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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 563, Issue date, 05-27-13

UFOs: The Eternal Mystery
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:13 PM 5/24/2013

(Before It's News)

Since the beginning of the Twentieth Century an age of uncertainty has manifested itself. The ever present influence of the UFO, has compelled man to question his place in the universe.

The enigmatic presence of unknown aerial activity has forced the defenses of the earth’s nations to stop and ponder just who violates their air space with seeming impunity. Educated guesses

Theories abound over the origin of UFOs. Christians view the UFO controversy with mixed explanation from considering them to represent the deception of Satan while some Astronomers of faith have acknowledged that alien civilizations probably exist in minimal quantities at maximal distances from earth thus making the likelihood of actual contact very small due to our inability to overcome the technical difficulties of travelling thousands of light years within a reasonable amount of time.

Just as some consider UFO’s to be the product of unholy supernatural activity one might consider the findings of 2 USAF officers who conducted a study in the late 1970’s.

The two Air Force investigators reviewed old Project Blue Book files, the records kept by the Center for UFO studies (CUFO’s), former astrophysicist consultant to the USAF for Project Blue Book, J. Allen Hynek was still running the organization at that time.

The officers also conducted witness interviews-civilian and military. Their findings tended to buttress Christian views that UFO’s originated as an aberration created to incite fear and confusion. You might argue over the origin of UFO’s, but you can’t argue over the fear and confusion aspect of UAP’s as former NASA scientist Richard Haines calls them, Unknown Aerial Phenomena.

Untimely deaths

Peter Jennings prior to his death, reached out into odd territory when he produced a well-received documentary “UFO’s Seeing is Believing”. In that film Peter narrated and featured a number of military and civilian pilots who described their bizarre mid-air encounters with unexplained airborne objects that so impressed them that they still remembered their experiences clearly from years before.

It is rather tragic and telling at the same time to consider that Peter Jennings, one of the most prominent TV journalists of his time, died in short order from cancer after his association with this UFO project like so many other researchers and celebrities who have strayed into forbidden territory.

He joins such personalities as Congressman, Steven Schiff, of New Mexico, Karla Turner; a specialist in abductions who lived in Arkansas, and the famous broadcaster and journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen, who also died under questionable circumstances.

An impenetrable paradox

Did these personalities die as a result of their unknowingly dangerous connection with a phenomenon that attracts unwanted government coercion? One thing is for certain, once many have entered that eerie realm of uncertainty disappearances, untimely deaths, and other bizarre circumstances tend to follow.

The late John A. Keel, an ardent writer on forte events, the paranormal, and extraterrestrials literally pleaded with his readers not to get involved in the dark and foreboding trail of the unknown and the dark road that it would lead them on.

In his books “UFO’s Operation Trojan Horse” and his later work filled with remorse over the loss of his friends, who had pursued the unknown “The Eighth Tower” John Keel succinctly issued his sincere warning. Apparently Keel was well aware that, he too, had been pulled into something that was unfathomable and provided no answers to the inquirer.

Even law enforcement comes up helpless

Officer Robert Schirmer of Ashland, Nebraska December 3, 1967 became the unwitting recipient of the infamous mystery when he was abducted while on duty. His strange experience was highlighted by amnesia and confusion, not to mention the suspicion of his superiors once he was found that he had experienced missing time just as Betty and Barney Hill had a few years earlier.

Once he was hypnotically regressed, Herbert Schirmer recalled his encounter and even drew an excellent sketch of the classic disk shaped object that he had initially flashed his headlights at. The UFO phenomenon has enveloped many trained observers of professional background and training.

Yet, skepticism still persists. As Peter Jennings emphasized over and over again in his documentary “Seeing is believing” an old but relevant saying accurately describes what many witnesses repeat when testifying.

Donald Menzel skeptical or not?

Another finding typical of the unusual nature of the UFO saga is the case of well-known scientist of his time Donald Menzel, supposedly a staunch critic of UFOs. Menzel was known to be a hostile skeptic who preferred ridiculing UFO witnesses regardless of their level of expertise.

Recently, it was divulged that Donald Howard Menzel, an esteemed scientist and well known UFO debunker, served on secret classified projects for the US government. When confronted by this by the US media, the Menzel family denied any knowledge of this revelation. It is also alleged that Menzel was one of the secret members of the legendary Majestic 12 group appointed after the Roswell incident in 1947 according to controversial evidence that surfaced in the mid-1980’s.

A conclusion? When we take a look at the unusual legacy of the UFO and how it has influenced the lives of those it has touched we are confronted with a difficult alternate reality to pierce. It is somewhere in that fog of uncertainty where lies the answer, I choose to explore the past where it seems the answers were already given to us, but the evidence has just not been completely uncovered yet.

Like an elusive forensics scene, we have the body, without a clear motive or perpetrator. Until next time, when we will delve into uncharted waters.

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Professor Debunks Theories of Skeleton's Alien Origins
Greer Alien
Published: 2:39 PM 5/21/2013

By Cara Reichard

Alien and UFO enthusiasts were left disappointed again last month, as Professor of Microbiology and Immunology Garry Nolan Ph.D. ’89 P.D.

’89 debunked theories of extraterrestrial origins surrounding a skeleton found in Chile’s Atacama Desert and instead identified it as a humanoid.

The skeleton was featured prominently in the recent documentary “Sirius,” produced by Steven Greer, founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project. The film is based on Greer’s efforts to reveal government cover-ups of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters.

Nolan was given the opportunity to examine the skeleton after contacting the makers of “Sirius.” The skeleton in question is only six inches long and possesses several unusual characteristics, including an abnormally shaped head and an irregular rib count, as it only has 10 ribs while most humans have 12.

The producers agreed to send Nolan pictures of the figure, which Nolan described as “pretty spectacular,” after he offered to provide genomics tools that could examine the skeleton’s DNA.

Though Nolan believed that the Atacama skeleton, called “Ata,” could not possibly belong to an alien, part of his agreement with the filmmakers was to not be “pathologically skeptical” while conducting his research.

“I wouldn’t enter this and at the first sign of humanity throw everything out,” Nolan said. “There were anomalies and they needed to be tracked down.”

Beyond his curiosity in determining the origin of the skeleton, Nolan had personal motives for undertaking the project. When he contacted the film’s producers, Nolan was about to begin the process of setting up his lab for cancer research, which he said would “require sequence analysis of a very similar, very comparable approach.”

“I literally hadn’t touched a pipette for 20 years,” Nolan said. “So it was kind of like, ‘do I still have the hands?’”

Nolan took the pictures provided by the filmmakers to his colleagues in the neonatal care unit, who referred him to Clinical Professor of Pediatric Radiology Ralph Lachman, a specialist in dwarfism. Lachman runs the International Skeletal Dysplasia Registry, which contains information on about 15,000 different cases of dwarfism worldwide. Despite managing this enormous database, and seeing 700 or 800 cases of dwarfism every year, Lachman was not sure what he was looking at when first saw Ata.

“At that time, we didn’t know if it was an alien,” Lachman said. “It didn’t look, even on the pictures, like a normal human.”

After gathering sufficient DNA from the skeleton, Nolan ran the DNA through an analyzer and compared the sequence with a human reference genome, which he described as “sort of an average of all of the genomes that have been analyzed.”

Nolan said that it was clear that the specimen was human after the genome analysis, though the researchers could still not explain the skeleton’s unusual characteristics.

Upon Lachman’s request, Nolan asked to see X-rays and CT scans taken of the skeleton in Barcelona, where it was stored. The images allowed Lachman to more accurately understand the specimen’s many abnormalities.

One of the most perplexing questions Lachman encountered was the age of specimen at its time of death. Its small size matched roughly that of a 22-week-old fetus, but the high level of calcification observed in the legs suggested it was more likely a child between the ages of five and eight years old.

Lachman subsequently investigated several similar cases of dwarfism throughout history and found several, including a 19th century “circus freak” named Tom Thumb and an Italian woman who was six inches when she was born and 19 inches when she died at age eight or nine.

According to Lachman, another possible explanation for the skeleton’s small size and advanced calcification is natural mummification, a process that would have made the skeleton appear older than it is.

“The mummification process in the Egyptians has produced calcification like this in the intervertebral spaces,” Lachman said. “Natural mummification is probably a process that occurs if you in a very dry desert place. The body is lying there for several years, and it dries out and salts are deposited. That can lead to calcification occurring.”

Both Nolan and Lachman emphasized that their research is not complete, as they proved that the specimen is human but still cannot explain all of its unusual characteristics.

Nolan, who said that the skeleton displays a “rare mutation, if not one-of-a-kind,” has contacted a researcher from Germany in hopes of getting access to similar specimens in order to compare their DNA with Ata’s.

“If I do the sequencing of those as well, we could actually determine the cause of this,” he said. “If it had a similar mutation, similar genes, that would be fantastic; we would be able to sort of solve the mystery.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/professordebunks.html

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Alice Eve Suspects NASA Of Hiding Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:49 PM 5/23/2013

By: Kevin Blair

Star Trek Into Darkness star Alice Eve believes that Earthlings have already made contact with extraterrestrial beings and top government officials are hiding the details from citizens.

The sexy British blonde, who bared nearly all in a controversial stripping scene in the new film, joined co-stars Chris Pine, John Cho and director J.J. Abrams for a Skype chat with astronauts on board the International Space Station.

The actress thought the experience was fascinating, but she's not convinced all of their answers were the truth.

"That was definitely the coolest thing we've done," she says. "I mean, we've shared the movie with countries around the world, but we got to Skype... with the guy in a space station.

"And he was turning around in the air when we were talking to him and when he would talk, he would suddenly let go of his mic and it would just stay there. It was a very weird experience...

"J.J. asked this question, 'So have you seen alien life?'... and the response that the guys at the NASA base gave us... was so rehearsed and so clear that they had seen [aliens]."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/aliceeve.html

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Large Disc-shaped UFO Hovers over Snyder, Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:31 AM 5/22/2013

Snyder, Texas - 04-27-13

Shape: Disk - Duration: 5-7 minutes

A large disc with 8 lights (2 rows of 4 lights) was observed in a field behind our home absolutely motionless as if it were hovering.

As we drove up to our home, it must have noticed our vehicles headlights; (as they were pointing in the direction of the craft when we drive up) because it started to move in our direction very slowly as if it were scanning.

I ran out of my vehicle to get a closer look and I immediately noticed a row of windows in between the lights.

The craft was a smooth dark metal and very large in size. It was low to the ground and there was absolutely no noise to it.

My husband went to take a picture as it slowly came towards us on the west side. As soon as our phone camera flashed, the craft seemed to disappear within a flash.

We didn't even see the direction it went. It was like it just disappeared.

All we heard was a weird mechanical sound and a fast turbo speed like an airplane going really fast. This craft seemed to be about 30-40 feet from the ground and was absolutely huge in size.

It is important to note that my husband and I love to look at the stars at night and previously spotted flashing lights (white and red) in the sky.

We were never really sure what they were, and just knew the sound associated with the craft and that they moved very fast.

We bought binoculars to further investigate, but on this particular night the craft was really low to the ground and when we took the binoculars from the car the craft was too close to get within the lens.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/snyder042713.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1999 - Argentina: UFO Stole Water from Military Base
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:41 PM 9/23/2010

Reported by: Patchi LaFata

Argentina: A UFO Stole Water from a Military Base in Santa Fe. An effort was made to conceal the case for years, but the proof is undeniable

The case emerges 11 years later and makes manifest the strange repetition of events related to Ufology that are intentionally concealed from the public. The episode occurred on the evening of 24 November 1999 at an army base located in the provincial capital of Santa Fe. A strange “imprint” appeared on the ground.

The official story suggested a gag among army officers, but research showed that several witnesses directly observed the presence of a 40-meter-long flying object. But that isn't all, because no one was able to explain the reason why the water tank and two water cisterns that supply the troops were left completely empty.

The exciting story of the event and its subsequent investigation was made known by Grupo Vision OVNI resulting from field work by experts Luis Brussa (general research), Ariel Maderna (photography) and engineer Fabian Rossi (calculation and diagrams).

“After having learned of the event, I decided to go to the base to carry out investigations. Ten days had elapsed. I invited two researcher friends – Ariel and Fabian – to come along. So we grabbed our gear and went out to conduct field research, which is unquestionably the most pleasant and interesting aspect,” says Brussa regarding the origin of the event.

A Search for Truth

“Upon arrival, we were greeted by two soldiers. We told them that we were researchers of the subject and wanted to carry out some studies. They whisked us off to a superior officer, to whom we had to explain matters in greater depth, why we were doing it and what we would do with our conclusions. Permission was granted,” states the researcher.

He later explained that “the soldiers themselves led us to the impression, located in the remotest area of the base, which covers six blocks. We started by looking at the imprint and other facilities, such as sheds, the water tank, trees, wires and the cistern, which supplies water and has a depth of 15 meters and a diameter of 2.5 meters.”

The first clue emerges here. According to the story that Sgt. Carlos Villano told the researchers, “the cistern was practically drained the night of the event.” The officer also stated that the morning following the event, the principal of the primary school that operates on the base’s premises called him to report a lack of water in the school’s rest rooms. “I was sent to the cistern to see what was going on, thinking that the fuses had blown, but they were fine,” said the officer. At the same time, he found that the cistern and tank were both out of water, while noticing the circular impression for the first time.

Direct Witnesses

Another witness was Claudio Chena, the water basin’s custodian, who was 25 at the time. “He said that he was a professional photographer and showed us pictures taken of the event. He also explained that he was playing soccer with his cousin in the base’s soccer pitch, which is in the front of the base, facing Avenida Freyre,” comments Brussa.

“Claudio said that after 9:00 p.m., they saw a bright light toward the water tank, and that the lights went out throughout the district, but not the street lamps, which remained on. They paid little mind to the situation, thinking the lights were from a truck driving along Calle San José, behind the district,” states Brussa in his account.

The researchers canvassed the base’s neighbors, and came across Marta. “This woman said that on that evening, they were watching TV with the family and suddenly became aware of a persistent, even buzzing sound, a sensation similar to that of an earthquake, which Marta had felt in Córdoba, and she compared it as being alike. She stated that the TV set and the household lights experienced at least two brownouts, although power was not entirely lost,” says Brussa.

Another key witness was Aidé, who already knew of the imprint. Aidé is Colombian and is married to a renowned rural doctor. Her son is an architect. On the night of the event, she was standing in the doorway facing Calle Salta around 8:45 p.m. when she saw “a light having a circular shape, with a luminosity similar to that of a fluorescent bulb, and it flew at low speed.

The treetops concealed it. It didn't give off sparks or lights, smoke or any wake at all. It didn't change shape, nor did it blink or explode, or even accelerate. It just moved on a fixed course, maintaining its brilliant light and shape.”

“She only saw a single object, which in her estimation, was between 30 and 40 meters wide and at a distance of some 150 to 200 meters. She added that at that time se felt a sense of tranquility and total silence during the approximately 12 second duration of the event,” states Brussa’s report.

Characteristics of the Imprint Found at the Base

Shape: Circular. Measurement: 5.30 meters: Interior: 1.2 meters. Characteristics: the inner print was not perfect. The external print presented a shape with hexagonal edges, not very defined, toward the south. Organic vegetable matter: grass. Size: 3 to 4 cm. tall.

Color: Natural green at the center of the print; dark brown within the print itself. The virgin soil surrounding the grass was similar to that at the center of the print, natural green and regular height.

Complementary Data: The print was seven meters distant from the water tank. Ten meters away on the left is a shed containing two water cisterns which provide water to the tank. Water comes from the street network and fills both cisterns.

An electrical pump sends water to the high concrete tank. Water was missing from the cisterns the day after the event. They [the cisterns] have a diameter of 2.5 meters and a depth of 15 meters. The cistern panel connected to the electric pump did not short-circuit.

Particulars of the Case Date of the Imprint’s Appearance: 24-25 November 1999, between 21:00 on the 24th and the morning of the 25th.

Investigation conducted: 4 December 1999

Locality: City of Santa Fe, Argentina

Place: 12th Infantry Regiment, Avenida Freyre 2500, between Salta and Juan de Garay streets.

Weather conditions at the time: clear skies, 33 degrees (C) ambient temperature

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU.

Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)


Agradezco al amigo Scott Corrales -EE.UU.-


Informó: Guillermo D. Giménez - Arg

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/1999argentinaufowater.html

source & references:

Diario Popular (Argentina)


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