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UFO in NEW HAMPSHIRE – Shocking Sightings Explored
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:42 AM 5/2/2012

By Stan Hernandez

New Hampshire, a UFO hotbed of activity, has recently reported an increase in sightings. The incidents occur after midnight with UFOs appearing the night sky, sometimes appearing in groups.

The most common UFO sighting is what are called “orbs,” circular crafts, metallic or glowing in nature and often explained as natural phenomenon or misidentification by the authorities. The ability to change direction proves control, but who is controlling it is the question.

I have spoken to an old friend and high ranking military official in regards to the orbs and he claims that “whatever they are, they are not ours,” increasing the odds of alien involvement. New Hampshire has a long history of UFO activity, including crop circles, cattle mutilation and abduction, along with the thousands of video and photographs taken of the ships.

A big misconception is that the ships or orbs disappear due to a speed increase…that they blast off so quickly that our eyes cannot register, but the explanation for this is quite simple. They change frequency. I was given some information many years ago regarding this technology.

The human eye can only see so many frequencies…not many at all if you really examine it, and this is the ‘alien realm’ as some have called it. They will come into a frequency we can see momentarily and then return to one we cannot. One of the witnesses I spoke to in New Hampshire noted that the orb ‘disappeared,’ but it just moved to another frequency.

The origin of these orbs are still not determined, but if it is not alien controlled, then it may very well be alien technology, manipulated by the government. We have done it before and will do it again. Reverse engineering is not fiction.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/nhshocking.html

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Town’s Filming for UFO Series
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:38 AM 5/2/2012

MYSTERIOUS sightings in the skies of South Yorkshire are to be investigated for a major documentary series.

Witnesses reported an alleged UFO appearance over Penistone on March 30, 1993, will be interviewed. Hundreds of people apparently saw strange objects in the sky across England that night.

Pioneer Productions will visit Penistone this summer as they prepare a six-part series to be shown in America.

Robert Strange, executive producer, said: “We believe sightings in and around Penistone will prove to be some of the most important evidence we can gather about this remarkable incident.

“Although many people remain sceptical of UFO sightings there is little doubt something unusual was near Penistone that night.”

Anybody willing to be interviewed should email bob.strange@pioneertv.com

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/townsfilming.html

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UFOs: About That White House Question
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:30 PM 5/3/2012

by Nick Redfern

One of those longstanding questions relative to UFOs that consistently and constantly pops up is: If aliens and UFOs are indeed visiting us, then why don’t they land on the White House lawn and announce their presence to one and all?

Okay, I know it’s a question that is often asked in a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek, or skeptical fashion. But, for some, it’s a question posed with utter and deadly seriousness. And so, keeping that in mind, just why might it be that “the aliens” – if they are among us - don’t land in full view of the President and his staff? Let’s take a look…

For many, the aliens should land on that green and pleasant piece of grass for one specific, and massively important, reason: To say “Hello” to the great Human Race. Pleeeez! The sheer level of never-ending human arrogance and ego-driven nonsense that populates our world never ceases to amaze me.

In the bigger scheme of things, and as a species that has actually achieved anything significant (aside from finding better and bigger ways to destroy each other), we have been around for barely a millisecond.

Even compared to the dinosaurs, we are still definitive non-starters. Those beasts reigned for millions of years. The way things are going, we will be lucky to make it through the next couple of centuries! So, why should E.T. even bother to land and finally hang out in wide open fashion with a bunch of screw-ups like us who are likely not to last anyway?

So, if we are being visited, announcing themselves to whoever might be hanging out in the Oval Office on the fateful day is probably the last thing ‘they” will have on their minds.

What about landing for Obama, right now, and warning us of our warlike ways, in the fashion that the Space-Brothers supposedly did back in the 1950s – albeit largely in the desert and just to a few handfuls of Contactees, back then? I say: Why bother even warning us? If, pretty soon, we’re likely to become the cosmic equivalent of the school-bully, why not just wipe us out? Ah, but, Ufology has an answer to this matter.

Such a question inevitably provokes a certain response from whole swathes of the UFO research community who chime in that the desire of the aliens to try and help us onto a better path – rather than exterminate us – demonstrates their kindness and benevolence. And, that rather than land at the presidential office, they prefer to work and weave their magic from afar.

Really? Seriously? What, exactly, has E.T. ever done for us? Cured cancer? Saved the rain-forests? Found a solution to over-population, obesity, and our reliance on oil? Prevented a few Tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes here and there? The answer to all those questions is: NOPE!

Maybe, then, the visitors from beyond are just waiting for the right time to set down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. And when, exactly, might the right time be? Hell, with everything going belly-up, now would surely be as good a time as ever!

They failed to show their strength and curb our warlike instincts after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As far as I’m aware, no alien took a worried and concerned walk into the White House on the eve of the Cuban Missile Crisis. And where were they when 9-11 went down? Certainly not offering wise words to the administration about how to respond, and what the ramifications might be more than a decade later, that’s for certain.

The fact of the matter is that if our world is experiencing visitations from other-world entities, then hanging out with us, curing our ills, and making the future cool and fun – and doing so by making that historic landing at the White House – is simply not a part of their agenda.

Let’s look at the evidence: if there is one thing we know for sure about the UFO phenomenon, it’s that it acts in distinct stealth. And, seemingly, always has done.

Alien Abductions, face-to-face encounters with long-haired characters in the deserts of California, cattle-mutilations, Crop Circles – all of them, in various ways, and in varying degrees of credibility, have been linked to the presumed presence of extraterrestrials on our world.

But all of these phenomena have one thing in common: A distinctly clandestine approach. The collective body of UFO-themed data in-hand clearly shows that if E.T. is here, then it most definitely prefers to distance itself from the masses. If certain factions of the UFO research community are correct, E.T. roams the skies in the dead of night, in search of the next poor soul to prod, poke and steal their DNA. It does likewise with our cows in darkened fields.

And, even if there is a degree of positive alien-human contact, ensuring it often occurs to a solitary, and often already-eccentric, character in the desert, serves no major, meaningful purpose whatsoever. So, with that all said, why don’t the aliens land on the White House lawn and finally, once and for all, announce themselves?

My answer – if aliens really are coming here - is very simple: E.T. is as self-serving, selfish, and as “in it for Number One” as we are. For so long, we have been assured that the aliens are going to make things right for us, that there’s a bigger picture we just aren’t quite seeing yet, that Disclosure is on the way (maybe even with the aliens’ help), and that one day, soon, that historic landing really will happen.

The reality, however, is that the White House has been standing for plenty enough years for the aliens to come and hang out in D.C. for a few days. But they don’t – ever.

When it comes to the matter of that always-present and pesky question that is the subject of this article, what we find is that asking the question tells us far more about ourselves than it does about E.T. We assume the aliens want to hang and chat. After all, we’re the great Human Race, right? No, actually.

If life exists elsewhere in the Universe – and there’s probably a very good chance it does – then those races that have managed to steer themselves away from the extinction or collapse that threatens to engulf us may well have a distinct “seen it all before” attitude towards us.

To us, we are Numero Uno. To them, we’re no big deal. A White House, a Blue House, a Purple-With-Yellow-Spots House, they evidently could not care less. It can be argued with a high degree of credibility and solid data that there certainly is a genuine UFO presence among us, but it cannot be argued in the slightest that the phenomenon is anything but secretive, crafty, stealthy, manipulative, guarded, indifferent and unapproachable – unless it’s on their terms and their terms alone.

And their terms clearly don’t involve dropping in for a bit of friendly, hostile, or indifferent chit-chat with the Prez.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/whitehousequestion.html

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Spain: Possible Abduction or Teleportation (1986)
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:53 PM 4/30/2012

Spain: Possible Abduction or Teleportation at Alcalá de Guadaira (1986)

By Angel Carretero Olmedo

Although the witness had his first UFO experience at the age of 17, we shall focus on the event that took place on the evening of 9 November 1986 around 23:15 hours. An industrial engineer, Pedro Oliva Ramirez, was heading in his car from Seville to the town of Alcalá de Guadaira, where he was residing temporarily.

Nothing noteworthy occurred during the first leg of this journey, until he suddenly went around a curve and found himself driving along a six lane highway, three lanes in each direction. It was a completely straight segment of road, and startled by this feature, began to pay attention to what was an entirely new situation for him.

He saw a plain to his left at a distance of some 100 meters, measuring some 400 meters long, with five or six industrial concerns lined up alongside them. These were fully lit and had an estimated height of 80 meters. Unfamiliar structures also appeared on his right, but these were housing units standing some twenty stories each.

There was very dense grass at the edge of the road, some 70 centimeters high, to the left and to the right.

After regarding this anomalous landscape, he felt a sensation of heat invading his vehicle while hearing the sound of chorused, distant voices. A few meters away from the car, he saw something looking like a large soccer goal. He was unsure whether to cross it or not. One of the voices tells him that he has been transferred by aliens to another country in another hemisphere.

He drove along the highway for an hour before making a stop. Larger cars pass him on the third lane, looking like outdated Cadillacs – white or beige in color, with dark narrow license plates. He got out of the car and wandered along the edge of the road for a quarter of an hour, looking at the fine grass with the aid of his car’s headlights.

He also noticed other vehicles passing him with a frequency – or at intervals – of 8 minutes between one and the other. He boarded his car again and kept driving for another hour. He stopped again and got out for another quarter of an hour.

Resuming his drive, he found an unmarked detour to his left. This road was narrow and patchy-looking. He drove for half an hour before finding a triple sign that read: MALAGA in one direction, SEVILLA in another and ALCABALA in yet another.

He took the detour leading to Seville, and without quite knowing why, stopped driving. When he looked to his left, he found himself standing outside his home in Alcalá de Guadaira.

Angry, he decided to retrace his steps and find the crossroads, but was unable to find it. Nor was he able to find the triple road sign nor the six-lane highway.

The witness notes that the drive between Seville and Alcalá de Guadaira takes him half an hour. On this occasion, it took him three hours and five minutes, and a fuel consumption equivalent to two hundred plus kilometers.

Two days later, on 11 November, he read his horoscope in the Diario ABC newspaper and was startled. The horoscope reads: “Aries – a friend, possibly a Gemini or Capricorn, will save you today from going back into the time tunnel to relive an grim experience.”

We have available a handwritten letter by the experiencer – two pages long, dated on November of that year and addressed to Joaquin Mateos Nogales.

There also exists a sort of pamphlet, bearing the title Mis Amigos (my friends), dated August 1988 where this man discusses his life-long experiences in 14 handwritten pages.

Available documentation: Copy of the letter and the aforementioned pamphlet. Researcher: Joaquin Mateos Nogales

Possible abduction and/or teleportation case.

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Angel Carretero Olmedo) POSTED BY INEXPLICATA AT 9:47 AM

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/1986abduction.html

source & references:



Blue-Green Object Spotted over Chalfont, Pennsylvania
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:41 AM 5/4/2012

Chalfont, Pennsylvania - 04-10-12

Shape: Sphere - Duration: 20 Seconds

Blue-green ball of light seen over Chalfont, PA

I was watching television at home around 2:15 in the morning and the curtains to my sliding glass back door were closed but they’re very sheer so you can see right through them.

My TV is right next to the door so both are within your view when you’re watching and I could clearly see the moon just above some trees out back through the curtains.

The moon was low so part of it was blocked by the tops of the trees.

Then, I saw a bright blue-green ball of light above the moon traveling in an arc. I got up and moved the curtains to get an even clearer look and watched it. After about 20 seconds, it disappeared.

It didn’t go below the trees because it was still above the moon and the moon was at the tree tops. It just vanished.

The best way I can describe how it looked was that it looked like the end of a firework when all the balls of light are flying toward the ground and eventually going out.

The only differences were that there was only one instead of multiple like a firework and there was no audible explosion beforehand.

Keep in mind; it was 2:15 in the morning so an explosion from a firework or even from a flare would have been clearly audible.

Also, it was much bigger than a firework remnant or flare and wasn’t flying directly at the ground like either would. It was still flying in an arc, but more parallel to the ground then anything.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/chalfontpa041012.html

source & references:

submitted to www.nuforc.org

Archived Case of the Week

2003 - Kentucky Screaming Sounds Linked to UFO Sighting
UFO Image
Published: 11:54 AM 5/3/2012

by Kenny Young

Morehead, Kentucky (Rowan County) - Friday, November 21, 2003 - Between 9 and 10:00 PM.


In effort to further explore the report of 'unidentified lights' and screaming sounds alleged in Morehead, Kentucky, an internet search was conducted to retrieve the address and phone numbers of residents of Adams Lane (law officer earlier contacted had advised of the search taking place near this location).

After a "reverse lookup" was conducted at the internet resource http://www.theultimates.com one residency was identified on Adams Lane in Morehead, Kentucky.

That number was called around 6:30 p.m. this evening (Sunday, November 30, 2003) and I inquired if anyone could help me with information about the report of screaming sounds heard around one week earlier.

The call was received by Dr. Virgil Davis, a U.K. college professor.

"I was here when the screams were heard," he said. "There were some loud, blood-curdling screams but nobody could find out anything more."

I then asked if Dr. Davis knew anything about any UFO sighting and he said: "Yes, I saw it."

Dr. Davis said that he was driving toward his home on Friday, November 21 between 9 and 10:00 p.m. with his 2 sons, 15 and 18-years old (He recalls the specific date, knowing that one son is in college and would not have been home any day except Friday).

While driving, they all spotted a soundless aerial object over a nearby open field that was described as an oval-shaped, white-colored light source as big as a pea held at arms length which moved 'like a hummingbird would move.'

The object, seen in the dark and clear night skies, was relatively high when first seen and was "coming down, moving in increments as if an elevator would drop and stay there awhile, then drop and stay there awhile," Dr. Davis said.

After the first 3 or 4 minutes of visual observation, the object began moving around to different parts of the sky. They got out of car to see if they could identify this object and verified to their satisfaction that the object was not a plane, helicopter or aurora borealis.

"My first inclination was to rationalize what this object could have been," Dr. Davis said. "rather than jumping to conclusions. After we ruled out the various possible explanations we assumed that this was a UFO."

"I know for a fact that there was no explanation for this object and I'm just glad I had my two sons with me to see it," he said.

After observing this object for a few minutes, Dr. Davis and his 2 sons got back in the car and drove on to their home under a certain sense of apprehension.

"I would say that our feeling was more a sense of apprehension than fear," he said, "I did not know what it was we were looking at and had some concern that it might or could have spotted us."

After driving the short distance to their house, they went to a second floor bedroom and looked out the window to the northwest where they continued to watch the object. It descended lower toward the ground and seemed to be settling in a nearby field where its color had shifted from a white to an orange. As the object got lower and lower to the ground, it became bigger and its color changed to a reddish light.

He said that the size of the object increased from a pea at arms length to a dime at arm's length, stressing that its size, from his perspective, was "not quite as drastic as a nickel at arms length."

"There was like a vacuum of silence while we watched this," Dr. Davis said, "it was like everything was real quiet, at a standstill and then when it became a red color, everything went crazy."

Dr. Davis said that animals in the area suddenly erupted in a frenzy. His neighbors dog was barking crazily and his German Shepherd dog tried to break its chain.

From his perspective, the object descended to the ground but was not certain that it touched or made contact with the ground as trees prevented him from seeing this with certainty.

"At that point, after this object got red, it just "shot off" like a dart, some kind of acceleration and it just took off to the west. We just stood there dumbfounded."

He said the sighting lasted for an estimated 10 to 15 minute duration.

"I was very reluctant to call the police about a UFO sighting," he said, "at that point, we were not going to report this."

"Right after that my 2-sons went back outside and heard the screaming. It was a female voice. They got in the car and within minutes had called from their cell phone to say that they had been hearing screaming sounds in the field where this thing came down," he said.

"Approximately 20-minutes after the UFO sighting the police were at my door, there were about 20 officers and a rescue squad over in the field where I spotted the UFO. They were combing the area and had asked me what I knew about someone screaming."

"Apparently, others had heard the screaming sounds."

I asked Dr. Davis if he could explain what was heard and he emphasized that he did not hear the screaming sounds himself, that his 2 sons heard the disturbing commotion, along with other residents in the area that notified law enforcement.

Dr. Davis paused from our conversation to check with one of his sons, asking if he could recount the nature of the screaming sounds. He said it was a desperate, blood curdling scream of a female voice that kept saying: "Help me, oh my God, help me!"

"Apparently several people had heard the screaming, I don't know how long it lasted," he said.

When the police arrived at his doorstep knocking on his door (an estimated 15 minutes after the UFO departed), Dr. Davis volunteered information about the UFO sighting.

"I took the officer to the side and explained to him that this is going to sound crazy, but I need to tell you what I saw tonight."

"I told the police about the UFO after they came to the door, I don't know if anyone else saw the UFO but the officer taking my report took me seriously. He didn't write anything down while I talked with him," Dr. Davis said.

When asked if the police officer indicated that anyone else had also witnessed the UFO, Dr. Davis said that the police officer said he had seen a UFO also, but was uncertain if he was referring to the same object or a separate, unrelated sighting.

Dr. Davis said that aside from reporting this to the police officer who knocked on his door, he had not reported this sighting to any other person and that he was not the source for the report which was submitted to The National UFO Reporting Center. He was puzzled how the report made it to NUFORC and said that neither he, nor his sons, reported the sighting to anyone.

"I'm still trying to figure out who reported this," Dr. Davis said after our conversation. He went on to say how he got "freaked out" when the cops came to the door asking about the screaming sounds.

He described the area of his residence as isolated and surrounded by fields and woodland. His road is paved. He emphasized that the screaming sounds came from the immediate area where the unidentified object had came to the ground. "The screaming sounds came from the field, and I have no explanation for it."

Dr. Davis, who teaches psychology for the Ashland, Kentucky Community College branch of the University of Kentucky, also said that he had previously seen a UFO when he was in his Freshman year in college at Morehead State University in 1976. He said the object was similar to what he saw on Friday, November 21, 2003.


I am deeply impressed by Dr. Davis and his efforts to remain objective and rationalize various explanations about the sighting. Based on his observation, the object in question is nothing to do with Aurora Borealis or 'northern lights.' Dr. Davis allowed permission to use his name and employment in this report, having no objection to it attached with the UFO sighting and situation involving a search party near his home.

Information furnished by Dr. Davis sheds new light on this case. Comments from him directly contradict the dismissive approach taken by law officers in remarks made during earlier inquiries (who also incorrectly advised that the event was on Sunday, November 23) regarding a UFO situation that corresponds with the screams.

When informed that a Morehead policeman and a fire rescue officer told me that "someone had seen the northern lights," Dr. Davis scoffed at the suggestion and was in disbelief.

"I can't believe they said that, this was definitely not the northern lights."

He said that tomorrow he will inspect the 50-acre field where the object descended.

The report to NUFORC suggests that the UFO was also sighted by witnesses with the rescue squad responding to the scene. This might suggest that the screaming sound was heard simultaneous to the visual sighting of the UFO.

Peter Davenport of NUFORC states: "The person who submitted the sighting report for Morehead, KY, provided no personal or contact information, to include no e-address. It "reads" as if it was submitted by a member of the team that was dispatched, i.e. it reads as if someone just copied a written record of the dispatch. I would have responded to the report, save for the absence of any means of contacting the source."

That report states: "Morehead-Rowan Co. Rescue Squad had a call from MPD of a female crying for help x3. From 2 witness. Then there was a bright light in the sky for about 1 min. RESCUE SQUAD arrived on scene and started searching the area 1st and 2nd witness reported seeing this.

The fire dept. was asked to begin searching with the thermal imaging camera with no results found. Resident of Morehead was one of the witnesses. Unless there is a confirmed report of a missing person, the search will not be continued."

The report of desperate, blood curdling screams from a woman crying "Help me, Oh God, Help me" mar this case with a disturbing sense of unusual dread. Clearly, there was a problem taking place and this report raises the specter of reported UFO/human abduction or interaction.

Morehead, Kentucky is an estimated 45-miles south of Flemingsburg, Kentucky, where a crop formation appeared in a Rye Field in the spring of this year. A flap of crop formations and UFO sightings also bewildered Southern Ohio in the summer of 2003, and during this flap one strange account of a woman found in a Southern Ohio soybean field is under investigative consideration.

There is no certainty that this situation can be linked to the UFO or crop circle flap aside from the chronological and regional closeness, but the woman - who was hospitalized for a week after being found by a farmer - reportedly experienced amnesia and did not know how she got in the field. This matter is also held under close consideration by researcher Donnie Blessing and will be pursued further.

This present case of 'screaming sounds' from a female voice is linked firmly to the UFO sighting as per the same location in one specific field near Adams Lane in Morehead, Kentucky and the '20 minute time frame' of the conclusion of the UFO sighting to the arrival of officers involved in the search and rescue operation.

Special thanks to Donnie Blessing and Peter Davenport

UFO Casebook Splash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/moreheadkentucky2003.html

source & references:

Filed, November 30, 2003 KENNY YOUNG -- UFO Research http://home.fuse.net/ufo



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