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UFO Casebook Magazine 506, Issue date, 04-23-12

Two Original Witnesses to Walton Abduction Go on Record - with Video
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:31 PM 4/21/2012

Published on Apr 13, 2012 by openmindstv

For more than 36 years, the Travis Walton abduction story has been told countless times through film, print and presentations. Now two eyewitnesses who were present the night of the abduction, are stepping forward to tell their side of the story.

For the first time since the incident, more than 36 years ago, Travis Walton, John Goulette, and Steve Pierce were reunited at the 2012 International UFO Congress.

Producer Lori Wagner of Digital Films in San Diego and Regression Therapist Yvonne Smith sat down and interviewed all three. They have shared their interviews with Open Minds, and during the conference, in these interviews Goulette and Pierce reveal much of what they personally went through directly after that night, and what their lives have entailed since.

That night, they observed the blinding light, sensed the beating pulse, and felt the fear that comes from seeing your friend and co-worker disappear before your eyes.

What followed was a stream of disbelief and accusations from law enforcement and the local community. Even after passing lie detector tests, these men's lives have continually been harassed.

John Goulette eventually moved out of town, put the memory aside, and went on with his life.

Steve Pierce was pressured repeatedly by UFO skeptic Phil Klass to take a bribe and say the whole incident was a hoax.

After showing the film made about the event to his daughter, she encouraged him to come forward with his story.

The Travis Walton story has stayed consistent and exact for more than 36 years. Now, with additional eyewitness testimony to back up his claim, his amazing ordeal will hopefully be seen with less skepticism, and his journey for the truth appreciated.

See original case file, The Travis Walton Abduction.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/waltonwitnessesonvideo.html

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Airplane, UFO or Venus?
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:11 AM 4/20/2012

Analysis by Benjamin Radford

On January 14 of last year, an Air Canada pilot flying from Toronto to Zurich, Switzerland, woke up from a nap to see an alarming sight out the cockpit window: what appeared to be a flying object (presumably another plane) flying directly at him.

He immediately took evasive action, sending the jet into a steep, sudden dive that injured 16 people and almost resulted in a mid-air collision with another aircraft flying 1,000 feet lower.

It was a terrifying, bizarre event over the Atlantic Ocean, but what makes it even stranger is that, according to a new report from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, the pilot was reacting to an optical illusion.

The pilot thought it was a UFO -- quite literally: an unidentified object flying at the plane. Yet there was no aircraft, identified or otherwise: the pilot had instead seen reflected sunlight from the planet Venus.

Depending on when you measure it (since everything in the universe is in constant motion), Venus is between about 25 million and 162 million miles away. Yet the pilot thought that it was close enough to pose an imminent threat of collision.

How could the pilot's estimate of the light's distance to the plane be off by at least 25 million miles? How could an experienced airline pilot mistake a planet for a plane?

It's actually not that difficult to understand, and has implications for other UFO sightings.

As this incident shows, accurately judging the size, speed, and distance of unknown lights in the night sky is virtually impossible.

A light in the sky might be small and 100 yards away, medium-sized and a few miles away, or even planet-sized and tens of millions of miles away -- and there is no way to know the difference.

John Nance, a former commercial pilot and ABC News aviation analyst, said that such a mistake, while seemingly inexplicable to the average person, was "not outlandish... a bright light, which can be a planet like Venus, can be very startling, and you can mistake it for an airplane."

Venus and UFOs

The strange fact is that Venus has been responsible for many UFO sightings over the years. This skeptical explanation causes discomfort for many UFO believers who claim that eyewitness UFO reports by pilots are the most reliable in the world. After all, they claim, experienced pilots are familiar with normal lights in the night sky -- surely no pilot could possibly mistake a planet for a nearby flying object!

Robert Sheaffer, a columnist for Skeptical Inquirer magazine and veteran UFO investigator, told Discovery News that "There is a long history of Venus (or some other bright planet or star) being perceived as something that it isn't. Even the UFO proponent Jacques Vallee wrote back in 1966 that 'No single object has been misinterpreted as a 'flying saucer' more often than the planet Venus.'"

In fact, Sheaffer noted, "During World War II, B-29 crews making night bombing raids in Japan reported being followed by a 'ball of fire' that turned out to be Venus. Since then, numerous police officers and pilots have made the same mistake, as did Jimmy Carter, who reported seeing a UFO back in 1969 that turned out to be in exactly the same place as Venus."

NEWS: NASA Debunks Mysterious Triangular 'UFO'

This case came to light primarily because the Air Canada pilot's reaction caused injuries to the passengers (several were hospitalized). While it's impossible to know exactly how often pilots and others mistake Venus (or other ordinary lights in the night sky) for UFOs, it's likely to be underestimated and underreported.

Pilots may be reluctant or embarrassed to admit they mistook a planet for a plane and not report the error (in fact Air Canada initially claimed that the incident was the result of "severe turbulence"). Though this size/distance miscalculation effect is strongest at night, the phenomenon also occurs in daylight when unknown objects are sighted (or recorded) in the sky at an unknown distance from the camera. Whether night or day, without some way of establishing scale or distance of a flying object, it is impossible to accurately determine size or speed.

(In one recently released UFO video taken at an Air Force base in Chile, it seems that insects -- probably bees -- were captured in the foreground on videocameras and mistaken for high-speed extraterrestrial spacecraft in the skies.)

Of course Venus does not explain all UFO sightings. But this case proves that even experienced pilots can (and do) mistake our neighboring planet for unexplained lights in the sky.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/airplaneufovenus.html

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1985 - Large Triangle UFO Seen by Two Witnesses in Ohio
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:30 PM 4/12/2012

Columbus, Ohio - c.1985

My former fiance and I were leaving our home on his motorcycle and headed West toward I-71. As soon as we turned onto the main road, we noticed three painfully bright lights in the distance in a triangular formation.

It was hovering not that far above the ground. At first we thought that they were attached to a crane, but as we drove closer we realized that they were a bit too high up for that.

My ex was in the Air Force and knew his aircraft, but he kept saying "What the hell is that?"

As we came closer to it we could see the huge silhouette behind the lights. It was about the size of a football field, like a huge rectangular slab lying horizontally a few hundred feet above the parking lot of an abandoned Rinks department store.

As we drove past it we could see smaller colored lights on the bottom of it. It had various geometric shapes in relief all over the exterior and was gun-metal gray.

It was perfectly silent. When we drove to the "back" of the craft we noticed maybe 4-5 huge rectangular "windows" that were angled slightly down and were lit from within.

It seemed like there were figures moving behind the windows. I was very scared and begged him to drive away, but he wanted to drive toward it. As we argued, a group of African American teens (5-7 ages 13-17) ran across the road right in front of us and we slammed on our brakes.

The teens were looking at the craft. They ran onto the parking lot and were nearly under it when it shot straight up into the sky and disappeared without a sound. If any of those formally young men are reading this, I hope that they will post what they saw.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/columbusohio1985.html

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submitted to www.mufon.com

Yeah, OK, but We've Still Got Nukes
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:10 PM 4/21/2012

by Billy Cox

Ufology, for lack of a better term, took an unprecedented twist early this month when two South American nations agreed to formally collaborate on cracking the nut.

As Uruguayan air force Col. Ariel Sanchez told El Observador (with translation by Scott Corrales), “What we have done in the region is significant. We hope that more countries will sign on to this accord.”

Sanchez is the director of CRIDOVNI, Uruguay’s official, 33-year-old government investigation into what we know in the States as The Great Taboo.

What Sanchez and his Chilean counterpart, retired general Ricardo Bermudez, have done is pretty fearless. Bermudez, director of Chile’s 15-year-old government research group, CEFAA, and Sanchez have essentially told the world (read: Uncle Sam) the stigma is over.

“When in the Ufology history have we seen … two official UFO research organizations, from different countries and that take the alien presence on Earth very seriously, joining forces in an international cooperation effort,” wrote A.J. Gevaerd, editor of Brazilian UFO Magazine.

The “alien presence” allusion may be premature, but this could be quite a show. Especially in light of the controversy stirred up by CEFAA in February, when it released videos at an Arizona conference that appeared to show a UFO stunting at will in the midst of a Chilean air show.

CEFAA claims it has multiple camera angles on that event, but skeptics had a field day. They pounced all over the imagery, arguing Chile’s interdisciplinary team of analysts couldn’t tell the difference between a legitimate mystery and flying insects.

CEFAA is reportedly analyzing the rest of the footage, but it has yet to release anything else, and the integrity of its science could find itself on trial here.

Either way, here’s the scenario: Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina and Peru are already engaged in various forms of UFO glasnost. Might an invitation from Chile and Uruguay encouraging them and other governments to join their efforts create yet another form of regionalism that asserts itself through aggressive and rigorous science? Should the union succeed and build a quantifiable database, would official U.S. institutions feel obliged to respond?

It may be a little early to jump that far ahead, but after reading former MUFON International Director James Carrion’s recent report from Brazil, when it comes to UFO research, America is looking like the one with the Third World future.

If you want the latest news from the science of UFOs, you might want to brush up on your Spanish. Or learn Portuguese.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/stillgotnukes.html

source & references:


Virginia Company Begins Work on Wytheville UFO Documentary
UFO Image
Published: 2:56 AM 4/19/2012

A wave of credible and dramatic UFO sightings swept the town of Wytheville from October 1987 well into the following year. With the 25th anniversary of the first sighting on the horizon, a documentary company, Horse Archer Productions, has launched a new project to revisit the events.

The story centers on WYVE news director, Danny Gordon, who inadvertently became the hub of the flap on October 7, 1987, when Wythe County Sheriff Wayne Pike called in his crime report. Pike told Gordon that four police officers, including some with military experience, had witnessed a UFO.

Within a few weeks, Gordon himself had sighted a strange craft and the town was buzzing with reports, most of which came directly to him. A press conference in mid-October drew national attention and by the following year, Gordon personally received more than 3000 reports.

Gordon took the only known photos of the craft in December of 1987 over a parking lot where over 100 witnesses, including a school bus load of students from Floyd County, saw several craft fly over.

The film, called “Strange Country: A Different Kind of UFO Documentary,” will approach the story from a unique angle according to Sean Kotz, who is directing and producing the film with partner Chris Valluzzo.

“Most of the time, UFO documentaries focus on the most outlandish aspects and are often marked by wild speculations or unfounded assumptions,” said Kotz.

“Instead, we are interested in the human story which is typically forgotten in these cases. What happened to the town and in particular, Danny Gordon, whose life was turned upside down by the ensuing attention and excitement?”

Valluzzo said the UFOs themselves would not be ignored in the film, however.

“It is a compelling case because there were hundreds, if not thousands, of individual witnesses and a variety of craft over the course of several months,” said Valluzzo.

“The witnesses were reliable people,” he added. “In fact, the National Enquirer sent a reporter who decided not to run a story because the people were just not weird enough!”

Kotz said that the reigning opinion is that it was some kind of classified military project, but there are some details that just don’t match up.

“First of all, why Wytheville? If you are trying to hide something, the intersection of two major highways is not a good place to do it.”

“Secondly, the B2 bomber and refueling exercise explanations don’t fit the facts. The majority of the unexplained reports feature noiseless, hovering, low-level craft.”

The film is scheduled for completion this year before the anniversary, but fundraising is ongoing. People interested in seeing the film completed can learn more about the project and see the first trailer at www.indiegogo.com/strangecountry.

UFO Casebook Splash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/wythevilledocu.html

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Archived Case of the Week

UFO Encounters over Wytheville, Virginia - 1987

Published: 5:36 PM 12/16/2009

Wytheville, Virginia - 10-07-87

In 1987, in the community of Wytheville, Virginia, a series of UFO encounters would occur. The first sighting to be reported was made by three policeman.

On October 7, 1987, WYVE radio station news reporter Danny Gordon received a telephone call from the local Sheriff. This was a routine call that Gordon received to gather news each day.

However, this report was not your run-of-the-mill call. Gordon was shocked at what he was told - three Wythe County Sheriff deputies, all former military, had seen a UFO.

A report such as this was normally relegated to the end of Gordon's news cast, as a tongue-in-cheek report. This was the case with the UFO report, but it would not remain humorous long.

Almost immediately after the broadcast, telephone switchboards were overloaded with UFO reports. Obviously, the three deputies were not the only witnesses to UFOs.

On October 19, Gordon set up a call-in show for the UFO reports. Though the reports came in, Gordon felt that there must be a reasonable explanation. He made numerous calls to the military, but was assured that nothing from the military would explain the reports.

On October 21, Gordon, along with his friend Roger Hall, a commercial pilot, took a drive to the southern part of Wythe County, where most of the UFO reports had originated. They were armed with both still and video cameras.

For about two hours they searched the skies for something unusual, but saw nothing. Their luck would change on their drive home. Gordon saw a strange object in the sky, and alerted Hall.

They quickly pulled off the road, and piled out. Both men could clearly see a large, domed, wingless object moving toward them. The right side of the UFO was illuminated with various colored lights.

Hall reported that the object was the size of two football in length. He could see three windows on the craft, light from the inside. Also, he was shocked to see a red ball moving toward what he felt was a mother ship.

Danny Gordon Soon, the larger ship slowly moved into a cloud bank, with the red ball joining it. Both men thought the other was taking photos or video of the object. They were both so taken by what they were seeing, neither man had grabbed a camera.

The very next night, the two sky watchers again searched for the UFO. They were reward this time with photographs. Although the photos were not yet developed, a press conference was called for the following day.

The night before the conference, Gordon received an anonymous call, warning him that the Federal Government was very much interested in what Gordon and Hall had seen. Gordon continued to receive calls, warning him to back off of the UFO subject.

After the conference was held, Gordon arrived at his home only to find that someone had broken in. Nothing was taken, but Gordon believed that someone was trying to find his UFO photos.

Gordon would get a second chance to capture a UFO with his camera. Six weeks after the conference, he, along with his wife and daughter, were leaving a local mall after doing some shopping. Suddenly, they heard a roar of voices coming from a Wythe school bus which was sitting in the parking lot.

The reason for the student's excitement was soon discovered. Hovering in plain sight was a large group of four unknown lights. This time Gordon had his camera ready and snapped several photographs.

After the photos were developed, it could be clearly seen that the four lights changed shapes.

UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon

The sightings in and around Wytheville continued. By the end of December, approximately 1,500 reports had been filed. These described various shapes and sizes, with most of the objects seeming to be noiseless.

On March 19, 1988, Gordon, while packing for a Broadcaster's Conference in Virginia Beach, where he would discuss the UFO sightings over Wytheville, he received a telephone call from a retired Military Intelligence Officer.

The officer told Gordon to tape the call because if something was to happen to Gordon, he would have proof that Gordon had been warned to cease publicizing the UFO sightings. The officer threatened Gordon and his family.

Naturally, Gordon was frightened, but also maddened by the threats. Approximately a month later, Gordon had a visit from two men. They claimed to be from a newspaper. One of the men interviewed Gordon about the sightings for about 45 minutes, while the second visitor roamed around the house, taking photographs.

Gordon has been promised a copy of the interview, but after a suitable time passed with no information, Gordon called the paper where the two men claimed to work. Gordon was informed that the men were not employees of the paper.

A few weeks later, Gordon got a chance to go back through all of the photos he had taken of the UFOs. He discovered that although some of the negatives remained, one set in particular was missing - the photos taken over the shopping mall.

The threatening phone calls, the visits by bogus newsmen, and the breaking in of his home finally took their tool on Gordon. Two weeks after he discovered the missing set of photos, he keeled over.

His wife rushed him to a local Emergency Room, where it was first thought that he was suffering a heart attack. It would soon be discovered that he was suffering from exhaustion.

Gordon his health at rich, finally decided to back off of his ardent search for the mystery of the UFO sightings over Wytheville, Virginia, and gave this advice to others: "Don't look up."

What can be said about the mysterious lights / objects in the Virginia skies in the late 1980s? Were they from the stars? or were they some highly classified military experiment?

We may never know for certain. The mystery continues.

written by B J Booth

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/wythevillevirginia.html

source & references:

Unsolved Mysteries: The UFO Odyssey, parts 1, 2

Wytheville, Virginia WYVE radio station


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