson asked them by radio if it was triangular in shape and had multicolored lights.

Jeter replied yes. Until then, neither he nor Todd had said anything on the radio about the object's shape or lights and had given no other details. All five officers believe they saw the same object.

Of the two sightings, the one by Jeter and Todd was more spectacular. They had been driving an unmarked police van south on Interstate 240 in the city when Todd spotted something in the sky.

"I was driving and as we approached the Norris Road exit I observed to my left, which would have been to the east, a triangular-shaped series of lights over some high tension towers," said Todd.

"I really didn't know what I had seen. It was a long, triangular-shaped series of lights approximately thirty five to fifty feet above those towers and it tapered down to a narrow point."

He asked Jeter it he had seen it but Jeter said no.

"I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was so we went underneath Alcy Road and turned around on the median and went back up to the same location," said Todd, then an eight-year veteran.

"Both Jeter and I looked over those high-tension wires and we couldn't see anything at all. So we proceeded northbound on the expressway to South Parkway, turned around and came south and this time we both observed it approximately five hundred feet above the Pine Hill Golf Course, which would have been to the west off the expressway.

"This was approximately in the same line where I had a seen it before but it was at a greater height and it was on the other side of the expressway. So I drove the van up onto the Norris Road exit, we stopped and got out and watched it for two or three minutes.

"It was a triangular-shaped object with white, red and green lights on it with a white glow about the silhouette itself."


Jeter, a police officer for nine years, said that at first Todd thought he’d spotted a helicopter hovering over the power towers.

"When we both saw it he said, 'There it is again!' and I said, 'Well, it's not a helicopter.’ It was elongated and looked like a triangular type shape. This object made its way over to the golf course and turned and was just hovering or standing still over the golf course.

"We pulled up this incline and got out and were looking at this object. In my estimation it was three hundred to five hundred meters high and we were at a slight angle from it, not directly under it but a real slight angle and we could see the whole belly of the craft.

"It had red and green lights flashing alternately on it and it looked like what were either portholes or real dim lights along the side of the craft. I really couldn't tell because they were so dim but it lit up the craft so you could see it, and to me it looked like a metallic craft.

"We had a telescopic rifle sight in the van and I was going to get it out and look at it. By the time I got it out of the case and everything and got it up to my shoulder, this craft turned slightly, two red lights came on on the rear and it just shot out over the horizon.

"This thing moved at such a speed it was unbelievable. It shot out of sight."

Todd said that when Jeter shouldered the rifle, the object "began to move off in a northerly direction at a reasonably slow speed. There was no sound made from the object. The white and green lights went off. They were no longer visible to us but the glow was still visible around the silhouette.

"Then two red lights came on on the rear of it. Whether they were lights or not I'm not sure but when those two red lights came on it sped out at a tremendous rate of speed and disappeared over the horizon in just a second to a second and a half. We were barely able to keep it in our eyesight.

"That night the weather conditions were extremely clear. Visibility was fifteen to twenty miles, I would say, because we were at the top of the expressway looking north."


Jeter got on the radio to the central dispatcher. "Todd didn't want to call. He said they'll think we're crazy. I said, what the hell, let's calI. I don't give a damn. So I called the dispatcher and said how about checking with the air control tower (at Memphis International Airport) and see if they have any craft in this area.

"He (the traffic controller) checked and said no, they didn't show anything on radar. He said, 'Why?' and I said, 'Well, we saw what we figured to be a UFO' and everybody started coming on the air," Jeter said, laughing.

"And the catcalls started,” added Todd.

Jeter said the dispatcher told him to switch to Channel Six so Patrolmen Davidson and Bartlett could talk to them.

'We didn't say what shape it was or anything,” Jeter said, “and they came on and said was this object triangular or pyramidal in shape and we said yes it was. They said they were standing out on the parking lot at the substation and it came streaking over at twenty three hundred hours.”

Both Todd and Jeter said the craft made no noise as it hovered above the golf course nor when it moved off.

"It was huge," said Jeter. 'I would say a hundred meters in length. Tremendous. We went back and looked at those towers after it was over and those towers are seventy-five meters apart. This thing was overlapping them.”

Todd described his initial sighting and said, 'It was sitting with the nose off one side of one tower and the tail off the side of the other.

"My first sighting of it was a side view. It was more of a delta-wing shape. It had a flat bottom with a taper from the top of a flat back which I would say was thirty five to fifty feet high and it tapered down to a small point.

"When we observed it the second time, when we both observed it, we were looking at it from the bottom and it was triangular shaped. It was a silvery, gunmetal color."


When asked what he thought when he saw the object, Todd replied: "We were kind of bamboozled but in my opinion it was definitely a flying aircraft from someplace. It was something I had never seen before and it was of tremendous size.

"Something of that size that could hover the way it was would have to make some type of noise. I don't know if the United States has an aircraft that can hover without making noise but I don't believe so.

"When I made the initial sighting it was more of confusion and wonder at what I had actually seen. And then on my second sighting and seeing it cross the horizon like it did, I knew what it was.

“In my opinion I believe what I saw was an unidentified flying object and I believe it was some aircraft not of this earth."

All five men worked out of the North Precinct on Old Allen Road about fifteen miles northeast of the golf course. It was in the substation's parking lot where Patrolmen Birdsong, Davidson and Bartlett spotted the object earlier in the night.

"We were sitting in the parking lot on the west side of the substation talking," said Birdsong. He and Davidson were facing north and Bartlett, sitting on the trunk of a car, was facing them.

"I looked up and saw an object going overhead and told Davidson, ‘Look, there goes a flying saucer,’” said Birdsong. “I didn't know what it was and Davidson looked up and we tried to get Bartlett to look around. He thought we were just kidding.

"He wouldn't look at first and finally he turned around and looked and said, 'It looks like a flying Christmas tree.' It was shaped like a triangle and it had lights all around it and underneath it. It was traveling at a pretty good speed."

Bartlett said that when he did look around he saw “a triangular-shaped object just going by. The point of it was to the front and there were multicolored lights. They were a soft yellow to a bright orange with some greenish tint.


“We Just laughed and wondered what it was. Nobody had any real comment or anything because we heard no sound or anything.”

Some time later Birdsong and Davidson heard Jeter and Todd say on the radio that they’d seen a UFO. “We got them to switch to Channel six so we could talk to them and Davidson asked them if it was a triangular-shaped object and had multicolored lights, and they said. ‘Check.' So then we knew right off it was the same object we had seen earlier.”

The object made no noise, Davidson said. "It was pretty high up. The lights were more or less like a Christmas tree. It had lights around it and in the center also, different colors. Green, white and yellow were the ones I remember distinctly. They were separate, individual lights. They didn’t blend into each other.

"We just shrugged it off. We thought it was something from the naval air station."

A spokesman at the Millington Naval Air Station, located eight miles north of the police substation, said no craft similar to the one the men described was based there. He said the radar at the station is shut down at eleven o'clock each night and would not have picked up anything at the time the officers spotted the UFO.

Memphis Police Capt. Paul J. Acerra, who was the duty officer the night Jeter and Todd reported spotting the UFO, said: "These officers are all mature men with good judgment. To get into the Tactical unit you have to be above average. All of them are responsible citizens. They would not make up anything like this. None of them."

Ed Becton, a supervisor in the Federal Aviation Authority air traffic control tower at the Memphis International Airport, said: "The next day we had calls from maybe fifty different reporters, radios and TV stations about this. We checked with all the air traffic controllers on duty at the time and they had nothing on radar in the area of the golf course and they saw nothing visually."

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Arizona - Group of Orange/Red Lights
February-2009-Sometime in February of this year I was driving home from the store around 9 PM, and as I turned the corner, just for a split second I observed a very large group of very bright orange/red lights in the direction over the Tucson mountains.

The best I can describe it is that it looked like the top of a carrousel. I haven't said anything to anyone because it happened so quick that I thought I was imagining it. For the last few weeks I have been looking over in that direction to see if I can see it again and figure out what it really was.

I frequently read the reports of sightings around the USA and other parts of the world and also the articles in your UFO Casebook magazine. I live in Tucson, Arizona, and have recently read reports of several sightings that are describing red-orange lights that sound similar to what I thought I saw for a fraction of a second. Now I am beginning to think that what I saw that night was real.

Last year in magazine #311 you published an exclusive about my sighting in Kansas in the sixties so I don't want to be too quick to say that I actually observed another UFO sighting. I would say that the chances are once in a lifetime that someone observes a UFO sighting, and I am still unsure of what, if anything, I saw in February of this year.

I just wanted to share this with you. Your UFO casebook magazine is great! Please keep sending it this way. Jeanne B. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Pennsylvania - Oval-Shaped Object
01-19-09-The first sighting happened around 1/19/08, at about 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM This is a reoccurrence, and is still happening on almost a daily basis. This object is oval shaped. The movements is makes are amazing. It has the ability to pulsate, hover, and cloak itself when planes are around, not only that, but it changes colors.

This object will turn blue, yellow, red, and faintly green. Sometimes it will split into two objects, then back into one. I have a lot of footage so they all range differently. I've even captured a triangular snapshot and others as well. The object moves from left to right sometimes diagonally, with a lot of speed.

It always appears on top of a hillside, which is about 600 yards from us. Thank you for taking time out. I'm so excited to share and have some results of what this could be. source: www.mufon.com

Pennsylvania - Floating Object
04-12-09-I was watching TV when I noticed a light outside. I know that there are planes in the area, and I know the light patterns of planes and helicopters at night, but I didn't recognize this type. I went outside and the first thing that I noticed is that I heard nothing.

What I first thought was a plane was going maybe 80-90 MPH because of how slow it was going over the tree field very low to the horizon. I can judge the distance of the object because of how far apart the lights were, and the angle of change at it drew closer to me.

I have heard jets, airplanes, and helicopters at night. Everything in the valley makes a sound and it can travel a great distance. The object was low on the horizon and it passed right by me. The object moved slowly across the sky, it seemed like it was floating. I felt very weird at that moment. I could not recognize what the object was. I felt a warm feeling in my body as I watched it go by me. source: www.mufon.com

Texas - Donut-Shaped Light
03-14-09-My wife and I and another couple were returning from dinner at Trattoria Lisina restaurant in Driftwood, Texas. We were on FM 1826, just south of its intersection with Highway 45. At 11:10 PM my friend in the back seat of the car said:

"Hey, there is a UFO."

I immediately pulled the car over onto the grass. Including myself, there were four observers of this phenomenon-the others were my wife and the couple accompanying us in our vehicle. The sky was low overcast. There was a circular donut-shaped light (with a fluorescent-like quality or color temperature), that could be seen rising from lower on the horizon about rooftop level with the houses to a position about 75 to 85 degrees up.

It would twist and turn almost kite-like, then disappear only to immediately reappear low on the horizon. My best guess is that it was about 600 to 1000 yards distant. As it rose into the sky, it made a Tesla coil-like sound that varied with the brightness of the object. As the object would rise and get brighter, the sound would intensify, its loudness being directly proportional to the brightness of the object.

What appeared to be a second trailing light would intermittently discharge about every thirty seconds or so, always a uniform distance below and to the left of the donut-shaped circle of light. I did not notice the red light until about five minutes into the sighting. source: www.mufon.com

Great Britain-Multi-colored Lights
04-14-09-I saw a light in the sky around 10 miles away (roughly speaking), over Guildford Way from Dorking. I went outside after 5 mins, and it was still there. I got a pair of binoculars, and saw lights from red to white, green, and violet. My camera was not good enough to get a photo.

I got my mum to look and she could not explain it, and my girlfriend, who has a licence to fly 2 seat aircraft, and she said that it was nothing she had seen before. After I went to bed, I got up later, but the lights were gone.

There is Gatwick Airport near me and plenty of aircraft around the area at the time, and severalhelicopters too. As they flew by this object, they appeared totally different than the lights I saw. source: www.mufon.com

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