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UFO Casebook Magazine 507, Issue date, 04-30-12

Unknown Flying Object Observed over Oklahoma U. in Norman
OU Campus
Published: 4:50 AM 4/26/2012

Norman, Oklahoma - 04-25-12

Witness One

I was at Bishops Landing Apartments in Norman, OK, which is directly behind the OU football stadium. It was around ten o clock, and two of my friends and I were having a cigarette outside their front door.

This was on the second story of a three-story apartment complex, and our view of the sky is quite limited due to an apartment wall in front of us.

My friend Haley was the first to point it out, she later told me that she had been watching it for a few seconds already before bringing attention to it. The other friend of mine, Ryan, and I both immediately saw the object once we looked up.

It was no more than 75 feet above the roof of the building, not quite directly over our heads but instead at about 80 degrees above the horizon. I only watched it for about ten seconds before it was out of my line of sight, but I got a decent look.

There were no lights on the object at all, but being so close I could easily make out an outline. It was somewhat boomerang shaped, but a bit thicker in the middle.

I could also make out circles on the underside of the craft, probably where the lights would be if they were turned on. I would guess it to be about 25 feet long, and since I was only able to see the underside of the craft I can’t give much detail about the dimensions other than that.

It was also moving at a rapid rate of speed, probably a couple of hundred miles an hour, but being so low in the sky it looked like it was moving very fast. When I first saw it, it came at us from SW headed NE, but it made a sharp turn (this was immediately after I looked at it) toward the north and continued in that direction.

It also made absolutely no noise. There was no noise interference around us at all, the place was dead silent. If there was even a slight hum coming from this object, we would have heard it.

I made this report because this was right on campus, and this is a very busy area. I am keeping my fingers crossed that other people saw this. (see below) I have always been interested in this subject, and I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have witnessed something like this.

There is no doubt in my mind I saw something extraordinary tonight. Keep your eyes on the sky everyone.

Witness Two

This is mainly in response to the report of a "lightless" object over OU campus around 10 PM 4/25/2012. I was leaving a well-known "Center" near (within 2 miles) of campus around (guesstimating) 10:20 PM Wednesday night.

I say guesstimating then because I got home at 10:40 PM and it's usually a 20 minute drive to and from, so it must've been around 10:20 PM or so.

Unlike what first witness described, the only reason I even noticed this was because it was SO bright and extremely low to me, and seemed awfully quiet and stationary to be an airplane.

If it was a star I sure as heck didn't notice it before tonight. Anyway, when I pulled out of the parking lot onto the road I didn't notice it anymore, so I kind of wondered where it went or what it was.

I didn't really have aliens on my mind then, but I wondered and briefly thought, maybe I saw a UFO.

I dismissed it pretty quickly and didn't think anything else about it till I got a text from a buddy of mine back home who loves UFO stuff and actually texted me at 1:00 AM in the morning to ask me if I noticed anything strange (UFO wise) around 10:00 last night out here on campus, then I remembered what I saw.

For whatever it's worth (and I've never been much of believer in this stuff), but for coincidence sake... I will tell you what I saw looked like it was about 2 to 3 football fields in distance northwest from the intersection of HWY 9 at Chautauqua in Norman around 10:15-:20 in Norman, OK, and looked like a large... almost "pinkish star (huge star) about 200 to 400ft above the ground that just seemed to disappear, although I never saw it "disappear." I just noticed it was there one second and gone too quickly to be an airplane.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/oucampus042512.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

edited by www.ufocasebook.com

The Alien Implant Legacy of Podiatrist Roger Leir
Dr. Roger Leir
Published: 3:11 PM 4/23/2012

written by Ryan Dube

For the last few months, I’ve held off on publishing a story written by Janet about Dr. Roger Leir and his work involving so-called alien implants.

There were two reasons for holding off. The first was that I wanted to confirm that Dr. Roger K Leir’s credentials were real. He is in fact licensed with the Board of Podiatric Medicine in California in 1964, and other than a probation period from 2001 through 2002 (see case 1B1994035623) supposedly (according to Leir) related to his book publicaion in 2000. However, today his license is in good standing.

The second reason I held off on the case is the bad taste in my mouth related to the field of Ufology.

In 2005, I was deeply involved in Ufology-related study and research, and cut my teeth on a few of the ongoing online scams at the time. After working long days and nights with fellow researchers on tracking down the background of various hoaxers for a few years, I have to admit I got tired of the field.

It became clear to me that Ufology is a field that has, for many decades, been filled with people that have more imagination than common sense. In the worst cases, there are people that have very serious mental health issues.

I don’t say that facetiously or with spite, it is an observation made after having one-on-one conversations with many of them, and observing an unexplainable unwillingness to connect reality and facts with their theories and explanations for unusual phenomenon.

I realized that the field is better analyzed from the outside, from 50,000 feet I guess you could say. Rarely, any more, do I bother going to UFO forums, blogs or even bother dealing with authors or scientists that are too far entrenched in the field.

At this point, I believe they are too contaminated by the madness to see the forest for the trees.

So, it is with great trepidation and caution that I decided to turn the attention of TopSecretWriters to the case of Dr. Roger Leir.

Roger Leir’s Alien Implants

In summary – Dr. Roger Leir has been active in Ufology for a long time.

Since 1995, he has been investigating what he believes are alien implants in his patients, he investigated the alleged “UFO crash” in Brazil and wrote a book on it, and he was one of the scientific consultants to NIDS, the UFO research organization founded and funded by Las Vegas real estate billionaire Robert Bigelow.

Those are the credentials that stand out against Leir’s credibility, because they establish him as having relationships with those individuals that make up the vandguard of “old-school” Ufology, people that have kept the field hijacked with silly theories, even sillier research efforts, and endless assumptions – without thorough exploration of all other possibilities – about the cause of various phenomenon being extraterrestrial in nature.

However, what concerns me, and the reason I’ve finally decided to cover Roger Leir’s story, is because of his mainstream credentials (which are, in fact, legitimate), the evidence that he has actually drudged up during the course of his medical work, and most importantly, the fact that his background doesn’t crumble under closer scrutiny.

That is more than can be said for most so-called “scientists” in the field of Ufology.

The following is Janet’s original article – and my follow-up for further investigation comes at the end.

Janet’s Article

Upon first glance, Roger K. Leir may seem to be a quiet, unassuming Southern California podiatrist.

But the well-respected physician (within Ufology) has another area of expertise: surgically removing what he and others believe are other-worldly implants from UFO abductees.

Leir has extricated unusual objects of various shapes and sizes from both men and women, and documented the findings in his book “The Aliens and the Scalpel.”

While some skeptics may suspect that the objects are odd splinters, or the result of some unusual accident that might have embedded those objects, Leir says that the objects he has removed are not from this world at all.

Patricia's Implant was metal and had fibrous tissue attachments.

Leir’s First Alien Implant Patient: Patricia

Leir started performing implant removal surgeries in 1995 after being approached by alien abduction researcher Derrell Sims.

Leir’s surgical candidates are pre-screened to ensure that they have both a sound psychological profile and a plausible alien abduction history.

Based on Sims’ recommendation, Leir formed his first surgical team to remove a bizarre object implanted in the foot of a woman named Patricia.

Patricia claimed to have at least two alien encounters prior to the surgery.

During Patricia’s surgery, Leir needed various scalpel blades to carefully excise the object in her foot. Although Patricia had received adequate local anesthesia, the surgery still caused her to flail in pain.

Leir recalled after more than an hour of searching for the object, the surgical team heard a “crisp metallic click,” as the piece of metal came into contact with the scalpel’s blade.

Leir described the object as needing to be carefully removed from “its fatty and fibrous tissue attachments.”

Leir’s Second Surgery: Paul

Leir’s second patient was “Paul.” Paul didn’t realize anything was embedded in his hand until it showed up in an x-ray after an auto accident.

“Paul, did you ever injure your hand or have surgery performed on it?” his physician asked.

While Paul had no recollection of any prior injury or surgery, he did begin to recall at least 3 horrifying alien encounters.

When Leir’s surgical team began to inspect Paul’s hand, they noticed no evidence of any incision, scar or entry wound. But according to Leir, when a magnetometer was passed over the hand, the machine detected a strong magnetic current.

As with Patricia’s surgery, an audible “click” was heard when the scalpel blade made contact with the foreign object.

Both Patricia and Paul’s cases led Leir and colleague Derrell Sims into a new realm of medical inquiry that soon resulted in additional surgeries.

Leir and Sims discovered that mostly all so-called alien implants are placed on the left side of the body, patients undergoing implant removal experience severe pain, even when sufficient anesthesia is administered, all subjects have a compulsion to eat salty foods, and half of all subjects suffer from night blindness.

Biological Findings

In his book “The Aliens and the Scalpel,” Leir says that his surgical team carefully collected tissue specimens from around the implanted objects.

Test results have allegedly shown large amounts of sensory nerve endings known as proprioceptors. Over the years, according to Leir, tests have been performed on the samples at Los Alamos National Labs, New Mexico Tech, Seal Laboratories, Southwest Labs, the University of Toronto, York University, and the University of California at San Diego.

“There was no anatomical need for these specialized nerve cells to be clustered about a foreign body that is housed deep within the confines of a toe and adjacent to a bone,” he wrote.

Leir says that he was also astonished to find that there was a “complete lack” of visible microscopic inflammation of the tissue samples.

According to Leir, the body often creates an inflammation response whenever foreign objects are inserted.

“This system of defense is designed to ward off any invading substance, thus providing the body with the protection it needs.”

The Membrane

Leir noted that out of the first 8 surgeries performed by his medical team, 4 metallic objects covered with a hard, shiny substance were excised.

Leir discovered that the implants often have a tough, fibrous membrane. When sent to a laboratory for analysis, results revealed that the membranes are derived from 3 biological elements including the blood-clotting protein coagulum, an oxygen-carrying iron pigment similar to hemoglobin called Hemosiderin and keratin, the substance found in human hair and nails.

Metallurgical Results

Leir had several implants analyzed by respected laboratories, including Los Alamos National Laboratories and New Mexico Tech. Leir claims that one laboratory’s analysis compared the implants’ metal composition to that of a meteorite. He wrote:

“Most of the metallurgical analysis indicates that the structure of the objects has an extraterrestrial origin. The composition of the objects includes metals whose isotopic ratios are clearly not from Earth.”

While Roger Leir hoped to gain answers, his surgeries often left him with even more questions.

He says that the implanted objects serve a purpose that has yet to be determined.

“Some individuals with alien abduction histories have artificially manufactured objects in their bodies of a demonstrably extraterrestrial origin,” Leir wrote, adding that at least ufology has its “smoking gun”: hard, scientific evidence of aliens.

Editor’s Conclusion and Future Study

Readers that have signed up for our monthly newsletter know that we are currently investigating several cases throughout the country involving “targeted individuals” that believe they are being harassed through electronic means.

Those electronic means are often through alleged implants, but sometimes simply through what they believe are some form of energy or radiation used to manipulate their health or mental well-being.

Leir’s work struck a cord with me, mostly because the description of the objects he discovered appear to match the description of objects recovered from TI patients. This suggests that if these objects are truly manufactured (a fact that has yet to be scientifically established, in my opinion), it is an erroneous assumption that Sims and Leir have made that the objects are extra-terrestrial in nature.

The Los Alamos lab simply recommended further testing, and New Mexico Tech concluded that the samples were made up of metal material one could only find on a meteorite.

Not only is there nowhere near enough evidence to suggest that these are “alien” implants, but such an assumption also applies an unnecessary stigma to the phenomena surrounding these strange objects. It’s a stigma which keeps legitimate doctors and researchers from examining these cases more closely, and it keeps most mainstream reporters – wary of anything to do with “aliens” – from exploring these unusual and intriguing cases.

Although their intentions might be noble, by tying the discovery of these objects to the subject of aliens, Leir and Sims have done a great disservice to these patients.

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(5) Medical Board of California license record

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/rogerleirimplants.html

source & references:


Texas Witnesses - Bright UFO Evades Airplane Path
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:09 PM 4/27/2012

By Raymond Samuels

UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects." Some reported UFOs may be natural phenomena. Other UFOs are reportedly terrestrial military projects which are kept from general public knowledge. Someinvestigators claim that some UFOs are alien in origin.

A Texas couple reports seeing a UFO on 25 April 2012 according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

"About 10 o’clock last night my husband and I were sitting on the front porch of our home when I noticed an extremely bright light going across the sky," the witness stated.

The witness then described unusual blinking lights which did not resemble any flight lighting.

"I pointed it out to my husband who noted that the object did not have any traditional flight lighting (red or green blinking lights)."

The object or entity after a few seconds then shot-off in a very unusual perpendicular direction. The witness suggests that the object dimmed or cloaked, and then appeared to consciously seek to evade an airplane which was flying into the vicinity.

No images or videos were included with the MUFON report, which was filed on 25 April 2012. The above quotes were edited for clarity.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/texasairplanepath.html

source & references:


Reader Submits 2000 Triangle Sighting from Greece
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:07 PM 4/25/2012

Greece - 08-29-2000

Greetings from Greece. I came upon your site while looking for photos of triangular UFOs, saw the other reports and decided to tell my story for no other reason but to let others know that they are not mad or something.

It happened on August 29, 2000, about 20 minutes to midnight.

I and my wife were sitting in the balcony sharing a beer (a single can so far) and staring at the summer sky. Suddenly my wife's jaw dropped and pointing to somewhere over my back said: "What's this?"

I turned and saw it. It was HUGE! I am an aircraft enthusiast since boyhood and can recognize any kind of military aircraft and most of the commercial liners, but I've never seen anything like this.

Even if you had no knowledge of flying machines you wouldn't mistake this for an airplane or balloon for no other reason but the size of it.

It was flying a little above the clouds (at 2000 meters as taken from the weather report of the day) and it was easily 10 times the span of any aircraft.

You may find this a wild exaggeration, but that's what I saw.

It was dotted with about two dozen lights - mostly red, blue and green - transparent/blurry in some strange way and triangular. Not a true triangle though.

The front reminded more of a somewhat pointed stingray, but the back is somewhat more difficult to describe. When I and my wife sketched what we saw, we couldn't agree on this point. As far as I am concerned, the back end was V-shaped; while my wife insists it was more like a straight cut.

It was completely silent and faster than an airliner at this altitude, for it covered an arc of about 60 degrees in some 15 seconds.

When it was over we just kept silent for a minute or two, trying to figure out what the f... that was. We were exited and - won't deny it - somewhat afraid. Neither of us had any belief in UFOs till then and we had never seen anything like this before and havent' seen anything like this since.

Then we started to speculate, talk with others and search the web for pictures, to no avail. Nobody seems to have seen it (despite the fact that Athens is a city of some 4 million), no photo was taken and nothing was ever published on this sighting.

Moreover, it is unlike any triangular photo I have come across so far. "My" case did not have these predominant lights I so frequently saw on other "triangles,, nor was it black. It was rather greyish, "somehow transparent" and the lights were small and faint.

That's all folks. I sure hope that you post it, and maybe somebody, someday will read this and perhaps report back.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/greecetri2000.html

source & references:

submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

When Seeing is Believing - UFO Sightings by Skeptics
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:01 PM 4/23/2012

'Seeing is believing.' 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' 'I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.'

I'm sure you've heard quotes like these all of your life. I'm also sure you've felt you needed to experience certain things for yourself before believing they were true. The people I've written about here felt that way about many subjects listed under the paranormal heading.

They knew people talked about, wrote about and made movies about such things, but they really never believed any of it to be true – until, of course, they came face-to-face with such phenomena and saw the enigma up front and clearly - with their own eyes.

The first encounter that forced mostly skeptical eyes wide open happened to a young couple I know through a friend of a friend. I met the couple a few times briefly and could tell they felt I was that wacko who writes about all the crazy paranormal stuff!

They look at me differently now - in fact, they look at lots of things differently now. This couple and their six-year-old son had what you would call a “life changing experience” one weekend late in the summer of 2011 while on a camping trip in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York.

The three of them would often pack up their camping gear and take long weekends in different forested locations around the state. One spot they always enjoyed visiting was one of the many wooded areas of the Catskill Mountains. It was an easy drive from their home outside of New York City and a beautiful place to find nature and adventure for their little boy.

Late in September of 2011 the small family decided to spend a long weekend, while the weather remained warm, hiking among the Catskills. They would drive to an area where they could pull their large, older model van off the road and set up a small campsite close to where they wanted to explore the wooded mountainside.

Their campsite consisted of a few folding chairs and a portable grill they placed on the ground as a small fire pit. For safety and comfort, the three of them slept in sleeping bags inside the back of their van. The family would investigate the hiking paths during the day, returning to their makeshift campsite to cook a dinner of hotdogs and toasted marshmallows over their small campfire at day's end.

At night they would sit and watch the sky until their little fire died away. Then, exhausted from a day of exploring, the family usually crawled into their van before 9 PM, slipping into warm sleeping bags. The next day, dawn would start the pleasant routine all over again.

The weekend at the center of our story was like many others they'd enjoyed over that summer - hiking along the mountainside, sitting around the campfire and sleeping in the van. Then came the day the six-year-old grew tired and hungry about 5 PM, sending the three back to their small campsite.

The parents set about building a small fire in the portable grill and pulling out the cooler full of food for the night. The little boy played nearby with a handful of toys he brought along.

With the fire crackling, the young wife poured enough water in a small pot to make some hot chocolate for the family to help with the colder air slowly beginning to make its way across the Catskills. It was still daylight, but the family was tired and their day was winding down.

They sat contently around the small fire, fussing with the food and talking about things they'd seen during their hike when the child stood up from where he was playing around on the ground with his toys. With his back to his parents, he was looking out towards the sky above a small valley below them.

Suddenly he interrupted his parents by whispering to his father, "Dad, what is that thing?”

At first the father continued talking to his wife when his little boy called to him again, sounding a bit more frightened, "Dad, that thing, what is it? It's scaring me!" With that the little boy backed up to his father and grabbed his shirt tightly.

Turning to face the small valley, the young father looked to see what was upsetting his son. His wife was now paying attention to what was happening as well...

In front of this small family, rising from the valley floor, was a huge oval-shaped craft. The hulking craft had sinister glow as it loomed over the valley, changing rapidly from blues to greens to purples; however, there was no hint of the familiar lights that announce the nighttime presence of a standard aircraft.

The entire surface of the ominous craft glowed with the continuously changing colors. It appeared the craft was seamlessly fashioned of a silvery metal skin with rotating luminous neon colors.

It didn't seem to have any windows, doors or breaks in its smooth metallic surface and made not even a single sound. The family stood awestricken and frightened for a few seconds as the massive craft rose above the mountain scenery.

Quickly conquering feelings of nausea and overpowering fear, the husband, a combat hardened military veteran, knew he had to move his family to safety. He didn't want whatever controlled the threatening craft to notice them. Slowly, he bent to empty the pot of water on the fire, dousing the flames. He slowly swept up his son, whispering to the child not to make any noise, pulling the boy close while he reached for his wife's hand.

He shook his head when she started to speak. The young husband slowly withdrew his family, silently, to the van. He opened the passenger door, motioning for his wife to get in and passing her the child who was now whimpering in fear. He slowly moved to the driver's side of the van, keeping wary eyes on the craft that continued to slowly rise from the valley. He slid into the van and started the engine, slowly guiding it into the tree line for concealment.

The van was a dark green, and he hoped he could hide it from the view of whatever mastered the rising craft. He was trying to maintain concealment while putting distance between the fear inducing craft and his little family.

At a crawl, the van edged its way along the tree line as the husband moved carefully away from the threatening craft. He did this until he could no longer see the UFO, hoping the craft's crew couldn't see him either. He slowly increased his speed, trying not to crash into any of the trees as he distanced his family from the mysterious giant object.

He continued this path along the side of the road, under the trees, until he felt it was safe to take to the road's surface to get his family out of there as fast as possible. The young family hit the road, speeding down the mountain as fast as they could, moving rapidly away from whatever it was that was rising above the valley.

The young husband headed the van for the closest area where other people would be and found a gas station at the bottom of the mountain road. The family, now shocked and still terrified, told the gas station owner what they had just seen. Strangely, the gas station owner didn't seem shocked, nor did he think they were crazy.

He told them they did the right thing, getting out of there, and suggested the young man fill his tank and continue driving away from the area. The family took his advice, quickly finding their way to a heavily traveled highway and heading directly home.

When they were safely locked in far from the mountains in their own home, the young man called the sheriff's office responsible for the area where they had their ominous sighting to report what they had observed. A deputy politely took his report, but showed no emotion or reaction to what the family had witnessed.

The young husband couldn't tell if the lack of reaction was due to the deputy not believing him, or just the boredom that might set in for an official who had heard similar reports from a multitude of callers that night.

The deputy had no response to the young man's question of whether others had reported the sighting besides him. The deputy simply thanked him and ended the call.

The couple had never thought much about things like UFOs before and never anticipated coming face-to-face with one while sitting around a campfire in the Catskills. Fortunately, the young father knew instinctively that he needed to get his family away from there as quickly and quietly as he could. He did an excellent job of keeping his focus and saving his family.

The fact of the matter is that no one really knew exactly where this family was that day, and no one was near where they parked to spend the night in the woods. If the crew of the mysterious craft had noticed them and taken them, the family may have joined the ranks of the missing with no chance of anyone ever knowing what happened to them.

The quick-thinking that led the young father to rise above the terror of this situation was exactly the cool thinking needed to save his family from the possibility of an unknown fate.

This couple now knows these anomalous objects exist, and they're able to perform in ways that can't be matched by any known terrestrial aircraft. The object they witnessed was about the size of a cruise ship. Its illumination came from glowing rather than actual lights.

It was silent, and even as large as it was, it could hover in midair, slowly gaining altitude between periods of simply hanging still in the sky. The man told me only personally seeing such an object could ever convince him these fantastic aerial enigmas and their capabilities exist.

Not only did this family experience a life changing encounter, they received a lesson in keeping an open mind when it comes to claims about UFOs and similar seemingly outlandish things that are being reported worldwide.

That leads us to a report I personally received from a formerly skeptical source a few years ago. One of the things I've learned during the years I've been writing about the paranormal is that you never can be sure who will be the next person to tell you of an extraordinary event.

More than once I've had one of my most strident critics or hardened skeptics tell me about something incredible that happened to them, something that challenged their beliefs and left them shaking their heads.

I'm both amused and amazed at these people who ridicule and give me a terrible time for years only to turn around and search me out to tell me of an incredible encounter of their own. The strange thing is no matter how clear and how bizarre their experience may have been, this type of individual will still hold onto the reasoning it was all explainable, or, at the most, a secret of our own government.

Opening their minds to other explanations is just out of the question to this type of personality, even when the unknown is staring them directly in the face!

This sighting took place in West Haven, Connecticut. The event was experienced by a man who is a hardcore skeptic and his wife and two children. The belief-challenging encounter with the unknown took place in the early 1990s.

In his own words, this is exactly what this man told me happened to him and his family:

"It was around the end of August. The family and I decided to go pick up a few burgers and take them down to the dock overlooking the water (the Long Island Sound) to eat them. By the time we picked up our food and made our way to the dock it was about 7 PM. It was a beautiful day with a huge blue sky filled with big fluffy white clouds. We got our bag of food and drinks and parked at the dock along with about three other cars all doing the same thing as we were - eating.

"We were all sitting there looking out over the water enjoying our burgers looking at the water and sky when out of nowhere the water directly in front of the dock about 200 or so feet out from shore started to whirl. As the water swirled around up from the middle of it a big UFO came out of the water slowly rising right in front of us. At about 300 feet over the water it hesitated and simply hung there in the sky above the water.

"It was about as big as three school buses tied together. Oval or cigar-shaped with a dome on top. The damn thing was big and right there in front of us. It was gunmetal gray with only two small blinking red lights on each either side of it. Otherwise no lights at all were visible. The thing just hovered there in the sky dripping. I thought it had to be a government secret craft of some type or maybe a hologram.

"I could hear the cars around me try to start their motors as soon as this thing started coming up out of the water. They could not turn over the car engines to start. I also tried to start my car as my first response, like the other cars, was to get away from this thing. The cars would not start. We all had no other choice but to sit and watch. No one wanted to get out of their car at this point. We did not know what this thing was or what it would do if we got out to run. We all just sat in our cars not knowing what to do.

"The UFO once again started to rise up into the sky. At this point I realized that clouds were directly over the craft and the craft seemed to be moving quickly toward them. Within a few seconds the UFO had entered the cloud cover above it and silently slipped deep into the cloud cover until you could barely make out the outline of the craft.

“We sat staring at this until I heard one of the other cars start. As soon as his car started all the other drivers tried and were able to start their cars too. The next thing we all heard were the squealing of tires as we all sped away from the dock as fast as possible.

"We drove home still a bit shocked at what he had just seen. Once safely inside our home I realized it was now nearly dark outside and glanced at the clock. It was nearly 9 PM. I could not understand where the time had gone as the entire sighting at the dock lasted only a few minutes.

"How we went from 7 to 9 PM was confusing. My wife and I talked it over and decided to call the police and ask if any military operations of any kind were taking place over the Long Island Sound. When we called our questions were received with at first a long silence and then a bit of confusion. The long and the short of it was that they did not know or hear of anything unusual going on.

"I know my family and I saw something unique that day. I have no idea what kind of experiment we were caught up in but feel it must have been either military or science driven. I would not even bring it up but since so many people are seeing things like we saw I thought I would throw my two cents in too."

That's what this man told me. I asked him why he ruled out the possibility this craft may have been something that didn't originate on our world. He simply laughed and said, "That's ridiculous and I'm not an idiot!"

I felt it best to leave him thinking what he needed to think in order to deal with the incredible UFO sighting he and his family had while munching burgers in West Haven.

Many people see unusual things, and as you can see from the two reports I've given here, people also have their own views about what it is they witnessed.

Until we know for sure what these unidentified objects are that so many of us have reported seeing all over the world, we shouldn't discount any explanation, including the possibility they originate in a galaxy far away.

For now we remain in the dark about whom or what is behind the UFOs we're seeing and often recording on film. One day this phenomenon will be understood. Until then it will remain in the realm of the unknown.

Copyright © 2012 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World - http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email - chrisholly61@yahoo.com Phone: 631-887-4818

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Archived Case of the Week

Close Encounter with Black Triangle UFO, Seattle, Washington, 1993
Triangle Depiction

By Gary Val Tenuta

The following is a true and accurate account of my “close encounter” in Seattle, Washington, which occurred in 1993. I believe it was in the month of November.

It was a Sunday night about 9:30. I often had occasion to be driving north about that time of evening on Sundays, and I usually took the I-5 freeway.

This time, however, I knew the freeway, northbound, was jammed up due to an accident. So I took an alternate route which eventually led me to what I think was East Marginal Way, right next to the main Boeing Aircraft facility in Seattle.

As I was traveling, northbound, I noticed three red lights low in the sky ahead of me and to my right. They were moving in unison, very slowly across my field of vision from east to west.

At first, I thought they must be the lights of a low flying plane, perhaps about to land. Then I thought, no, they must be helicopters because a plane, even if it was landing, wouldn't be moving that slowly.

The trouble was, I couldn't actually see the craft or crafts that the lights were attached to. They were, maybe, a half mile ahead of me, about 30 degrees to my right. Normally, I wouldn't have paid much attention to this because I'd been making that Sunday night drive past Boeing (although via the freeway) for twelve years.

This is also not too far from the Sea-Tac Airport. In all that time I'd seen plenty of airplanes and helicopters flying low in this area. But something was different this time. It took me a minute to realize what it was. It was the fact that the lights weren't blinking. I thought that was odd.

It seemed to me every airplane or helicopter I've ever seen flying at night had blinking lights. I squinted my eyes as I drove toward the lights, trying to see just what I was actually looking at.

Although I was now only about two blocks away from being directly under the flight path of these lights, I still could not make out what they were attached to.

However, from their slow, steady movement, in unison, I was pretty sure all three of them were attached to a single object, rather than being independent of each other. By the time I was directly in line with their flight path, they were about to enter the airspace above Boeing Field to my immediate left.

At this point I was convinced it was a single, low-flying craft of some kind and I knew there was something very odd here. I pulled my car off to the side of the road and rolled down the window to get a better look. But the craft was now directly overhead so I had to get out of the car to see it...

I opened the car door and stepped out, craning my neck to see the craft as it passed slowly directly over my head at an estimated altitude of less than 500 feet (Note: at the actual time of the sighting my impression was that the craft was perhaps only about 150 feet above me).

I could see it was a gigantic black triangle. There is no other way to describe it because that's precisely what it was; a huge, black, triangle; not just "sort of" triangular-shaped, like one of those stealth jets I'd seen photos of.

It was just one big, three-sided, cookie-cutter-straight-edged, black, geometric shape; a triangle with one large, round unblinking red light at each of its three corners, flat up against the underside of the craft. There was a high, gray cloud cover that evening, subtly lit by the Seattle city lights in the distance. I could clearly and without obstruction see the object like a huge, dense, black silhouette against this gray ceiling.

I stood there almost not believing what I knew I was seeing. I actually said to myself, “Ok. What, exactly, are you seeing? You're going to want to remember every detail of this! Just the facts, now. What, exactly, do you see?”

I made a mental inventory. “Black triangle. Red light on each corner, flat up against the underside of the craft. They don't blink...

(Note: at this point it has proceeded on past me and was now over Boeing field)... It looks like it's about seventy-five to a hundred feet above one of the main Boeing hangars. It's moving very slowly. Maybe five miles per hour. It's heading west. It appears to be about the size of a football field.”

Suddenly I realized, as I stood there in the dark on this quiet empty street, the object didn't make a sound! Maybe more than anything else, that's what made the whole thing so eerie. Something that huge, that close, moving through the air at a snail's pace should be making some kind of a sound. A hum. A rumble. Anything. But, no.

It just moved across the sky like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie with the volume turned off. I looked up and down the street to see if anyone else was witnessing this silent event, but the street was dark and empty in both directions.

It occurred to me, however, that the thing had just passed directly over hundreds of cars on the freeway which was only a few miles east of where I was standing. I looked up again at the mysterious craft now blending into the dark horizon. I watched it until I couldn't see it anymore and then it was over.

I got back into my car and closed the door. The window was still open and I took another look. Nothing was there but the gray night sky, softly aglow from the distant city lights. It was as if nothing had happened. But believe me, it did, indeed, happen.



The weekend following my sighting (referenced above), I told my ex-wife about it. We're on good terms and I was either picking up my son for a weekend visit or returning him. I can't recall which. In any case, her response to what I told her was rather shocking but it may be significant to note that she has no interest in the UFO phenomenon and is not prone to making up such stories "off the cuff".

She works as a cocktail waitress and has conversations with many people during the course of her work. She told me that one of her customers, a Boeing employee, told her that there was an underground manufacturing facility located somewhere on the Boeing property where they were building a huge, triangular craft.

Supposedly this was a "secret" underground facility that no one was really supposed to know about. I asked her what else he told her but, having no real interest in such things and being very busy that evening, she didn't bother to ask any questions or in any way follow up on the conversation...

As I recall, she didn't know who this fellow was as he was apparently not one of the "regulars".

I don't know if this story has any merit or not, but I did find it very curious, especially coming from her and especially since I did see the craft cruise slowly, directly over the Boeing manufacturing plant.

Also of interest is the fact that Boeing made big news in 2002 when a story hit the press that they were experimenting with anti-gravity propulsion. Later, however, they denied it. But I recall that some researcher (I think it may have been Bill Hamilton) actually saw a 45-page document from Boeing pertaining to the anti-gravity research.

It occurred to me at the time of the sighting that the craft seemed much too big to be able to cruise that slowly without just falling to the ground. In fact it's more accurately descriptive to say it was "floating" rather than flying.

In any case, as stated previously, my ex-wife not only has no interest in such matters, she's also not one to come up with such imaginative tales on the spur of the moment. She was quite serious when she related this incident to me.

So just what did I see? Was it an alien craft? A secret military craft? I don't know. We'll just have to file it into the "Gray Basket" as UFO researcher, Stanton Friedman, is fond of saying.

Gary Val Tenuta

Everett, WA


Additional note of interest:

My affidavit attesting to the details of my sighting accompanied about 30 others which were offered into evidence in attorney Peter Gersten's court case against the Department of Defense in the 1990s.

It was an FOIA suit attempting to acquire any documents the DoD might have in their files related to this particular type of UFO. Gersten presented a favorable argument and the judge ordered the DoD to search for and present any such documents.

Of course the DoD claimed they had nothing and eventually the judge went along with the government on this one.

Gersten was instrumental in forcing the government to release hundreds of UFO documents in the late 1970s/early 1980s - files the NSA and FBI previously claimed didn't exist.

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