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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 562, Issue date, 05-20-13

China’s UFO Invasion
UFO over China
Published: 2:55 PM 5/17/2013

By Eric Fish

On Monday (May 13) a series of “UFO” photos emerged after people in several Chinese cities reported seeing a strange light in the sky.

This was just the latest in a wave of UFO sightings that have happened throughout the country in recent years.

So after a relatively quiet 5,000-year history in the field, why are UFOs all-of-a-sudden becoming so common in China?

In 1947, three highly-publicized UFO sightings happened in the United States within a two-week span culminating with the Roswell Incident, where some alleged that the U.S. government had recovered and hidden an alien ship wreck.

In the years that followed, hundreds more sightings were reported, official inquiries were launched and the idea of alien visitors captured America’s imagination.

The conditions that existed in America at the time may help explain the influx of UFOs in China.

When UFO sightings are investigated, they’re usually found to have been one of four things:

1. Something that’s easily explained (ie – a weather balloon, airplane, science experiment or natural phenomenon)

2. A military test

3. A hoax

4. A genuine unidentified flying object that nobody can explain, meaning the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin can’t be ruled out.

According to famous theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, 95 percent of all UFO sightings fall into the first three categories.

“It’s the 5 percent that give you the willies,” he said in an interview with MSNBC.

These tend to be cases where several credible witnesses using multiple mediums (like eyesight and radar) see something inexplicable through our understanding of physics and human technology.

For post-1947 America, each of the four possible UFO explanations had fertile ground. It was right after the end of World War II when the U.S. found itself with a stockpile of leftover military aircraft.

Many of these planes were repurposed for carrying paying passengers, giving rise to a boom in commercial flight and filling America’s skies with lights that people had never seen before.

UFO over China This period was also the beginning of the Cold War, when the U.S. military was testing all sorts of new airborne technology while remaining hyper-sensitive about its secrecy.

Many UFO sightings turned out to be military-related operations yet unknown to the greater public and unacknowledged by the U.S. government.

With the press sensationalizing UFO encounters during this time, plenty were primed to assume the lights they saw in the sky were from alien worlds; not to mention all of the hoaxsters and fame-seekers who emerged to capitalize on and perpetuate the UFO craze.

But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the American UFO avalanche was the idea that there were actually alien visitors; and that naturally, they took a keen interest in the emerging superpower and its development of planet destroying nuclear technology.

Now look back to modern China. Its economic development has meant, in one form or another, more lights in the sky. The UFO sighting this week, for example, now appears to have been a rocket science experiment conducted by the National Space Science Center.

Likewise, in 2012, witnesses reported hundreds of mysterious flying objects on the Sino-Indian border that were likely just festive floating lanterns.

But there have been other flying objects documented that remain much more mysterious.

2010 may have been to China what 1947 was to the U.S. In July that year, flights were grounded in Hangzhou when a mysterious object was seen floating above Xiaoshan Airport.

Some experts speculated that it was a military aircraft and officials later said it was just an illegal private flight. But those explanations didn’t satisfy many who’d seen the strange photographs.

A week later, a UFO was seen hovering over Chongqing for more than an hour. That also has yet to be explained (and this wasn’t the first UFO sighting in Chongqing, or the last).

Then that September, another airport was shut down when a flying object was seen hovering in Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Again, it vanished after about an hour.

There was a subsequent investigation, but the results reportedly couldn’t be disclosed because there was a “military connection.” In 2010, there were altogether eight major UFO sightings reported.

With all these incidents, and a media that’s shown no hesitation in covering them, China is well on the way to developing its own American-style UFO craze. According to Global Times, UFO associations around the country now have about 50,000 members altogether.

With this influx of interest and a newfound access to editing technology, a number of Chinese hoaxsters have also jumped on the UFO bandwagon (here and here for example).

China even has the variety of witnesses claiming very intimate alien encounters, like the man who says he slept with a 3-meter-tall alien woman with braided leg hair.

But if alien crafts were actually coming to study Earth, China would certainly be an increasingly likely point of focus. With its emergence as a world power and its rapidly growing destructive capability, the China of today in many ways mirrors the America of 1947.

So whether China’s UFO encounters are the result of real aliens or more Earthly phenomena that accompany development, expect more to come.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/chinaufoinvasion.html

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Did You See UFOs Over Bethlehem on March 3?
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:05 PM 5/17/2013

By Daryl Nerl

UFO investigator is checking a sighting of about 100 'bluish' objects floating over South Mountain.

Several people standing outside of the Square One Exxon market on W. Broad Street saw something in the sky that was difficult to explain.

It was March 3 at about 8:50 p.m. and the witnesses were looking toward South Mountain when they spotted about 100 objects floating west to east, according to Dan Medleycott, a senior field investigator and a state section director for the Mutual UFO Network in Pennsylvania.

Some of the objects appeared to be in formation, while others were not, a witness told Medleycott. Then the objects suddenly accelerated vertically and disappeared within a second.

It is possible that the objects were sky lanterns, though the descriptions by witnesses of how the objects moved do not fit with that hypothesis, said Medleycott, who is seeking others who either saw the phenomenon or can explain exactly what people saw.

A December 2011 sighting of possible UFOs near Sam's Club on Airport Road was ultimately debunked as sky lanterns that had been released from nearby Cedar Hill Memorial Park.

Did you see the objects described on March 3? Do you know what they were?

MUFON investigates sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects in the Lehigh Valley and across the country.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/ufosoverbethelem.html

source & references:

http://bethlehem.patch.com/articles/did-you-see-ufos-over-bethlehem-on-march-3 bethlehambluelights

graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

Arthur Sollitt Films Mystery UFO over Ipswich
GREEN MACHINE: Booval resident Arthur Sollitt captured this UFO over Swanbank on his video camera.Contributed
Published: 4:28 PM 5/17/2013

Joel Gould

A GREEN UFO that lit up the night sky over Ipswich has the man who saw it and experts in the field baffled.

"I've never seen anything like it before," UFO Research Queensland president Sheryl Gottschall said.

Booval's Arthur Sollitt took a video recording of the bizarre object and after replaying the video many times he is still none the wiser.

"As far as I am concerned it is an unidentified flying object, but whether it is earth-made or something from outer space... you just wouldn't know," he said.

The QT has seen Mr Sollitt's video recording and it can be found on our website.

The green UFO swoops across the sky with what appears to be a set of wings at times before morphing from other angles into a saucer shape.

A white light moves around the UFO.

Mr Sollitt, a former speedway racer who won the world derby in 1980, was moved to come forward with the recording after the QT received texts and a letter about strange lights in the sky.

Mr Sollitt, 83, takes up the story:

"This happened on the night of the 24th of February at approximately seven o'clock," he said.

"I went outside to have a breather and I saw a green light in the sky.

"I didn't take much notice of it at the start, but when I came back out I noticed it was there so I got a camera to record what was happening and try and work out what it was.

"From some angles it is like a green rectangle, and then it has a white object above it almost in a T shape in some angles. At times the white image is above it and at times it is below it. It is almost as though it is turning upside down. It is real hard to explain."

Mr Sollitt said he saw the object swooping about "in the general vicinity of Swanbank".

"It may be a remote-controlled object. But it is something in the sky and it is flying like a plane," he said.

"I don't know whether it is concerning or not.

"When I was trying to get some footage of it a lady walked past and said, 'It's strange isn't it. I've seen it before'. It has apparently been seen three times.

"I noticed in a letter to the paper that people from out at Chuwar had seen it in the sky, which is a fair distance from here."

Mr Sollitt's son sent the video to UFO Research Queensland where Ms Gottschall has examined it.

Ms Gottschall speculated that it had some resemblance to a gliding craft of some description.

"But why it is green, I don't know," she said.

"I've seen a lot of things, but I haven't seen anything like that... not even on the internet. It remains unidentified. I can see a flashing light on it and it is a strange shape. In some images it is slightly curved... the longer part of it.

"We'd like to hear from others who have seen it, but at this stage it is a mystery."

To contact UFO Research Queensland go to uforq.asn.au

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/sollitt.html

source & references:


How UFO Believers Make our Government More Transparent
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:16 PM 5/16/2013

By Dana Liebelson

"Every major military agency receives an enormous amount of requests about UFOs."

There is a group of people in America that may be more committed to prying documents from the government than just about anyone else: People who believe that Unidentified Flying Objects are real.

UFO believers have been dutifully trying to prove the existence of alien life forms for decades, largely by submitting countless Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. These requests are so exhaustive; they've actually spawned new laws for how government decides to give up its other (more mundane) secrets.

"There are individuals who file FOIA requests every single time a new report of a UFO comes in, asking all the relevant agencies to look for mentions of a triangular object" says Kel McClanahan, an attorney specializing in national security and privacy law. "Every major military agency receives an enormous amount of requests about UFOs."

One of those FOIA requesters is 32-year-old John Greenewald Jr., a television producer and writer in North Hollywood, Calif. He says he's filed hundreds of FOIA requests about UFOs. He filed his first request when he was 15, and received a four-page document detailing the 1976 Tehran UFO encounter that read "like an X-Files episode."

After that, he says he "was hooked," and has since amassed more than 700,000 pages of government documents, most of which he's posted online.

He's not the only one. Larry Bryant, who spent decades writing for U.S. Army publications, claims that he has "filed more UFO-related lawsuits in federal court than has anyone else in the entire universe."

It's not unusual for a UFO FOIA case to make it to court. In a 1981 case, Ground Saucer Watch v. CIA, William Spaulding, head of a small UFO group, alleged that the CIA was hiding information about the "Robertson panel," a government intelligence advisory committee that met in 1953 to investigate a spate of UFO sightings.

The group filed a FOIA lawsuit, which forced the CIA to conduct a search of all UFO-related documents — even if it was a piece of paper stuck under a secretary's desk.

According to the CIA's website, "It was much like the John F. Kennedy assassination issue. No matter how much material the Agency released and no matter how dull and prosaic the information, people continued to believe in an Agency cover-up and conspiracy."

McClanahan says the real implication of this case came in determining how far down the rabbit hole an agency has to go to find a document. "While the court ended up ruling against Ground Saucer Watch, it took for granted that the agency had to do a full, comprehensive search for requested documents.

And it also set a line where if you're looking for, say, every document about Martin Luther King Jr., and one of those document mentions a church burning, the government is not expected to reasonably find the document related to the church." Today, the original 1981 case has been cited in hundreds of other decisions, and the CIA proactively puts UFO documents dating all the way back to the 1940s on its website.

Like the CIA, other government agencies are expected to search in every nook and cranny for a FOIA request, even one about aliens. In a 2007 case, Kean v. NASA, a plaintiff requested historical documents concerning an object that allegedly fell from the sky and crashed in Kecksburg, Pa., in the 1960s.

The court ultimately determined that NASA didn't adequately search for the documents, and directed NASA to come up with a plan to look for them again.

Even when a UFO group doesn't win a case, like what happened in 2001 in Citizens Against UFO Secrecy v. DOD, it still provides useful information for Americans wishing to file future FOIA requests. In UFO Secrecy, the plaintiff produced dozens of eyewitness accounts of the alleged UFO, but the court determined that "speculation that documents exist is insufficient to create a genuine issue of material fact."

So even if Benghazi conspiracy theorists produced dozens of eyewitnesses to support a certain allegation, it makes no difference if the government doesn't have any documentation of it. "Because of this case, you'll see plaintiffs fighting about whether or not something happened — but a judge working by the book will rule against them, because they didn't fight the right fight," says McClanahan.

Finally, say that a concerned American is looking for all information related to harmful contaminated water at the Marine Corps Camp Lejeune military base. Would the more effective search be "water tanks and toxins," or "water tanks or toxins?" Thanks to Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, the government ultimately has to choose the conjunction that is not unusual and unreasonable, so the hypothetical requester doesn't end up with a lot of information about random water tanks.

Whether or not you fall into the camp of the 36 percent of Americans who believe that UFOs are zooming around Earth, you've got to hand it to the persistence of the believers — the CIA and the National Security Agency are actually dumping UFO-related cables on their public websites.

"What other advocacy group can say that they're getting the government to proactively disclose everything there is to know about a subject?" says McClanahan.

As John Greenewald Jr. puts it: "I would say all of my requests have been successful, in a way. Even a negative response tells a story and offers evidence... In regards to UFOs, there is always something to look for."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/moretransparent.html

source & references:

http://theweek.com/article/index/244172/how-ufo-believers-make-our-government-more-transparent graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

Archived Case of the Week

Domed Disc Near Airliner, Confirmed By Radar, 1973 in McAlester, Oklahoma
February 14, 1973-McAlester, Oklahoma:

An airline DC-8 cargo flight was en route from St. Louis to Dallas on February 14, 1973, at about 2:30 a.m.

At a point near McAlester, Oklahoma, the copilot noticed what he first thought was another aircraft just below the leading edge of the right wing about 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) away.

The object was on the same course and speed, keeping a constant position. Only its steady amber light seemed unconventional.

Suddenly the object rose straight up like an elevator, made a sharp turn and approached the plane, taking up a position about 300 yards (270 meters) away and slightly above them.

It was disc-shaped with a transparent dome on top, its silvery, highly polished surface reflecting the moonlight. Besides some stubby protrusions no other features were visible.

The captain switched on the weather radar and it confirmed that something real and solid was there. When the radar beam hit its surface, the object reacted immediately, ascending straight up, then moving sideways over the DC-8 and briefly out of sight.

The object reappeared quickly, descending straight down and taking up a new position just below the leading edge of their left wing. It then dropped below and behind the plane, abruptly reappearing only about 300 feet (90 meters) below them.

Looking down into the dimly lit dome, the pilots saw two or three shadowy entities moving around. The object then darted out in front, performed various oscillatory motions and another sharp (noninertial) turn before speeding out of sight.

It disappeared off the radar scope at a distance of 50 miles (80 km).16

by Richard Hall:

Source: Volume II, The UFO Evidence, A Thirty-Year Report, Richard Hall, (2001), page 131


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