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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 511, Issue date, 05-28-12

Was UFO over Philadelphia Captured on Video?
UFO Image
Published: 11:35 AM 5/26/2012

Originally published on May 24, 2012 by aliennewz

The poster states that:

This video was sent to us by an anonymous person.

They were filming aircraft landing at Philadelphia International Airport on May 22, 2012 when they witnessed a mysterious object zip by this Bombardier Dash 8.

The media is saying it was a flare, but that doesn't look like a flare to me!

(Editor's Note: Much more information is need for this one. Where was the person who took the video, another plane? What did they see? Did anyone else see the object?)

The original video was edited by www.ufocasebook.com

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permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/piavideo.html

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Do UFO Hunters Still Report “Men in Black” Sightings?
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:41 AM 5/24/2012

By Aisha Harris

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will attempt to conquer the box office yet again with the third installment of the Men in Black franchise.

The films, centered on a secret group of dark-suited agents responsible for keeping alien life from the eyes of the public, are based on Lowell Cunningham’s comic book series of the same name.

That comic book series was in turn inspired by actual reports of clandestine, black-clad figures, reports that date back several decades and are an integral part of UFO folklore.

The producers of Men in Black III are even attempting to cash in on that folklore through a viral marketing campaign that mimics “men in black” accounts of old. Cheap-looking billboards (which don’t mention the movie at all) declare that “The Men in Black Suits are Real” and direct the curious to call a hotline, which then encourages them to leave a message detailing their own supernatural experiences.

(There is also, of course, a blog that further exploits MIB culture in the hopes of a box office bonanza.)

This got us thinking: Given the enormous commercial success of the Men in Black films—as well as the popularity of TV’s The X-Files, which also drew on “men in black” mythology—do UFO seekers still report such sightings? Or has the mainstreaming of this phenomenon rooted it out of the UFO subculture that produced it?

First, a little background. In the summer of 1947, the sighting of “nine shiny discs” by a private pilot named Kenneth Arnold inspired similar accounts around the globe, as eminent ufologist Jerome Clark explains in his detailed book, The UFO Encyclopedia. (The Arnold sighting led to the coining of a new term: “flying saucers.”)

That same summer, Harold Dahl claimed to have been visited by a man in a dark suit who promised to harm him if he disclosed his sighting of unidentified flying objects around Tacoma, Wash., the previous day.

Dubbed the “Maury Island Mystery,” the incident was later investigated by the Air Force, and is widely regarded as a hoax. But the image took hold in the popular imagination, and accounts of men in dark suits who have some connection to UFOs proliferated.

The most famous such account came from Albert K. Bender, who, in 1952, created the International Flying Saucer Bureau. Soon afterward, he said, he was visited by three men in dark suits who threatened him with imprisonment if he continued his inquiries into UFOs. Bender’s account was featured in They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, a book by IFSB associate Gray Barker, who also mentioned it frequently in his magazine, The Saucerian.

Bender believed that the men who threatened him were part of the U.S. government, but explanations for the men in black vary. And a distinction is made, in UFO literature, between “men in black” and “Men in Black” (note the capital letters).

The former are believed to be human agents who cover up government secrets and are said to appear relatively normal.

The latter (often abbreviated as MIBs) were described by the late ufologist John A. Keel—author of book-turned-film The Mothman Prophecies—as “demonic supernaturals” who behave in distinctly nonhuman ways. (Keel’s accounts of MIBs, which date to the mid-1960s, have xenophobic overtones: He describes them as having dark skin and/or “exotic” facial features.

The first Men in Black movie cleverly inverted this aspect of MIB folklore, depicting aliens as immigrants.)

I asked Clark, an active board member of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), whether the popularization of the MIB has affected the number of visits reported today.

Such accounts have tapered significantly in the 15 years since the original MIB was released, he said, but he does not believe the films are responsible. Why the decline, then?

Clark didn’t offer a specific reason, but he did suggest that few ufologists pay attention to such matters anymore, particularly since Keel passed away in 2009.

British ufologist Nick Redfern, on the other hand, disputes the notion that sightings have declined. In his book The Real Men in Black, he tells of several reported visits in recent years.

Whether or not the sightings have continued or will continue, Clark cautions against dismissing such stories as the ramblings of crazy people—or to think of them as literal events, like bumping into someone at the grocery store.

Rather, Clark said, the direct observation and the event must be separated. Accounts of the men in black represent experiences that, in his words, “don’t seem to have occurred in the world of consensus reality.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/meninblackreports.html

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Three Sighting Reports from Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:12 PM 5/23/2012

McAllen, Texas - 05-22-12

I was driving south on Tenth Street between Highway 107 and Trenton in McAllen, Texas at 6 or 6:30 PM. I saw a bright, white stationary object hovering to the east.

I thought it was an airplane or perhaps a surveillance drone; here on the border with Mexico, there are a lot of odd aircraft.

I have seen blimps and high altitude helicopters (at night), but this was different. It reflected the setting sunlight (still fairly bright and white at the time), but also glowed and alternately sharpened and slightly blurred in appearance.

The day was dry and clear, with no clouds. I was only able to watch the event out my car window. My wife also saw the object and was disturbed by its appearance as something not easily explainable.

I pulled off the road to get a better look across an open field, stopping at a cosmetology school parking lot. By that time, the object had disappeared. The last look I had of it, it appeared to be shrinking in size and decreasing in size and brightness.

This sounds like an aircraft moving into the distance, but the object did not move. I have observed aircraft on a straight line also appearing to hover, but this object did not look like an aircraft. I would say it was some kind of large drone-like object (maybe 50 feet in length), but the odd blurring of its surface edges, followed by a glowing and then sharpening of its outlines, was very odd.

So there you are. I'm wondering if anyone else saw it. It was very distinct and very bright and then it disappeared. There is a video on YouTube of a similar object spotted just south of where I was in 2010.

The video is unclear and really could be anything, but I'm pretty sure if I had been able to make a video of the object I saw with the same equipment, it would have looked something like the image captured by this McAllen resident. Go to youtube, McAllen UFO.

San Antonio, Texas - 05-22-12

I saw a UFO in San Antonio, Texas right about midnight, between Wurzbach and Huebner and Vance Jackson and IH-10. At first I thought my neighbors had gotten a motion detector light, but it didn’t make sense to me why a light was actually shining right on me (like a spotlight).

I looked up and saw what I thought to be at first a helicopter search light; but then I noticed there was no noise. The object was round and about half the size of a full moon with a slight orange outline.

It was moving very quickly across the sky (not as fast as a commercial airplane and much faster than a helicopter. The white light and object were extraordinary, like what you see when iron is so hot it turns brilliant white.

It seemed like it was only about 200-300 feet above me. I ran out into the yard to get a better look and it was no longer in the path it had been traveling (West to North) and had disappeared.

Austin, Texas - 05-21-12

My husband and I often sit outdoors in the evening and last night shortly after I joined him outside he pointed out an object that he had noticed in the sky. He pointed out an object in the Western Sky about 45 degrees from the horizon that had moved into a position just over the tree line.

I told him that I thought that it was Venus but he told me that it wasn't because he saw the object move into the location that it was now visible.

I continued to keep an eye on the object and noticed that it slowly dimmed and could no longer be seen with the naked eye. It stayed dim/off for a while and then shortly after became bright again. The object was not as bright as Venus but bigger and brighter than any other star in the sky.

A couple of airplanes flew overhead and we noticed the object dim again. We were able to see the object through binoculars and couldn't find a defined shape to it but noted that it did not have any strobes nor did it make noise. I took out my HTC Android cellphone and turned on the video recording option.

I was able to capture the object on camera as it hovered and dimmed on and off for about 16 minutes. Note that I was able to establish a landmark on video as the neighbors solar path lights were on and can be seen on the bottom left of the footage. The porch light was not on at their home nor is there a street light behind the house.

The total time that we observed the object was 16-18 minutes.

I have 2 recordings of the object and have uploaded them to Youtube. The first is 25 seconds and the second is a little over 16 minutes long.

Note that due to the quality of cellphone recording and the distance of the object that it had to be extremely bright to even show up on the recording at all. You do not see the object distinctly but with my candid narrations you are able to make out what I was able to catch in the footage.

I incorrectly stated the date on the footage. The object was indeed observed on Monday, May 21, 2012 between 9:25 and 9:45 p.m. CST.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/3texas.html

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UFOs Fly Under Cops' Radar
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:16 PM 5/23/2012

Mike Dinsdale

Northland police haven't been inundated with tales of UFO sightings, or landings, despite UFO watchers reporting unprecedented numbers of unexplained objects being seen in the region in recent months.

Suzanne Hansen, Ufocus NZ research network director, said last week that there had been many UFO sightings reported in the region in the past two months.

Ms Hansen said one man had reported seeing a UFO land in Northland in the past five or six weeks, but she was not revealing where the sighting was, or the credible witness' identity, at this stage.

But a police spokeswoman said there had been no reported UFO sightings to police in the region in the past two months.

Ms Hansen said there had been an unprecedented level of UFO/UAP (unidentified flying object/unidentified aerospace phenomena) sightings from the central North Island to Northland in the past two months, with many from Northland.

She said UFO hunters had arrived in Northland recently to interview the man who had reported a UFO landing, which was being treated very seriously.

"He's a very credible source. He saw an object that had landed and said it was definitely not an aircraft or like anything else he had seen," Ms Hansen said.

Since the story on the sightings appeared in the Northern Advocate on Saturday several more reports of recent UFO sightings had been made from the region, while several other people had contacted the group to report historical sightings in Northland.

NZ Skeptics spokeswoman Vicki Hyde said there were a huge number of possible explanations for UFO sightings - and none of them involved visits from extraterrestrials.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/copsradar.html

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Manotick Filmaker Revives Canadian UFO Story
UFO thriller. Manotick resident and bourgeoning filmmaker Dale Windle takes a break during filming his sci-fi thriller five storeys underground at the Diefenbunker museum in Carp. His first feature film is set in Falcon Lake, Manitoba but is being filmed in the Ottawa area. Emma Jackson
Published: 2:34 AM 5/24/2012

The Diefenbunker served its original purpose over the weekend of May 12 when it sheltered four people from a dangerous energy mass outside.

At least, that’s what a local filmmaker’s script outlined as a small cast and crew shot the climax of Manotick resident Dale Windle’s first feature film in the bowels of Canada’s cold war museum in Carp.

Windle’s sci-fi thriller “Rulers of Darkness” follows Dan Thomas, a young man from Chicago as he tries to uncover the truth about his mother’s strange and untimely death in Falcon Lake, Manitoba two years prior.

The plot grows from the documented “Falcon Lake Incident” of 1967, during which a Winnipeg prospector reportedly witnessed two glowing and very hot unidentified flying objects land near the lake before he was badly burned by the vessels.

When documents of the RCMP investigation were de-classified several years ago, Windle heard the story on CBC and was inspired to write a film based on the events.

Central to the story is the idea that the prospector saw a glowing mass leave the ship, which in the film Dan’s uncle, a plasma expert, believes is an inorganic plasma life form. The uncle moves to a cabin on Falcon Lake, just over the hill from an abandoned uranium mine, to conduct experiments. He excavates his way into the nearby mine’s power plant through his basement, and sets up a laboratory.

When Dan arrives at his uncle’s cabin in Falcon Lake, he heads into the woods to find the spot where his mother died of strange burns. But instead of finding answers, he discovers the energy mass that killed his mother, which starts chasing him and his love interest, Cheyna. They descend into the uranium mine to escape it – “where terrifying events unfold,” according to Windle.

The Diefenbunker’s electrical room, where the generators, air ventilation, water intake tunnels and other necessary infrastructure still exist, posed as the abandoned lab, and the climax of the movie was shot there over the course of two weekends in May. Other scenes were shot in a wooded area in Ottawa and at a cabin on Bobs Lake west of Perth.

Windle, 58, said he’s wanted to be a filmmaker since he was a teenager making home movies. However, his father sent him to become an architect instead, and he spent 15 years doing a job he didn’t enjoy. He then left to start an IT company – another job he didn’t really want to do.

It wasn’t until about four years ago when he began to experience a series of personal tragedies that he started to consider making movies like he’d planned.

First he lost his best friend, and then his father and another friend in Ottawa. Two years later before an annual memorial for his best friend, three childhood friends that were going to host him were killed in a car accident.

“It just starts a process of thinking about what is the meaning of life, what am I doing here, why am I doing these things I don’t want to do,” he said.

Two years ago this April, he finally acted on the conviction that had been growing since the death of his best friend.

“I got up one day and I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to make sure that I go and do the things I really want to do,’” he said during a break from filming on Sunday, May 13.

He attended a film school in New York City and last year he made his first film, a 22-minute comedy which is now on DVD and on demand in the US.

He approached this first feature film as a kind of test run, to learn the process of making a feature-length movie.

“I literally made a business decision to make a sci-fi thriller. I was driving along, I heard that story about the Falcon Lake incident on CBC, I researched it and I thought, ‘what a perfect way to inspire a story,’” he said.

He said the film should be ready for release in July, at which point he hopes to have a Canadian distribution contract for DVD or even limited theatrical release. In October he will travel to California to secure US licensing as well.

As he still works full time with his IT company, he said he aspires to make one film each summer.

This year’s sci-fi thriller will likely be shown at the Mayfair when it’s finished, Windle said.

For more information about the film visit www.rulersofdarknessmovie.com/blog.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/canadafilmmaker.html

source & references:


Archived Case of the Week

Alien Encounter - Munroe Falls, Ohio, March 28, 1967
Depiction: Alien in the Road
David Morris, 19, a factory worker in Kent, Ohio, was driving home to Munroe Falls from work early in the morning of March 28, 1967.

At about 2:30 AM, while driving west along Little River Road, he topped a small hill and suddenly saw an orange-glowing object ahead of him.

It was in a field to his left, on the south side of the road, and was apparently hovering several feet above the ground. He described it later as a cone-shaped object about 25 feet tall and 12 feet wide at the base, with a small sphere on top.

As Morris slowed his car down for a better look, he saw four or five small figures scurrying quickly back and forth across the road, about 50 feet ahead of him.

They appeared between three and a half and four feet tall, and they gave off the same soft orange glow similar to the object.

Morris quickly slammed on his brakes but, unable to stop in time, struck one of the beings as it crossed the road to his right.

He heard a thump at the moment of impact, and saw the being's raised hand as it was struck. He saw no fingers on this hand.

The car traveled another ten feet before it stopped. Morris turned and looked around, his hand on the door. He saw a group of little figures standing as if clustered about something lying on the road and, suddenly frightened, he sped off.

He did not report the incident to the police because he was convinced that whatever he struck had not been human.

The next day Morris found dents in his right front bumper that had not been there before. He mentioned the story to several of his co-workers, one of whom was acquainted with a reporter for a local newspaper.

This reporter alerted NICAP, and the incident was carefully investigated by Charles E. Toner and Roy Wiley of the Pittsburgh NICAP Subcommittee on several subsequent occasions.

In addition, Carol Clapp, the reporter for the Ravenna Record-Courier, did extensive checking on the case and provided NICAP with additional details.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/1967munroefallsohio.html




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