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UFO Magazine Issue # 357, Issue date, 05-04-09

Marine Engineer Reports Giant UFO over Fiddlers Ferry Power Station
UFO Depiction
St. Helens, Great Britain - 2008

I am a 48 year old with two grown up children. I am a marine engineer working on power plants and ship power supplies, I consider myself to be a most level headed person and born sceptic...

As of November 2008, this has changed, I find myself in a state of bewilderment and confusion as what is going on up there.

On a clear November afternoon at about 2.30 in the afternoon, I walked to the rear patio doors of my house to stand outside and have a smoke

While looking towards Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, an object appeared of immense size, and I mean huge. At the distance from me, this object was bigger than any giant bulk carrier, circular in shape with what looked to be a tiny bite out the back.

It had no lights I could see, but pulsed from the inside out then back again. It had an almost transparent look to it, dropped five small lights of an orange colour which dispersed and disappeared. The larger object then accelerated at such a speed it was as if it just blurred out of sight.

This was instantly followed by the same type of object which did exactly the same as the first. I would say that all this lasted no longer than 4-5 seconds. It was that quick.

Please do not tell me this was an optical illusion as I have seen more than most men on my travels around the world. This object was of such a size close to a major airport that it must have been seen on a radar plot or spotted by others.

Please try to put some light to all of this as I have even started to doubt myself as to whether I did see this or not, or if I have some kind of brain relapse due to a nicotine rush, but I saw what I saw and those are the facts.

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UFO Investigators Reveal Possible Otherwordly Relic from Roswell
Chuck Zukowski, UFO investigator, uses a map of the debris field to explain his team’s investigations into the 1947 Roswell Incident, at the Roswell Convention and Civic Center, Thursday. (Daily Record/Mark Wilson)
4/30/2009 11:52:00 PM

Cid Standifer

Record Staff Writer

UFO investigators held a press conference at the Roswell Civic and Convention Center on Thursday to announce that they found ... something.

"At this point, we don't know what it was or why it was there," said UFO investigator Chuck Zukowski. "I don't want to speculate."

"We want to announce to the world that this stuff needs further analysis," explained Dr. Bill Doleman, a retired archaeologist who supervised the dig where the items were found.

The artifacts were discovered in 2002 during a dig sponsored by the Sci Fi Channel, at a site where some eyewitnesses say a mysterious craft ricocheted off the ground in 1947.

Zukowski and his sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer, state director of the Mutual UFO Network in Missouri, volunteered to help with the excavation, and found the object that has been most thoroughly analyzed. The tiny piece of silvery material came from a site where water tended to gather.

Ziegelmeyer was sifting through buckets of dirt when the object emerged, and she quickly clutched it to keep it from blowing away.

The material began to curl up after it was exposed to sunlight. Ziegelmeyer speculated that it might have been sensitive to light or heat, although Doleman suggested it may have started to dry out after it was taken out of the ground.

The item, along with other specimens found by the team, was stored at the University of New Mexico's Office of Contract Archaeology.

Zukowski said it took years for them to figure out whether they could run tests on the items.

"We didn't really know who had responsibility for these things," he said. "After reams of paperwork I was able to get a hold of it."

Zukowski examined the item using an electron microscope. He said that the microscope belonged to a microchip manufacturer in Albuquerque, and a recently-retired technician helped him use it, but he declined to identify either the company or the assistant, saying it might be unseemly for them to be involved.

Zukowski said he determined that the artifact was mostly aluminum silicate. Other elements showed up in the sample, but he believes they are mostly from the microscope's surroundings or dirt that clung to the object.

Doleman said that aluminum silicate is not uncommon in nature, but the item was found on a limestone plateau, which is mostly calcium carbonate. There seemed to be nothing around that would contain or produce the compound.

Zukowski also took extremely close-up pictures of the artifact, capturing some features only a few microns long.

"We see some damage in here," he said, "and it's interesting that when you get down that small, you can see holes."

He also displayed an image of what looked like a tiny metallic whisker.

Zukowski, who designs microchips for a living, said that the features struck him as unusual.

"We know this thing definitely is not organic, number one," he concluded. "Number two, we know it's not indigenous."

The small silvery object was one of many that turned up during the dig. Doleman presented slides of what looked like a piece of PVC pipe and fragments of plastic, as well as what seemed to be leather and rubber from a shoe. Doleman said that they had not been analyzed, and he would like to confirm that they are what they seem to be.

"We want to figure out that they are using the best scientific methods available," he said.

The excavation also unearthed pieces of igneous rock that seemed out of place on the limestone plateau.

"They look like they may have been burned," noted Doleman. "Who knows what kind of burning a UFO creates when it smacks into the earth and then goes bouncing back up into the sky?"

The items that Doleman found most interesting were some orange blobs of material. Assaigai Analytical Laboratories Inc. in Albuquerque found that they were modacrylic adhesive, a heat-resistant synthetic copolymer. The Union Carbide Corporation was the first to produce modacrylic fiber in 1949.

Zukowski said the modacrylic adhesive might tie into an eyewitness account. One of the volunteer excavators was Nancy Easly Johnson, daughter of Maj. Edwin Easly, who was allegedly at the crash site. Easly told Johnson little about the incident, but mentioned orange debris.

"We'd like to get (the objects) identified, and see if they can shed light on what happened in that broad in-the-middle-of-nowhere pasture on the Foster Ranch in 1947," said Doleman. "We're looking for funding, and/or professional laboratories who would be able to take this stuff and try and identify it."

He said that there would be benefits for any lab willing to do pro-bono work, including publicity, possible information about useful alien technology, and "everybody in the UFO community will think they're really cool."

Copyright 2009 Roswell Daily Record

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UFOs, Aliens, and Astronauts
UFO Depiction
written by Arthur Rosenfeld

Fifteen years ago I spent a good chunk of time writing a novel I've yet to publish. The title is Truckstop Earth, the subject is alien visitation, and the premise is that not only are we being visited, but we're being visited a lot.

During the course of researching the book I read countless recently declassified government documents, attended conventions, interviewed self-proclaimed alien abductees, and of course read a whole lot of science fiction.

Some of the folks I talked to claimed to have not only been scooped up out of their bedrooms but to have had the sort of things done to them that we do to lab animals--and some terrible stuff we wouldn't dream of doing.

I was not then and am not now in a position to judge whether these abductions are a fact, but the "victims" are certain they happened, don't enjoy the publicity they received on account of these alleged violations, and are genuinely embarrassed and traumatized.

That got me thinking pretty hard about a lot of things, from religious ideas to mathematical odds. Sooner or later I came to the conclusion that if some divine intelligence had created us there was no particular reason why that same entity could not have created other worlds, other dimensions, realities our limited human brains cannot possibly comprehend.

Trying to wrap my head around the gigantic number of stars out there in a huge array of galaxies, I began to wonder about the odds of there being other planets that might support life. All the planetery discoveries in the last few years strengthen the notion that no matter how unlikely the spark of life, the sheer odds are that it has been struck other places.

More, carbon isn't the only possible building block for life, DNA isn't the only recipe for molecular combination or the storage and replication of information, and oxygen isn't the only gas worth breathing. Even on this planet a wide variety of creatures use existing resources in different ways, from worms that live at the mouth of scalding hot submarine steam vents to bacteria that eat plastic.

This talk is not new. There are entire organizations devoted to the pursuit of the truth about aliens and alien visitation. You wouldn't believe the list for these groups in the US alone. The real possibility of life on other planets--and visitors coming here from them--has seeped gradually into our culture to such an extent that a recent AOL poll with a sample size in the hundreds of thousands reveals (last time I checked) that 73% of us believe extraterrestrials have visited Earth, 24% of us have seen a UFO(!) and 76% believe that the government is covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life.

To those who say that if aliens are real they would reveal themselves, I say one in four is such a big number that perhaps they already have!

UFO Depiction How did we get so comfortable with this kind of talk? Well, there are those who contend that Star Wars, Independence Day, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Star Trek, The Day The Earth Stood Still and other Hollywood products have been the government's way of gradually getting us used that aliens are real.

This slow desensitization would help us avoid global panic, because the challenge to orthodox religious beliefs and the notion that our governments are powerless to protect us in the face of far superior technology might very well upset and frighten vast swaths of the population.

It's an intriguing idea, this programmed desensitization, although it begs the question who might have such a broad and longterm view as to be able to orchestrate such a program, and how could they keep their lips zipped for so long? Maybe the aliens are helping.

Famed sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke said that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." How would aliens transport themselves across the vast distances of space? The answer might be wormholes, shortcuts through space and time, but they also might be that they don't travel in a conventional sense. New thinking, in concert with advances in quantum physics, string theory and the like, has the universe rife with multiple universes.

It's a mindbender all this, but basically when it comes to aliens it may mean that they're living right next door or under the couch, but in another dimension. They may even be us, but just not from here, or now. I've been listening to Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast lately and there are guests on that show, authors, scientists, investigators, who propose cross dimensional theory as well as other mind expanding ideas.

Of course you don't have to go that far from the mainstream to find folks who believe in alien visitation. Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper claims to have had documented alien company when he was up in space, and despite the fact that Earth Day was last week, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell feels that the real action is elsewhere.

He grew up in Roswell, New Mexico, and claims to have been told things as a boy by people who witnessed perhaps the most famous UFO event of our time. "Our destiny," Mitchell says, "in my opinion, and we might as well get started with it, is [to] become a part of the planetary community... We should be ready to reach out beyond our planet and beyond our solar system to find out what is really going on out there."

They guy's an astronaut. He's been out there. I can't help but wonder what he actually knows. How about you? Do you think we're being visited? Have you been visited yourself? Have you seen something you can't explain in the sky, something that leaves with the feeling there really is something going on up there?

If this means we are really being visited and the government is covering it up, how do you think life on earth would change if the news emerged? How do you think politics and governance might change in the face of such a major paradigm shift? Do you think we would instantly have world peace because we would know beings superior to us in technology and wisdom were watching?

Do you think these beings would continue to watch us stumble and bumble along after their big announcement, torturing and killing each other and the planet, or would they guide us, help us, give us answers to eternal questions? What do you think those answers might be?

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PRINCETON AREA: In Hamilton, ‘Dr. UFO’ is on the Case
UFO Depiction
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 2:47 PM EDT

By Michael Redmond Lifestyle Editor

The Doctor will see you now.

“Dr. UFO,” that is, otherwise known as Pat Marcattilio of Hamilton, the affable founder of the New Jersey-Pennsylvania UFO Study Group, which has been meeting monthly at the Hamilton Library for nearly 25 years. In the UFO community (yes, “community” is the word), Mr. Marcattilio is one of New Jersey’s most prominent figures.

Over the years, through his travels to UFO conferences around the country, also through the conferences he organizes here, he has come to know many of the bold-face names in American “ufology.”

A father of four, a granddad, a retired postal worker who grew up in Trenton, Mr. Marcattilio first saw a UFO in 1963 and has been on the case ever since. “I was out in the back yard while my wife was cooking dinner.” he says. “That was the time when satellites were big and people used to watch for them.

I saw this big bluish- white light coming across the sky and I said, ‘Honey, come look at this. It’s beautiful.’ Then the light took a right-hand turn and zoomed away. ‘Wow, that was no satellite,’ we both said.”

Mr. Marcattilio picked up his “Dr. UFO” moniker by being the go-to guy for lots of ordinary people with out-of-the-ordinary questions, and also for his personal library of more than 1,200 UFO-related books and videos. He has created something like a traveling museum, too — some 75 large panels mounted with UFO photos, scientific reports, police reports, etc.

Who attends the meetings of the UFO study group? What happens there?

First, if you were expecting a freak show, you would be disappointed. Like Mr. Marcattilio, the people who turn up for meetings are regular folks, solid-citizen types indistinguishable from the people you might run into at the supermarket or the mall. Some of them are merely curious.

Others have had life-changing experiences and are seeking answers in a supportive environment, where they will not be ridiculed or rejected. Others are UFO “professionals,” such as MUFON investigators from New York and Pennsylvania and independent researchers.

A recent Harris poll found that of those Americans surveyed, 33 percent said they believe that intelligent beings from other planets have visited the United States. Skeptics view such findings as evidence of “unexamined belief in pseudoscience, fantastic claims, and irrational superstitions.”

The Hamilton group’s proceedings are informal. Mr. Marcattilio runs the meeting with a light touch and lots of humor.

“We go with the flow. There’s no power trip,” he says. “I try to make the meetings interesting. I have a UFO datebook and I might talk about what happened in ufology on people’s birthdays. We show UFO videos. We talk about what’s going on in the news, about programs we’ve seen on TV. And I ask them to share their stories.”

Recent discussions have centered on the ongoing UFO flap in Bucks County, where more than 70 sightings have been reported since last summer. Newspapers and TV news, usually reluctant to cover such news, have had no choice but to do so. In January, a conference called by MUFON’s Pennsylvania chapter at Bucks County Community College attracted hundreds of attendees. On the entertainment front, the Discovery Channel has devoted an episode of its “UFOs over Earth” series to “The Bucks County Flap” and the History Channel’s popular “UFO Hunters” is taking a look, too.

“Turnout goes up and down, people come and go,” Mr. Marcattilio says, “but there’s a core group.”

The conviction that UFOs are physically real and that extraterrestrials pilot them is widely shared, but there’s no party line. One longstanding member has done professional research in parapsychology and serves as the group’s in- house debunker. Some reports provoke sharp questions from group members. But everybody has their say — and people are almost always courteous, he says.

Also, if you were expecting dramatic testimonies, you would probably be disappointed about that, too. Group members turn out to be reticent about their personal experiences, in the main, but Mr. Marcattilio has a gift for bringing people out of their shells.

A 30-something Little League coach from Yardville recounts what he saw on Aug. 6, 2006, while walking in his neighborhood.

“I’m a normal guy, a boring guy, but sometimes I feel like the guy on ‘Close Encounters,’” he says. “This thing can just consume you, it can take over your life. I’m a quality control manager, I’m a stickler for detail. You wouldn’t believe the hours I’ve spent doing research on this, searching for answers.”

“Dr. UFO” will be presenting this year’s Great UFO/ET Congress on Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3, at the Bordentown Ramada, Route 206 North at New Jersey Turnpike Exit No. 7 North. Speakers will include Stanton T. Friedman (“Flying Saucers and Science”), David M. Jacobs, Ph.D., Temple University historian (“The Hybrid Presence”), and John Ventre, Pennsylvania state director for MUFON (“The 2008 Bucks County Sightings”).

On the Web: www.drufo.org.

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4 Triangular Objects Hover over Eastern University
UFO Depiction
04-09-09 - At 10:50 PM on Eastern University’s campus, in St. Davids, Pennsylvania, while walking into the Doane entrance, I saw a triangular object moving above the trees a couple blocks behind Doane Hall, and as it descended many police sirens went off.

Then, walking past the gym from the pathway from Doane Hall, noticed a very bright, orange light shining through the trees. As I walked past the gym toward the soccer field, I saw the object flying toward me. While walking through the middle of the soccer field it flew above me.

While that object was directly above me, I saw the different but same type of object flying in the distance toward me from another direction.

It was much farther away from me, but still close enough to see its size in relation to the previous one. From my eyes, it was in the direction of the lower corner of the University, parallel to the main entrance at Eagle Road.

It flew in direction parallel to King of Prussia Road. After I crossed the soccer field towards my residence at Kea Guffin Hall, I walked toward the back parking lot of Kea, and as I was walking up the hill, another object flew over the trees, and over Kea Hall about 80 degrees above me.

I tried to take a picture of it with my cell, but the resolution was too low for the lights to be seen. The duration of this sighting lasted 13 minutes. I witnessed 4 objects in total.

These four objects were triangular in shape. There was a full moon out tonight (or what seemed to be), and in relation to how close to the ground these objects flew compared to the size of the moon, the size of the object was of equal or a little larger than the moon tonight.

These objects had 7 lights. In the middle, there was a red light, and at each point of the triangle there was one, as well as two between the front light and the two side lights.

This is the first time I have seen unidentified objects that close to me, they couldn’t have been over 300 feet above me. It was spectacular. Oddly enough, I wasn’t scared, but felt calm and at peace.

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Encounter in New Jersey - 1960
UFO Depiction
New Jersey - c.1960

Between years of 1959 and 1961, at the age of 10 or 11, I was ice skating on Off's Pond in Linwood, New Jersey. There were many people there. There were bonfires on the shore line.

Suddenly without sound or motion, a well lit cream-colored vehicle appeared above our heads in the cove area of the pond.

It was silent, and low. It projected a red schematic of sorts in the air in front of it for several minutes. It was a flowing pattern. It seems as though when I look at this in my memory, everyone was somewhat still and mesmerized. Soon, the Police arrived.

I can see the officer standing in his car, one foot on the ground, looking at the object. The object had what would be windows, but you couldn't see in or out of. It disappeared the same way it came, without warning.

I really don't know how much time transpired. I remember running home and telling my mother. She reacted rather passively. Much to my amazement, no one ever really spoke of it. I don't think they really remember. It came back to me in a later age when I was doing some memory recall exercises.

My husband is always excited about my story, but I never wanted to talk about it, not unlike you just had on TV from 2008 where the guy's family started falling apart because they didn't believe him. I felt sorry for him. I know what it's like to doubt yourself. I think "why me?"

Why haven't these visitors shown themselves to the world? I must say, when you see snapshots and videos of UFOs on TV, I always say "are they kidding me?"

I had a full view of a craft no higher than a telephone pole over my head and no one had a camera! Oh well, I finally spoke of it and that's it. I know it would be hard to find out any information about it now. I know the policeman (whose name I know) is no longer with us. Some things are more easily remembered than others. I remember my coat, but not my exact age.


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(last update, 05-02-09)

California - Flying Saucer
California - c.1995 - Object was spinning clockwise at a "medium" speed, it looked like a dish, but it was thicker. Object had red and orange lights around the rim. It jumped around twice, moving very fast.

Eventually, object went straight up, and disappeared, after being visible for about four seconds. The object was fairly high, it would have been higher than a large hotel. It was about 10:00 PM, so we could I could not make out a color. The witness is sure about what she saw, it was a flying saucer. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Oklahoma - Triangle Object May be Rocketship XP
I was driving westbound on I-40 east of Elk City at about 10:00 PM. Out of the left window I noticed a slow-moving object coming toward the car from the south. It seemed unusual because of its sort-of-triangular shape, the unconventional lights, and i's perception of slowness.

I rolled down the window for a better view. After a few seconds it made a sharp right turn displaying a line of lights in the direction of flight and secondary lines of lights to the sides, forming a sort of triangle with lights longitudinally fore and aft. It was traveling apparently slowly for its size, but because it was dark it was hard to tell how big it was or how far away.

I could hear no noise from it, but there was engine and wind noise from my car so I can't say it was 'noiseless'. It traveled eastbound for less than a minute and then made an abrupt turn toward the south and then disappeared.

Upon reaching home the next day I did some research. There is a small, old airport with a very long runway at Burns Flat, Oklahoma. That would have been about 6 or 7 miles south of where I saw the object. Further research shows that airport to be the home of Rocketship Global, a company that is developing a 'space tourist' craft. Depictions of the "Rocketship XP" online show it to be roughly the size and shape of a bizjet.

What I believe I witnessed was a night-time test flight of the Rocketship XP, with the plane landing at Burns Flat. It must have lights along the belly and wings as described above. I'm guessing that night-time flights of this puppy are going to spur a number of reports of triangular lighted object sightings. source: www.mufon.com

Wisconsin - UFO like Top of Water Tower
04-16-09 - Man tells police he saw UFO at James Madison Park. A 22-year-old downtown resident told Madison Police he spotted a mysterious unidentified flying object Thursday, April 16 at James Madison Park.

He said he was in James Madison Park, 314 E. Gorham St., at around 7 PM, when he saw a strange object in the sky that alarmed him. He described the object as similar to "the top of a big water tower," only wider and larger.

The object flew about 1,000 feet above the tree line and appeared to land behind a grove of trees, he said. Police were unaware of similar reports. source: http://www.madison.com/tct/news/stories/448124

Great Britain - Object, Green Beams
c. 1993 - South Wales - What I am telling you has stuck with me for all this time, and the details are as clear as when it happened.

I was visiting some family members that we hadn't seen for a while since they had moved to Wales from Bournemouth. On one of the nights, we had all gone to bed, and I was sharing a room with my two cousins, Justin and Marcus. I was on a mattress on the floor and the other two had their beds.

After about half an hour of being in bed when everything was quiet, the whole room lit up so bright, Marcus and I both told Justin to stop playing around as we wanted to go to sleep, but when we looked at Justin he was laying down with his eyes shut, but the whole room was totally lit up.

We got Justin up and all three of us looked out of the bedroom window to where the light was coming from and to our astonishment and I'm actually getting shivers writing this: there was a flying object floating by a distant tree, and circling this object were green lights.

There were really strong beams going in all directions. The flying object was round, but almost hidden behind a tall tree as the village we were in was very rural. The object continued to stay there with its strong green beams coming from it and we were awestruck. We called out to our mums and shouted!

All three of us were dead certain that we had just witnessed a UFO. My mother came into the room, and she's the sort of person that likes to dismiss things without talking about them. She said that it was probably a farmer's light, but she continued to look in amazement too.

It told her it couldn't be a farm light, when it was coming from above a tree. She shut the curtains and told us to go to bed and talk about it in the morning. I must admit, you could see my mum was shocked but being a strict Christian she almost point blank refused to believe what she had just seen.

The next morning, we got up and sat down at the breakfast table. My Auntie asked Marcus and I to draw pictures of what we had seen without looking at each other. When we looked at the pictures, we had both drawn a flying saucer by a tree with green lights coming from it.

There was no further witness needed, my life was changed from that second. I knew something was out there and now I just thought it would be good to get off my chest after all this time. Julian B. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Great Britain - Low Descending Lights
March/April - I live in Sussex, England, and for the past 4 weeks I have been sky watching. I have seen hundreds of UFO's in the night sky. I have seen lights, descending really low, coming towards me.

I am up in my bedroom watching, and what I have seen confirms that there really are spacecraft, and they can do amazing things. I must be one of the very few people in the world to have seen this.

Unfortunately, I was so taken aback that although I had my camcorder nearby, I just couldn't get a shot in time. I was just speechless. And, by the way, I saw this with the naked eye. Katy, source: www.ufocasebook.com

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