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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 560, Issue date, 05-06-13

Panel Discusses Visitors from Afar... Very Afar
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:21 PM 5/4/2013

NEW YORK TIMES | May 3, 2013

WASHINGTON - While President Barack Obama was promoting an immigration overhaul in Mexico, six former members of Congress gathered two blocks from the White House to consider what they see as the enforced government secrecy surrounding another kind of visitor: the kind who comes from a lot farther away than Mexico.

Every day this week, the former legislators presided over panels made up of academics and - former, of course - government and military officials, who were there to discuss their research or their own eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects and the extraterrestrials who presumably would have occupied them.

"Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet," said Mike Gravel, a former Democratic senator from Alaska who ran in both the Democratic and Libertarian presidential primaries in 2008.

Gravel and his fellow panelists were assembled by the Paradigm Research Group, which says it is committed to ending the government's "truth embargo" on the existence of extraterrestrial life. The lawmakers were hoping their political credibility would persuade Congress to take the issue seriously.

"I've been exploring how we might get this issue out of the shadows of the lunatic fringe," said Roscoe Bartlett, a former Republican representative from Maryland.

Called the "Citizen Hearing on Disclosure," the event might have been mistaken as advocacy for government transparency, and some of the panelists had impressive resumes.

"I've come to understand and appreciate the importance of open, transparent government and the power of truth," said Paul Hellyer, who was Canada's defense minister during the 1960s.

"We are not alone in the cosmos," he added.

One reason the ex-members of Congress agreed to sit on the dais and ask questions may have been intellectual curiosity in the subject.

"Our country has trivialized it, has made it a joke, has made it green people with horns …," said Carolyn Kilpatrick, a Democratic representative from Michigan who lost her seat in 2010. "And it's not a joke. And there is scientific data that there may be something there."

Another possible reason: the $20,000 each panelist reportedly was paid to take part. But they are still maintaining a healthy skepticism.

"Just because the government might have had a document about how to handle extraterrestrials doesn't mean there were any," said Merrill Cook, a Utah Republican who was twice elected to the House, despite his own chief of staff once writing in an email that "Merrill has taken up permanent residence in wackoland."

Not all of the people who study UFOs think this week's panels will help them improve their stature in Washington.

"There really is something to this issue, and there is a serious side to it, but that's not what's being presented as this event," said Leslie Kean, a journalist and author of "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record," a collection of firsthand accounts by people who believe they saw them.

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Peruvian Jet Pilot Tells of Tangle with UFO
Col. Oscar Santa Maria Huerta
Published: 2:34 PM 5/4/2013

By Shar Adams, Epoch Times

He shot 60 rounds at close range with no impact.

WASHINGTON—A fighter pilot in the Peruvian Air Force for 25 years, Col. Oscar Santa Maria Huerta, was no novice when he took aim at a threatening balloon-shaped object hovering above his airbase at Arequipa, Peru.

“I approached within shooting range and shot around sixty 30mm shells at the balloon” he said through a translator, “It had no effect at all.”

One of those bullets would have blown up a truck, he said, but the shots he fired did not even make a dent. The object “seemed to absorb the shots,” he said describing the UFO encounter.

Huerta was one of six representatives from Latin American countries speaking at the Congressional-style hearing on UFOs being held this week at the National Press Club.

During his testimony on May 2, he described the events as they unfolded of what would become one of the most memorable days in his life. It began at the La Joya Air Base at Arequipa, Peru around 7:15 a.m., April 11, 1980. There were around 1,800 men on the base that day and a number of Sukhoi 22 fighter jets.

The jets were put on standby for a strange ball shaped object that floated stationary in the sky around 1,800 feet above the ground and approximately 3 miles away. Huerta was sent up to take care of it.

There was sensitive military material at the base at that time and they were concerned the balloon might have been some form of espionage, Huerta explained.

The pilot said he flew straight at the object shooting as he went, but to no effect. When the object began to ascend, he followed it until around 50 miles from the base, the balloon quickly stopped, forcing Huerto to veer suddenly out of its way.

“I decided to ascend quickly and get in an attack position vertically, but I was not able to get it in my sights to fire,” he said. The jet and the craft continued in a game of cat and mouse, flying high over the surrounding area. Twice Huerta had it in lock to fire and each time the craft would move, quickly rising to become level with the jet.

Huerta kept moving up higher and higher until he got to around 63,000 ft. That was when the craft came close enough for him to see what he was dealing with. It was about 30 feet in diameter; the balloon-shaped craft had an enameled, cream-colored dome and a wide, circular silver metallic base. The surface was smooth with no apparent antennae, no wings, no exhaust and no visible means of propulsion.

At this point, Huerta started to realize that he was not dealing with any type of spying device. Headed back to base, and running low on fuel, he realized he was not dealing with anything he had ever seen before.

The craft, he said, seemed to anticipate his every move, noting with relief that it never retaliated.

“The total 22 minutes of maneuvers is clearly etched in my brain,” he said, “I am convinced there is extraterritorial life. I will never forget my experience.”

The unidentified craft was witnessed by everyone on the base as well, Huerta said, and the event was registered by the U.S. Defense Department. Huerta submitted a copy of the message sent from the U.S. DOD.

The weeklong Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, April 29- May 3, is taking testimonies from international researchers, former members of the military and other witnesses to extraterrestrial encounters.

The aim of hearing is to pressure the U.S. government to open its files on documented encounters with extraterrestrial life and UFOs.

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Woman Spots UFO on Plane Flight
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:57 PM 5/4/2013

McAllen, Texas - 02-20-13 My husband and I were flying from Kansas City, MO to McAllen, TX on an American Airlines plane, around midday on Wednesday, February 20.

I am not sure, but I believe we were someplace over Texas when something flew past the plane window.

I had been looking out the window at clouds. We were probably at least 30,000 ft. so not much else could be seen.

It was right before a big snowstorm hit Kansas City that night, and was very cloudy. Then I noticed another, much smaller object passing our plane, going in the opposite direction.

It seemed closer than any other aircraft should safely have been, and was approximately on the same level as our plane, at the same altitude.

My first impression was that it was a smaller plane. It looked about the size of a small jet, maybe military. However it was a gold-metallic color and was a rounded V-shape, like a pudgy plane.

The small end of the V was the front. There were no distinct windows, wings or tail, but vague shapes of possible wings. It didn’t look like any plane I had ever seen before, and I was surprised that was so close to the large jet I was in.

Our plane was flying south and this object passed it on the west side and the smaller object was flying north, at a very high rate of speed. I was able to observe it for only about three seconds before it passed out of my view from the window.

I didn’t see any other objects or aircraft near it. No lights observed and no emissions noticed. There was a slight reflection off the metallic gold body.

I then looked around to see if anyone else seemed to have noticed it. Everyone I could see, including my husband, was either asleep or reading. The flight attendants had finished passing out refreshments and were nowhere in sight.

I am sure the pilots would have been able to see this thing if they were looking out their window up front. I was sitting behind the bulkhead, in seat A of the first row in the first class section, so not far behind the cockpit.

I couldn’t hear anyone talking at all. I didn’t mention this to anyone.

But, it has been on my mind ever since I saw it because I can’t come up with any reasonable explanation for what it might have been.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/mcallen022013.html

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Man Awakened by Alien in New York City
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:02 AM 5/3/2013

New York City - 08-25-93

I was sleeping soundly when I began to wake up due to sounds from the kitchen; I was flat on my back with two pillows under my head.

I was asleep on my side, when a series of distinct sounds began to wake me up. The sound was coming from our kitchen.

My first thought was my son might have gotten out of bed for the first time and was opening and closing drawers.

I decided to get up out of bed, but I was immediately and totally paralyzed by a buzzing feeling at the base of my brain. Immediately my mind focused away from the noises to what I thought I was having, which was a stroke or brain hemorrhage or some sort of serious problem.

I could not open my eyes; I could not move my legs; or any part of my body. The buzzing did not hurt. My mind was 100% totally awake, yet I was unable to move my body.

I attempted, at first, to move my feet then legs; then my arms and get up. But I absolutely could not. It was like a weight on my body. There was no pain, but I could not speak.

I decided to try to open my eyes. I could not.

I concentrated on opening just one eye, which was my right eye. It took every bit of trying to get the eye lid to open. As it started to open, I noticed a creature with its arms extended over me at my knees.

Its hands were glowing a yellow green. Immediately I knew it was not my son! This has to be an alien! I was completely amazed.

I struggled to keep my eye open. Suddenly this thing moved out of the room directly through the wall! It moved fast, and was silent. The fact that it went through the wall was overwhelming.

The paralysis quickly went away. Physically I felt fine, yet amazed at the event and experience I had.

I went into my son’s room to check on him; he seemed fine. I walked to the kitchen and around, then returned to the bedroom and went back to bed. I chose not to wake my wife who had been next to me the whole time.

I kept this experience to myself, briefly but seriously mentioning it the next day. Three days later I became really afraid and since that time I have just tried to deal with not knowing what this thing was and what it maybe had done to me.

Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/alienencounter082593.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Pasadena, California Helicopter Crew Encounter UFO in 1972
UFO Depiction
10-15-1972-California - My date and times are approximate. I was assigned as a Police Helicopter Observer with the Pasadena Police Department and flying night patrol.

The pilot was Pat Spafford. In the northeast area of Pasadena, very close to the foothills, we observed what appeared to be a Military Sikorsky helicopter hovering very low over a residential area.

The helicopter was turning its landing light off and on. As we got closer, it gained elevation and started heading westbound. Being curious we started to follow it. We were approximately at 1,000 ft. AGL.

The military helicopter then appeared to lose altitude quickly as if it was going into auto rotation.

Then about 300 meters past it, we saw what first appeared to be a large object looking like bunch of big balloons tied together. The object was going at our exact airspeed, which was about 60 mph. The object was round and appeared to be rotating.

I saw no lights on it. Pat began yelling over the intercom that he was seeing a UFO. I immediately shut off our running lights so I could activate our "night star" search light. The running lights were shut off because there would be too many amps going through the system with all the lights on and pop a breaker.

Shutting off the running lights to power up the searchlight was S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure).

Pat questioned what I was doing, and when I told him I was going to "light it up", he said, "No," and turned the running lights back on. We had a short argument about doing this or not, but he got the final word because he was the pilot.

We watched the object for a few minutes and it flew abeam us going west. We then noticed that there was some fog coming in the L. A. basin, which was a signal for us to fly back to Bracket Field in Pomona, where we hangared the helicopter so as not to get caught in the fog.

As we approached the west end of the city near the Rose Bowl, this object gained speed and in just a few seconds accelerated towards the L. A. skyline and disappeared out of sight. The speed it went was faster than supersonic. We were both amazed at how fast it accelerated.

We came back to the hangar and immediately started making calls. Pat called LAX to see if they had any such object on their radar. He got a "negative" from them. I called JPL in Pasadena to see if they had any kind of experiment going on and they said no.

I was taken back by the response I got from them because the person I spoke to sounded like this was an everyday occurrence. We both wrote an incident report and turned it in.

I kept this to myself until one day, about 2 weeks later, the Police Chief saw me in the hallway and yelled, "Hey Al, did you see any more giant Frisbees?"

Since that time I have told this story to people but never made a big deal about it. I also never found out if anyone forwarded that report or investigated it further. I left the PD in 1979 to join the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Dept.

Just thought I would tell this story to someone who would enjoy hearing it. Pat Spaffor passed away some time ago, but I'm sure there are plenty of people that will remember that story from the old days.

I have attached a picture of myself with Pat Spafford taken around the time this happened. This photo was out of the Pasadena Star News on February 13, 1972.

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