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UFO Magazine Issue 361, Issue date, 06-01-09

Amazing UFO Video from Russia
Still Frame Capture
29 May 2009

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

Debunkers love UFO sightings witnessed by large groups where no photograph or film is ever produced. The immediate response, sometimes even when a UFO is witnessed by stone aged tribes-people, is always why didn't anyone get out a phone or camera and film the thing?

This surveillance camera video footage (below) was recorded on May 22 at around 3 AM in the town of Sarapul in the Udmurtia Republic in Russia.

It clearly shows a UFO being witnessed by a growing crowd of obviously stunned warehouse workers. The video first shows what seems to be searchlight, however, soon after another object appears.

No other footage has come to light and no one appears to be filming the UFO... yet the amazing event did in fact happen!

Editor's Note: There is very limited info on the video below. It is very interesting, and if we find out more about this, I will certainly post it. There is a comment on the Russian page in which a user states that the object was the “Soyuz-2” rocket.

There was at least one other video taken from a different vantage point. You can see the link on the original Russian report, see link below under "sources and references."

Download Windows Video - 2.9 MB - Time - 02:26

(right click on link, from menu select "save target as")

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UFO Sighting Baffles Campers
UFO Depiction
28 May 2009 11:52 AM

Location: Denbighshire

Sharon Carlin, her husband, two children and two other couples with children were on a Bank Holiday trip in North Wales.

The six adults and seven children stayed at the Carrog Station Campsite, and on their last night, when all the children were asleep, they saw an unusual object in the sky.

The friends were gathered around their campfire when Sharon said she noticed something.

"I saw orange flames coming towards us and I had no idea what it could be," said Sharon.

"There was no sound but it was moving diagonally, it lasted for a few minutes.

"It moved like an air balloon but there was no noise off the flames. It was too small to be an air balloon though."

Sharon said everyone was intrigued not scared and they all tried to get their cameras out but it was too late.

"It just came quite close, it felt like it was detecting us.

"I can only describe it as a small cube-like shape with flames in the middle floating at a slow speed towards us. Then it went backwards and disappeared into the sky. It was the strangest thing, very bizarre and none of us could explain it."

The sighting happened at 10.45pm on Sunday, May 3, and on her return home to Manchester, Sharon was alerted to the Free Press website and that of sister paper the Evening Leader, which details UFO sightings in Denbighshire and Flintshire and a timeline of the recordings.

On May 1 the Evening Leader reported the experiences of a Wrexham man who recorded one of his many spottings in the town on video, which is posted on the webpage.

Sharon said she couldn't believe he had detailed a similar description and caught on camera what the group saw in Carrog.

The man, who didn't wish to be named, said he had heard of strange sightings in the skies around Summerhill over the last 12 months.

He claimed before capturing the footage he had seen unexplained lights flying near his home and on Saturday, April 18, he was lucky enough to have a second chance when he saw a similar formation and grabbed a video camera

The video shows two bright orange lights in the night sky.

Campsite manager of 12 years, Les, said he had never seen any UFOs. "There's the railway behind the site, so it could be sparks or we get a lot of train spotters taking pictures at night at the top of the A5, and people walking with lanterns," he added.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/bafflescampers.html

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Dozens Report Seeing UFOs over Merseyside
Orange ball-shaped UFO seen over Merseyside around 10.30pm on Sunday May 25 2009 In Liverpool Photo: LDPE
Dozens of people have reported seeing UFOs hovering above Merseyside.

Last Updated: 8:52AM BST 28 May 2009

They claimed to have seen glowing orange lights moving slowly across the sky between 10.30pm and 11pm on Sunday evening.

Sightings were reported from Southport to South Liverpool, and at spots including Ainsdale, Garston and Mossley Hill.

An air traffic control source said similar lights had been witnessed previously in the north west - but had failed to appear on radar.

Jackie Hardaker, of Mossley Hill, said: "They were like red balls, they looked like fire and when planes went past they just dimmed.

"They went past the window and just faded. When I looked out again one went across Rose Lane and dropped something that looked like fire.

"It was so interesting to watch them but at the time it totally freaked me out."

Other callers also reported an object dropping from one of the lights, describing it "as if a plastic bag was on fire".

Phil Daley also saw something similar from Allerton Road at the same time. "They appeared similar to stars, but were much brighter," he said,

"As they passed over us, each light appeared to be made up of either two or three smaller lights.

"I initially assumed they must be satellites since their arc suggested an orbit, but I was surprised at the speed and pace which they moved across the sky."

They were photographed by Liverpool Echo's head of images, Barrie Mills.

"Apparently there have been quite a few sightings of these orange lights in recent years," said Mr Mills,

"I was indoors watching the TV, with the lights on, so the light in the sky had to be quite bright for me to notice it at all." Another witness described three orange lights appearing to move slowly in formation from South East to North West.

One then remained stationary for several minutes before heading in the opposite direction.

The Ministry of Defence said that although it is not unknown for military aircraft to fly across Merseyside, it would not speculate on the cause of the lights.

Mike Howell, air traffic services manager for Liverpool John Lennon Airport, said: "We have checked and are not able to associate the reports with any aircraft movements at Liverpool at those times."

A coastguard source speculated that any orange glow could be attributed to the annual Eta Aquarids meteor shower. Liverpool-born UFO expert John Rimmer said it was a "rule of thumb" that mysterious lights in the sky generally turn out to be floating Chinese lanterns.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/merseyside.html

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Huge UFOs
UFO Depiction
written by Chris Holly

A man contacted me from Bonshaw, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He told me about an incident that happened to him in 1990. He was with his brother and a few friends. They were traveling along a road on Prince Edward Island when they approached a huge craft hovering above them. This is how he described the incident to me:

“When we first saw it - it was floating over the trees. We watched it float by real slow, about 50 feet up. Then it stopped and rotated and took off real slow. The spacecraft didn't make a sound. It was very big and had lights that were big and bright, mostly white and a few red ones that were smaller.

When I saw it I hopped out of the car to get a better look at it. It was big, very big. I couldn't see the overall shape it was so close, other than a lot of texture like ‘deep space nine.’ When we saw it rotate and start to leave, we ran back to my friend's car and followed it. As it took off, I watched the back of it. It was a rectangle with parts built up on top and on the bottom too.

We watched it float by real slow, about 50 feet up. We watched as it started, speeding up like 5 cm a second, then 10 cm, then 20 cm. It wasn't long before it was going meters per second, then kilometers. It sped up very smoothly and steadily. We chased it in my friend's car up Bonshaw Hill where there is a TV tower on top. When the spacecraft passed this 900-foot tower, it was about as wide as the tower is tall. We watched as it accelerated and took off into the night’s sky.”

I spoke to this man again as he wanted to tell me that others in the area had also seen this huge craft, and he thought there were rumors it had taken a cow. He then told me he estimated the size of this craft to be about the size of a football field.

UFO Depiction Not too long ago I wrote an article about another sighting in Canada where a man had investigated a strange light that was illuminating one of his fields to find a huge rectangle craft the size of a building hovering over his trees in his field. He reported the craft on his land to be at least the size of a big building.

I interviewed a man who witnessed a UFO on the coast of Long Island, New York, in 1965 who was told by the local police that the ship was reported and seen by thousands of people. The policeman said the UFO was believed to be a mile wide.

I read reports more and more about these incredible sightings, and have to wonder how many and how large are these flying craft. I think many people worldwide have seen smaller UFOs buzzing the sky above them, but we now also seem to be finding many reports of these huge spacecraft from all over the world.

UFO Depiction I can only wonder where our visitors are traveling from or where they are going? I know that these huge craft are referred to as the mother ships. I think it is obvious that those visiting or passing by are not simply a few sent to investigate, but many on a mission in a vehicle built to sustain them for a long journey.

Realizing the size of the craft makes me wonder if they are not moving vans of the cosmos, or space vacation cruisers like our ocean liners. These huge building like craft could be large space labs or even universal colleges that visit the planets as a field trip. There is no end to the possible needs and uses that this immense crafts could be for.

I have never seen one of these huge mother or building size crafts. I think it incredible that these enormous UFOs fly around our planet with ease and lightness. It is amazing such a huge vehicle can move without making any noise and can maneuver with grace and speed. The size of these ships make the fact that they are not seen more often also something to think about. I wonder if they are there in the sky but cloaked most of the time?

I believe this adds to my understanding of how advanced and how in control our visitors are of our involvement with one another. Someday when we are in better control of our own planet, we may learn more about our visitors. Someday when we can control our own energy needs and weapons without being a threat to our own plane, we may be invited openly to know who our visitors are.

Someday when we can be trusted with advanced science and not want those who view us from these huge crafts, which hang in our skies, for their technology - then we may be invited to know our shy cosmic visitors.

For now I understand that they are waiting for us to become better beings. For now I will try to understand our basic human makeup, and try to work towards a world of light instead of dark, and love instead of hate. For now I will try to learn to be a happy, planet loving, kinder earthling. If we are ever going to meet our neighbors we need to learn to live together first! I do believe I have my work cut out for me!

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World- http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email chrishollyufo@yahoo.com

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1989 - Strange Light Follows Motorists in Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:33 AM 5/23/2009

Texas - 05-12-89

I have always believed in the existence of UFOs, but never saw anything I could categorize as such until my freshman year of college. My best friend at the time, Raymond, accompanied me on a long day trip from Odessa to San Antonio.

We we freshmen in college, and didn't have enough money to spend the night in a hotel. We took just enough money for eating and drinking. Around 10 PM, we headed back to Odessa, about a 5 hour drive.

We were on the last leg of the trip where we had to pass threw some of the small towns on the way north from I-10 to Odessa. These are towns where the population is generally under 1,000. At night, you're the only one driving down main street.

As we started to approach Rankin, we noticed that on the open highway behind us, there appeared to be a motorcycle. We were doing about 65 mph. I owned a Dodge 4 cylinder that wouldn't do much more than 80 mph.

The strange thing is, the light came right up on us, and then stayed right off our rear bumper. With no one else in the road for miles in either direction, we didn't know why the vehicle wouldn't just pass.

Over the next few minutes, it would drift back maybe 100 yards, then close the distance again. It did this repeatedly, for miles.

What happened next is we started seeing two lights, in different configurations, that is... one on top of the other, or two side by side. We were already concerned, it was clear we were being "messed with" by something.

Rankin was approaching on the horizon. As we came into town, the main road lead right to a convenience store. We pulled in the lot and turned the car back in the direction we had just came from.

We wanted to see what had been behind us. The light had drifted back as we had approached town. We sat there, pretty scared at this point, waiting... for about 10 minutes. Nothing ever came. We slowly drove through the small town, looking for the state highway on the outskirts.

The entire way, there were street lights. Nothing ever came through that town behind us, we watched carefully. We got back on the road, this time headed toward Iraan.

We drove a solid 10 minutes past Rankin with nothing in the rear view mirror. Then, off in the distance, we saw a single light, again closing the distance. We really became concerned at this point. I tried driving faster, but it made no difference to the light, the same pattern of behavior continued.

I asked Raymond to climb into the back seat and look closely through the hatch window. Even though the light was right on us, it appeared just to be a light. We couldn't see the outline of a vehicle, person, motorcycle, anything. It just appeared to be a light.

I have had people ask me why I didn't just tap the breaks or stop the car. I don't think it really seriously ever occurred to us. Raymond and I just wanted to keep going... to get home. We were in the middle of nowhere, and if we could just keep going, that was the best thing.

We came into Iraan, and did the same thing. We sat in the lighted parking lot of the first convenience store we saw, and waited. Nothing. This time, we even waited longer. But sure enough, once we were a good distance outside of town, the light appeared.

The light followed us until we were only about 40 miles outside of Odessa. As the lights of the city loomed on the horizon, the light just faded off into the distance, and left us alone.

Could it have been a person somehow doing this, and we just couldn't see them? Sure. But why? We're talking about a great distance this light followed us, and for over two hours.

I have no logical explanation for this. I lived in a house alone back then. I do know that it was one of the most terrifying nights of my life.

Even when I got home, I laid in the darkness of my bedroom feeling the STRONGEST sensation of being watched all night. When sunrise came the next day, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I took my wife to meet Raymond in San Antonio after we got married (Raymond lives there now). The two couples were having dinner, and Raymond brought it up. It is something that has never left the minds of either of us.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/texas051289.html

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The Man Who Shot an Alien
UFO Depiction
One harsh November evening in 1961, Paul Miller and three buddies were on the way home after a hunting trip close to Minot, North Dakota. Suddenly, something they described as a “glowing silo” landed on a nearby field.

They first believed that it was an airplane that had crash landed, but they were forced to change their minds when the object suddenly disappeared. But when the four decided to drive away, the object reappeared and two humanoids stepped out of the craft.

Miller, who was struck by panic, shot one of the beings, apparently injuring it. The second being fled. On the way home, Miller and his team had a “blackout” and lost track of three hours. They then decided not to tell the story to anyone.

The next day when Miller arrived to his office (at the Air Force), he was visited by three men wearing black suits. They said that they were from the government and they began asking questions about his encounter and Miller later recalled “that it seemed that they knew everything about me, and they probably already knew my answers”.

Instead it seemed that they were more interested in what clothes Miller had worn at the time of the encounter and the men followed Miller home to take a look at them.

The men made such a threatening impression on Miller that he didn't dare to tell his story for years.

Sent by Alexander Gottfridsson

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009/shotanalien.html

source & references:

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original source: The Unexplained – An Alien World, Orbs Publishing, London – 1980.1983


(last update, 05-30-09)

New Jersey - Shaped Craft over House
04-26-09 - Cherry Hill - I was in my driveway at about 9:15 pm on April 26, 2009 and saw a large V shaped object flying over our home. There were 2 lights on the front (open part of V shape) and 1 light at rear (where the V shape comes to a point) It appeared to be a clear object, however there was a darker outline around it. There were 2 other adults present that also saw this object so I do not question that I saw it. I just question what "it" was.

I stood in my driveway a short time later with my 9 year old son (approx 9:25 pm) with a digital camera to see if it returned. It did not. However, as I was testing out the video mode on my camera, I happened to shoot this video of a star. I could only see the star on the viewing screen, not the object jumping around it.

My intentions were simply to see if the star would show up in the video and I was unaware of any other lights or aircraft flying around it. At one point my 9 year old, saw something and you can hear him point that out on the audio. (please excuse his foul language!) He said, "Ooh, crap mom, look! I just saw a..." then I shut the video off to correct his foul language!

I took him back in the house and he explained that he saw a missile go up to the right side of the star. I did not believe him. When I played the video back he can be heard at about 24 to 25 seconds into it making his comment. If you slow the video down and go frame by frame, at about 27 to 28 seconds into it, there is what appears to be a slight contrail to the bottom left of the star.

This video is best viewed in the dark, as the star and the light that jumps around it is very small. You will see the star in the center of the screen, just to the left of the center point.

I am not what I would call a believer in UFOs but this was not identifiable to me, so I can only call it an "unidentified" flying object! Perhaps it was some sort of military vehicle that the public is not yet aware of? Please let me know how I can email this video to you. source: Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research: http://www.brianvike.com

Texas - Green Circular UFO
Texas - Green Circular UFO 04-11-09 - Crandall - Seagoville - I was driving my car on the way home from a church play practice when outside the right side of my front window I saw a light green light make a falling U-turn off in the distance. I first thought it was lightning or a light from town, but as I watched closer, the thing moved to the left and then took a very sharp curve back towards the right.

I was heading northwest and the thing moved from west to north in very weird angles. It would go off into the distance and reappear again. This happened all the way from about 1 mile from the Wal-Mart in Seagoville until I got to the 635 exit.

After I got off onto my exit, the thing disappeared. I tried to make sense of it, but the way that thing moved, there's no way it was a weather balloon, light, or anything else. source: UFOINFO - http://www.ufoinfo.com/

Great Britain - Dark Sphere Seen
05-24-09 - I have I believe, seen some phenomenon this evening. I live in the North of England, Great Britain. Between 9.30 and 10.15 tonight, I saw about 20 objects flying in pairs all in the same direction. The first two I saw started out like a red light.

The light then went out and the second one appeared to move upwards, then dropped below the cloud and the light went off. I could see a dark sphere. After that, many more of the lights then came over (up to 20) and all traveled in the same direction. They were silent, and there wasn't any interference of any kind. I tried to take a photo or video but was not successful.

I have just looked at your site again and noticed the sighting titled 'Burning Object' on 5.1.09 in Blackburn, Great Britain. I could describe what I saw after the first two objects as burning objects.

The first two were red lights which went out, but then after that the subsequent objects were more orange in color, and when I looked through binoculars looked as if they were on fire. I initially thought they might have been asteroids, but they were all following each other in the same direction, and were not falling as asteroids would have. Justine - source: www.ufocasebook.com

Scotland - Triangle Object Seen
September, 2007 - I am somewhat late with this report but I thought you might find it interesting. We had in Sept 2007, just got back home to our home town of Stoke-on-Trent from a holiday on the scottish northern coast in the UK.

I thought you might like to know what my son and I witnessed on our family holiday. If there is one thing you do in the middle of nowhere (as the nearest town was 40 to 50 miles away), is to look at the night sky. Anyway, I was outside late one evening with binoculars watching various lights gliding across the heavens. You could not say they were UFOs or satellites with any certainity, even though there were plenty of them and they were not flashing. Well, I was just about to go in when I noticed a light above my head. Then I was amazed to see two more behind forming the classic triangle shape as below. (drawing shows typical triangle)

They traveled as though they were part of the same structure. I shouted for my son to come and look as he is 33 years old and his eye sight is much keener than mine - also to confirm my observation. This he did with the words "My God, it's a triangle," but the weird thing was he said that he could see stars through where you expect the main body to be (I said his eye sight was good).

You could observe the 3-points of light without binoculars. They were not overly bright, and blended in with the heavenly background. Were they to remain still, you would not know they were there.

Could a cloaking device be employed which allows them to sit there unobserved? How many are there?

I know the human brain connects the dots automatically, but these lights moved as one. This sighting confirmed to us there is a lot more going on in our skies than just satellites. Peter - source: www.ufocasebook.com

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