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UFO Magazine Issue # 358, Issue date, 05-11-09

Black Triangle Observed over Georgia
UFO Depiction
Georgia - 05-01-09

I was going down Hwy 78 headed West toward Hwy 285 on Friday night 5/1/09. It was a cloudy, rainy night but no thunder or lightning (up to this point). Suddenly, there was a large lightning bolt that spread all the way across the sky (no thunder before the bolt, just the bolt).

My boyfriend and I both noticed how huge it was and I said "Wow, that was beautiful," especially since it was so huge. I continued to look at the sky hoping it would happen again. That is when some white lights caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.

I looked over and that is when I noticed some white lights off to my right over the tree line. I thought it was a plane at first, but the lights were really bright and low. I always look at the sky (both day and night) and I always look at planes and their flashing lights, so doing as I usually do, I continued to watch the lights.

Truth is I am an avid UFO/Alien researcher and a sky watcher, so I am always on the look out for something interesting in the sky. So I looked at the lights, and I noticed that they were all white, in a triangle shape and not flashing as usual, so I watched it longer.

I wanted to see what it looked like once it came out from behind the tree line and came closer to the highway. (I am used to watching planes at night, so I wasn't expecting to see what I saw, I expected nothing more than just another plane.) But when it came out from behind the trees, I thought to myself, "Is that a triangle?". So I looked at it more carefully.

That is when I noticed that there were four white lights on it. I could only see the bottom and there was a light on each corner and one in the very center. Only the center light flashed (pulsed) on & off. At this point I was kind of thrown off, because I didn't recall ever seeing a plane with lights that didn't blink on the wings and I started freaking out a little (in my mind).

I told myself to calm down and look at it again before it moved over the car and out of my line of sight. And this time I told myself to look for the wings (thinking that would be the end of it), but that is when I realized that I couldn't see the outline/shape of wings and that the shape really was a triangle, because I could clearly see the shape of the craft because of the light colored clouds in the sky that night (it was a really cloudy night, and the clouds were kind of lit up from the city lights if you understand what I mean.)

It was flying under the clouds and I could clearly see that it was black and to my utter amazement it was shaped like a triangle. There were NO wings, only a perfect triangle. The strangest part is that right as I noticed that it was actually a triangle, I noticed that is wasn't flying straight, but rather from right to left going over the highway. I have never seen anything fly like that except for helicopters and helicopters never look like that object did (day or night).

The craft moved over the car and I couldn't see it anymore because we were still moving down the highway going away from it. When I tried to look back and see it again, I could only see light, not shape or anything else.

I continued to watch the sky to see if I could see a plane or anything flying under the clouds like the craft was and I didn't see anything for hours after my sighting. And not only that, there wasn't anymore lightning for at least two hours or so after we got home.

My boyfriend was driving the car at the time, and I was so freaked out at what I'd seen that I didn't mention it to him. Along with the fact that I thought he would make fun of me for thinking that I saw something considering how much I am into UFOs and Aliens.

I did build up the courage to tell him later that night, but when I told him he said that he didn't believe me because I didn't tell him as soon as I saw it.

I really saw something that night. I wish I'd told him to look so I wouldn't be alone on this, but like they say "Hind sight is 20/20." Now I am alone with my thoughts and questions. And the worst part is who knows if I will ever see something like that again. Flying low and clearly visible. WOW, I FINALLY SAW ONE!

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Multiple Objects Seen over Arizona Highway
UFO Depiction
Arizona - 05-03-09

My husband and I, along with our young son, were driving by White Hills, AZ, on US 93 leaving Las Vegas, NV, towards Kingman, AZ. My husband was telling me about lights that he sees in the sky in this area often, and about an encounter he had a month ago.

He was explaining to me what the craft looked like when he pointed ahead towards the left of the highway above White Hills town and said 'There it is!'

I saw a very bright object in the sky hovering (not moving) in the same spot. I immediately thought it was probably just a plane, but the white light was WAY too bright and big. It was large and watching it I realized it was not moving.

We watched it for a minute, then pulled over into the middle of both sides of the highway (it is a good sized dirt/brush area in middle) and we watched it. You could barely see small lights lined up on it (about 4 or so when you squinted, it was far away/small but could still make out).

It appeared to be more boomerang-shaped by the way the lights were lined on it, but it was so far away I can't be exactly sure but to offer these observations.

Soon after we stopped on the side to watch, the bright light turned off and a small red blinking light on the bottom turned on and it began to move towards Las Vegas. It appeared to 'transform' into a plane (moving and light looking like a plane). My husband told me that is what they do - transform to be like planes if you stop to watch (it happened the last time he saw it).

We got back in the truck and a couple of minutes later we saw another bright, stationary light just a little farther from where the first one appeared. It looked the same as the first, hovering and stationary. We didn't stop until a couple of minutes later, when another bright light appeared near this one, but a little higher in the sky.

We pulled over again and watched them both. The first one we had seen before the other still appeared to be stationary, but it made a weird loop-circular motion (to the right, up, left, and back where it was-in a circle) quickly.

It did that a couple of times. After watching for a few minutes, the 'first' one turned the bright white light off and turned the red blinking light on as well, like the very first one that had already flown away. It started moving in the same direction as the other one, moving exactly like a plane and blinking similar to one. We watched the last one (3rd) one for a bit more, and got back on the road and started driving again.

The 3rd, bright, white light started moving in our direction for a little while, then it turned off its bright, white lighting, and the red light like the others blinked on and it started traveling toward Vegas like the other 2 did before it.

Once their red lights kick in, they look like a plane, you wouldn't think twice about it unless you saw its bright, white light and it hovering stationary, or moving weirdly, or simply appearing, but again, the red lights seem brighter or bigger then the average blinking airplane light.

My husband said they looked exactly like the one he previously saw a month ago except that one had blue lights blinking as well as the red. When it turned, the bright, white light went off, and it was a more detailed sighting than these Also the lights seemed to be flying lower than a regular airplane.

After we saw these things we were scanning the sky for more but found none. Searching triangle shaped crafts there seems quite a few seen in AZ. We plan to be well equipped camera wise next time we are in the area and we are confident we may see these lights again since they seem to frequent that area.

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The Majestic Documents - Real or Fake?
UFO Depiction
See all of the documents at The Majestic 12.

The term “Majestic documents” refers generally to thousands of pages of purportedly classified government documents that prove the existence of a Top Secret group of scientists and military personnel—Majestic 12—formed in 1947 under President Harry Truman, and charged with investigating crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants.

Due to the explosive nature of their content, the Majestic documents are considered by many to be the core evidence for a genuine extraterrestrial reality and alien visitation of planet Earth in the 20th century. United States government personnel have denied their authenticity…

The FBI investigation

The MJ-12 documents were first made public in 1987 by Shandera, Moore, and Friedman. Another copy of the same documents Shandera received in 1984 was mailed to British researcher Timothy Good in 1987, again from an anonymous source. Good first reproduced them in his best-selling book Above Top Secret (1988), but later disowned the documents as likely fraudulent.

After the documents became widely known with the publication of Good’s book, the Federal Bureau of Investigations then began its own investigation, urged on by debunker Philip J. Klass. The MJ-12 documents were supposedly classified as “Top Secret“, and the FBI’s initial concern was that someone within the U.S. government had illegally leaked highly classified information.

The FBI quickly formed doubts as to the documents’ authenticity. FBI personnel contacted the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (counterintelligence), asking if MJ-12 had ever existed. AFOSI claimed that no such committee had ever been authorized or formed, and that the documents were “bogus.”

The FBI adopted the AFOSI opinion and the FBI’s official position became that the MJ-12 documents were “completely bogus.”

However, when Stanton Friedman contacted the AFOSI officer, Col. Richard Weaver, who had rendered this opinion, Friedman said Weaver refused to document his assertion. Friedman also noted that Weaver had taught disinformation and propaganda courses for AFOSI and was principal author of the Air Force’s debunking Roswell report in 1994. (Friedman, 110-115)

Timothy Good in Beyond Top Secret also noted that Weaver in 1994 was the Director of Security and Special Programs Oversight of AFOSI’s Pentagon office, a very high level organization within the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. Good commented that AFOSI is “an agency whose work involves counterintelligence and deception, and which has a long record of deep involvement in the UFO problem.”

Within Weaver’s office were “special planners.” According to Good, “In Air Force parlance, the term ‘special plans’ is a euphemism for deception as well as for ‘perception management’ plans and operations.”

Conducting an interview with one Roswell witness, Weaver himself admitted, “We’re the people who keep the secrets.” It is difficult to tell from interviews such as these, as the cold war tactics of deceptions within deceptions are intentionally vague as to where the disinformation and coverup of espionage ends and the government’s actual investigation into UFOs begins.

William Moore would later reveal that the whole New Mexico UFO disinformation scheme was run out of the Pentagon by a Colonel Barry Hennessey of AFOSI. When the Defense Department phone directory was checked, Hennessey was listed under the “Dept. of Special Techniques.” Working under him at the time was the same Col. Weaver.

Friedman therefore raised the question as to whether Weaver rendered an objective intelligence opinion about the authenticity of the MJ-12 papers or was deliberately misleading the FBI as a counterintelligence and disinformation agent, much like Doty had done with Moore and Howe earlier.

Journalist Howard Blum in his book Out There (1990) further described the FBI’s difficulty in getting at the truth of the matter. One frustrated FBI agent told Blum, “All we’re finding out is that the government doesn’t know what it knows. There are too many secret levels. You can’t get a straight story. It wouldn’t surprise me if we never know if the papers are genuine or not

The term “Majestic documents” refers generally to thousands of pages of purportedly classified government documents that prove the existence of a Top Secret group of scientists and military personnel—Majestic 12—formed in 1947 under President Harry Truman, and charged with investigating crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft and their occupants.

Due to the explosive nature of their content, the Majestic documents are considered by many to be the core evidence for a genuine extraterrestrial reality and alien visitation of planet Earth in the 20th century. United States government personnel have denied their authenticity…

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Extraterrestrials, Computers, and Open Source
Jill Tarter
Monday May 4, 2009

written by Michael J. Miller

Last week I had a chance to hear Jill Tarter of the SETI Institute talk about the institute and its mission. It was a great talk, mostly because I hadn't quite realized how broad the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project's vision was.

As Tarter describes it, SETI is not a search for extraterrestrials, but instead for someone else's technology. It doesn't presume the presence of extraterrestrial life, but acknowledges the possibility in a universe where we live on a planet that is circling one of 400 billion suns in one of 100 billion galaxies.

But she noted that any life in space is likely to be a very long distance away, so the odds of us finding it are similar to those of finding life in a single glass of water taken from the ocean. Still, there's no chance of finding it if you don't look.

The concept of looking for evidence of extraterrestrial technology dates back about 50 years, and the SETI Institute was founded 25 years ago. Its current projects include the Allen Telescope Array, which now consists of 42 antennas in Northern California, with plans to grow to 350 antennas, along with software and procedures to sort through the signals it detects, as the vast, vast majority has some obvious terrestrial or astronomical source.

Tarter said they were working on cloud computing and an open source repository of the data, hoping that the public at large could help develop new algorithms for sorting all the data. And there's a lot of data--the antennas pick up about 15 million signals a day.

The project is well known for the SETI@Home screen saver, in which individual computers sort through data, though not in real time. Tarter says it's a good project, but she wants to see people (and students in particular) thinking about the data and what it means.

She talked about the need to make it easier for the public to do "visual parsing": looking for anomalies in visual representations of the radio data.

As she described the goals of the project, she talked about science education in general, and how SETI reflects our knowledge of astronomy, physics, evolution, and sociobiology. The ultimate goal: to "trivialize differences among us" and emphasize our "common humanity."

I asked Tarter how she got involved with the project, and it turns out a computer was involved: Years ago, a university donated an old PDP-8 to the SETI Project, and she was the only graduate student around who knew how to program it. 25 years later, she's still looking for extraterrestrial technology--and thinking about how we might react if we found it.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/computersopensource.html

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UFOs Spotted in Peterborough: Did you see them?
UFO Depiction

Published Date: 05 May 2009

by reporter Tara Dundon

Mystery surrounds the appearance of eight eerie orange lights which lit up Peterborough's skyline on Sunday evening and left star gazers in awe.

The bright circular lights, which were spotted around the city by Evening Telegraph readers on Sunday (3 May), have re-ignited the great Peterborough UFO mystery.

Local people have reported between eight and 10 lights seen floating around Whittlesey, Coates, the Ortons and Hampton – the latest in a long line of mysterious heavenly sightings in and around the city in recent months – only some of which have been explained.

Stacie Dunn, of Belton Road, Stanground, Peterborough, was driving along Fletton Parkway with her family at about 10.10 pm when she noticed the bright lights.

The family pulled over to take a closer look when they noticed there were eight glowing orange lights.

Stacie (18) said: "We all got out to look but there was no noise, a clear sky and these objects seemed to be heading towards Whittlesey.

More sightings in Peterborough

A mysterious aircraft was seen circling the city on April 8 by eagle-eyed residents in Werrington. However , it was later revealed to be a aeroplane with thermal imaging equipment, which shows up heat use, carrying out a night-time mission over Peterborough to map out the energy use of city homes.

In January The Evening Telegraph reported other unexplained lights at about midnight on New Year's Day.

While some thought aliens may have landed, it was revealed a city family had lit half a dozen Chinese lanterns and released themas part of their new years celebrations.

There was another sighting above the city in October last year , when residents in Werrington reported seeing a fireball streaking across the night sky. It turned out to be an "unusually large" meteor .

Other strange lights were spotted in Wisbech in November and above Peterborough in August – the latter of which was said to have been a recently- restored Vulcan bomber in flight.

"It was amazing. They were perfect circular objects, but we have no idea what they were. They seemed to be overtaking each other and as they moved along, their glow started to fade.

"I tried to take a picture with my phone, but it didn't come out. We are just baffled and amazed as to what they may have been. I searched the internet the next day but I can't see anything that looks like they did."

Another reader, Laura Saidler, from Orton Longueville, wrote in to say she also saw about 10 lights floating in the sky.

She said: "They were quite low down and all floating together. They were an orange and yellow colour and looked like candles floating.

"There was no noise coming from them.

"We tried to take pictures but nothing came out on the camera and the lights floated towards Orton Hall Hotel."

However, Mike Dunne, from Castor, near Peterborough, believes the lights were a result of someone shining a very strong light on to the low cloud base.

He said: "My daughter spotted these strange lights in the sky and phoned me.

"I had a look and, although faint, a beam of light could be seen coming from the Peterborough area. It was obviously someone shining a very strong light on to the low cloud base. UFOs – rubbish."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/peterborough.html

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1968, Hanbury, England, November 20
Animal Reaction Feature:

Between 5:30 and 5:45 PM. At dusk, the Milakovics and their son were driving through an area with fields on both sides of the road.

They noticed first one rabbit and then several more scurry across the road from left to right. Looking left, they saw a brilliant object in the field.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist comments:

The Milakovics stopped their car and got out as the object rose slowly and flew over their car. Doris Milakovic noticed the air temperature felt warmer as the object flew overhead.

The object continued flying over the field to their right and hovered over a house about 100 yards away, where it quivered “like a jelly.”

It appeared as wide as the house.

The drawing of the object shows a dark bowl-shaped bottom, with a clear dome on top. The dome was divided into vertical thirds, one third showing white light, one third, amber light, and the final third, green light.

In the lit dome area, several humanoid figures were seen moving, sometimes appearing to bend down as though looking at something below the rim (see sketch).

The object began moving in a jerky manner, its light becoming much more intense and Mr. Milakovic felt his eyes burning. Now frightened, they got in their car and sped away.

No sound or EM effects were reported by the Milakovics. Two physiological effects were reported: heat felt as object passed over, and burning of the eyes when its light intensity increased.


Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, pages 29-30.


(last update, 05-09-09)

Oregon - Object with Three Pulsating Lights
04-16-09 - The object was dark in color, had 3 red pulsating, not flashing, lights at the bottom. Also one at the end of each wing, and one in the center of the main front part. There was no sound at all.

My son, his friend, and I were heading to South End Road market/gas station when we saw a red blur fly over our Yukon, the sun roof was open so we saw it very well. I got on the gas and rounded a bend in the road and observed it up ahead over a big steel power line carrier and a field.

I stopped my truck and got out to see if it was a conventional craft, i.e. engine noise etc... but there was nothing, just 3 red lights that stopped pulsating as it sat there. My son's friend had a cell phone so I told him to get the camera on and give it to me, he did but as I pointed the phone toward the object shaped as a giant V the phone went black.

I hollered and cursed because I thought he had handed it to me off, but he said he turned the camera on himself, so I got back in my truck and just as I did, the object turned 180 degrees, and zoomed off to the direction it came, and kind of shuffled to the left.

All 3 of us saw this thing. It was about 150 feet or so across, and hovered about 500-700 feet off the ground. So we saw it real well, and this was no man made object.

I reported it to the local clown house a.k.a. the police dept. and they said it was probably someone's private craft! How funny! source: www.mufon.com

Pennsylvania - Two Circular Lights
05-03-09 - I arrived home from visiting with friends, a few minutes from my home. I exited my vehicle and walked toward the front door of my home, approximately 50 feet from the driveway.

I observed two circular lights in the sky above my head. The lights continually circled 360 degrees, meeting half way in between, and turning clockwise. When the lights meet again, they continued counter-clockwise.

I have never seen anything like this prior to tonight. Furthermore, I have observed low flying helicopters around my home to this date, and I wonder if the helicopter activity has anything to do with this current activity.

The objects are still continuing. I am not afraid, as I do not believe in extraterrestrial activity, but I am very curious as to what experiments/projects may be in progress in my area. Furthermore, I attempted to take photographs and video, to no avail. source: www.mufon.com

Great Britain - Pulsating Light Show
05-02-09 - I have just arrived home from a camping holiday in Glastonbury, Somerset, England. With me were my wife Fran, and our friend Julie.

It was our last night and we were at our campsite in the larger of the two tents we had taken. I looked out of the doorway and noticed a bright reddish orange light above Glastonbury Tor. I mentioned this immediately to the others because it was an unusual colour for an aeroplane.

I must mention that there was cloud cover and no stars were visible. However, ground level visibility was good.

The light ascended and started to pulsate - I suspect the pulsation was as it got nearer to and started entering the clouds, all of a sudden two more lights the same ascended and as they did the first one disappeared into the clouds.

We were all amazed at this fantastic light show and it still hadn't ended because as the two lights reached the clouds another one appeared and this followed the same course.

All of this occurred at approx 23.25 - 23.40 BST on 2nd May, 2009. I had 2 mini-DV camcorders with me, but both had been used and due to us camping we never had a way of powering them, therefore no film. I had used all the batteries filming Mayday events.

Regards, Maurice Voice from Wirral, Merseyside, England - source: www.ufocasebook.com

New Zealand - White Light Does U-Turn
05-04-09 -I was out tonight in Christchurch East around 7 PM, and noticed a bright light heading out over the sea towards the East. I noticed at the same time there was a plane coming in from a higher altitude which was displaying its usual colours which made me think the object I was seeing was different.

I went inside and had my tea and then popped outside for a cigarette about fifteen minutes later and noticed the same bright white light heading towards the West and then it did a U-turn and then suddenly there were two lights then one.

I thought I was going lightly dizzy and something was going to happen to me as I couldn't focus on what I was seeing as it changed about four to five times from one light to two. Then suddenly there was three lights and the lights were definitely in a triangle.

It circled again and then vanished. I've seen some funny stuff up there at times as I'm a follower of UFO cases throughout the world. and read many of sightings and this is the best I've seen, plus it sounds just like others have spoken about from their experiences. Hope someone else saw this tonight over Christchurch New Zealand. source: www.ufocasebook.com

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